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DIA Man Was Pulled From Boston Marathon By Military

In the last 5 minutes of hour four of today’s show Alex Jones said Rob Dew’s brother-in-law ran the Boston marathon. Rob said he works in domestic intelligence for the US Army. AJ said he was in the DIA. He … Continue reading

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30,000 Drones + 1.6 Billion Bullets – 2nd Amendment = Slavery

You can take a pair of scissors to a gunfight. We won’t. But you can.¬† DHS The Department of Homeland Security has ordered 1.6 billion hollow point bullets which are illegal to use in combat against foreign troops. The United … Continue reading

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It’s Our Sovereignty Not Theirs, Stupid

Bill Clinton was one of America’s best political campaigners and strategists. His theme¬† for the 1992 presidential campaign was ‘It’s the economy, Stupid.’ We who resist Global Tyranny could multiply our efforts by bringing every issue back to maintaining our … Continue reading

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Piers Morgan I Have Some Questions To Ask You

I saw you admit on CNN that you got sick after getting a flu shot. Do you see the direct positive correlation between vaccinations and the increase in illness? Do you see the insert on the label of the shot … Continue reading

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