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Attacking Iran: A Reality Check

Iran’s Sejjil IRBM missile, according to Wikipedia, has a speed of Mach 14. And a range of 2,500 kilometers (1,553.4 miles). The warhead ranges from 500 to 1,500 Kgs (1,102 to 3,307 pounds.) Iran has developed unstoppable cruise missiles with … Continue reading

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Iran Waits With Mach 14 Missiles While The US Collapses

America is the first Undeveloping country of the 21st century. Gerald Celente Update: Iran has developed an unstoppable cruise missile with an 800 mile range. If launched from Lebanon, it could wreak havoc with both the Israeli and American navies … Continue reading

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Obama And Netanyahu Accidentally Launch World War III

Monday April 8, 2013 Washington:  At a White House meeting Obama’s political advisers convince him that he needs to take bold decisive action overseas to counteract his plummeting approval ratings due to public discontent over proposed higher taxes, rising inflation … Continue reading

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Benghazi, Military Purges And Wars Civil And Foreign

The Benghazi consular office was one of at least two torture sites in that town. Chris Stevens was torturing Libyans and foreigners who had been kidnapped and brought there from outside the country. Stevens was following the orders of Hillary … Continue reading

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Why And What I Would Do If I Were President Of Iran

America is attracting and training every malcontent in the Mideast. Quoted from a retired Marine Corps Commandant to Congressman Walter Jones The US has been training and arming Afghans who have turned their weapons against American soldiers and Marines. The … Continue reading

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So What Is Iran’s Best Option Now That Sanctions Collapsed The Iranian Economy.

Iran is a member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.whose most prominent members of are Russia and China. The Syrians and Hezbollah are Iran’s most important regional allies as they are the ones who will definitely pull the trigger if push … Continue reading

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Let’s Game Play An Attack on Iran, Syria and Lebanon.

The US and NATO both of which are under the control of Israel and the New York and London banks have pushed Iran to the brink of mass starvation. The Iranians have no way of importing the food they need to … Continue reading

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