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China’s Warning: WW III If US Keeps Bullying The World

The following warning that continuation of US hegemony will result in war between the US and China is an official statement from the Foreign Ministry of the People’s Republic of China: Link is below. Introduction Since becoming the world’s most … Continue reading

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IMPORTANT New SitRep Out! “War Is Imminent” – Evidence That Major Russian Assault Set To Kick Off

I did not write this. I am reprinting this from a substack post here: Since we’re getting so close to approaching the nail-biting period of February 21 – 24 that so many are anticipating, I figured it’ll be good … Continue reading

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Talking Points for the Revolution

When I say revolution, I simply mean that a majority of thinking people around the world will refuse to comply and summon the strength to say No to the Globalists. Why will people suddenly gather courage? Because they can see … Continue reading

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It Would Be Cheaper If We…

It would be cheaper to give self-important people a thousand dollars a day tax free provided they left us alone rather than to let them do what they are doing to us and the world. We would want them to … Continue reading

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Elucidating Gonzalo Lira on Race Riots in America

Gonzalo Lira did a video recently on the race riots he sees coming to America this Spring. I want to go a bit deeper. True, we can expect the usual suspects at ANTIFA and BLM (Black Lives Matter) funded by … Continue reading

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