Putin’s Options To End American World Dominance

This American government (Bush-Cheney-Obama) is the most incompetent government that has ever walked the earth. Those people don’t have any sense at all. Just look at what they’ve done. In 14 years they’ve destroyed 7 countries, killed millions of people, and displaced millions of people. And where are those displaced people? They are overrunning Europe…  Does Putin need to do anything? We’re doing it all for him. So he doesn’t need to do anything. He’s not going to attack anybody. What does he need to attack anybody for? The idiot Americans are destroying themselves and their allies. This is an amazing fiasco.”

Paul Craig Roberts

Putin has made very limited responses to US provocations against Russia in both the Ukraine and Syria. He has issued limited sanctions against Turkey for the downing of the SU-24 and the killing of one pilot and one Marine in the rescue party.

On the ground in Syria they are following the strategy of Major General Qaseem Soleimani from Iran’s Revolutionary Guard. The Syrian Army, the Syrian National Guard (NDF), Hezbollah and volunteers from Iraq with their Iranian officers have gained control of all the major Syrian roads. They have cut all of the supply lines to Al Nusra, ISIS and other terrorists. They are pushing to the borders with Turkey and Jordan. More than a million refugees have decided to return to Syria. Syria has compulsory service laws so the young returning men will likely swell the ranks of their National Guard which has better terms than the Army.

The Jihadists are not native to Syria so the Syrian people in the provinces have given the Russians accurate targeting intelligence. The terrorists depend on foreign suppliers for munitions. The Russians have 10 spy satellites which they are using to devastate the ISIS convoys taking supplies in and exporting oil out to pay for it all. In short the Russians will win and make any American or Turkish response impossible.

On the economic front the IMF will soon vote to either accept or to reject the proposal to add the Chinese yuan as the fifth currency in their SDR basket of currencies which presently includes the US dollar, the Japanese yen, the British pound and the euro. It would be better for the US if they did not veto the addition of the yuan to the SDR. Catherine Austin Fitts has said the US dollar is slowly losing its position as the most important reserve currency in the world. A slow decline in American wages is preferable to a sudden collapse.

Never underestimate the ability of the American government to do stupid things. If they veto the addition of the yuan as the fifth currency in the SDR, then they will push China into the arms of the Russians. This at a time when the US is bullying the Chinese over the South China Seas and the Russians over atrocities American stooges are committing in the Ukraine and Syria.

Catherine Austin Fitts has said recently that the US has to maintain the fiction that they are in charge of the world’s sea lanes to maintain the dollar as an the premier international reserve currency. This presents options Russia and China could explore.

The Chinese and the Russians have been dumping US Treasury bonds and buying gold. They are limited in the number of bonds they can dump and in the tonnage of gold they can buy. If they sell too many bonds, they could crash the markets and start the next Great Depression.

The Federal Reserve has been buying US Treasury bonds. The Russians and more importantly the Chinese could gradually increase their sales of US Treasury bonds to express their displeasure at American bullying in the South China Seas. This would accelerate the decline in purchasing power of the dollar. CIA financial consultant, Jim Rickards, said the dollar would lose 80% of its foreign purchasing power which is to say that imported prices would over the next few years increase 500%. One option would be to accelerate the decline of the dollar.

Another option would be to challenge the US Sea Lanes in the South China Seas, the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf. The Russians are finally making good on the delivery of the upgraded Antey version of the S-300 anti-missile system to Iran. This will be replaced by the S-400. To convince Hezbollah to send so many troops into Syria the Russians and the Iranians have had to send them faster and better missiles. Hezbollah defeated the Israelis on the ground in 2006.

With these new missiles Israel would never dare attack Hezbollah.  Hezbollah could turn Tel Aviv and Haifa into parking lots. They used drones to exactly map the Israeli power grid and take it down for 6 months. It takes that long to replace industrial size transformers.

One option is that the Russians extend the range and power of Iran’s already formidable military. Even a coordinated US-Israeli attack on Iran is unthinkable. But with the S-300 Antey anti-aircraft system and the Chinese HQ-9 missiles to protect it, the US would never consider such a suicide mission. The Iranians are mass-producing Mach 3 Short Range Ballistic Missiles (SRBMs) and drones to fire at US ships in the Persian Gulf. The Iranians have rocket artillery capable of delivering 1,323 pound warheads (600 Kgs) 130 miles (210 Kms). If your aircraft carrier is hit by a couple dozen missiles and a dozen 1,323 pound warheads, there won’t be much left above the surface of the water to use as target practice. The Iranians also have 3,000 fast boats armed with automatic weapons and missiles. They could use the boats to capture American sailors.

This Russian option would be to sell the Iskander SRBM to Iran. Even the export version has a speed of Mach 5.5. It has 710 Kg (1,565 pound) warheads and in one version (R-500) has a range of 2,000 Kms. Iranian missiles could take out all US military bases in Central Command.

The Chinese are opening a naval base in Djibouti which is near an American base that sends out drones to kill Africans. Compare this to China which announced $100 billion in investments for Africa at their Beijing conference in 2010. That sounds more attractive to Africans than either an American drone strike or a French invasion of Mali.

Another Russian option would be to help the Chinese to stock Djibouti with missiles capable of challenging NATO control of the Horn of Africa and the Red Sea.

Yemen is currently resisting a Saudi invasion which is more of an air campaign though they did fly 500 terrorists from Syria into Yemen to help kill the locals. The US, NATO, Israel and the Saudis have imposed a food embargo which is a war crime as the local people normally import 90% of their food. King Salman of Saudi Arabia is senile and has 8 brothers trying to remove him from the throne. The war is going badly for the Saudis and the Russians could help the Yemeni people.

If I were Putin, I would get a UN General Assembly Resolution authorizing food aid to Yemen. Load up several boats with food and no weapons. Invite inspections. Then send the freighters with armed naval escorts ignoring all vetoes in the Security Council. Yemen would give the Russians and the CHinese control of both sides of the Red Sea.

In 2016 100,000 Iraqi volunteers funded and trained by Iraq will over run ISIS if the Russians take over the Iraq air campaign from the US. One day next year the Saudis will wake up to discover that they do not just share a border with Iraq but they are bordering the Syrian-Iraqi-Iranian-Russian-Chinese alliance.

