Is $500 Billion In Political Bribes A Problem?

Asia Times magazine told us that the big international banks launder $500 billion a year in political bribes.

Do you think this causes problems for those of us who are trying to make a few reasonable requests to various and assorted politicians? Does this perhaps explain why politicians just don’t seem to listen to anyone who does not own a bank or some computer firm that spies on us 24 hours a day 7 days a week?

Do I seem a little bit angry to you?

Good.  I have heard it said that anger can be successfully used to change things around us that just seem to be wrong.

There are many problems that need changing. $6 trillion spent on wars in the Mideast that nobody can explain or defend without resorting to bald face lies. We don’t want these open ended, never ending wars. Yet people in power are still sending more money and more troops. Just where did they get that power? Who gave it to them? I didn’t. Did you?

There are many other ways of stating our fundamental problem.

The United States government has a secret slush fund that had at least one trillion dollars stashed in it from its drug profits.

This slush fund is not subject to congressional oversight and inquiry. This slush fund organized all the infrastructure of all the international Drug Cartels. Wait a minute! You were told the War on Drugs was there to make you safe?

That must be so because a Banker or a newspaper owned by one told me it was true. Aren’t I safe because a man in America got 20 years for stealing chocolate chip cookies?

That will teach him. Next time -meaning after 2036 in this case- he will make sure there is no chocolate in that cookie before he takes a bite out of it.

97% of the paint made in America is made by prison labor which is very cheap for the Uber Rich to hire. The prisoners are expensive for the taxpayers to support. How are those subsidies for the Prison Industrial Complex working out for you?


Our Teleprompter Reader in Chief said, ‘if you can’t trust us, we’re going to have some problems.’

Wow! Just wow! Is he serious?

Seymour Hersh told us Hillary and Obama gave sarin gas the Jihadists they sent to invade  Syria. We gave them banned weapons. We armed and funded war criminals to invade a country we falsely accused of doing what we did.

How many violations of the Geneva Convention is that?

The Goldman Sachs’ Teleprompter Reader told us the economy was great and we were quoting fiction writers.

Tell me again what the unemployment rate is. Is it 5% or is it 23% or is it even higher?

Is the stock market up because we are all millionaires or is it up because the Federal Reserve is loaning out cheap money  to bid stock shares up to new all time highs to trigger million dollar bonuses?

That is fair. CEOs need an incentive program to match that one over at the Veterans Affairs Department. VA managers are paid the Big Bucks to kill patients. Shred ten or twenty thousand medical records. Get another bonus.

That also is fair. Why? If veterans live long enough to collect their pensions, we won’t be able to afford the next war.

(I admit you might have to think about that non sequitur for a minute.)

How about this: The Banks are Too Big to Jail.

All of the Big Banks paid $100,000 a month each to the Attorney General’s law firm. The Bankers were given passes from all crimes committed. That is fair because all those petty crooks have to learn their lessons. Don’t be a penny ante crook. Rob the American people of billions of dollars and do No Jail Time. Jails are for unclean people who never will have enough money to pay the taxes Washington said they owe. Jails are not for people who have Lobbyists and congressmen on the payroll.

If  a Banker robs us of trillions of dollars, he can pay the billionaire’s equivalent of a parking meter fine and walk out of court without a nasty word uttered by the federal government.

Perhaps I should really name the problem. We have no government because they do not represent us.

If we would just listen to the economists owned by Lobbyists, we would know that war will solve all of our woes.

Those pesky Russians spend $52 billion a year on defense. The Russians are committing a sacrilege to the gods of war. America spends almost a trillion dollars a year. That is befitting of our democratic ways. If we waste enough money, everyone has a chance to get one dollar. It can’t be true that billionaires are doubling their wealth.

Don’t you understand that all of Washington’s problems were created by people like you who just weren’t willing to believe what you were told?

We could let a former CEO of Kissinger Associates state our problem: The world is run by 30 Families and their 6,000 Minions.

You must have less so Bankers can have more.

That must be fair because some were born to deceive and others were born to be deceived. Or was that fleeced? Or was that born to die in some insane war before we could express an opinion?

Wait a minute. You remember being born in a country with a democratic form of government. You read about One Man One Vote. But was that real or was that a dream?

All I have ever seen in the modern world is:

One Bank One Vote.

Own a bank go the the head of the line. All others can go to Debtor’s Prison as soon as the Dollar Dies if they have not done so already.

That is fair because they own a Bank and you do not.

They were born to rule. You were born to rebel.

No. Wait a minute. You can’t rebel and refuse to believe what you were told. Why the federal government might collapse. There might be dancing in the streets. There might be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth on Wall Street.

But if Wall Street did steal $40 trillion – or more – from us, haven’t the parasites reached the limit of what they can pilfer without killing us off?

Let me repeat what I have said before.

The Fundamental Fact of Your Existence as a modern man or woman is that the bankers of New York and London want to reduce you to Debt Slavery.

Accept that fact and move on to the solution.

That is their plan for you.

What is your plan for them?

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America’s Secret Multi-Trillion Dollar Black Ops Slush Fund

Either Learn What Money Is Or Accept Mass Starvation As Your Nation’s Future.

Memo To Alex Jones: At No Time Was Israel An American Aircraft Carrier In The Mideast

Video: GMO Ticking Time Bomb, The Bankers Want You Sterilized And Then Dead







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Citizen Journalist Takes on Ted Cruz

Editor’s Note:  Anna Tomerlin has done some extensive investigation into the family line of Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz and frankly, the information is quite disturbing.  Anna has graciously allowed us to repost her article to inform the public.

It is time to choose The Constitution and The Republic over Politicians and Political Parties.
Ted Cruz’s Natural Born Citizen status is in question. For that matter his citizenship status is in question. Cruz is an agent for a foreign power and foreign invader. Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz is not a United States citizen.

