Another Natural Cure For Cancer. Why Haven’t You Heard About It?

Chemotherapy is very expensive. And statistically speaking, it does not cure cancers any better than doing nothing. Cancer quacks can buy chemo drugs at a reduced price and sell it to their patients at a 300 to 400% markup.

Compare this to Salvesterols. Most people never heard of them. Why? No money in them because they are free.

Salvesterols are naturally occurring in any fruit or vegetable that can be attacked by a fungus. They protect plants from those fungal attacks. What happens when you eat large amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables that have not been treated with anti-fungal sprays?

The Salvesterols attach themselves to the CYP1B1 enzyme which is found in 96% of all cancer cells. Professors Gerry Potter and Dan Burke at Aberdeen University in Scotland made this discovery. They found this enzyme in dozens of different cancers in all of the cancer patients they tested. None were found in normal cells taken from healthy persons.

When Salvesterols attach themselves to the CYP1B1 enzymes, they turn them into cancer killers. Too bad doctors can’t make money when you eat organic fruit and vegetables. Technically, a Salvesterol is a phytonutrient  or naturally occurring plant nutrient.

You can buy Salvesterols which have been isolated from plant sources but I make no claim for them. I am not in a position to judge the superiority of these products to just juicing greens and fruits.

There are other cures for cancer that are far superior to chemotherapy.

Baking soda can be added to water and taken 2 hours after the last meal of the day. It turns the pH of the blood from acid to base. It kills cancer cells not protected by a tumor wall. Cancer cells are prone to extinction because they cannot survive contact with oxygen. Breathing more deeply is a nice practice as it kills bacteria and cancer cells. There is a doctor in Italy who uses baking soda to treat tumors but that involves surgery and takes 7 days or so.

I should also mention cinnamon. After WW I, the Spanish flu, which originated at Fort Riley in the US, killed 50 million people. Maybe even more. The people of the day protected themselves by social distancing. They waved rather than shook hands. They also noticed that people who worked at cinnamon bottling plants never died of Spanish flu. Modern alternative medicine practitioners take cinnamon twice day with drinks or meals along with large doses of Vitamin D3. The side effects are that the duo reduces 12 different kinds of cancer, prevents most colds and incidences of flu while regulating Type II diabetes as well as standard medications.

Cinnamon like Salvesterols is naturally occurring. It is derived from the bark of trees. It protects trees as our skin protects us.

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$9.3 Trillion Missing From Pentagon. Not An Issue To Corporate Media.

The Inspector General for the Department of Defense just published a report saying that the Undocumentable Adjustments for the DOD in the fiscal year ending 2015 totaled $9.3 trillion. This is according to Catherine Austin Fitts in her latest interview.

On September 10, 2001 Donald Rumsfeld said on CBS News that he and his Comptroller rabbi Dov Zakheim could not trace $2.3 trillion in DOD spending. He promised that in the future he would implement accounting procedures so that taxpayers would know where their money went.

On September 11, 2001 there was an entire section of the Pentagon workforce busily at work attempting to trace trillions of missing dollars. Flight 77 had taken off from Dulles International Airport at 8:20. The 911 Commission says Hani Hanjour who had trouble flying a Cessna piloted the 757 from 2,200 feet into 330 degree power drive coming in at the opposite side of the Pentagon building at tree top level. He successfully killed most of the men and women who had been looking for the missing money. Apparently, Muslims in Al Qaeda who are known to work for the CIA would rather kill the accountants than the top generals and admirals at the Pentagon.

To date I have never seen anyone in Presidential races or in the media said that we ought to discuss the issue $9.3 trillion going walkabout.

I have written about Catherine Austin Fitts several times before. In an interview with Greg Hunter earlier this year, she said Wall Street had stolen $40 trillion from us and will steal tens of trillions more. She called this theft the Slow Burn. In the past she has said there would always be a slender chance of an economic collapse but we are more likely to be robbed day in and day out. The Slow Burn takes billions of dollars from us every day. The DOD is not the only federal agency to lose money. The Inspector General for Housing and Urban Development under President Clinton was Susan Gaffney. In 2000 she testified that $77.2 billion went missing from HUD. The State Department under Secretary Clinton had $6 billion go missing. But Hillary never appointed an Inspector General for State so she had learned lesson. No IG, no report.

