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Update: America‚Äôs Secret Multi-Trillion Dollar Black Ops Slush Fund

Rob Kirby has made another video in a series. The first part of that series is below the video. It concerns an American secret Treasury Department slush fund where the CIA stashes its profits from the heroin and cocaine markets. … Continue reading

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Vidrebel Has Been Cited As A Vile Anti-Semitic Blog.

The Times of Israel sent an undercover reporter online for 24 hours. He came back with a list of 23 vile Anti-Semitic websites. I can proudly say I was one of them. But I think their reporter must have spent … Continue reading

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Jews And Gentiles Living Together In America From 1654 To 1900

Joachim Gans, America’s first permanent Jewish resident, arrived on August 22, 1654. Things went downhill from there. I cannot give a complete history of Jews in America in this limited space but I do want to demonstrate that at no … Continue reading

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