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The Essential Catherine Austin Fitts Reader

Catherine Austin Fitts has told us that the bankers are buying out all of the real assets with money they stole from us.  On September 10, 2001 Donald Rumsfeld announced that 2.3 trillion dollars went missing from Defense Department spending. … Continue reading

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Money Junkie Ways Are Not My Ways. Money Junkie Thoughts Are Not My Thoughts.

A Jewish medical student told me what he loved about America was that it had no culture. By that he meant other nations had restrictions on what Jews could do. We did get our language from England but we created … Continue reading

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Catherine Austin Fitts On Genocide And The Looting Of America

There are 290,000 articles on the Internet which include the full name of Catherine Austin Fitts and of these 144,000 are YouTube videos. Yet until today not one article included the word genocide though Catherine did warn us that the … Continue reading

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