In her latest interview Catherine notes that Lockheed Martin had an IT system that ran the accounts for the DOD. But a month before IG report saying $9.3 trillion had gone missing they spun their subsidiary out. They are cutting and running. They don’t want this coming back to them. This is a whole new level of intensity in the war of the Elite and against the middle and working classes. They had also taken $27 trillion from us in the Bail Outs.

She thinks the cut and run is turning into a Controlled Crash of the US economy. The federal government could have a problem functioning at all.

Catherine thinks the Bankers have stolen $50 trillion from us. That money invested at even 5% – or $2.5 trillion a year – would be sufficient to fund NWO operations.

She thinks war could be seriously considered by NWO as an exit strategy to protect themselves from public wrath.

She thinks a lot of that missing money went into secret technical military research to produce weapons for the Elite. They could use those weapons either against foreign states or even against American taxpayers.

She believes that the Corporate Media has lost credibility and influence with the public. She says that is why the media has been shrieking so much of late.

Another problem for the Elite is that they do not trust each other and could go to war with one other.

We will be forced to turn to producing wealth when the Elite’s ability to steal from us goes away due to the end of the Debt Growth model. In the old days a trillion dollars in additional debt could add to our GDP. No more. We need to get the real economy growing. No more lawyers and accountants in charge.

The Slow Burn will have to give way to the Crash. There are only 3 ways out: We can go to war, we can depopulate or we can reform.

Catherine’s timeline is 2016 or 2017 with 2018 at the outside. The world will change very radically, very soon.

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This is the video of Catherine’s interview with Greg Hunter:

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Either This Insanity Ends In 2017 Or We Do

We have reached a point where Insanity in the political sphere can prove fatal to all mankind. When I was younger during the Cold War, I did not believe we would ever use nuclear weapons. Why? Because Hydrogen Bombs are bad. They kill rich people. But mass starvation is good because only poor people starve to death. And the poor cannot afford to pay taxes to subsidize the rich. Very Bad People those poor folk.

Unfortunately, there are now people within the United States government who do want to launch WW III.

The United States has been funding, training and arming Al Qaeda and ISIS terrorists in Libya and Syria since 2011. We have spent $5 trillion on the War on Terror. We have been sending weapons to the people that we have sent our soldiers to fight. Some of our men have died fighting ISIS and Al Qaeda. ISIS was originally Al Qaeda in Iraq and Al Nusra was Al Qaeda in Syria. Doesn’t that mean our political leaders are committing treason? They are violating American law because it has been illegal to give aid to Al Qaeda under American anti-terror laws since 911.

The majority of voters might doubt the official story of 911 but we still do officially blame Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden for the destruction of the World Trade Center and the attack on the Pentagon. So why are we funding the terrorists and using our Air Force to strike the soldiers on the ground in Iraq and Syria who are actually fighting the terrorists?

Insanity in 1915 was not much different. The US was not yet in WW I. Herbert Hoover who was a business partner of the Rothschilds organized a charity called Belgian War Relief. The Rothschild agents claimed the Belgian War Relief was created to help the poor widows and orphans of Belgium. But maybe not.

Edith Cavell mistakenly believed she lived in a democracy. She was a British nurse working in Belgium in 1915. She saw first hand the horrors of trench warfare. She also saw a quick and easy means for England to end the war with a victory. She wrote a letter to the Nursing Mirror which was published on April 15th, 1915. She said that “Belgian Relief” aid was really being sent to Germany which would have to sue for peace without these donations from gullible public. England was quite literally feeding the German army that was killing millions of Allied soldiers. What Miss Cavell did not know was that similar allied war materiel was being sent to Germany via Sweden and other neutral nations. If her advice had been followed, there never would have been any need for America to enter the war. The Kaiser could have stayed on the throne and Hitler could never have risen to power. And of course Russia would have become a constitutional monarchy led by the Social Democrats.

We know the alternative. World War II, the Korean and Vietnam wars and 60,000,000 killed in Soviet concentration camps. More than 500,000 young Russian girls were raped to death in the first three years of the revolution. And the NKVD admitted to killing 350,000 priests in the first two years of Soviet rule. That and the Battle of Verdun which killed 800,000 men would never have happened if Edith Cavell’s plea had been heard and acted upon by the British public.

