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Chemtrails: An Integral Part Of The Great Starvation

When I was a child, I knew that the elite preferred to use starvation to nuclear weapons because those Hydrogen bombs killed rich people. Starvation was a great weapon in their opinion because it only struck down poor people. I … Continue reading

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Monsanto’s Friends In The US Senate

The Corporate news headline was deceptively nice. Senate passes first budget resolution in 4 years.  A rider was introduced by Senator Mikulski of Maryland that critics have called the Monsanto Protection Act. The “biotech rider” would require the USDA to … Continue reading

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From Bernays And Fluoride To Toxic Vaccines And Food

If a majority of American school children are soon to be chronically ill, we can say it all began with Edward Bernays, Sigmund Freud’s nephew and the Father of modern propaganda. He convinced women to smoke by hiring models to … Continue reading

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Proposing A RICO Lawsuit To Stop Sterilization Without Informed Consent

I propose using a RICO (Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization) civil lawsuit to stop the federal government through the FDA (Food and Drug Administration)  from conspiring with Epicyte and Monsanto corporations to sterilize both Americans and foreign nationals without informed consent … Continue reading

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The Bankers Will Be Pushing You Off That Cliff In January

The bankers declared war against America along time ago. I am certain that this January Financial Cliff will be used to crash the US and world economy. The bankers will be pushing us off that cliff. America will go splat … Continue reading

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So Just When Did Democracy Die In America?

The election riggers in America are so brazen that in 7 states last Tuesday they announced the winners even before the votes were counted. In California polls indicated that by a margin of 2 to 1 voters wanted food to … Continue reading

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Jewish Humility Games

During the Olympics a media personality of Jewish descent said what we need are Billionaire Humility Games to prevent the possibility of another Holocaust (not that I ever believed in the Holohoax). What he actually said was that Billionaires had … Continue reading

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To Stop WW III Just Tell The Truth About Epicyte And GMO Corn.

We really need to convince everyone in the world that America has been hijacked by absolutely insane men who will drive the whole world right off a cliff into certain destruction in order to stop World War III before it … Continue reading

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Video: GMO Ticking Time Bomb, The Bankers Want You Sterilized And Then Dead

Whatever you might have heard about GMO food is probably true and then some. GMO food has not been widely available here for more than a decade but… 10% of all teenagers already have a rare liver disease. How many … Continue reading

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