The Chinese option would be to hold a conference promising $200 billion or more in investments for the New Mideast which will be free of ISIS and Al Qaeda. The Chinese have already promised $250 billion for Latin America and $100 billion for Africa. They would be dumping more US Treasury bonds which in 2016 will rapidly be approaching Zero Value anyway.

China could make the end of the Petrodollar a condition for becoming a recipient of their hundreds of billions in new investments. All participating nations would have to sell their oil in currencies other than the dollar.  The Bush-Cheney-Obama handling of the economy is as stupid as their military policies. American world economic and military world dominance is coming to an end no matter what Putin and the Chinese do or don’t do. Russia and China have options that make America’s demise happen sooner rather than later.

Russia and China do not have to fight World War III to win. American leadership and treason has condemned Americans to Third World status.

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I am convinced that Wall Street and the City of London want to use Amnesty in America and refugees in Europe to unleash a Race War so we cannot unite to arrest the Bankers and seize their assets when our currencies collapse. This next article was written before the refugee crisis but it applies to our present circumstances.

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How Is Your Jewish Government Working Out For You?

In the past I have written about the assassination of President Kennedy as the anniversary date of his death approaches. Most notably I wrote this:

Israel Killed JFK And Has Ruled America Ever Since

This year I have decided to write about the assassination of JFK as just one of many examples of what happens to people who have a Jewish controlled government. One of the direct results of the death of President Kennedy was the increase in drug consumption by white American teenagers due to the Vietnam war. Worldwide 100,000 people die every year from heroin overdoses. That would never have happened if the Bankers of New York and London had not dedicated themselves to the promotion of the illegal drug trade. The Jews of Europe owned 90% of the ships in the slave trade. But the Jewish Bankers noticed with alarm that the Gentile working class of Britain wanted to ban slavery so they replaced their slave trade profiteering with opium profits. See Video: Jews And The African Slave Trade. It Did Not End In 1832

I should note that slavery is still practiced today by Russian Jewish crime figures. They traffick hundreds of thousands of sex slaves every year. Israel as well seems to be a center for the sale of human organs. And many of those body parts are not taken from willing donors.

Her Majesty’s Jewish Government fought two Opium Wars against China to force the Chinese government to allow the British to expand their opium distribution network. The assassination of JFK allowed the CIA acting in behalf of the Bankers to promote drugs in America and to use military planes to distribute heroin and cocaine around the world. Imagine the profits from laundering a trillion dollars a year in illegal drugs and weapons plus $500 billion a year in political bribes. The CIA flies drugs from Mexico, Central America and elsewhere directly into America.

Amnesty for illegal aliens is swelling the ranks of organized crime and Drug Gangs. Soon America will have 2 million Drug Gang members. Democracy might just become impossible to practice. Mexican Drug Cartels routinely kill politicians who do not take bribes as well as reporters who report the news. The Mexican Drug Gangs are already drawing up lists of American cops who suffer from excessive honesty, bravery and integrity. See: Video: The Sinaloa Mexican Drug Cartel Is A CIA Subsidiary

As I pointed out before, President Kennedy was murdered on the 53rd anniversary of the first day of the meetings to draft what became the Federal Reserve Act. Martin Luther King Jr was murdered on the first anniversary of his famous Riverside church anti-war speech. Israel cannot allow anyone who said he going to Washington to shut the town down until the Vietnam War was brought to an end. That would stop all those wars for Israel and take away the fun of stealing trillions of dollars from the Pentagon budget. Robert Kennedy was murdered on the night he won the California primary. He would have become President if he had not died. Could you imagine what would have happened to Israel if the people had been told by their government that the Jews had killed their President and had covered it up in the media?

We were told after WW II that Israel deserved everything and we had to surrender our right to criticize the Israelis because of what was alleged to have happened in the German concentration camps. But how can a man open a door to a gas chamber full of deadly cyanide, walk inside and begin to pull out bodies without gloves or masks? If the cyanide killed those people inside the room, why didn’t it kill those who entered minutes later? In American gas chambers the doctor and the morgue attendants neutralized the cyanide over a period of 16 to 24 hours before opening the door. And how come the World Almanac in 1950 reported there were 800,000 more Jews alive than in 1940? See: Holy Holohoax. My Government Wouldn’t Lie To Me.

Did anyone ever explain to you how 3 skyscrapers were taken down by two airliners on 911? Just how did that 47 story Tower 7 fall down in 6.5 seconds? See this: 911: Short And Powerful Questions

Israel did do 911. See Resurrecting Israel Did 911. All the Proof In The World

The Jewish owned media in America covered up 911 and the assassinations of JFK, RFK and MLK Jr. The ‘War on Terror’ is just the American military going down the list of nations Israel has told our politicians to destroy.

The American military is still in Afghanistan. That never ending war is all about the heroin money. If the CIA and the Big Banks lost the heroin trade, someone might challenge them for their cocaine business. The economies of America, Europe, Japan, China, the Third World and just about everyone else is near collapse. University professors tell us that a worldwide economic collapse will kill a couple billion people  through starvation, Food Riots, Rebellions, Civil Wars and regional resource wars.

All of this Need Not Be. If we did not have fractional reserve banking and interest bearing currencies, we would have no government debt and very few Unpayable Debts. We could avoid Depressions and most wars. Three million Americans starved to death in the Great Depression. As I said, this Need Not Be. Read this: Either Learn What Money Is Or Accept Mass Starvation As Your Nation’s Future.

A Depression is best defined as a period in time when Unpayable Debts are cancelled. We can estimate the severity of a coming Depression by determining just how many Unpayable Debts there are to be cancelled. Dr Steve Keen said we have record amounts of Debts so we are headed to the worst Financial Collapse in 500 years.  Debt Cancellation was practiced by the kings of Babylon and Sumer. The Bible Writers copied it and called it the Jubilee.

I say we fund Debt Cancellation by arresting the Bankers and seizing their assets. See this: Debt Cancellation Is The Best Way To Take Down Bilderberg

We have two choices: Either we can implement monetary reform and Debt Cancellation or we can continue to allow our Jewish governments to consolidate Power into One New World Order with wealth for the Jews and mass starvation for the Gentiles.

I do not see the Jewish oligarchs learning to respect Gentile lives and ways anytime soon. Democracy is abhorrent to the Jewish leaders because they appointed themselves to their positions and they won’t even let their people vote.

The only viable exit path I is see is this: How And Why An American Military Coup Could Save The World  

The world is running out of time. The world economy is very near collapse. Reform will be exceedingly difficult after the Food Riots begin.