Insanity 2001. On September 10, 2001 Donald Rumsfeld admitted on CBS Evening News that the Pentagon had spent $2.3 trillion in the Clinton years that could not be traced. Rumsfeld did promise the taxpayers that we would do a much better job in the future by adopting accounting procedures so we would know where taxpayer money went. That promise was never kept. The Bush and the Obama administrations never cared about the voters who pay taxes. Over the past 20 years the Pentagon has spent $8.6 trillion that cannot be traced. We are told that on 9-11-2001 Arab hijackers who could not fly a Cessna piloted an airliner aimed at Rumsfeld’s office into a steep power diver with a 270 degree turn dropping thousands of feet then flying in at tree top level and killing the accountants who were trying to trace the missing $2.3 trillion.

In 2013 Obama was threatening to use the US Navy and Air Force to punish Syria. The Obama admin and the the lap dog press were accusing the Syrian government of using sarin gas to kill civilians. In truth it was the US funded terrorists who were attacking civilians. The US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Martin Dempsey had to go to the White House at midnight to tell Obama that the military would mutiny rather than go to war to defend Al Qaeda. The next day the White House had to call off its war plans.

This photo, posted on Facebook wall under the name of RallyPoints, stirred up controversy and debate as to whether a person should done a military uniform when making a political statement. Pictured is a man saying he is a chief petty officer and doesn't want to go to war with Syria.<br>


Insanity 2014. Secretary of State John Kerry gave 400 trucks to Al Nusra which immediately gave them to ISIS. ISIS then invaded Iraq. On TV we saw a long convoy of brand new trucks carrying ISIS terrorists straight in to Mosul. Obama refused to let the USAF wipe out that ISIS convoy on the road. We have since attacked Iraqi troops fighting against ISIS in Iraq. Why are we promoting ISIS?

Insanity 2016. The Obama admin has been getting rid of every flag rank officer who cares about America. The US recently accused Russia and Syria of attacking a humanitarian aid convoy to Aleppo. Remember that when the battle for Aleppo went into high gear the USAF bombed the power station and cut off electricity which meant that millions of civilians would have no water. The lack of water and sanitation would create a health crisis. And the transport of water by truck would make a counter offensive much more difficult.

The USAF just recently attacked Syrian Army troops for one hour. This was coordinated with an Al Qaeda ground attack. This was a decision made by the Pentagon and not the White House. That is a very alarming sign. General Martin Dempsey had established direct talks with the Russian military to avoid war. This desire for war with Russia means that the brakes the Joint Chiefs arranged to stop a war once are gone.

Most alarmingly, the US has sent military advisers to direct the friendly terrorists in Syria who are fighting alongside the “evil” terrorists. That means we are using Americans as human shields to protect Al Qaeda and ISIS. Why?

The US since 2011 has been funding terrorists who gouged out the eyes and beheaded Christians in Syria. Why?

We could have saved the $5 trillion on the War on Terror by not invading Afghanistan and Iraq and by not fighting proxy wars in Libya and Syria. General Wesley Clark said the Pentagon was given a list of 7 nations to invade shortly after 911.

That list of 7 nations included Lebanon. Why would America want to invade Lebanon? What have they ever done to us? I have never seen an oil rig in Lebanon. Though Israel is currently selling the rights to drill for natural gas in Lebanese and Palestinian waters to British Gas.

That list of 7 nations to invade included Syria as well as Lebanon because Israel had been defeated in the 2006 Lebanon War. Syria was Lebanon’s key ally. Israel cannot invade Lebanon again until Syria is defeated. Israel has published articles around the world saying that they would be forced to carpet bomb small towns all over southern Lebanon if there is a war because Hezbollah has militarized the area. Nonsense. An Australian woman who was in Lebanon visited several of these small towns and told the press back home there was no military presence in those sleepy little villages.

Hezbollah and Syria have enough missiles with guidance systems and heavy payloads to burn Tel Aviv and Haifa to the ground. They could easily take down the Israeli power grid and cut off all electricity for 6 months. Israel cannot pay that price so they demand Americans pay the price for them.

This insanity has to stop in 2017. The American government has to say No to Israel. Either that or we can choose to die.

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From E Michael Jones And The Slaughter Of Cities To Their Destruction.

