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China’s Warning: WW III If US Keeps Bullying The World

The following warning that continuation of US hegemony will result in war between the US and China is an official statement from the Foreign Ministry of the People’s Republic of China: Link is below. Introduction Since becoming the world’s most … Continue reading

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IMPORTANT New SitRep Out! “War Is Imminent” – Evidence That Major Russian Assault Set To Kick Off

I did not write this. I am reprinting this from a substack post here: https://simplicius76.substack.com/p/sitrep-update-218-major-war-confirmed Since we’re getting so close to approaching the nail-biting period of February 21 – 24 that so many are anticipating, I figured it’ll be good … Continue reading

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Neocon Fantasy: Attacking Iran

Dave DeCamp of AntiWar.com wrote the following: The US and Israel on Thursday announced the conclusion of their largest-ever joint military exercises, known as Juniper Oak 23. The drills were launched Monday and involved over 140 aircraft and nearly 8,000 … Continue reading

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Why Western CBDCs will fail.

The US Dollar, I believe, will collapse before the US presidential elections in November 2024. I also believe Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) will fail for all Western countries. The next big geopolitical move will be the unwinding of the … Continue reading

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Neocon Failures Abound

The next Neocon failure will be the loss of the Ukraine which will be not long after after Putin’s ceasefire ends. Putin probably expects entire units of the Ukrainian army and a lot of the 40,000 man NATO contingent in … Continue reading

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Vidrebel’s Latest Tweet

Russia gave Iran the Mach 12 Kinzhal missile and the SU-35. Why? Maybe Russia wants Iran to stop a possible US coup in Saudi Arabia? The Kinzhal missile digs a 30 meter (98 foot ) deep hole where its target … Continue reading

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Ukraine Da, WW III Nyet

Russia is an industrial nation and is still sending tanks into Belarus. They also sent 200 new T-90 tanks into the Donbass. They are so confident of victory in the Ukraine that they expect the Neocons in the US and … Continue reading

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So What Happens When Russia Captures 40,000 NATO Soldiers?

The Ukraine is continuing to lose both soldiers and strategic positions in the Donbass frontlines. A leak from the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense a couple of months ago said 125,00 of their soldiers had died and more than twice that … Continue reading

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Putin To Unite Korea: Checkmate

Kyle Bass is one of the most politically astute investors I have ever seen. He said China will take Taiwan within 2 years. I think Putin is the smartest politician of the modern era. I believe he will counter that … Continue reading

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