Ted Cruz Family Timeline:

1928 Alan Boon Wilson born 10-10-1928 Fort Worth, Texas. Ted Cruz’s mother Eleanor Darragh first husband.
1934 – Born November 23, 1934, Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware, father Edward John Darragh (1905 – 1988), mother Elizabeth Cicchini (1912 – 1992).

Eleanor Darragh born 11/23/1934 Wilmington, New Castle, Delaware
1939 – Age 4 Birth of sister Caroline Darragh, Delaware.
1939 – Rafael B.Cruz y Diaz, DOB March 22, 1939, Matazas, Cuba.
1940 – Residence 1 April 1940, Bellefonte, New Castle, Delaware, Marital Status Single Relation to Head of House: Daughter

Sixteenth Census of the United States 1940
1952 – Eleanor E. Darragh Graduated St. Joseph’s Academy, Brownsville, Cameron, Texas 18 years old.
1956 – Eleanor E. Darragh Married Alan Boon Wilson, born Fort Worth, Texas. (10/10/1928- currently living, London, England)

Eleanor Elizabeth Darragh wedding photo to Alan Wilson


1956 – Eleanor Darragh and Alan Wilson Graduated from Rice University, Houston, Harris, Texas.
Republic of Cuba, Administration of Education, School of Segunda Ensenanza, Matanzas, Cuba, Rafael Cruz y Diaz

Republic of Cuba, Administration of Education, School of Segunda Ensenanza, Matanzas, Cuba, Rafael Cruz y Diaz
1955 – 1956 Rafael B Cruz y Diaz arrest booking photo Cuba

Rafael B. Cruz y Diaz mugshot, criminal, jail, cuba.
1957 – Rafael B Cruz Diaz enters the US Dept of Justice Admitted Aug 21, 1957 Key West, FL, Immigration and Naturalization Service. Passport #28871

1957 – Passenger List, Rafael B Cruz Diaz enters the US Dept of Justice Admitted Aug 21, 1957 Key West, FL, Immigration and Naturalization Service.
1959 – Rafael B Cruz Diaz enters the US Dept of Justice Admitted Sept. 15, 1959 Key West, FL, Immigration and Naturalization Service. Passport #28871

Rafael B Cruz Diaz, Passport #28831, Immigration & Naturalization Service, Key West, FL, Admitted Sept. 15, 1959 STUDENT
1958 – Eleanor and Alan Wilson move to London, London, England
1958 – 1966 Eleanor Elizabeth Darragh Wilson allegedly becomes a British Subject (Ted Cruz has sealed his mother Immigration/Naturalization, and Passport records) But on Michael Wilson’s birth certificate she is listed as a “non-citizen”
1959 Julia Garza filed the application for marriage record 11/15/1996. Rafael Cruz filed to divorce his first wife 1996. Rafael and Julia were married 37 years.
1961 Rafael B Cruz graduated University Texas, Austin, with a degree in Mathematics.
1961 Rafael B Cruz is granted political asylum and was given a green card. “A green card is allowed to reside and work in the United States, without becoming a citizen of the United States, in this case, under political asylum from Castro’s Cuba. Rafael Cruz’s citizenship status was that of a Cuban national living and working in the United States, under a green card work permit. According to U.S. laws, the green card holder must maintain permanent resident status, and can be removed from the United States if certain conditions of this status are not met.”
1961 Rafael B Cruz first daughter Miriam Ceferina Cruz born (11-22-1961-Died 2011)
1962 Rafael Cruz moves to Dallas, TX, after his second daughter Roxana Lourdes Cruz born (11-18-1962-Living).
1962 – Alan Wilson files for divorce
1963 – Divorce final London, London, England
1963 – Rafael B Cruz works for “Fair Treatment for Cuba” handing out “Hands Off Cuba” flyers.
1963 – Rafael B Cruz works for “Fair Treatment for Cuba” handing out “Hands Off Cuba” flyers.

1963 Fair Play for Cuba, Hands Off Cuba flyer

Aug. 16, 1963 New Orleans, LA, Rafael B Cruz photographed handing out “Hands Off Cuba” flyers

Aug. 16, 1963 New Orleans, LA, Rafael B Cruz photographed handing out “Hands Off Cuba” flyers
1964 Rafael B Cruz moves to Calgary, Alberta, Canada, allegedly find work in the Oil and Gas Industry. (I believe in November 1964, Rafael B Cruz flees to Canada in fear of arrest because of his work with Fair Play for Cuba in New Orleans, LA. I believe it was at this period that Rafael Cruz abandons his wife Julia and 2 daughters. Leaving them behind Louisiana. There is no recorded of his wife Julia and 2 daughters Miriam and Rozana entering Canada.)
1964 The Cruz resides in Canada for the next eight years. “I worked in Canada for eight years,”Rafael Cruz says.“And while I was in Canada, I became a Canadian citizen.” – (From an interview with NPR”
1966 – Now single Eleanor Elizabeth Darragh Wilson gives birth to a son, Michael Darragh Wilson, DOB June 17, 1966. (Eleanor E. D. Wilson is listed as “non-citizen”) meaning she was not a British Subject. Eleanor Darragh Wilson places the newborn up for adoption and returns to the United States. Moving in with her sister Caroline in New Orleans, LA.
The information obtained from American Embassy, London, England Oct. 2, 1967 “Report of the death of an American Citizen.” is as follows: Michael Wilson born UK June 17, 1966 Died Dec. 7, 1966 at 5 months at Hospital of Jt. John and St. Elizabeth, St. Marylebone, London. Certified by G. Thurston, for Inner West, London, of Acute bronchitis. After post morterm without inquest (without inquest means no investigation into death.)
NOTICE: Was sent to Mrs. Eleanor Darragh Wilson, c/o Caroling Jackson, 3219 46th St. Meteric, LA, Mr. Alan Wilson 38 Courtfield Gardens S.W. 5, London. Deceased included mother’s passport #Z598584 issued in London 10-3-66. (This passport number is invalid)
1966 – Michael Darragh Wilson dies December 7, 1966, London, London, England. (Alan Wilson has stated he was not the father of Eleanor’s son Michael. Alan Wilson was married 2 more times and never had children.)