Dr. E. Michael Jones  wrote The Slaughter of Cities: Urban Renewal As Ethnic Cleansing in 2004. His book is out of print and is rather expensive. I have included a video interview at the end of this article.

I believe we are headed to the Destruction of our cities in the very near future by the design of the Enemy Within. But I must first present Dr Jones’ description of the cleansing of American cities of Polish, Italian, Irish, German and other Catholic ethnic neighborhoods. Dr Jones is the editor of Culture Wars magazine and is a devout Catholic. I have posted below in references a video lecture he did on protecting the Goy from Judaism Inc in case you want to delve deeper into his other works.

The people who have ruled America since the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913 maneuvered the US into WW I. They used the war to do a limited amount of social engineering compared to what they have done since the 1930s. Dr Jones pointed out that when white workers were drafted into WW I, 250,000 black share croppers were brought to Detroit. That did not work out well.

Dr Jones said that the US government targeted the white ethnic neighborhoods for the construction of high rise apartment buildings to be filled with blacks. I remember years ago a white police officer who at his retirement said his first call as a rookie was to the scene where a 12 year-old white girl had been raped by ten black youths. The local parochial school responded by ending their school day 30 minutes earlier. That was in Cleveland. I remember seeing a video more recently of a 12 year-old girl in Wilmington Delaware whose jaw had been broken on a school bus by a black youth who wanted her to be his girl friend. These crimes are things white people are told to accept as part of modern life to avoid being accused of racism.

I should balance the above by quoting from a Chinese friend who owned property in an urban area in California. He saw a speech by Louis Farrakhan on TV in which the Black Muslim leader explained that urban renewal was a scam run by Jews. My friend told me everything Farrakhan said was true. I responded by saying that I had taken an Urban Planning class back in the old days when I was studying economics. It was known as early as the late 1960s that federal spending on Urban Renewal reduced the supply of housing for the poor.

But you say that you were told that Blight removal was the real purpose. Nonsense. Dr Jones explained in the video the  Supreme Court decision on Blight. A man whose store was in the path of an urban planner appealed all the way to the highest court. The opposing lawyers agreed that the man’s store was not part of the neighboring Blight. They said the Urban Planners just needed his location to build a grand project.  The Supreme Court agreed with the Social Engineers. Urban Renewal has never been about increasing housing for the poor or removing Blight. It has always been about ethnic cleansing and making money for campaign contributors.

Sargent Shriver was President Kennedy’s brother-in-law. Under President Johnson Shriver was the first head the OEO ( Office of Economic Opportunity). Jones said in the video that Shriver gave a million dollars to a gang of black street thugs known then as the Blackstone Rangers. Later they changed their name to Black P Stone Nation amongst others. Jones was of the opinion that those thugs were hired by the federal government to ethnically cleanse the south side of Chicago. The goal was to force the ethnic minorities to move to the suburbs and marry out into other groups. The schools and Hollywood could combine to turn the masses into obedient, homogenized little citizens.

Of course there is money to be made at HUD. On March 22, 2000 Susan Gaffney, Inspector General of Housing and Urban Development, testified before the US House of Representatives that she had to adjust the books 284 times and write off 77.2 billion dollars for the fiscal years 1998 and 1999. That is a lot of taxpayer money that just sort of disappeared.

Jones does not seem to talk about the large influx of ethnic Hispanics who for the most part share his Catholic faith. Currently there are 57 million Hispanics in America. Compare that to 1960 when there were only 37 million people in the whole nation of Mexico. Also in 1960 there were only 6.3 million Hispanics in America.

There is a branch of economics called Walrasian. It was named after Leon Walras. They study the physical economy, such as, the natural resources which they follow through from extraction until the final product made. Iron ore becomes steel which becomes a washing machine. They concluded that American until 1950 had comparatively high wages because they had skilled labor they added value to abundant natural resources. Walrasians warned America that going beyond a population of 150 million would mean that we would have to import natural resources for the first time. We were told to expect drastic wage cuts over time as we went from 150 million to 200 and then 250 and then 315 million people.

Wall Street had a “fix” for that problem. The Petrodollar was created by Henry Kissinger after the 1973 Arab-Israeli war. The Saudis raised the price of oil 400%. They agreed to sell oil only for dollars. Their profits were plowed into the American stock markets and into US Treasury bonds. Magic happens!! The US did not have to make cars and computers. We could print dollars which China, Japan, Germany and everyone else would have to earn to buy oil. That took care of our perpetual trade deficit. And the budget deficit was covered by the Saudis too when they bought those bonds.

