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A Guide To Street Gangs, Amnesty And Bankers

American Street Gangs are Big Business. They grew out of the Opium Trade which replaced the African Slave Trade as a source of income for the London Banks. In the old days Bankers like the Rothschilds would send $20 worth … Continue reading

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Wall Street’s Pyramid Of Greed. You Are On The Bottom.

Wall Street has built a Pyramid of Greed. It is upside down with very few people down below supporting the many above them. At Giza the Egyptian architects built a pyramid with all the weight on the bottom supporting a … Continue reading

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The Russo-Chinese Pincer Movement Against The US Treasury and The FED

The Federal Reserve Bank is privately owned by member banks. If those member banks have either sold out to China or are bought for pennies on the dollar by them when the dollar crashes, then Beijing will own the American … Continue reading

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Paul Craig Roberts: Economic Crash Before The End Of 2013 And Other Insights

Paul Craig Roberts said just recently that he expects the US economy to crash before the end of 2013. We are in several Bubbles and one will break soon enough. Bubbles are created by bankers who are paid interest on … Continue reading

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Blythe Masters Replaces Ben Bernanke As Federal Reserve Chairman

Blythe Masters: Mr President, I am the most qualified person to replace Federal Reserve Chairman Bernanke. All Janet Yellen and Larry Summers can do is Print more dollars to support the deficit. Whereas, I invented Credit Default Swaps so who … Continue reading

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A Few Modest Proposals For The NDAA, Drones And The Patriot Act

I see the need for the NDAA, the Patriot Act and  30,000 Drones flying overhead in the skies protecting Americans from the Bad Guys. My modest proposal is that we replace the word terrorist with the term Bad Guy. I … Continue reading

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Why I Would Be A Better King For Arabia

The King of Saudi Arabia is near death and on life support. I would be a great King of Arabia because at least I know better than to call it Saudi Arabia. Saud is the name of the ruling family. It … Continue reading

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