Michael Wilson’s Death Certificate.

Ted Cruz Michael Wilson grave Kensal Green Cemetery
1966 – Eleanor E. D. Wilson move to 3219 46th St. Meteric LA, lives with her sister Caroline Jackson.
1967 – Eleanor E. D. Wilson moves to New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. allegedly taking a job in the Oil and Gas industry at the same company Rafael B. Cruz works.
1967 Rafael B Cruz, Manager of Computer Applications, Geophysics & Computer Services, Inc., 723 Howard Ave., New Orleans, LA
1967 – Rafael B Cruz, Selective Service System #163939381
1967 – Eleanor Wilson and Rafael Cruz move to Calgary, Alberta, Canada, 920 Riverdale Ave. South West, Calgary, Alberta, Canada. (I believe that Cruz flees to Canada to avoid the Draft at the height of the Vietnam War.)
1968 – Rafael B. Cruz born becomes a Canadian citizen. In a stated in a NPR interview he had becomes a Canadian citizen. “I lived in Canada for 8 years and became a Canadian citizen in 1968.”
1969 – Eleanor Elizabeth Darragh Wilson Cruz (No record of a marriage between Eleanor and Rafael B Cruz exist) she becomes a Canadian citizen.
1970 – Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz, born December 22, 1970, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, father Rafael Bienvenido Cruz 3/22/1939, mother Eleanor Elizabeth Darragh Wilson 11/23/1934. [There is no mention of “non-citizen” for either parent on Ted’s birth certificate. Why not?] [There is no certificate of marriage recorded for Eleanor E. Darragh aka Eleanor E. Wilson, aka Eleanor Darragh Wilson, Eleanor Elizabeth Darragh Wilson (dob 11/23/34) and Rafael Bienvenido Cruz (dob 3/22/1939) anywhere.]

Rafael Edward Cruz born Calgary, Alberta, Canada Dec. 22, 1970
1970 If Eleanor Elizabeth Wilson was still a US citizen when Ted Cruz was born, she was required by law to go to the US Embassy and register Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz’s birth at the United States Of American Department of State Consular Office and make a Report of Birth Abroad. She did not and Ted Cruz did not do so before his 18th birthday. If you fail to file a Consular Report of Birth Abroad before your 18th birthday the window of citizenship closes.

Consular Report of Birth Abroad form.
1973 biography of Rafael Cruz, Rafael Bienvenido Cruz, RB Cruz and Associates
1974 – Eleanor Cruz and Rafael Cruz are listed on Canadian Voter Rolls of Canadian citizens eligible to vote in Canadian elections. (3 pages)
1959 – 1996 Rafael Cruz was married to Julia Ann Garza. They were married for 37 years according to Texas Divorce Index Vital Statistics.
1974 – Eleanor Elizabeth Darragh Wilson Cruz moves to Houston, Texas with son “Ted” Cruz.
1986 – Wells Fargo Credit Corp. vs Rafael B Cruz and Eleanor E Cruz, case #198648415. Foreclosed upon 1986 to 1989 it reads. Property was sold at auction on the Harris County Court House steps.
1988 Rafael “Ted” Cruz Second Baptist High School, Houston, Texas.
1988 Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz Selective Service System #
1992 Rafael “Ted” Cruz graduates from Princeton University, Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy, Woodrow Wilson School of Public & International Affairs.
1995 Rafael “Ted” Cruz graduates from Harvard Law School.
1995 Rafael Ted Cruz becomes a Law Clerk for J. Michael Luttig
1996 Rafael Ted Cruz becomes a Law Clerk for Supreme Court Justice William Rehnquist
1996 Julia Ann Garza Cruz and Rafael E Cruz divorce
1996 – 1997 – Rafael E Cruz vs Eleanor E Cruz case #199634003
1997 – Eleanor Elizabeth Darragh Wilson Cruz changed her name from Cruz to Darragh and she registered to vote under Darragh 4/3/1997, 3333 Allen Parkway, 2606 Houston, Texas 77019.
1997 – Eleanor Elizabeth Darragh and Rafael Bienvenido Cruz divorce Houston, Harris, Texas, Feb. 13. 1997 according to Texas Divorce Index Vital Statistics 1968 – 2011.
1997 – Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz State Bar of Texas Registration Card #24001953
1997 Rafael “Ted” Cruz goes to work for the Law Firm of Cooper, Carvin & Rosenthal.
1999 Rafael “Ted“ Cruz works on the Bush Administration Presidential campaign.
2005 – Rafael B Cruz has publicly stated that he remained a citizen of Canada until he renounced his Canadian citizenship when he applied for and became a U.S. Naturalized citizen in 2005.
2012 – Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz was illegally elected US Senator
2013 – Canadian officials confirm the Ted Cruz was in fact born a legal citizen of Canada, the son of two parents who had also applied for and received Canadian citizenship prior to Ted’s birth. “He’s a Canadian,”said Toronto lawyer Stephen Green, past chairman of the Canadian Bar Association’s Citizenship and immigration Section. “Generally speaking, under theCitizenship Act of 1947, those born in Canada were automatically citizens at birth unless their parent was a foreign diplomat,” said ministry spokeswoman Julie Lafortune.
2014 – Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz, Certificate of Renunciation of Canadian Citizenship
Ted Cruz, family tree, Rafael Edward Cruz, Rafael Bienvenido Cruz, Eleanor Elizabeth Darragh Wilson Cruz, Heidi Cruz
1940 U.S. Federal Census
1968 – 2011 Texas Divorce Index
1950 – 1993 U.S. Public Records Index Vol.
11950 -1993 U.S. Public Records Index Vol. 2.
This was written by a citizen journalist and originally appeared here:
Please note the most important points that:
1) Ted’s parents were Canadian citizens. Canada did not recognize dual citizenship at that time. That means his parents had to renounce their Cuban and American citizenship. His mother might have been a British citizen but she had to renounce that as well.
2) Ted Cruz’s parents were not legally married which added burdens to his mother’s reporting requirements.
3) Ted Cruz’s father was working for the CIA before the Kennedy assassination. Ted Cruz’s campaign is under the control of the Bush family. Daddy Bush used to be CIA Director. Ted’s wife Heidi worked with Condoleeza Rice and the Bush White House.
If you liked the 8 years of Bush and the 8 years of Obama, you will love the Cruz presidency.
Hillary could go to court and have Ted Cruz removed from the ballot if he did manage to steal the nomination. She might not bother because this man is slowly but surely getting the voters mad at him.
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The American Empire Of Debt To Collapse Before The 2016 Elections?

