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Naomi Wolf, The End of America and Bill Gates

Naomi Wolf wrote the Ten Steps to Fascism¬† during the Bush II regime as part of her 2007 book End of America: A Letter to¬† a Young Patriot . At that time, she said we had already gone through the … Continue reading

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Catherine Austin Fitts: Real Danger Of The Deep State

“If you look however at what the Deep State is doing around the country to implode the economy and make sure they can do the rape of Russia here, then we are in real danger.” Catherine Austin Fitts said this … Continue reading

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Not Looking Good For The US Dollar, Stocks, Bonds, Pensions and Wages.

On the Bright side it is not looking good for the US War Machine either. Jim Rickards is a financial consultant to the CIA and Pentagon. He participates in War Games. Of the 2009 War Games he recently said that … Continue reading

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Numbers 2012. America At Home And Abroad

21 Vs 1. The US economy is growing at 1.1% and debts are growing at 21% annually. 85,000 is the number of people applying for Social Security disability every month. 80,000 is the number of jobs created every month. 10,000 … Continue reading

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