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Tactical Military Advantages: Putin 9 Obama 0.

Let’s examine which nation has the most tactical advantages in case war breaks out in either the Ukraine or the Mideast. 1 Electronic Warfare is the ability to use the electromagnetic spectrum to block or impede an enemy attack. A … Continue reading

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Choices 2016: Either One Bank One Vote Or One Soldier One Vote.

On Thursday June 18, 2015 the US Congress voted to fast track the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) without letting the public to read the bill. On Tuesday June 23, 2015 the Senate voted for cloture to approve fast track. Those … Continue reading

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Vidrebel July 4th. A Warning To The Nations.

People in foreign countries cannot imagine how far and how fast America has fallen. I seriously question whether or not America will celebrate Independence Day next year and again in 2016. We all know the Bilderberg Society would love us … Continue reading

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How And Why An American Military Coup Could Save The World

The US military is one of the few institutions in America that draws its members from all races and religions with blood relatives in all ethnic groups except for Jews. We are under threat of extinction from our self-appointed leaders … Continue reading

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Benghazi, Military Purges And Wars Civil And Foreign

The Benghazi consular office was one of at least two torture sites in that town. Chris Stevens was torturing Libyans and foreigners who had been kidnapped and brought there from outside the country. Stevens was following the orders of Hillary … Continue reading

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Jewish Humility Games

During the Olympics a media personality of Jewish descent said what we need are Billionaire Humility Games to prevent the possibility of another Holocaust (not that I ever believed in the Holohoax). What he actually said was that Billionaires had … Continue reading

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Weighing The Options. Everything Else Is Worse Than A US Military Coup

The Teleprompter Reader in Chief has been frantically urging the Europeans to keep Greece in the euro until after the elections so the people back home do not know how bad things really are. The US military’s field commanders know our … Continue reading

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Video: Michael Hudson, Fictitious Capital And Debt Cancellation

Dr Michael Hudson defined fictitious capital as a loan that cannot be repaid because the collateral is not there. He cited real estate fraud where ratings agencies intentionally gave false AAA ratings to Mortgage Backed Securities that in reality had … Continue reading

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