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My Government Is The Greatest Terrorist Threat In The World.

Tony Farrell was the chief intelligence adviser to the South Yorkshire police. One of his duties was to write reports on terrorist threats to the British people. He investigated the 7-7-2005 London bombings and the 9-11-2001 attacks on the Pentagon and … Continue reading

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$21 Trillion Went Missing From 2 US Agencies Since 1998.

Catherine Austin Fitts issued an updated report on Missing Money. She found a total of $21 trillion went missing from two federal agencies since 1998. (My apologies. Originally, I had a mental block and misread her original report saying that … Continue reading

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The Audience Strikes Back: They Want To Ban our Websites. We Can Bankrupt Them.

We can demonstrate our power by bankrupting the latest politically correct movie – Rogue One. The writers tell us that a diverse cast is led by a woman in their revolt against the white supremacists as symbolized by the Star … Continue reading

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Chicago Cops Have 3 Torture Sites. We Have One Month To Stop Them.

In one month Chicago elects a mayor. Neither the mayor nor his opponent in the April 7th runoff election have yet bothered to take a position on the existence of the Chicago Police Department’s 3 torture facilities. These are ‘Black … Continue reading

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They Dance To Daijal’s (Anti-Christ’s) Tune

Muslims believe that Daijal or the anti-Christ would control the world prior to Armageddon and will rule most of the world. Many modern Muslim scholars say that Daijal and the Beast that men must obey is the Central banking system … Continue reading

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Michele Thomas: Bank Fraud, Vote Fraud 2008 and 2012

Michele Thomas volunteered for Hillary in 2008 and Ron Paul 2012. She was concerned about massive bank fraud in 2007 and has been trying ever since to support a candidate who would actually put criminals in jail. In 2008 she … Continue reading

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Video: Israel Killed President John Fitzgerald Kennedy

I have two videos today. One is from the Jewish actor Richard Belzer and the second is from Michael Collins Piper who wrote Confessions of an Anti-Semite. First up is a short video from Richard Belzer who says why the … Continue reading

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