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Breaking News: US Empire of Debt is Dead

Let’s go back to 1972 when Dr Hudson published Super Imperialism in which he said the US was paying for its wars and military occupations by printing dollars. Hudson was invited to speak at the State Department and the Pentagon. … Continue reading

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What If The Saudis, The US And Israel Attack Lebanon?

Recent events in the Mideast are rather disturbing even to people like me whose baseline position is that the professionals in both the Israeli and US military will reject war with Lebanon and its allies as unwinnable. But there are … Continue reading

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So Obama, Hillary and Kerry Hopped on the Al Qaeda-ISIS Train To A Gay Nightclub In Orlando.

Oh, what a tangled web we weave When first we practice to deceive!       Sir Walter Scott Zbigniew Brzezinski was the first National Security advisor to work with Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda. Actually, the Carter administration … Continue reading

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A Memorial Day Love Story. A Gift To America From Israel.

I am posting this Love Story as a reminder of the burden all Americans share because their politicians compete with one another to do the will of Israel. As Barney Frank’s sister Ann Lewis said, ‘it is the role of … Continue reading

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Putin’s Options For Iraq And Turkey

Putin has been very cautious in his responses to NATO aggression in both the Ukraine and Syria. The Turkish economy has already been severely damaged since that Russian SU-24 jet was shot down. The Turkish bond and stock markets are … Continue reading

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If ISIS is a Bomb, Israel is the Bombmaker

ISIS has changed its name several times. It has also been called IS or Islamic State and ISIL (Islamic State in the Levant.) They used to be known as Al Qaeda in Iraq but they got rid of that name. … Continue reading

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Just A Few Unmanageable Steps From Syria To World War III

You can start a war, but it does not end until the other side says it does. President Obama is delusional. He is advised by three dangerously incompetent National Security advisers: Susan Rice, Samantha Power and Ben Rhodes. He actually … Continue reading

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Updated: 5 Minutes To Self-Immolation Of The Israeli Empire

Israel Shahak wrote a foreword to his translation of Oded Yinon’s 1982 paper for the World Zionist Organization which revealed Zion’s plans for America, Israel, the Mideast and the world. The Israelis claim all the land in the Mideast from … Continue reading

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Hamid Gul on Syria, Afghanistan, Corruption and Obama

“America says to its allies: you scratch my back while I stab you in your back.” Lt General Hamid Gul of Pakistan The war in Afghanistan is not going well for America. This has been known for years. so why … Continue reading

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Let’s Game Play An Attack on Iran, Syria and Lebanon.

The US and NATO both of which are under the control of Israel and the New York and London banks have pushed Iran to the brink of mass starvation. The Iranians have no way of importing the food they need to … Continue reading

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