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America, The Narco Terrorist State, 1963-2017?

‘Donald Trump could not go after Hillary’s criminality without the permission of the US Military and Intelligence services. Catherine Austin Fitts ‘The NSA has all of Hillary’s emails. It might be the source of the leak.’  Whistleblower William Binney. Binney was … Continue reading

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Tactical Military Advantages: Putin 9 Obama 0.

Let’s examine which nation has the most tactical advantages in case war breaks out in either the Ukraine or the Mideast. 1 Electronic Warfare is the ability to use the electromagnetic spectrum to block or impede an enemy attack. A … Continue reading

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Our Survival Requires Answering The Jewish Question.

Karl Marx wrote On the Jewish Question in 1843 5 years before the Communist Manifesto. It is hopelessly out of date. Judaism is at the core of modern life. I believe mankind will not survive unless we answer the Jewish … Continue reading

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Choices 2016: Either One Bank One Vote Or One Soldier One Vote.

On Thursday June 18, 2015 the US Congress voted to fast track the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) without letting the public to read the bill. On Tuesday June 23, 2015 the Senate voted for cloture to approve fast track. Those … Continue reading

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Ending Bankers Uber Alles.

Every dollar in new debt adds just 3 cents to America’s GDP. Does that mean that we can increase our GDP by a trillion dollars if we raise the US national debt from $18 trillion to $51 trillion? No. It … Continue reading

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Obama Wants America To Become A Killing Zone

The National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 did make America a War Zone. It took away our Bill of Rights that had protected us from torture and indefinite detention and guaranteed us the right to a speedy trial, to legal … Continue reading

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Is The American Teleprompter Reader Trying To Crash The Dollar?

Aristotle told us to observe behavior and draw conclusions. That works great for watching a rational man’s decisions. But what use is logic if the politician under our careful gaze is a blooming idiot? Mr Obama said in 2008 that … Continue reading

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A Letter From America Concerning Worldwide Debt Cancellation

I have taken the liberty to respond in the form of an open letter to your group discussion of how we should guarantee economic rights so no future government can ever again use either Austerity measures or personal or governmental … Continue reading

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Options and Time Running Out For Establishing That NWO Dictatorship

The people who think they own every government on the earth except for Syria and Iran are bankers. They do not know much about real people and their lives but they do understand money and interest rates. If you follow … Continue reading

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Benghazi, Military Purges And Wars Civil And Foreign

The Benghazi consular office was one of at least two torture sites in that town. Chris Stevens was torturing Libyans and foreigners who had been kidnapped and brought there from outside the country. Stevens was following the orders of Hillary … Continue reading

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