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The Paris Attacks? Who Benefits?

We might ask ourselves the following:
Who created the Muslim refugees swarming over Europe?
Who created and financed Al Qaeda and ISIS?
Who benefits from the tragic attacks in Paris?
If all the roads in ancient Europe lead to Rome, then we know who built them. And if all the answers to our questions about the Paris attacks lead to one mad dog criminal entity, then we know who is responsible.

Israel claims all the land from the Nile to the Euphrates. Unfortunately for America and the rest of NATO, there are 315 million Gentiles living on that land. It is said that America and Israel have a ‘Special Relationship.’ As I understand this relationship, Israel has the right to bribe American politicians by giving a small percentage of the multi-billions in aid and debt forgiveness US taxpayers must pay every year in tribute to the nation that controls their politics, their banking system and their media. In return Israel protects America by killing any elected official like President Kennedy who resists the will of the Zionist entity.

The ‘War on Terror’ is nothing but the US and its allies killing the Gentiles who live on the lands Israel claims or who are capable of resisting the genocide of Palestinians and others who neighbor Israel.

The US created Al Qaeda in the late 1970s in order to trick the Soviet Union into invading Afghanistan so they could force the locals to fight the Soviets for them. This led to the bankruptcy of the Communist regime as planned. The end of the Soviet era gave the US military and its masters on Wall Street and in Israel free rein to trample undefended nations all over the world.

In 1996 Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, David Wurmser and others wrote A Clean Break: A Strategy for Securing the Realm for Prime Minister Netanyahu. These men formed the Project for A New American Century which transmitted these ideas to the Bush and Obama administrations. PNAC and the Jewish Lobby allowed Israel to attack the US on 911 and get away with it.

Al Qaeda was blamed for the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. America’s Jewish controlled media let Israel do it. The Israelis were the only ones with access to the Towers. Why did WTC 7 collapse so neatly when it was never hit by a plane? Tell me how the steel girders were cut by a random fire that was not intense enough to melt any of the glass? Shouldn’t we expect to see glass to melt before steel in all of those collapse videos?

Fortunately for Israel and Wall Street, thinking forbidden thoughts is not allowed in the New and Improved Zionist States America.

Early in 2002 General Wesley Clark was given a list of 7 nations which  were to be invaded. It came from Israel. Iraq was first on that list. The Iraqis had nothing to do with 911 because Israel did it. And the Iraqi regime despised Al Qaeda which works for the CIA. The Obama admin continued Israel’s war against her neighbors by attacking Libya and Syria. The US also used drone strikes to stir up trouble and foment sectarian strife in Pakistan. The latter country is supposed to be an American ally. But as General Hamid Gul who helped America in her war against the Soviets in Afghanistan said, ‘The Americans shove  a knife in you as they pat you on the back.’

Since 911 it has been illegal to give aid to Al Qaeda because the US government claims they attacked America. But the law against treason is no barriers to the pro-Israel politicians in both of America’s political parties. ISIS used to be called Al Qaeda in Iraq.

I really don’t see how any Muslim can honestly believe that Al Qaeda and ISIS represents them. The Saudis have cut off food imports to Yemen which imports 90% of its food. Fortunately for them, Russia under Putin has been airlifting them food. The Saudis have been bombing even more hospitals than Obama. And the Saudis sent 500 Al Qaeda fighters who had been working for them in Syria to Yemen.

I do not understand why the American public allows Obama and the Congress to fund and arm both Al Qaeda and ISIS. And I wonder about the CIA giving missiles to Al Qaeda linked terrorists so they can shoot down commercial passenger liners at 31,000 feet. And that was after ISIS had falsely claimed they had shot down the MetroJet airliner over Egypt.  Where was the outrage from the press and the politicians over the insanity of arming terrorists with weapons capable of downing passenger jets.

The US wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria plus the drone strikes  in North Africa and Pakistan has created refugees by the millions. About one million Syrians are in the process of returning to Syria. A Syrian general recently appeared on TV asking for additional refugees to return to Aleppo province and surrounding areas.

George Soros has been busy encouraging refugees to head for Europe. Some of these people have professionally forged passports. They are the kind of expensive forgeries only a nation state could produce. Hint: If the shoe fits, Israel ought to wear it.

So who benefits from the Muslim refugee crisis in Europe and the Paris attacks?

Israel benefits from the attacks in Paris because they give Netanyahu cover for the slaughter of unarmed Palestinians and the seizure of their lands. This is an ongoing genocide that will require distractions from time to time.

The Bankers who need a National Security State also benefit. When I was still in high school, I knew our government would take all of our rights though no one could imagine a 24 hour surveillance state like we have today. No one could have imagined as late as September 10, 2001 that the government would be groping our genitals at airports. And no one would believe that Americans would put up with this molestation of human dignity.

My premise was that Wall Street would steal all of our money. The Bankers would need an oppressive Police State to stop the citizenry from lynching them. But the thievery is far worse than we could have imagined at that time. Catherine Austin Fitts said they stole so much money that they will have to commit genocide to balance the books. Our pensions and savings have become hollow. The money we need has been stolen and sent overseas. We need to arrest the Bankers and to seize their assets just to survive without tens of millions of Americans being starved to death.

Another beneficiary to the Paris attacks would be those who want war.

The US and NATO could start a war against Syria, Iran and Hezbollah. But they could never win. The US military will not accept any mass suicide missions from the men who stole their pensions and savings. They will not die and risk World War III to protect the dying Petrodollar. I do not see a Mideast war. War against Russia in the Ukraine would be impossible without France and Germany so I don’t see that happening either.

In the next few days the Russians and their allies will cut off all supply lines to ISIS and the other Al Qaeda affiliated terrorists in Iraq and Syria. It is all over but the dying for the terrorists. The terrorists would be better off going to Europe and supplementing their welfare payments by engaging in petty thievery and drug peddling.

There is one war still possible. Obama’s Amnesty program has made a Three Way Race War a very real possibility on the Day the Dollar Dies and the Nationwide Food Riots begin.

The Muslim refugee crisis could make a Race war in Europe possible as soon as their economies collapse. The European Bankers have set up programs to steal from their depositors’ accounts when their banks fail. That would normally get people mad enough to throw rocks at you.

The people of Europe could easily be distracted in there were an armed rebellion by a Muslim minority. People in most of Europe are unarmed.