Consider these 3 quotes from Canadian billionaire Rob Kirby who buys and sells gold by the ton.

America is not run by Americans anymore.

Historically, when banks have nothing else they can do, they take us to war.

American dollars held overseas will be repatriated which will trigger Stagflation and then Hyperinflation.

Kirby noted that the Federal Reserve had 3 emergency meetings in 3 days last week.  Janet Yellen also had a secret meeting with Biden and Obama which violated American security protocols by having the President and his VP in the same location. Kirby thinks the whole American Empire of Debt will be unwound within weeks. That would mean, if he is right, maximum turmoil in American streets either prior to the Republican and Democratic presidential conventions in July or the November elections. Hillary thinks she should be crowned Empress but even she will see maximum resistance when the economy collapses.

Rob Kirby previously said the American Secret government spent a trillion dollars of its cocaine and heroin drug profits to buy that much in US Treasury bonds that had been dumped by foreign Central Banks over the past year.

See this: America’s Secret Multi-Trillion Dollar Black Ops Slush Fund

Boring but critical economic stuff:   The SGE (Shanghai Gold Exchange) will be launched officially on April 19. The Chinese have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Fund Transfer.) SWIFT is the second most used system of settling global trade after the American CHIPS system ( Clearing House Interbank Payment System.) The MOU will allow China’s CIP (Chinese Interbank Payment system) to work closely with SWIFT. Kirby believes this will marginalize the US dollar and payment system. He believes China will back their currency with gold soon after the CIP and SWIFT system merge. There are many other developments which could also lead to a Financial Crisis.

I have defined a Depression as a period in time when Unpayable Debts are cancelled en masse. We have Debt Based currencies and fractional reserve banking both of which combine to generate mountains of Unpayable Debts. In 1694 the Governor of the Bank of England William Paterson told parliament, ‘The Bank of England hat the benefit of interest on money it creates out of nothing.’

Think of a home being built and all the labor from carpenters, plumbers, electricians, general  laborers, painters, landscapers and even the architect. Now compare the wages they receive for hundreds of hours of labor to the little  work the Banker does. He sits in a room for half an hour. He increases the money supply which devalues the purchasing power of our savings, pensions and paychecks. And he receives more money from the person who signed the mortgage than all of the workers who built that home. Bankers think that is fair.

The reason why the world economy will crash is that we have many more times Unpayable Debts to cancel now than in the Great Depression or any other time in the past 500 years. This means we are headed to the most severe Depression in five centuries unless we have Debt Cancellation and monetary reform.

Rob Kirby noted that Bankers tend to take us to war. I do not think that will happen this time. The US Joint Chiefs of Staff have had direct talks with their Russian counterparts for the past several years. The Chinese parked some submarines with nuclear weapons off America’s West Coast as a warning to the Pentagon not to listen to US politicians. The Russians have decided to start deployment of their S-500 anti-missile system this year. It will be integrated with the S-400. S-500 missiles travel at 15,480 miles an hour; reach an altitude of 115 miles; travel horizontally 2,174 miles; and cannot be stopped by anything America has. Even the older S-400 has missiles with speeds up to Mach 9.5. America has no comparable weapons.

The Russians demonstrated the superiority of their Electronics Warfare System for the second time against the USS Donald Cook. In 2014 the Russians used their Khibiny ECM (electronic countermeasures system) to shut down the electronics and radar of a US ship.  On 12 April 2014, an unarmed Russian SU-24 fighter jet made twelve close-range passes over the USS Cook during a patrol of the western Black Sea. And recently: On 11 and 12 April 2016 a pair of Russian SU-24s performed several low passes on the Donald Cook in the Baltic Sea.

The Russians were demonstrating to US professional military men that war against Russia would be a losing proposition. We also learned last week that 70% of US Marine Corps aviation jets are not air worthy due to lack of parts and funds. The US spends nearly a trillion dollars a year on war. Of course $8.5 trillion of that spending went missing since 1996  but campaign cash to politicians must provide results for donors. By comparison, the Russians spend $52 billion a year  but then they don’t have to bear the burden of American politics.


Realistically, any command for war given by a US politician will result in mutiny and even possibly a coup. There cannot be a world war unless Israel starts it.

FBI Director James Comey has been hearing from members of the Society of Former Special Agents of the FBI. They want him to outline charges against Hillary Clinton for her many violations of US law due to her mishandling of state secrets with her private email system. The Department of Justice might not choose to indict Hillary. Joe Biden might even have to step in to save the Democratic party from Bernie Sanders and Democratic voters. This is highly likely if the economy drops like a rock between now and the conventions or even later before the elections because rank and file Democrats will feel the full force of an economic squeeze of the magnitude Kirby is suggesting.