We were not producing products so we did not need to many workers. No matter. Magic happens!! We could add tens of millions to the government payroll. If you count contractors, the US has more than 30 million federal, state and local workers. We also cut hours worked when we passed Obamacare. This created the illusion of employment. The US has closed 58,000 manufacturing plants since the passage of NAFTA and added 55 million immigrants. We have created 500,000 waiter, waitress and bartending jobs in the past two years. We are adding low paying jobs while we lose high paying jobs.

We also raised college tuition. The University of California raised tuition more than 6,400% since the 1960s. They also have added $600 in transportation fees and $2,148 in health insurance. But Magic Happens!! You can get a student loan which is added to your household income which makes the administration’s lying economic statistics look good. Of course low oil prices will mean that soon nobody will buy our Treasury bonds. The CIA did buy a trillion dollars of US bonds from their drug running profits but soon even  that will not be enough to run the deficit. We will have to cut wages 60% and fire 10 to 15 million government workers while we gut Food Stamps, welfare, disability and other social programs.

At some point, we will go beyond the ability of the Federal Reserve to prop this economy up with money printing and interest rate cuts. We could try negative rates. But most Americans would not be happy if their bank began charging them to deposit money into their checking accounts.

James Rickards who is an economic consultant with the CIA and the Pentagon said America’s currency will be devalued 80% which means that the price of imported goods will increase 500%. That is a substantial cut to real wages. It also means that foreigners will be able to buy the food off our store shelves. So on the Day the Dollar Dies we can expect Nationwide Food Riots.

The federal government could declare martial law but to no avail. The economy will never improve until Unpayable Debts are cancelled. That means a Race War between blacks and Hispanics from California to Texas. Another Race War against whites in every city of any size. It means the Destruction of America.

Catherine Austin Fitts realized in the 1990s that there was no money set aside for our retirement. That meant Wall Street was planning Genocide. She told Greg Hunter that Wall Street had stolen $40 trillion from us and would steal tens of trillions more. As I have said before, we are headed to multiple Race Wars because the Bankers want to cover up all the money they stole from us.

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This is the video of Jones’s interview on ethnic cleansing. You would not believe the price of his book at Amazon.

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Donate To My Campaign. I Promise A Hundredfold Return.

Welcome, you will find a detailed donor’s prospectus in front of you as you take your seat at the table. In the next few minutes I will give you the highlights of my plans to reward my investor-donors. By way of comparison, imagine a Banker who invests in an IPO whose stock splits 6 times and runs his stake from $1 million to $64 million in just 4 years. But if he had invested a million dollars early on in my campaign, I could guarantee him a $100 million return. Of course that IPO stock is a scam and will have to be unloaded onto the suckers before the bubble bursts. My donors will be renting the government from me so there is no possibility of a loss unless freedom and democracy breaks out.

(The audience laughs.)

Early investors will enable me to go to the 50 state parties and pay them to rig the primaries and to buy the Super Delegates I need to make my nomination inevitable.

We have the ability to knock millions of voters off their party registration so they cannot vote in the primaries. They will have the right to vote on a provisional ballot which we will refuse to count. We won’t let those rabble rousers who want to defend the working class from those born to rule over them to actually select the next President of the United States.

Our corporate sponsors own the media so we have the right to issue fake polls giving me a ten point lead which can close to a tight race on election day. But we count the vote so the odds of me losing this election are minimal.

And if, we do lose the election, those above me always have their assassination backup plans. I assume you all know David Rothkopf. He used to be the CEO of Kissinger Associates. He wrote Superclass in which he made the obvious point that the world is run by 30 Families and their 6,000 Minions. We are all Minions and I am offering to lease the government to you. If the people rebel and vote for a candidate not approved by the ruling Families, that man will die.

The next administration will be required to issue Get Out Of Jail Free cards to everyone on Wall Street. That means you will have a license to rob the common people so you are guaranteed a return on the money you donated to me no matter who wins in November. Any President who tries to arrest Bankers will be terminated.

Does anyone have any questions?