After the dust settles from the International Race Wars the Bankers would hope to convert us to an IMF digital currency they publish and control. They will be happy if they can continue collecting interest on money they create out of nothing after the International Race Wars are over.

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Vladimir Putin: Neither Savior Nor Anti-Christ

On November 30 Vladimir Putin will address the UN Climate Conference in Paris. He recently said Global Warming is a hoax. To those of us who agree with him and see our government leaders planning to fraudulently spend trillions of dollars of our money, Putin could appear as a Savior. TV audiences all over the world will see him tell the truth. The media will lie about him because he will be unmasking the lies they have been telling. To see one man speak the truth on the world stage will give courage to those of us who struggle against the international Wall Street and City of London tyranny that pretends to be our legitimate governments.

Vladimir Putin could also appear as a Savior to those of us who question how a 47 story building never hit by a plane could collapse straight down in 6.5 seconds on 9-11-2001.  We were told to believe that WTC 7 violated the laws of physics because our government said we were with the terrorists if we refused to accept fake science.

Pravda ran an article on November 7 claiming that Russia had satellite data proving the American government’s version of 911 was a complete fabrication. Nobody from the Obama admin came forward demanding the Russians reveal their scientific evidence so we could all get to the truth.

The BBC announced the collapse of WTC 7 26 minutes before it just sort of fell down for some to date unknown reason. The BBC said they were told by the Reuters News Agency, then owned by the Rothschilds, that WTC 7 had collapsed. There are inquiring minds who would like to know how the Rothschilds knew Tower 7 was going to fall down long before it did.

Vladimir Putin also does appear as Savior to the people of Syria. There is a wall in Damascus where families post the names and photos of their sons, husbands, fathers and brothers who died fighting the US financed and armed terrorists from Al Qaeda and ISIS. I have seen interviews with the Syrian people who become enthusiastic at the mention of the name Putin.

Barack Obama and David Cameron have been unjustly and unmercifully killing innocent people in our name just as George Bush and Tony Blair did before them. We have witnessed suffering of the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria for the past 14 years. Finally, we can see light at the end of the Neocon tunnel. Russian forces along with the Syrian Army, their National Guard (NDF), the Iranians, Hezbollah and Iraqi militia volunteers are routing Al Qaeda and ISIS in Syria. Putin said this will take 3 to 4 months.

General Wesley Clark said that soon after 911 he was told at the Pentagon that the US was going to take down 7 nations. Those nations were, ‘starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.’

That list of 7 nations to be taken down originated in Israel and was given to the Bush administration through the Project for the New American Century which is by membership more than an 80% Jewish organization. Notice that voters who thought they were getting Change with Obama saw their government destroy Libya and witness the long and painful assault on Syria. We were told lies by the media and by our governments that President Assad was using banned chemical weapons to kill civilians. We have proven over and over again that it was the US mercenary terrorists who were using poison gas. And yet we are bombarded daily with lies while Americans were bombing a hospital in Afghanistan and shooting fleeing doctors and nurses.

I would like the politicians to answer live on camera why it would be in America’s interest to invade Lebanon? What did they ever do to us? Is Lebanon even capable of attacking America?

The American Empire will fall soon after Putin and his allies liberate Syria and Iraq from ISIS. That is sufficient for tens of millions to call him Savior.

On the other hand there are some who would believe Vladimir Putin is the anti-Christ. The Muslims call the anti-Christ Daijal. They say Daijal must be Jewish. Putin’s mother is Jewish. Some modern Muslims interpret Daijal  ( anti-Christ) to be the modern Banking System which allows Bankers to create our money out of thin air and to charge us interest while devaluing our currency.

Think of dollars, pounds and euros as tickets to win a prize. The Banker creates  and sells the tickets. If he prints another billion tickets every day, he is enriching himself while the money we worked for becomes less and less able to buy what we need. Inflation transfers wealth from the working and middle classes to the Uber Rich Bankers. The Bankers also profit from the taxes collected from us to pay the interest on our fictitious national debts. Governments should not even have debts. The Sovereign is the one who creates the money. In the West the Bankers act like sovereigns because they seem to have all the rights and powers of governments.

Putin rose to power through the Boris Yeltsin regime. Yeltsin was Jewish. He allowed the New York and London banks to loot Russian Gentiles of $240 billion after the Soviet Union had collapsed. Putin has allowed the Rothschilds to continue to exploit Russian gold mines. Thirty Families and 6,000 of their Minions run the West. That is according to David Rothkopf,  the former CEO of Kissinger associates. The Rothschilds and the Rockefellers are two of those 30 Families. If Putin is their friend, how can he claim to be our Savior? Doesn’t that make him an anti-Christ or at least a treasonous supporter of the 30 Families?

I say neither Savior nor Daijal (anti-Christ.)

When Putin liberates Iraq and Syria early in 2016, the Saudis will border the Iraqi-Syrian-Iranian-Russian-Chinese alliance. The Saudis will have to get rid of their senile King Salman. That war in Yemen is going badly.  And the Chinese will show up in the Mideast to announce new investments as they did in Africa ($100 billion) and Latin America ($250 billion.) It will allow Beijing to dump hundreds of billions of dollars of soon to be worthless US Treasury bonds.

The Saudis will have to agree to sell their oil for currencies other than the dollar. The decline in demand for dollars to buy oil will reduce the value of America’s Federal Reserve Notes. America has already been reduced to printing dollars to buy the US Treasury bonds China is dumping. America is headed to Hyperinflation which CIA financial consultant Jim Rickards says will increase the price of imported goods by 500%.

On the bright side America will soon be too poor to afford military bases overseas.

The End of the Empire will set us free to make other choices. We do not have to accept an IMF based basket of digital currencies that includes the Chinese yuan.

But we would be free to organize a worldwide Debt Cancellation or Jubilee. We could create a world without Depressions. We could create non-interest bearing currencies like Lincoln’s Greenbacks. We could repeal fractional reserve banking and make government debts illegal. We will have those choices as early as 2016 because the people of Russia, China, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Iran successfully said No to Dollar Imperialism.

We can thank them and go our own way. But they might learn to love Debt Cancellation and the end to Banker Arrogance. 21,000 Chinese people have $4 trillion stashed in British banks in the Caribbean. It would be a good deed to arrest the Bankers and give that $4 trillion to the new Chinese government to help them cancel Unpayable Debts created by the previous regime.