Even a modest 10% spike in prices combined with mass job layoffs could stoke the political fires to a very high degree. Rob Kirby also says we will go beyond Stagflation to Hyperinflation where prices could go up 10 or 20% a month as the Dollar slides down hill in value. US politicians shipped millions of jobs overseas while accepting almost 100 million immigrants so of course wages are low. Rents and taxes are higher. Nobody wants American GMO grains. We cannot pay for our imports except by printing money. China and Russia have now announced those days  of free stuff for America are over. The American voter is in for a rude shock. But the shock to Wall Street and to the politicians and the presstitutes  will be even greater.

We will not survive without Debt Cancellation. This explains how it can stop a Depression and radically transform the world.

Debt Cancellation Is The Best Way To Take Down Bilderberg

You should never under estimate what Israel has done in the past and can do in the future.

Israel Killed JFK And Has Ruled America Ever Since.

I assume you know that Israel did 911. The Saudis and the Bush administration were working for Israel. The Democratic and Republican parties are nearly but not completely owned by Israel. Israel and the Jewish Lobby also run the US Mainstream media.

Resurrecting Israel Did 911. All the Proof In The World


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The Panama Papers Have Made Radical Change Possible.

The Panama Papers will likely become a dividing point in world history.

We can divide modern world history into pre and post 911 periods. The previous dividing point in our history was the assassination of President Kennedy and the resulting Vietnam War.

I believe one of the reasons JFK was assassinated was so we could go into the Vietnam war and lose it. Our Secret Government wanted to addict millions of white people to drugs. Previously, Her Majesty’s Jewish Government fought two Opium Wars against China so Jewish Bankers could replace the profits they had lost when their African slave trade was ended by white male voters.

Of course Kennedy was also killed because he opposed Israel’s acquisition of nuclear weapons. He was assassinated on the 53rd anniversary of the conclave that created the Federal Reserve Bank. That was a message to the rest of us that the Bankers run America and we do not. A similar message was given on the first anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr’s anti-war speech at Riverside Church in New York City. I believe King was killed to tell us that we cannot successfully say No to war. If the Bankers want us to die in a war for them or for Israel, then we must sacrifice our children to our rulers. The decision is theirs and not ours. At least, that is what they believe to be true.

You didn’t really believe you lived in a democracy did you?

Journalists have been decoding 11.5 million documents leaked from Panamanian law firm Mossack Fonseca. The 2.6 terabytes of data show tens of billions of dollars worth of transactions dating back 40 years. 200,000 firms and 14,000 individuals are involved.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton lobbied successfully for the Panama-United States Trade Promotion Agreement. She paved the way for major banks and corporations, most notably Deutsche Bank, to skirt national laws and regulations. After she resigned as Secretary of State, Deutsche Bank paid her $485,000 for a speech.

Bernie Sanders won 7 of the last 7 caucuses and primaries but still trails Hillary in delegates for the nomination. That is fair because she took money from Goldman Sachs, J P Morgan and Deutsche Bank which she gave to Democratic officials in the various state party organizations to buy delegates. Who cares about voters when you have campaign cash from known criminals?

I feel that I should disabuse you of the notion that Deutsche Bank is a German run institution. I have written annotated Bilderberg members lists for their past several meetings. The last two Deutsche Bank CEOs prior to the current predicament were Jewish. One from Switzerland and the other Israel. It is the duty of German taxpayers to bail out Deutsche Bank as it is the duty of French and British taxpayers to bail out the Rothschilds. So what if the Rothschilds have been investigated for stealing pensioners’ retirement funds? Are those old people so greedy that they expected to eat more than one meal a week in their old age?

Obama and his Jewish Treasury Secretary Jack Lew have decided to Double Down on tax cheating for billionaires, Drug Lords and other criminals. They have come up with a new rule that makes it even more difficult for bank regulators to determine who actually owns all those shell corporations that are hiding tens of trillions of dollars they stole from us. Currently, lawyers do not have to reveal who actually is the CEO or even who sits on the board of directors on these shady corporations. Lawyers use nominees to stand in for the real culprits. And this does not just happen in Panama. Obama and Lew under their new Treasury rule would raise the amount of stock that has to be owned by one party before his lawyers had to reveal his name. Of course even I can think of work arounds. Suppose I own 4 holding companies that are all offshore. I can put my stock under their names so I am never cited as an owner and pay zero taxes.

Let’s be honest. I read recently of a US program to win the hearts and minds of the people of Afghanistan. They went to Italy and bought 9 very nice looking goats. The flew them first class from Italy to Afghanistan. The total cost of this program to the taxpayers was $6 million. Now if you were a multi-billionaire, would you be willing to pay $6 million for 9 goats to make one Afghan farmer happy? That kind of generosity should be limited to the middle class taxpayer.

Zero Hedge had an article recently about a law firm in Reno Nevada that is hiding money for the Rothschilds and their clients. Other US states like Delaware and Wyoming are doing the same so this Panama caper is not just overseas but also even inside the US.

Bernie Sanders is not the only one being robbed of delegates. When Trump voters went into voting booths in Texas and Wisconsin, many were not allowed to vote for him. Their votes went to Cruz. Both Sanders and Trump are being robbed of delegates at state conventions. Colorado decided to cancel all voting so Trump would not get even one delegate. This is In Your Face corruption. These politicians are willing to destroy their party’s chances of winning an election just to defend the continuation of bribery in Washington DC.

The Resistance Movement must now Double Down because the Panama Papers will give us wings. We will need to explain to the average citizen what the Uber Rich did and are doing to us as we head to the conventions. But the Panama Papers will increase the anger voters feel about the people who think they own our government.

