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A Challenge To Use Satire To Take Down This Tyranny.

Russia started attacking ISIS and the Al Qaeda linked Jihadists less than two weeks ago. Iraq and Afghanistan have already asked for Putin’s help. The world has caught on to the fact that the US funded both Al Qaeda and … Continue reading

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Asking Questions The Politicians And The Press Can’t Answer.

Gardasil maims and kills. It makes young girls sterile. It does not prevent cancer deaths any better than a Pap test. Merck makes Gardasil and donates to politicians who push it on girls and now it is being pushed onto … Continue reading

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Google Car: You Have Arrived At Your Destination Camp FEMA.

Twenty minutes into the future Sam Jones gets into the Google Car he ordered online. It was a Driverless Car and was the cheapest way to get to where he was going. He was on a tight budget because his … Continue reading

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The Bill Of Rights, Suggestions and Privileges

Few people noticed that government changed the First Amendment to really mean that you can assemble in a designated Free Speech Zone and sign a petition which you cannot present to an elected official without committing a felony. The Federal … Continue reading

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So If 30,000 People within 50 Miles Of Your House Starve To Death

I decided to call the next Depression the Greatest Starvation, because I want to shock people from their slumbers. I tell people that according to the demographer Borisov between 3 and 7 million Americans died from starvation in the Great … Continue reading

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A 2013 Declaration Of Independence Bill Of Particulars

In 1776 the 13 colonies voted to declare their independence citing a list of grievances against King George. This article attempts to cite some of the crimes committed by the current regime in Washington against the people. The US government … Continue reading

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Proposing A RICO Lawsuit To Stop Sterilization Without Informed Consent

I propose using a RICO (Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization) civil lawsuit to stop the federal government through the FDA (Food and Drug Administration)  from conspiring with Epicyte and Monsanto corporations to sterilize both Americans and foreign nationals without informed consent … Continue reading

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