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The Fifty Year Plan To Make Americans Poor

One of the reasons President Kennedy was assassinated was that the Bankers wanted to make billions of dollars every week laundering drug money. They needed the Vietnam war to last a really long time so they could demoralize young people and get them hooked on drugs. The Bankers had made fortunes from the Opium Wars. Her Majesty’s Jewish Government fought two wars against China (1839-1842 and 1856-1860) so a handful of families could become wealthy beyond our imaginations. Another reason for the President’s assassination was so the Bankers could loot Pentagon spending. $8.5 trillion went missing from the Pentagon since 1995. They are stealing from other departments but $20 billion a year looted from the Housing Department back during the Clinton years is relatively inconsequential compared to war profits.

Allowing the government to loot everything in sight is one sign of a Third World nation. Another is letting the Ruling Elite assassinate the President. There are others: Deteriorating infrastructure, poor schools, rampant violations of civil liberties, police brutality and declining wages come to mind.

Elizabeth Warren before she was a Senator was a law school professor. She did a series of lectures on how Americans declined in wealth since 1970. She has no idea how Wall Street accomplished this. She is vaguely aware that Wall Street is robbing us blind. Catherine Austin Fitts, a former Housing Commissioner, told Greg Hunter that they stole $40 trillion from us and that they will steal tens of trillions more.

As I explained before, Wall Street needs a National Security State because the Bankers are unwilling to return the money they stole from us. And that is why they flood the US and Europe with Third World immigrants. They want divided nations where the people cannot unite and say No to corruption. I also explained that they wanted a Race War to take America down when the Dollar Died. The alternative was terrible: Bankers would be arrested and their assets seized.

Let’s go back fifty years to when wages peaked and started declining.

The Bracero program brought unskilled Mexican workers across the border to work in the fields. They were regulated and returned to their families on the other side of the border. It ended in 1964 because Wall Street wanted to encourage the Mexican working class to become illegal aliens so their descendants could lower wages, raise rents and taxes, join Drug Gangs and die in their planned Race War against blacks and whites. There will be almost 2 million Drug Gang members in the US when the Dollar Dies. That is when the Nationwide Food Riots and the Race Wars begin.

The North American Free Trade Act (NAFTA) closed 57,000 manufacturing plants in the US. Since NAFTA was passed, Republican and Democratic administrations have allowed 55 million legal and illegal immigrants into America. That is a truth Senator Warren dare not speak.

Elizabeth Warren’s lectures talked about America’s declining wages. We are lied to about the real unemployment rate and about the cost of living. If we used real numbers for prices, we would conclude that the American economy has been contracting since 2008. Anonymous released a video calculating that the real minimum wage would be $24 an hour to keep up with the wages of days gone by.

Zero Hedge had an article the other day about working Americans struggling to make ends meet by selling blood plasma. Since 2007 we’ve added 1.4 million waiter/bartender jobs while losing 1.4 million manufacturing jobs. We are down 1.3 million construction jobs since the peak construction boom. One in four non-government workers make less than $10 an hour.

Putin has revealed the truth to the world. The US is backing Al Qaeda and ISIS. The US has been seen many times dropping supplies to ISIS in Syria and Iraq. We have been bombing the troops in Iraq fighting ISIS. The next step towards accepting the truth is that 911 was not done by Al Qaeda. The US and Israel did it because they wanted to eliminate freedom in America, to steal as much as they could in $6 trillion in ‘War on Terror’ spending and to kill a few million Muslims and Christians in the Mideast.

The US sent its manufacturing base overseas so we export only a few machines apart from weapons and airplanes. The US is the world center for the production of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) which are banned in dozens of countries. They are making Americans sick which is the Greatest Poverty. We can no longer export GMO crops in abundance at good prices.

Those Russian weapons are looking better to overseas buyers than their less effective and four times as expensive American versions. That and the increased population in the US means wages are down, rents are up, taxes are up and the dollar’s value will soon be corrected. We have no way to pay for imported raw materials we never needed when we had 150 million people. Economists knew that American wages had to be cut every year that we added to the population through immigration in order to pay for all these imported natural resources.

Does anyone even remember when oil was less than $3 a barrel? I do. It was the year Henry Kissinger invented the Petrodollar. Due to over population and excessive spending on wars we did not need, the US experienced permanent trade and budget deficits. We have added 100 million to our population and have engaged in 14 years of warfare since the Petrodollar was created.

Kissinger postponed the Day of Reckoning for both our trade and budget deficits by creating the Petrodollar. The Saudis sold their oil for dollars which created an artificial demand for Federal Reserve Notes. The Saudis bought US Treasury bonds which financed US budget deficits.

Kissinger only postponed the Day of Reckoning. The Petrodollar has been collapsing for a year. Vladimir Putin said his operation to protect Syria from the  US proxy armies of ISIS and Al Qaeda would take 3 to 4 months. Iraq has already requested Russian assistance. In 6 months the Saudis who border Iraq will soon enough notice that they are bordering the Iraqi-Russian-Chinese-Syrian-Iranian alliance. In 2010 China announced their plan to invest $100 billion in Africa at their Beijing conference. I would expect them to announce a similar investment of at least $100 billion in the New Mideast some time during 2016.

The Saudis will agree to sell oil in currencies other than the dollar. Dollar Dumping will drive the value of the dollar lower and all of OPEC will also shun dollars. That will be the beginning of Hyperinflation which I have defined as beginning at 25% for America which has international reserve currency status. Jim Rickards, the CIA and Pentagon financial consultant, said the US dollar will be devalued 80% which means imported prices will increase 500%.

At that point, I would expect Germany to forge an economic alliance with Russia. The Russians will want a European ally to balance China. And the Germans will say good riddance to the euro, the beggars of southern Europe and to American meddlers.

That is when hard grinding  poverty will begin in America. In the Great Depression at least 3 million Americans starved to death. The US will lose at least 10 million to starvation this time but we could easily lose 50 million if the Bankers are not arrested. But Debt Cancellation could stop the Depression and the starvation.

On November 22, 1910 a group of Bankers associated with the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers met in a private rail car across the river from Manhattan. They were going to Jekyll Island Georgia to draft the original legislation for the Federal Reserve Act. That law made it legal for the banks to create our money both cash and checking. If you sign up for a 30 year mortgage, most of the money you pay over the next 360 months will not go to the builder and his workers. Most of the money will go the the Banker who the created money for the loan.