Americans need to demand that their votes are counted. We need to demand resignations as they have done in Iceland and in Great Britain.

The next Big Event in world history will be the coming economic collapse. A Depression is a period in time when Unpayable Debts are cancelled en masse. Since we have far more Unpayable Debts to cancel than in the Great Depression, we will be in for very hard times unless there is monetary and bank reform combined with worldwide Debt Cancellation. Only the American government could organize worldwide Debt Cancellation.

The alternative is that we let the Uber Rich continue to run things. They would probably let a billion people starve to death, kill tens of millions in Race Wars and release a series of plagues to kill a few billion more of us.

We cannot accept the future they have planned for us.

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If you think the US government has nothing to do with the Drug Cartels, read this. They created the worldwide Drug Infrastructure for the cartels. The US government used their drug profits to buy a trillion dollars in American Treasury bonds dumped by foreign Central Banks over the past year.

America’s Secret Multi-Trillion Dollar Black Ops Slush Fund

I wrote that Israel killed JFK here:

Israel Killed JFK And Has Ruled America Ever Since.

Israel also did 911.

Resurrecting Israel Did 911. All the Proof In The World

People wonder why I support Trump. It want him to advance because he and Sanders are the focal points of American anger. I believe we need changes that not even a strong leader could accomplish. Economic collapse is coming. The only exit path I see is for a military coup to radically change things. Politicians whether Republican or Democrat will have to turn the country over to the US military and martial law as soon as the Nationwide Food riots begin. I see a military coup as Good News. Because only the military could arrest the Bankers and seize their assets to fund Debt Cancellation.

How And Why An American Military Coup Could Save The World


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Judaism Incorporated. Betraying Gentiles, It’s What They Do.

Herbert Hoover was an American Rothschild  agent and business partner. During World War I, Hoover started a charity which took donations from the Allied nations while claiming to feed and clothe the widows and orphans of Belgium. What the Rothschilds and Hoover actually did was to load food onto trains in Belgium which they sent across No Man’s Land to to feed German soldiers. The Germans weren’t able to adequately feed their soldiers. The Rothschilds fed the men who were killing Allied soldiers so the war would last well beyond 1915 or 1916. They  wanted the war to last until they could set up a Jewish dictatorship in Russia that eventually killed more than 60 million Gentiles. And the Rothschilds also wanted to turn Palestine into a British run colony for the Jews.

Judaism Incorporated is my explanation for the behavior of Judaism’s self-appointed Jewish leaders. They are not a race and certainly not a religion as we would define the term.

But on the bright side, as soon as Gentiles learn the Jewish related scam to any war or social movement, they are better able to defend themselves against the next fraud.

The most current Jewish frauds are Al Qaeda and ISIS. The Soviet Union had ceased to make money for Judaism Incorporated in the 1970s. That is when another Rothschild agent, Zbigniew Brzezinski, dreamed up Al Qaeda which is Arabic for base. In this case it meant database or list of Arabs willing to work for MI6, the CIA and the Mossad. They attacked the Russians and forced them to send troops into Afghanistan to defend a friendly regime. After the Russian invasion, the US started funding a resistance movement that bankrupted the Soviet Union which had fallen into the hands of Gentiles. After the Russians went bankrupt, the Rothschilds and their friends in New York and the City of London teamed up with the Jew Boris Yeltsin to loot Russia’s pensions and state enterprises of US $240 billion. They also unleashed Jewish organized crime on the world which is very big in human trafficking, organ harvesting, drugs and illegal weapons sales. Today the Jewish Lobby still helps to run Russia.

ISIS was originally known as Al Qaeda in Iraq. And Al Nusra was Al Qaeda in Syria. The Jewish Lobby in the US helped Israel take down World Trade Center Towers 1, 2 and 7 with controlled demolitions on 9-11-2001. They also helped the Jewish media sell the world public on the false claim that Al Qaeda did 911. It was only Judaism Incorporated that had access to the Towers to wire them for demolition. Because 911 was falsely blamed on Al Qaeda it has been illegal ever since for the US to send aid to them. Please note that the US trained, armed and funded ISIS according to Seymour Hersh, the ex-DIA Chief, General Michael Kelly, and numerous other US military sources. Yet there has been no peep from the media and the politicians about Al Qaeda receiving aid from the US government. We are using US helicopters to rescue ISIS commanders. We are air dropping ISIS supplies and even bombing the Iraqi Army when they do their job which is to attack and destroy the invading terrorists.

This is part of a greater Jewish scam. George Soros is funding the migration of millions of Muslims in a slow motion invasion of Europe. Soros is doing a similar thing in America. He is behind Amnesty which has brought millions of the least capable immigrants along with hundreds of thousands of professional career criminals together with members of violent drug gangs.

I have written before about David Rothkopf’s book Superclass in which he discusses the Thirty Families and the 6,000 Minions who run our sham democracies in the West. Rothkopf used to be the CEO of Kissinger Associates.

The Scam here is that the Rothschilds and the members of the other Thirty Families have stolen so much money from our pensions and savings that we face two choices. 1) Gentiles must either arrest the Bankers and seize what they stole from us to fund Debt Cancellation. or 2) We must allow the Thirty Families to keep what they have stolen and let the kill us.

I have concluded that the Bankers have decided to start multiple Race Wars when the economy collapses under the burden of corruption at the top. After a few million Gentiles die in the Race Wars and Food Riots, the Minions of the Thirty Families could release a few plagues to kill a couple billion more people. The goal is to have us under 24 hour electronic surveillance. All of our money will be stored as digital credits in Banks which are allowed to charge us for making deposits and be allowed to take hundreds of billion in our savings every time they need to Bail Out for their incompetent investments.

Judaism Incorporated is absolutely incapable of concerning themselves with your life. If you must die along with a few billion other Gentiles, then that is not their concern. Their only concern is that you believe their lies and refuse to criticize them as you die from their evil machinations.