A:  I am worried that this Depression will get really bad sooner rather than later. What is your thinking about a market crash and the death of the dollar?

A:  The Fail Safe position is that in case of a Depression we will have a cashless society in which Banks and the government can take money from depositors anytime we fall short. As always, “the voters will have to make do with less so we can have more.”

Q:  Do you think your opponent will be assassinated before the election or afterwards?

A:  I am not allowed in on that level of planning as I am a mere candidate but I know the people I have served all my life. I am thinking they would do it after the elections to minimize anger amongst the voting populace. We have holidays from Thanksgiving to Christmas and New Years plus lots of sporting events to distract the people if it should come to that. Personally, I put my faith in Diebold voting machines. If it weren’t for them and the tragic death of my senatorial opponent 16 years ago, I would not be running for President today.

Q:  Will there be a war?

A:  We have a need for wars?

Q:  I meant will you be launching World War III next year?

A:  I can’t answer that. If I do become President, I will do the bidding of those who own the government. I am just renting out the US military, the courts, the FBI, the Justice Department the State Department, the FDA, the USDA, the FCC and other institutions to my donors.  The decision to kill a few billion people belongs to those who own the government and not to us. Any more questions?

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Vidrebel On 911. Next Year Let’s Arrest the Perpetrators.

I am of the opinion that things are coming to a head and not just here in the US. I should repeat that I am more interested in the Trump movement than I am in him. If the world blows up, we can either rebuild or go die with those we knew and loved.

The following are some of the articles I wrote on 911.

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(The next one is my rendition of a banned video that had been turned into a PDF file.)

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Video: Susan Lindauer On Advanced Knowledge of 911

Susan Lindauer: Bush, Cheney, Israel, 911 And The Jewish Question.

Jekyll Island, The JFK Assassination And 911. Three American Coups
Lone Gunmen TV Episode Predicted 911. Full Version

(I do not agree with Dr Wood on every point but she is raising issues.)

Video: Dr Judy Wood And 911 Facts

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Fantastic Tales Americans Must Believe To Be Admitted to Polite Society

Americans have lost jobs and even been killed by their government because they were unwilling to at least appear to believe Fantastic Tales that couldn’t possibly be true. But we are rapidly approaching a transition period when we will be able to actually Tell the Truth in public.

The following is an example of a Fantastic Tale: On Tuesday June 4, 1968 Robert Kennedy won the California Democratic primary. We are told that Sirhan Sirhan was the lone assassin. Men and women in Polite Society are required to believe that Sirhan’s 8 shot 22 caliber revolver fired 13 times without reloading. Sirhan who was standing in front of RFK was able to fire five “Magic Bullets” that flew upward and over Kennedy’s head, went past him and then down sharply only to reverse course, travel downwards only to reverse course again and strike him from behind at an upward angle. Somehow the powder burns from these “Magic Bullets” followed their rather strange trajectory sufficiently so as to convince the Coroner that they had been fired only inches away from the likely 1968 Democratic Presidential nominee.


Another example: Michael Hastings had written an expose of Stanley McChrystal entitled The Runaway General for Rolling Stone magazine. More recently before his death he had written an expose of Bowe Bergdahl who had deserted and went over to the Taliban. President Obama had exchanged five high value prisoners for Bergdahl. Hastings was also working on an expose of the CIA. He went on the Young Turks TV show and said that investigative journalists ought to declare war on the Obama administration because they have declared war on us.

We are told that Hastings died accidentally after driving recklessly. There was more damage to the rear of his car than in the front which had hit a tree. University professors have shown how modern cars can be electronically hijacked and driven remotely at speeds of 100 mph. His Mercedes car engine was hurled 200 feet down the street at a sharp angle by an explosion. Hastings had contacted his friends and a lawyer to express his fears that the FBI was following him wherever he went.

We must believe that Americans are the Good Guys and that our enemies are the Bad People.

John Kiriakou was a CIA agent who blew the whistle on US government torture. Of all the people in the CIA torture program, Kiriakou was the only one to go to prison for it. And he was the one who revealed what was going wrong. He spent 2 years in prison. Bradley Manning revealed  a video of US helicopter pilots killing unarmed civilians and reporters. He is still in prison but those who deliberately target hospitals for attack are in fact running our government meaning our nation is led by war criminals.

