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M1 Money Supply Up 446%. Up 2,000% By Summer 2022.

From October 2019 to February 2021 the US M1 Money Supply grew 446%. Don’t worry. The Biden administration and the Federal Reserve have solved the problem. They have announced they will no longer report the M1 Money Supply. This would … Continue reading

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Global Reset Timeline Revealed By A Whistleblower

A Canadian whistleblower from Trudeau’s Liberal Party revealed the plan is to continue with lockdowns until the economy collapses. That is as opposed to giving everyone a bolus of Vitamin D-3 so covid is no more deadly than the flu. … Continue reading

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The American Empire Of Debt To Collapse Before The 2016 Elections?

Consider these 3 quotes from Canadian billionaire Rob Kirby who buys and sells gold by the ton. America is not run by Americans anymore. Historically, when banks have nothing else they can do, they take us to war. American dollars … Continue reading

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Vidrebel: Silver Update

A very long time ago I promised to issue a Silver Buy flash.  I will never recommend buying silver on a credit card but we are running out of time to prepare for the End Game. I am not recommending … Continue reading

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Paul Craig Roberts: Banks Are A Looting Mechanism. Dollar To Die In 2015?

This is what Paul Craig Roberts said to King World News about a recent Federal Reserve policy change and the Big Banks. He said the Too Big To Jail Banks can no longer contribute to the growth in our real … Continue reading

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Jim Willie: Saudis to Kill Petrodollar. Germany to Scuttle the EU And Wall Street.

The BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) at their summit in Brazil said they would give the United States until the end of 2014 to reform the world monetary system including the IMF and the World Bank. … Continue reading

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The Perfect Storm: Amnesty, Hyperinflation, Food Riots, Race Wars

You are special kind of stupid if you still support Barack Obama. Anonymous Black Vlogger The dollar’s status as the international reserve currency being as good as gold has been under attack for some time. The BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, … Continue reading

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So What Happens When The Number Of Impoverished Americans Passes 200 Million?

We have been living for decades under what Catherine Austin Fitts calls the Slow Burn where all of our assets are stolen from us by the Power Elite on Wall Street.  She said Wall Street has stolen $40 trillion from … Continue reading

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Jim Willie: BRICS 80 Preparing To Take Down The Dollar

Dr Jim Willie has been talking about the BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, China, India and South Africa) being joined by other nations to take down the dollar. He says there are now 80 nations in the BRICS alliance who have … Continue reading

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Is The American Teleprompter Reader Trying To Crash The Dollar?

Aristotle told us to observe behavior and draw conclusions. That works great for watching a rational man’s decisions. But what use is logic if the politician under our careful gaze is a blooming idiot? Mr Obama said in 2008 that … Continue reading

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