The Banker gives us nothing of value when he makes a loan. He is creating money which cuts the purchasing power of our wages, pensions and savings. We take all of the losses yet he takes all of the gains. The Banker got all the profits and none of the burden because they wrote the laws. When President Lincoln decided to issue a non-interest baring currency, he was killed. So why don’t the history books mention that John Wilkes Booth was Jewish?

You might have noticed that President Kennedy was killed on the 53rd anniversary of that first meeting to create America’s Federal Reserve. You might also have noticed that Martin Luther King Jr was killed on the first anniversary of his Riverside church anti-war speech in New York City. He had planned to go to Washington DC that summer and to shut the town down until the politicians stopped the war.

The messages from those three deaths were that we are not allowed to have bank reform, we are not allowed to say No to war and we are not allowed to make major decisions as a nation without the approval of Wall Street.

The result is that America will soon be an impoverished nation. The Bankers transfer all of the wealth we create to them. And we have one war after another. We have been at war for 14 years ever since the Bush administration allowed Israel to blow up World Trade Center Towers 1, 2 and 7.  The corporate media and both political parties consistently have covered up the truth of  911.

We are spied on 24 hours a day. Our genitals are groped at airports. That is to intimidate us. Word has leaked out about the Main Core list of 8 million Americans to be put into concentration camps in case the Dollar Dies or the Bankers are otherwise panicked. Concentration camps for the outspoken is just more intimidation.

The government or rather the People Who think they own it want us to quake in our boots because they might arrest us and do bad things to us.

But getting arrested for your courage and honesty is far better than starving to death. And being shot is also far better than watching insane, power mad people destroy the land you love.

Wall Street has reached the End of the Line. Poverty and starvation are about to grow exponentially in America. The Federal Reserve cannot print enough money to buy all of the Treasury bonds foreigners are dumping.

The Bankers will need to start World War III or release a series of plagues or maybe start Worldwide Food Riots. Elections are a farce.

We will need to arrest the Bankers and to seize all their assets to fund Debt Cancellation.

If we do not act, we will die. I do not see how the Dollar can survive past election day 2016 so we need to do something intelligent soon.

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Putin Is Chipping Away At America’s Empire.

On September 28th at the UN, Vladimir Putin asked, ‘Do you realize what you have done?’ He was referring to American Exceptionalism which is the core philosophy underlying Wall Street’s Empire of Debt.

Two days later Putin began bombing ISIS, Al Qaeda and their affiliates in Syria and began chipping away at America’s Empire. He said this Syrian campaign will take 3 to 4 months. Today I would like to discuss some issues the Russian leader can address in the next 12 months. These issues will greatly impact the 2016 American elections.

The first issue is Syria. We can see by his bombing campaign and the deployment of forces that Putin’s first objective is to seal the border with Turkey. He is attacking major cities in the area from Homs and Hama to Aleppo. We should give them a month to force the terrorists out of the major cities. And another month to seal the border and establish order using the Syrian National Guard (NDF) and police with backup from the allied Armies on the ground.

His next target will be the ISIS controlled areas near Raqqa and Palmyra plus the border area with Anbar province in Iraq. The Iraqi government has given the Russians permission to pursue ISIS coming across the border from Syria.

One reason for the success of the bombing campaign is that the native Syrian population is giving the Russians through their allied ground forces reliable info on where the terrorists have hidden. The Syrian people rightly regard ISIS and Al Qaeda as ‘battering rams’ used by the Americans to destroy governments disliked by Israel and the Major Oil companies. That list of 7 Muslim nations that General Wesley Clark reported were to be taken down by the Pentagon came from Israel and included Libya, Lebanon, Syria and Iran.

Syria has a border with Lebanon. That area was previously secured by a joint Hezbollah-Syrian offensive on the neighboring Qalamoun province that took over a month to accomplish.

The southern border with Jordan was secured in part early in the bombing campaign when a local tribe that had opposed the Assad regime switched sides and accepted a Syrian Amnesty offer. Subsequently, the Jordanian government set up an operation to share intelligence on the terrorists with Russia. ISIS had released a video of them burning a Jordanian pilot alive.

Iran has organized militias in Iraq with volunteers from as far away as Afghanistan and Pakistan. They have 100,000 men under their control. That outnumbers the Iraqi Army. They are also more motivated fighters than the regular Army. The US has bombed the militia fighters who were fighting ISIS. When they conduct operations against ISIS, the Iraqis do not tell the Americans because they believe the US will tell the terrorists where and when they are coming for them.

Iran has sent thousands of militia volunteers with Iranian commandos into Syria to fight along side the Syrian Army, Hezbollah and the Syrian National Guard (NDF).

Russia is not yet ready to take on ISIS in Iraq. They need to degrade ISIS in Syria and to seal the borders first.

Russia has a far better diplomat in Sergey Lavrov than America has had in either Hillary Clinton or John Kerry. The key to defeating ISIS in Iraq is to understand that Anbar province is the one safe zone for Sunni Muslims in that country. When the tribes in Anbar province see ISIS being degraded by Russian air power and cut off by the Iranians on the ground, they will eagerly – I hope – accept a diplomatic solution from the Russians and the Chinese.

China will want to invest tens of billions of dollars in the New Mideast. They will be paying for it with the US Treasury bonds they are dumping at alarming rates. Not all US bonds are sold. Tens of billions are being used to secure loans on development projects of enormous size and importance. Those bonds might not even be in Chinese hands anymore which is the whole point. Get rid of them but not all on the same day. Lots of things to buy before the Dollar Dies.

In the Spring of 2016 there will be secured truck traffic from Tehran to Baghdad to Damascus. There will be talk of a pipeline through Iraq and Syria to the Mediterranean. And there will be delegations of Chinese and Russians talking to the locals about development.

America will be frozen out.

Saudi Arabia borders Iraq which is to say that in 2016 they will border Russia, Syria, Iraq and Iran.

The new Saudi King Salman is said to be senile. 8 of his 11 brothers want him removed from power. He has the Saudis bogged down in a war with Yemen even though Yemen had made up half of the Saudi Army. Salman and his friends in the US and Israel are committing war crimes on a daily basis. Yemen has to import 90% of their food. The US and King Salman have cut off all food imports. That is a serious war crime. It is comparable to bombing that hospital in Afghanistan but doing so every day for a year.