We are supposed to be waging a war on drugs. But the Bush admin told its allies months before 911 that we were going to invade Afghanistan. The only reason to be there after 14 years seems to be the opium. The Global Hawk is a drone version of the U-2 spy plane. Later versions of the Global Hawk have a compartment capable of flying 3,000 pounds of opium past customs to American air bases from which they can be sent to America at a tremendous profit to the men who own the United States government.

Freeway Ricky Ross was seriously harmed by the public schools. If his school district had taught him to read, he could have won an athletic scholarship in tennis and become a school teacher if not a professional athlete. But he was illiterate and instead had to make hundred of millions of dollars selling cocaine. He says that a Hollywood movie glorifying black drug dealers gave him the impetus to choose crime as a career. Ross made connections with Nicaraguan drug dealers. He did not learn until the end of his criminal career that he was working for the CIA. He could have been released much sooner from prison if he had kept his mouth shut as he had been told.

Ross has pointed out that black people using crack cocaine on a first offense were being sentenced to ten years while whites using standard cocaine were given probation. There is no war against drugs but there is a War Against America. A young man killed 4 people but avoided jail because his expensive lawyer convinced the judge that his client had grown up without learning that rules applied to him. His parents were rich and had sheltered him from the consequences of his actions.

Hillary Clinton is a career criminal who has stolen billions of dollars from the people of Haiti and Africa. She has sold American foreign policy for cash and cannot even be indicted. It seems that in America only the poor and the middle class go to jail while everyone in  Washington or on Wall Street is immune from prosecution.

Americans are not allowed to believe in the laws of physics. On 9-11-2001 three buildings fell down at nearly free fall speed but only 2 of the 3 had been hit by airplanes. We had many witnesses amongst the janitorial staff and the building engineers that there were explosions in the sub-basements before the planes hit the World Trade Center Towers. It is sort of basic science that the fire does not start until you light the match. But on 9-11 we must believe that the jet and its fuel which were more than 30 seconds away from impact somehow caused explosions in the floors below the ground level.

We have seen videos of the plane fuel tanks exploding on impact with the Towers so there was not much fuel left in the planes to cause fires. But somehow the fuel was able to explode and  pulverize 440,000 cubic yards (336,404.14 cubic meters) of reinforced concrete from WTC Towers 1 and 2 turning them into dust.

The North and South Towers had 47 central core steel columns and 236 perimeter columns for a total of 283. For the buildings to fall straight down at nearly free fall speed all 283 connections from the columns to each of the 110 floors had to be cut within a second of each other. Keeping in mind open air fires cannot reach less than half of the temperature required to melt steel, how do you explain (2 X 110 X 283) 62,260 connections in the two Towers all being severed simultaneously by an office fire? Isn’t this a definition of a controlled demolition?

But we are required to believe the impossible.

Americans were taught lies sufficiently well to get them to enter WW I but after the war they became disillusioned when they learned the truth. America went to war so the Jews of Russia could turn that nation into a Communist dictatorship and Palestine could become a Jewish colony. Many wealthy Gentiles wanted war because they could make billions of dollars selling weapons.

After World War II, the people of Europe and America were told many lies about the Holohoax to maintain the prestige of liars. The International Red Cross had sent observers into all the German concentration camps including Auschwitz. They had unrestricted access to prisoners and had some of them report on conditions. There were no claims of gas chambers until after the war was over. And these were unbelievable.

The 1950 World Almanac using Jewish sources said there were 800,000 more Jews alive in 1950 than in 1940. The Jewish witnesses claimed they pulled bodies from the gas chambers 5 minutes after the last person had died inside. America had gas chambers in some states more than a decade after the war. If the Zionists had studied how Americans executed prisoners, they would have known that they had to first neutralize the cyanide gas as it is deadly. You cannot just walk into a room full of cyanide without gas masks and gloves and pull bodies out as the Jewish witnesses claimed. Opening the doors prior to neutralization would have killed everyone in the area. These are just fairy tales for children.

The world economy will collapse either before the November elections or soon after. The US could plunge into chaos when the Dollar Dies and the Nationwide Food Riots begin. We will no longer have a Polite Society. Impolite men and women will create new nations to replace those that had been in North America, Europe  and elsewhere.

We personally might not survive but what is coming our way but at least we will no longer have to believe fairy tales as the gospel truth.

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