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Monopoly Board Game Revised For Our Times

The new Federal Reserve edition of the popular board game Monopoly has been revised to fit the realities of the modern banking and real estate world. The most radical change is that the money in the game will no longer … Continue reading

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R U Smarter Than A 3rd Grader? + 2 Emails From An Oil Billionaire

This chart appeared originally at Zero Edge asking us if Ben Bernanke is smarter than a third grader. The idea expressed by our 8 year-old genius is that if we have no jobs other than killing people overseas and spying … Continue reading

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There Is No National Debt Unless You Want It

The US federal debt is 16 trillion dollars – 20 trillion if you add in state and local government debts – but it could just as easily be zero dollars if we had the monetary system Benjamin Franklin described to the … Continue reading

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Timing. Thy Name Is Bilderberg

On August 21st I asked if Bernanke and the Rothschilds endorsed Romney. I also said America’s choice on November 6th will be between Obama and martial law or Romney  and martial law. This continuing drop in the DOW and NASDAQ … Continue reading

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Sell Whole Foods Stock. Get Out Of Corn As A Commodity.

There is a groundswell of resistance to Genetically Modified Organisms in America. Whole Foods, a multi-billion dollar retail food store that specializes in selling over priced supposedly organic food, has been caught by video bloggers selling GMO food. This is … Continue reading

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Things We Must Ponder Before The Dollar Collapses By Design

The real US unemployment rate is 25% if you use the same formula the Bureau of Labor Statistics used long ago in 1980. This is according to Dr John Williams of Shadow Stats. The real US inflation rate is 10%. … Continue reading

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Did Bernanke Just Tell The Banks To Buy Even More Derivatives?

We know for certain that Central Banks are the enemy. We know for certain that the dollar will die. But we need to make educated guesses as to what the Banker Occupied Government in Washington is planning to do to … Continue reading

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This Is Your Final Warning: The Worst Financial Disaster In 500 Years Is Nigh

My Debt Cancellation hero is Professor Steve Keen of Australia. He said in a recent  video 1) We have the greatest level of debt to GDP to cancel in 500 years which means we are approaching the greatest Depression in 500 … Continue reading

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Your 2012 Approved Choices: Vote For Obama And Martial Law Or Romney And Martial Law

We have had two Mainstream (meaning Banker Approved) candidates selected for us. Barack Obama attended the 2008 Bilderberg meeting in Chantilly Virginia which is in the heart of America;s Military-Security Complex DC headquarters. Mitt Romney attended the 2012 Bilderberg Conference … Continue reading

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The New Economics, Radical Solutions Required And Offered

Traditional economics does not work anymore. In the old days the government ran a deficit because consumers were spending less due to unemployment.The Federal government has run up a deficit totaling  4.2 trillion dollars in the past 36 months while … Continue reading

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