As I said, I would hope Lavrov and Putin put forward a diplomatic solution to the ISIS problem in Anbar province that avoids a blood bath of non-ISIS Sunnis. That will pave the way for massive Russian and Chinese developments in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf Coast states.

It will also put an end to the Petrodollar. The US used to be independent when it had a much smaller population. The Americans had a high wage because they could use skilled labor to add value to natural resources they could develop from its mines, forests, farms and oil fields. Americans were warned by economists that when their population was increased beyond their ability to supply natural resources domestically that their wages would have to be cut to pay for the imports.

US wages have been stagnant and declining since 1970. Government workers have made gains because the federal government can run up huge deficits due to the Petrodollar which was created by Henry Kissinger in 1973 during the Arab Oil embargo. In 1971 President Nixon could no longer redeem gold for dollars at $35 an ounce so he stopped gold redemption. In 1973 the price of oil rose 400% despite the fact that the Arabs were sending more tankers to US ports than in the past.

The Petrodollar agreement forced the world to pay for their oil imports in US dollars. That meant the US no longer had to make anything that foreigners wanted to buy. That made trade treaties like NAFTA, TPP and TTIP possible. America lost 57,000 manufacturing plants since NAFTA was passed but gained 55 million immigrants. And the politicians can’t seem to figure out why so many people can’t find jobs.

The Petrodollar had meant that America could buy foreign products for free. Just print some money and buy cars, electronics, clothes and the like for free. It also meant that foreigners were paying for the 900 US military bases occupying their lands by accepting I Owe You Nothing Federal Reserve Notes.

Some time in the Spring of 2016 the Petrodollar will officially be declared dead. Zero Hedge has been documenting its decline for the past 6 months. Jim Rickards is a consultant to the CIA and the US Defense Department. He has said that the dollar will be devalued 80% in a series of stages over a couple of years. He said that imports will cost Americans 500% more. That also means foreigners can buy the food off our grocery store shelves at what would appear to be bargain basement prices.

The US managed to delay for one year the acceptance of the Chinese yuan as the fifth currency to be part of the IMF’s basket of currencies in the SDR. The Chinese admitted they needed to do more to increase their ability to financial transactions directly without American controlled mechanisms like SWIFT (Society For Worldwide Interbank Transfer of Funds). They have set up many financial hubs where euros, pounds, pesos and other currencies can be directly exchanged for yuan without using dollars.

China and Russia have formed an alliance with Brazil, India, China, South Africa  called BRICS. More than 120 other nations support BRICS which seeks to lower the value of the dollar so their currencies and resources will become more valuable. This will impoverish tens of millions of Americans.

The dollar is temporarily buoyed up in value because bad loans and derivatives denominated in dollars have to be liquidated by buying dollars. There is no demand for dollars to buy American products. There will be far less demand after the Saudis and the Gulf States accept euros, yuan and yen. A decline in the value of the dollar will accelerate the dumping of both US Treasury bonds and cash.

For the time being the Federal Reserve has propped up the dollar by buying Treasury bonds being dumped by China. That will not last long. By October 15, 2016 the dollar will have lost quite a bit of value, the US stock market will have suffered a severe correction and the IMF will be forced to accept the Chinese yuan in its basket of currencies along with the dollar, the euro, the pound and the yen.

There is a limit to how many tricks the Federal Reserve can play because Putin has removed the US military’s ability to threaten the oil states in the Mideast. China is doing the same in Asia. And the dollar will be declining in value as the Federal Reserve will soon be printing a trillion dollars a month to absorb foreign dumping of Treasury bonds and to also cover  both the US Treasury deficit and Wall Street’s bad investments. The Federal Reserve bought $1.73 trillion in fraudulent Mortgage Backed Securities to keep Wall Street criminals out of jail.

We will soon have a $19 trillion public federal debt. The interest on that at 5% would be $950 billion a year. At 10% that would be $1.9 trillion a year.

The dollar is going down. Putin is prepared for the future. Are you? Can you name anyone running for President who has a plan for worldwide Debt Cancellation and the creation of a non-interest bearing currency? How about the repeal of fractional reserve banking? Has anyone in the Congress mentioned arresting the Bankers and seizing their assets to pay for Debt Cancellation so we could end this Depression?

I do not see Putin as our Savior. He is working in his interests which are temporarily close to those of us who are in rebellion against Wall Street. But situations can and will change.

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Tactical Military Advantages: Putin 9 Obama 0.

Let’s examine which nation has the most tactical advantages in case war breaks out in either the Ukraine or the Mideast.

1 Electronic Warfare is the ability to use the electromagnetic spectrum to block or impede an enemy attack. A recent example was the April 2014 USS Donald Cook incident. One unarmed SU-24 plane shut down the electronics of the AEGIS defense system of an American destroyer in the Black Sea. It flew over the USS Donald Cook 12 times coming as close as 1,000 yards (914  meters). All modern Russian aircraft are equipped with the Khibiny Electronic Warfare system. It can be put on Russian helicopters as well. This system increases the ability of a Russian jet to survive because it shuts down NATO radar from our jets, naval ships and ground installations. In the case of the USS Donald Cook their radar screens went blank so they could not fire their missiles and their radar controlled guns were rendered useless.

The Russians also have a mobile ground based system called the Krasukha 4 to protect their military bases. It protects areas up to 600 kms (373 miles) in diameter from AWACS, jets, missiles and UAVs. It can permanently damage targeted radar systems.

The US has nothing comparable.

2 SAM 400 and 500. Russia promised the Iranians the S-300 system as far back as 2008 but I said they would not deliver it because of the power of the Russian Jewish Lobby. Iran started building their own S-300 system more than a year ago. But recently Iran and Syria have become more important to Russia so they agreed to upgrade the Iranians to the S-400 as well as the Chinese. The S-500 is not yet being exported.

The SAM 400 is an anti-aircraft missile system that can target 300 incoming missiles at one time. It is an array radar system so there is no such thing as stealth aircraft. It responds with 3 different types of missiles depending on the situation. It has long,  medium and short range missiles with speeds from Mach 2.3 to Mach 6.9. No NATO commander would expect an air attack on the Russian mainland to survive SAM-400 air defenses.

By comparison, the Patriot MIM-104C has missiles ranging in speed from Mach 2.8 to Mach 4.1. An older version was given to the Israelis. They did not like it so they refined it and sold it and their improvements to China. The Chinese added S-300 technology and called it the HQ-9 which they did sell to Iran. The Iranians will use the HQ-9 to protect their SAM-400 installations.

