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Ebola Proves The NWO Equally Despises Whites And Africans.

Some critics of Barack Obama have taken to calling him President Obola. I will continue to call him the American Teleprompter Reader. He is a figurehead and nothing more. Judicial Watch has uncovered evidence of a clandestine program to bring … Continue reading

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Lasha Darkmoon: Tel Aviv, City of a Thousand Thrills

This was originally written by Petra Scandali and first appeared at Lasha Darkmoon’s website. A Foreword from Vidrebel: An Israeli broadcaster told me that the Orthodox never have sex during a woman’s period. They are so observant of this that … Continue reading

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Wigner, Fukushima, Tesla, and the Brains of a Gerbil

The United States government exploded 1,200 above ground nuclear and thermonuclear bomb test after WW II. Above ground tests were stopped by President Kennedy and the Nuclear Test Ban treaty. Strontium 90 replaces calcium in the human body. Its presence … Continue reading

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Counterfeiting Trillions of Dollars in US Treasury Bonds And Other Crimes.

A week ago I noticed that the Treasury published our total increase in Treasury bonds for the past year. It had grown by $1,085,888,854,036.50. Some people mistakenly think that this is the Treasury deficit. Not quite. They have not accounted … Continue reading

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Sun Tzu And The Cost Of War Plus Vidrebel’s Comments

This was originally written by Erico Tavares. What if military strategy were timeless? Sun Tzu was a Chinese military general, strategist and philosopher, and is credited to have written “The Art of War”, a seminal treatise on managing conflict and … Continue reading

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