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Wigner, Fukushima, Tesla, and the Brains of a Gerbil

The United States government exploded 1,200 above ground nuclear and thermonuclear bomb test after WW II. Above ground tests were stopped by President Kennedy and the Nuclear Test Ban treaty. Strontium 90 replaces calcium in the human body. Its presence … Continue reading

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Rad Chick: Where’s the CORIUM? Chernobyl to Fukushima

I want to emphasize what I have said before: We are very close to an Extinction Level Event. We have nuclear power reactors very close to earthquake fault lines that are long over due for major eruptions. We could have … Continue reading

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Fukushima Spring: 50% Genetic Damage found at Trader Joe’s

This was written by an online friend best known to her followers as Rad Chick. I posted it here because she has written something you need to know.     Perusing the floral section in the supermarket is usually the … Continue reading

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Wall Street’s Plans For The Great Starvation

We are currently in a Depression. It has not hit us full force yet because we can print money to feed 48 million Americans on Food Stamps. I have previously said Depressions are caused by the accumulation of Unpayable Debts. … Continue reading

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Why I Disagree With Dr Chris Busby On Fukushima

Dr Chris Busby is a brilliant and courageous researcher. In the month following the March 11, 2011 Fukushima disaster he examined air filters  from cars near Fukushima. He compared them to Chernobyl and calculated that Fukushima was 300 times worse … Continue reading

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Video: Fukushima is Frying The World.

Nano-particles of uranium, cesium and iron are being condensed at extremely high temperatures into Buckyballs.  They have a particulate effect and harm cellular processes. This has never happened in a nuclear power accident but is seen in Depleted Uranium at … Continue reading

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Baby Teeth. Maybe Another Study Will Save The Adults.

On November 24, 1961 the journal Science published an article that reported a study of Baby Teeth in the St Louis area. The project focused on Strontium 90 which can replace calcium in bones. The women of the world were … Continue reading

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Thursday, December 5, 2013 Will be the 1,000th Day Of Fukushima, The Pacific Ocean Will Be Toxic

Fukushima melted down on March 11, 2011. Dr Mark Sircus is an expatriate American who lives in Brazil. After those radiated tuna were found off the coast of California, he used a computer to calculate how long it would take … Continue reading

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