You can read about their lack of concern in the following article which quotes the Talmud as saying it is legal to rob the Gentiles as soon as we get control of their government.

Israel Shahak: The Laws Against Non-Jews In 2 Minutes

This next two articles discusses 911. Israel did it.

911: Short And Powerful Questions

Barbara Honegger 911 Video: Behind The Smoke Curtain.

The next article discusses treason and the theft of millions of dollars from a fake Rothschild charity under the control of Herbert Hoover.

1914 And 2014: Insanity Then And Now


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The World Needs Gardens This Beautiful.

Even if you’re not into gardening yourself, the plant sculptures in the international Montreal Mosaiculture Exhibition will blow your mind. As defined in the official website of the event, mosaiculture “is a refined horticultural art that involves creating and mounting living artworks made primarily from plants with colourful foliage (generally annuals, and occasionally perennials).” It is also a highly complex form of art, requiring different sets of skills from all the participating artists: not only do they have to plan and build the framework of the sculpture and match the colors, it is also important to understand the maintenance of each plant they use.

The Mosaïcultures Internationale competition was founded back in 2000 by Lise Cormier after her visit to China: this is where Lisa saw an enchanting 40-feet-high sculpture of 3 doves and was instantly inspired to bring the idea back home.

Considered the world’s most prestigious competition of horticultural art, the 2013 edition of Mosaiculture is currently on display at Montreal Botanical Garden in Quebec, Canada. More than three million flowers were raised in greenhouses throughout Quebec, and then shipped to the gardens in May, where designers wrapped them in steel meshes to create living works of art. The sculptures are created using steel or aluminum forms that are wrapped in metal mesh, filled with earth and planted with flowers, ivies and grasses whose foliage provides texture and color. Interior watering systems and growing medium were added so that the flowers could last all through the summer till the end of the exhibition on September 29.

Some 50 works graces the 2.2 km circuit through the enchanting grounds of the Botanical Garden. The theme this year is “Land of Hope”. About 200 of the world’s most talented horticultural artists are taking part in this international competition, representing 20 countries. Entries have come from cities in countries as far as Turkey and Uganda, with China and Japan heavily represented.

Barn Owl

Bird Tree. This huge sculpture is 40 feet high and they built special high bridge at this end so people could take photographs more easily. Every branch becomes a different bird. The wing span of the condor must be at least 8 feet.

Big Flowers. These are growing in the midst of the Exhibition Gardens, some of the thirty gardens which comprise the Botanic Garden. Notice the bee.

Butterflies. They are about eight feet high and stand outside the Insectarium, a building housing exhibits of insects.

Two Canoes. The theme of this year’s show is the unity of nature and the importance of ecological planning.

The Old Man Who Planted Trees. Horses, Dog, and Sheep. The Old Man is about 20 feet high.

Flock of Sheep, plus one goat. They are all part of a huge display around the Man Who Planted Trees (above).

Single Sheep

Caterpillar, outside Insectarium

Easter Island Heads

Clown Fish Swimming through Seaweed

Crouching Frog and Lily Pond.

Frog in Lily Pond

Goat at Well

Horses and Sheep Dog. The dog (chūken Hachikō) is very famous in Japan and everyone knows him. He accompanied his master to the railroad station ever morning when the man went to work, and then the dog met him again in the evening. When the man died, the dog continued meeting the train twice every day for ten years until he died in 1935. He is made up of various decorative grasses. The horses’ manes are also made of grasses. The horses are twice the size of a normal horse; the dog is 8 feet high.

Closeup of Horse

Lady and Cranes. Chinese Myth. The lady is about 35 feet high. Swans are symbols of transformation. The Swan Wife is a common part of Chinese myths.

Lady and Cranes. Chinese Myth

Line of Lemurs at entrance to Gardens


Man Who Planted Trees. He is 20 feet high.

Pandas and Bamboo


Piano and Tortoise. The Arts and Nature Support Each Other.

Spirit of the Woods. The body of the serpent actually snakes around the woods for more than 300 yards (274 meters).

Phoenix Bird – colossal and with flowers. The Phoenix myth originated with ancient astronomers.

Mother Earth

Water is a gift of Mother Earth, enjoyed by wild horses and eagles.


Gorillas / Endangered Species

Moose and Squirrels – all made of moss.



I normally write about ending the cycle of poverty and war through Debt Cancellation and Bank Reform. Everyone must realize by now that the world is run by criminals who use our banking system to transfer all wealth from us to them. We are close to the worst Depression in 500 years and an unthinkable World War. I still maintain that we can avoid these things. I remind you that Debt Cancellation can end a Depression in less than 90 days.

Socrates defined Beauty as that which is adored and loved. We cannot all create Beauty in music, art and literature. But I do hope that after the current evil regimes collapse, we could devote more resources to developing Beauty as a societal goal. Gardening would have to play its part.

The above photos and comments on the Mosaic competition originally appeared at

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George Soros, Race Wars And The End Game

Does anyone believe that the people destroying America would give up their power peacefully?  Quote from a pro-Trump video.

Wall Street has been planning to use multiple  Race Wars to take down America at least since World War II when America was flooded with Jewish refugees. In the 1960s after Israel had assassinated President Kennedy, the Bracero program allowing temporary agricultural workers was ended. This forced Mexican immigrants to move to America illegally. And then the immigration law limiting immigrants from Third World countries was changed so that the racial character could be permanently changed.

One of the reasons for the assassination of JFK was so that America would enter the Vietnam war and lose it. JFK’s assassins wanted young  white Americans to become demoralized and to start taking drugs. This would allow Bankers to make trillions of dollars laundering illegal drugs and weapons plus political bribes. Drug gangs opened up lucrative job opportunities to foreign born professional criminals in the USA. Drug Cartels had to set up an infrastructure of businesses as fronts to launder drug money which helped to bring in even more legal and illegal aliens.