3 The Main Battle Tank for the Russians is the T-90. They gave Hezbollah 75 of their older T-72 tanks so they could play with ISIS in Syria. The photo of the T-90 below is somewhat impressive for its superior maneuverability.

What America Can Learn From Russia's Cheap But Deadly T90 Tank

The T-90 fires either armor piercing rounds or laser controlled anti-tank missiles. The missile is capable of hitting low altitude helicopters, planes and drones. Russian soldiers say their weapon is like firing a semi-automatic compared to a single shot American Abrams tank. That means the Russians can fire more rapidly than the Americans. Observers have seen US built Abrams tanks being destroyed by Yemeni forces using US TOW missiles. Russians say that would never happen to a T-90 tank.

4 The US and Russia built drones for different purposes. They both can spy. But the US drones mostly are armed with Hellfire missiles. The Intercept recently revealed American drone profiling systems. For some reason the US concluded that it was acceptable to kill 25 other people to take out one Person of Interest. They also decided that tall men were more likely to become a rebel than shorter men. A drone spotted one man who was exceptionally taller than the dozens of people standing next to him so they fired a missile which killed the man and two dozen children nearby.

Compare that to the Iranians. They are mass producing drones that can fire anti-ship missiles at American ships in the Persian Gulf. The Iranians also have rocket artillery that can deliver 1,322 pound (600 Kg) warheads 130 miles (210 Kms) from their shores.

5 Let’s compare the SU-35 to America’s F-22 and F-35. An American pilot who flew an SU-35 at an air show said the Russians build their planes like tanks. They are built to take a hit.

The American pilot said he could do more in an SU-35 in terms of aerial acrobatics than an F-16. After WW I the Army brass decided we no longer needed planes that could dog fight. They came to the same conclusion after WW II. They finally have succeeded in building the F-35 that can dog fight no better than old Soviet planes from the 1960s. A generic F-35 costs $178 million. But the F-35C that lands on an aircraft carrier costs a mere $337 million each. Those new American aircraft carriers cost $9 billion. Of course they do not work very well and are not really ready for naval combat. That will probably involve a cost overrun. To arm a new carrier with 75 F-35C jets would cost an additional $25.275 billion.

There are a few problems with the F-35. The ejection seat kills the pilot. The F-35 cannot climb and even turn very well. It isn’t very stealthy. In 2014 an F-35 burst into while taking off. The sensors have trouble distinguishing friends and foes.

The SU-50 will be deployed long before the F-35 completes the authorization process.

6 Russian attack helicopters are built to take hits from ground fire and missiles. YouTube took down the video of an older Russian helicopter surviving a hit from a missile. But you can find lots of footage of Russian helicopter attacks on terrorists in Syria. I would point out how close their pilots come to their targets. They know what their machines can do. The Mil 24 is their main attack ship. It can also ferry 8 soldiers. Russians call it a ‘flying tank.’ Mil is the last name of the man who designed the first models.

7 We need to compare anti-ship missiles. The US Harpoon system has speeds up to 537 miles per hour (864 kmh.) The Russians have missiles SS-N26 Onyx and SS-N-27 Sizzler with speeds up to Mach 2.5 and 3. Moskit is Russian for mosquito and is their classification for anti-ship missiles. They have a series of anti-ship missiles code named mosquitoes. Their missiles travel long distances until the final stage when they accelerate to multiples of the speed of sound. The US has no defenses against these missiles. Iran is mass producing their own versions of these and other missiles. The US and Israel cannot attack Iran because their militaries would not survive.

8 TOS-1 Buratino. The US has no comparable weapon. It can fire up to 24 missiles in seconds.

ТОС-1А Буратино на репетиции парада 4.5.2010.jpg

The Buratino fires missiles with fuel air explosive warheads. That means a warhead is filled with a liquid like ethylene glycol. An intial explosion disperses that liquid over a wide area. A second explosion about 25 milliseconds later ignites the previously dispersed combustible liquid. That burns up all the oxygen in the area which kills the enemy soldiers. Traditional warheads and bombs have to pack oxygenates inside so they will explode. A fuel air explosive burns up the available oxygen in the target area. No enemy battle group could survive 24 or 48 or 72 rounds from a TOS-1 Buratino. Russia rarely uses this weapon. The US has nothing comparable.

9 The US is supposed to have an advantage when it comes to geography because they have fleets that can attack anywhere in the world. But the Russians on October 7th fired 26 cruise missiles from the Caspian Sea and accurately hit targets in Syria over 900 miles (1,500 Kms) away. The message clearly was that the US Navy could not just sneak up on land based regional powers like Russia, China and Iran.

When the Syrian bombing first began, Putin said this won’t take more than 3 to 4 months. His forces are attacking areas along the northern borders of Syria with Turkey from Homs to Aleppo. Their Syrian, Iranian and Hezbollah forces have already seized the high ground. Battles for the cities are often prolonged and might take a month. Afterwards, there will be battles for Palmyra and Raqqa. And at about that same a battle for the Iraqi-Syrian border to seal off ISIS from outside support. In the near future Putin will be ready to fulfill Iraq’s request for help.

The Americans have been dropping weapons to ISIS and bombing Iraqi militia men fighting the terrorists. The mission of the US in Iraq was always to destroy the place in behalf of Israel.

By the Spring of 2016, the Mideast will be a different place. Iraq and Syria will be united in the fight against ISIS. Russian bases in Syria will have trucks from Baghdad and Tehran supplying them. There will be talk of building a pipeline to the Mediterranean.

Yemen might seek Russian and Iranian help to protect themselves from the Saudi and American war criminals who have illegally blocked food aid. Yemen has to import 90% of their food. The new Saudi King Salman is senile. The Saudis will be forced out of Yemen. Yemen would be an excellent location for a Russian naval base or two.

By Spring of 2016, the Petrodollar will be on its last legs. The US government will soon have to face the painful truth that they can no longer afford to police the world. The US might even have trouble paying the salaries of its overseas  military personnel if the dollar is devalued as sharply as Jim Rickards predicted.

Lebanon might even seek Russian help to protect their coastal waters from Israel which is stealing their natural gas. The Israelis are doing the same to the Palestinians in addition to the other abuses and wanton killings of civilians.

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