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Arrogance Of A Banker

I am a banker. I gave mortgages to people I knew couldn’t pay me back and made billions of dollar. The mortgages were worthless and could not legally be sold. I packaged the loans into bonds. I sold some of … Continue reading

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The Counterfeiters

Suppose you were a counterfeiter and were given the right to print all money in the United States with the sole proviso that you could not directly buy anything. You were only allowed to pass it onto an unsuspecting public … Continue reading

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No Arabs On The 4 Hijacked 911 Airliners

There are two conspiracy theories of what happened on 9-11. The government side has been told by the Bush and Obama administrations and by all five Democrats and all five Republicans on the 911 Commission as well as the corporate … Continue reading

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Zionism Undone Part II

To continue my explanation of why I believe Zionism is losing its grip on America I would like to discuss where their storytelling has been most egregious which is to say the Holocaust. After World War II, we were told … Continue reading

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Zionism Undone

Mark Glenn has told us the Zionists are storytellers for the Western world and will continue to dominate governmental decisions, such as, banker Bailouts and wars in the Mideast, until Americans no longer accept stories from a foreign nation as … Continue reading

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Stealing Money By the Trillions.

Edith Cavell was a British nurse in World War I who wrote in the April 15th issue of the Nursing Mirror of her plan to bring the Great War to a speedy conclusion. During the World War I, the citizens … Continue reading

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