Today Amnesty has flooded our country with illegal. There is no pretense made that these immigrants can hold well paying, skilled jobs and pay sufficient taxes so they would not burden us. California and other states gave these  illegal aliens drivers licenses which is the only ID they need to vote and to permanently change America.

Economic studies of American industry starting with Wassily Leontief demonstrated that American wages were higher than in Europe because we added skilled labor to the natural resources we extracted. We learned that when our population went above 150 million we would have to lower wages to be competitive to foreign manufacturers so we could earn foreign currencies to buy imported natural resources. In the 1960s the wars for Israel and the Banks plus over population had combined to force Nixon to end the gold exchange standard on August 15th, 1971.

In the late 1960s and the early 1970s the CIA began setting up the large scale organization needed to ship enormous volumes of illegal drugs to America. That was the beginning of the Narco Dollar. Henry Kissinger started the Petrodollar in 1973. Oil prices were raised 400%. The Saudis sold oil only for dollars so there was a demand for dollars apart from illegal drugs. The Saudis and the Drug Cartels invested their profits in the NYSE and US Treasury bonds. The Drug War began in Colombia in 1999 when FARC met with Dick Grasso, Chairman of the NYSE. FARC refused to invest in American stocks and bonds. They wanted to invest in Colombia to help people in their impoverished rural areas. Dick Grasso returned to America and the CIA came up with Plan Colombia to take care of those ‘Dirty Commies’ at a cost of $8 billion in US military aid. The program was a failure. And the other Colombian Drug Cartels were taken over by Mexican rivals who were even more violent and had US military weapons and training.

America should soon have 2 million gang members in the US, the majority of whom are foreign born. The US government does not have a program to deport illegal aliens who are members of violent drug gangs. In fact the US government routinely releases criminals including rapists onto the streets. We know this is true because a recent article said 124 of these men had killed American citizens after their release.

Of course anyone who opposes this destruction of America is denounced as a racist. I have seen videos of Trump supporters being threatened by illegal aliens.

Blacks have noticed that they are being killed for sport by illegal aliens. Some time ago there was a video circulating with Donald Trump and 7 parents of  children who had been murdered by illegal aliens. One of the parents was Jewish. The rest were either black or whites married to non-whites who did not have white children. So it is now racist in Obama’s America for Jews, Hispanics and blacks to talk about their children who were killed by illegal aliens?

Under Amnesty Obama has been allowing illegal immigrants into America who are known to be professional criminals, gang members and even confessed murderers. There are now 55 million Hispanics in America and 45 million blacks. 3.8 million of US blacks are immigrants.

Recently, I quoted Catherine Austin Fitts, the former Managing Partner at Dillon Read Investment Bank who said Wall Street stole $40 trillion from us and will steal tens of trillions more. She said she thinks the world economy will collapse under the burdens of Greed and Incompetence.

The people who systematically destroyed America have decided that multiple Race Wars are the best exit strategy for them. If Americans are killing each other, then they cannot come together to demand the arrest of the Bankers and the seizure of the assets stolen from them. I do disagree with Catherine. I think that a lot more than $40 trillion was stolen from the taxpayers.

This is the season for Trump bashing. Rioters show up at rallies threatening to rape women. They have hurled debris and invectives at the Trump supporters. They beat up cops. They stopped ambulances. They chained themselves to cars in Arizona to block a highway so people could not peaceably assemble to hear a candidate. In New York someone mailed a white powder to one of Trump’s sons and threatened to kill his children. In the old days during the Mafia wars there was a code. Nobody threatened to kill grandchildren. Not anymore. One man who normally does rants on videos and games did a long one discussing the morons at these protests. They are guaranteeing Trump’s election. Not quite. If Trump is assassinated around the time the Dollar Dies, Race Wars will break out within 24 hours of the Nationwide Food Riots. In Canada after their dollar was devalued cucumbers started selling for $3.00. Not good.

Please notice that George Soros and his friends started the Arab Spring after the cost of living had made eating regular meals difficult for the average Arab family.

Israel did 911 with the help of the Jewish lobby and both the Clinton and Bush administrations. Obama and the media have done their part to cover up 911. Trump to his credit hired a black woman to be his spokeswoman after she had questioned 911 as an Inside Job. And at that Arizona rally he allowed the opening prayer to be led by a former long time state senator who had openly questioned 911 on the  senate floor.

911 started the ‘War on Terror’ which has never been anything but a campaign to kill Muslims by the millions whether by starvation or by war did not matter. Millions of refugees were created as a result of Israel’s control of US foreign and military policy. They are destroying Europe as we speak with millions more en route.

What we are talking about is the simultaneous destruction of America and Europe through Race Wars and economic collapse.

Those Nationwide Food Riots in the US will degenerate into Race Wars as blacks, Hispanics and whites battle for food. 120 million Americans will not be able to feed themselves and their families the Day after the Dollar Dies.

Agents will be sent out from Washington to commit atrocities against children to turn Race Riots into Race Wars. The assassination of Donald Trump would galvanize the Race War especially if the assassin or patsy proved to be an illegal alien form Mexico or Central America.

There is an alternative Exit Strategy. We arrest the Bankers, seize their assets and use the money they stole from us to fund Debt Cancellation.

Try reading this: Debt Cancellation Is The Best Way To Take Down Bilderberg

This will tell you a lot about the people who run Israel.

Israel Killed JFK And Has Ruled America Ever Since.

If you want even more proof that Israel did 911, please read this.

Resurrecting Israel Did 911. All the Proof In The World

Ever wonder what Jews say about you and your government?

Israel Shahak: The Laws Against Non-Jews In 2 Minutes



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