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I Accuse: Corporate Media Is Promoting A Plague

I blame the Corporate Media, Google and YouTube for all coronavirus deaths in America after today. I have been following a cure for the corona virus for several weeks. Dr Zelenko of Monroe NY posted a video saying he had … Continue reading

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Your 2020 Congressional Campaign Stump Speech

There is a local issue in this campaign that has just recently surfaced. An anonymous flier has circulated all over this Congressional District. ┬áIt reads: “The Big Banks launder $500 billion a year offshore in political bribes. That is according … Continue reading

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The Wuhan Virus And 5G 60 GHZ Are Binary Weapons

I am convinced that The Powers That Be want us dead. Why? Maybe because they stole our pension money and don’t feel like making restitution? Or maybe they figure it is cheaper to kill a few billion people rather than … Continue reading

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Preventing and Curing the Wuhan Virus: Work in Progress

UPDATE: A controlled study of 30 patients at Stanford found that chloroquine and a zinc lozenge can remove all traces of the virus in six days. (James Todaro MD and Thomas Broker PhD) Chloroquine is available over the counter as … Continue reading

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Lies, Damned Lies & Presidential Candidates

Lies candidates tell us. 1) Politicians take money by the truckload from the wealthy but claim they are opposed to the unequal distribution of wealth. Yet who passed the Federal Reserve Act of 1913? It gave Bankers the right to … Continue reading

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