Putin, The Dollar And Obama’s March To Irrelevancy.

I was still in grade school when I noticed that America was never allowed to win wars. We did have a lot of wars but they were all designed to benefit the Banks, Israel or some other power occupying our nation. Currently, our policy towards Afghanistan seems to be dictated in part by the CIA’s desire to corner the global heroin market even if it means killing people and wasting money by the hundreds of billions. Operation Enduring Freedom, the bombing of Afghanistan, began on October 7, 2001. That was 14 years ago. At about that same time General Wesley Clark went to the Pentagon and learned what the other determining force in American foreign policy was. Clark was told by a member of the Joint Chiefs that America was to invade 7 Muslim nations including Libya, Syria, Lebanon and Iran.

America’s 7 nation war agenda obviously originated in Israel and has not worked out well for Americans or Europeans.

I cannot in any  way allow you to think I endorse Vladimir Putin for President of the US in 2016. He has his own goals. We have ours. It just seems that he better serves the interests of Americans and Europeans than does Obama who serves Wall Street and Israel.

Does it make any sense that we armed and funded mercenaries to attack Syria?

Or that in 2011 we set up No Fly Zones over Libya so NATO could fly 30,000 sorties to destroy a nation that had been doing amazing things for its citizens and was about to do the same for the people of Africa? Or that we invaded Iraq for Weapons of Mass Destruction which apart from we had sold them we knew did not exist?

Today Europe is being flooded with refugees. Why? We knew back in 2003 that invading Iraq would be an absolute disaster. In fact it has proven to be far worse than we could have imagined at those anti-war rallies.

But all of our wars have been very good for Israel.

In 1996 Richard Perle, David Wurmser and Douglas Feith went to Israel and wrote A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm. The three men were Jewish and the Realm they sought to defend was Israel not America. That document was written for incoming PM Netanyahu. They said Iraq had to be invaded because they defended the Palestinians. Israel subsequently told us we had to take down those 7 nations General Clark mentioned.

A Clean Break said that we should hire mercenary proxy armies to attack Syria over the issue of chemical weapons. The NATO countries dutifully made false accusations against Syria over the use of poison gas against civilians. In truth it was the US hired mercenaries who launched chemical weapons attacks. They also destroyed Christian churches that had been founded as long ago as 50 and 60 AD. They beheaded priests and gouged out their eyes. It was, as Vladimir Putin reminded us, our ‘moderate Jihadists’ who uploaded videos to the Internet of themselves committing acts of cannibalism.

The US, Britain and Israel funded ISIS who are supposedly the really bad terrorists. General Clark said we needed ISIS so they could attack Hezbollah and take down Lebanon. Israel was defeated by Hezbollah in the 2006 Lebanon war.

Putin sent 50 jets and helicopters to Syria and started bombing the Jihadists. He has changed the world and our future in less than a week. Unlike Obama Putin was able to find command centers and storage depots. Obama had been busy bombing grain silos and hospitals. The world has seen the difference and responded.

Hundreds have deserted the Jihadists camps. Hundreds of others in one province surrendered themselves and their weapons to the Assad regime under Syria’s Amnesty program. Egypt which supported US, Israeli and Saudi war crimes in Yemen has endorsed the Russian bombing campaign in Syria. So how many billions has the US given Egypt? That money was given to benefit Israeli interests not the Egyptian people.

I think the response has been favorable to Putin because the world was looking for a leader with an actual brain in his head.

Putin said his offensive will take 3 to 4 months. His  first goal seems to be going up against the Jihadists along the border with Turkey to cut off their supply lines from NATO. Iranian Commandos and militia volunteers from Iraq to Pakistan have poured into Syria. In one battle the Russian Ministry of Defense cited the efforts of Palestinian volunteers. They have enough boots on the ground to take the war to the Jihadists. In the next phase the Russians will include Iraq in their bombing campaign. They have the permission of the Iraqi government. And they have the aid of the Iranians who fund and control 100,000 militia men in Iraq.

The Russians and their allies on the ground will probably cut the supply lines from Raqqa Syria to Mosul Iraq in a few months. Those two cities are local capitols for ISIS.

I wonder how long it will take for deserters from ISIS and Al Qaeda to get to Europe to claim refugee status and welfare. Probably thousands will even make it to America in time to vote for the Democrats in 2016.

The Bretton Woods conference in 1994 made the US dollar the world’s reserve currency. The Federal Reserve Note was convertible into silver until 1965. It was convertible into gold until Monday August 16, 1971. In 1973 Henry Kissinger put the world on the Petrodollar standard. The US was supposed to protect the Arab Gulf states from Israel. The Arabs were to agree to sell oil only for dollars and to invest their proceeds in US Treasury bonds and the New York Stock Exchange.

The Petrodollar is nearly dead as the Saudis have to sell US bonds and stocks to make up for the decline in the price of oil. Iran has so much oil in storage that crude oil cannot spike up enough to save the fracking industry.

The Petrodollar has not worked out well for the Arabs. The Israelis are allowed to bomb their neighbors and to assassinate  just about any Muslim anywhere. ISIS appears to be running amuck at the behest of the US and Israel.

There are some serious objections to US Dollar hegemony. All those sanctions are wrecking economies throughout Europe and the Mideast.

And all that power swelled the heads of Bankers in New York. They have been stealing money from taxpayers. $8.5 trillion went missing from the Pentagon’s spending. Smaller amounts (just hundreds of billions) went missing from Housing and Urban Development and other agencies.

The Banks leased gold from Fort Knox and sold it as paper certificates to as many as 5 different buyers. We know this is true because depositors cannot get their gold out of Banks. And we are exporting more gold to Asia than our mines produce so someone is being robbed.

This has enraged wealthy depositors in the Gulf States. They can do nothing now but as soon as the Spring of 2016 the new axis of Moscow, Damascus, Baghdad, Tehran and Beijing will give the Mideast another voice in international affairs.

They will also say No to the dollar. That will dump dollars en masse and America will have Hyperinflation which I defined as a 25% price increase for a reserve currency like the dollar.

Currently, there is a silver run at the COMEX. All the silver had been deposited in the past 4 years has been withdrawn in the last 6 months. The COMEX could go bust by the end of 2015 or some time early in 2016.

Dr Pippa Malmgren who was a Presidential adviser tweeted that China is dumping US Treasuries and buying gold. They want a gold backed currency.

Actually what they want would be stable exchange rates with the US Dollar reset to half or less of its present value. A sharp spike in the price of gold and silver might serve their interests in 2016. Until then they can dump dollars and buy gold.

The Federal Reserve Bank will have to print lots of money to buy all the US Treasury bonds China and everyone else is selling. They will also have to print enough money to cover the US budget deficit. This will soon scare bond holders.

There is a new Quantitative Easing movement called QE For The People. Print money for voters instead of Bankers. What politicians do not seem to grasp is that QE transfers wealth from the voters to Wall Street because Bankers are few and we are many. Dropping money from helicopters on voters will not transfer wealth because everyone receives money on the same day. John Maynard Keynes said he could print money and rob pensions because the voters suffer from ‘Monetary Illusion’. That means voters think they have been given something if politicians increased the Money supply by 20% but prices only went up 10%. But once that illusion has been broken increasing the money supply 20% could raise prices 40%.

And Hyperinflation will be very unpopular with voters. It would cancel Food Stamps and cause Nationwide Food Riots.

Bankers wanted to make America irrelevant so Americans could never demand the return of the tens of trillions of dollars that has been stolen. Obama could succeed at his appointed task if there is no rebellion in 2016 either in the elections or in the form of a military coup.

I think the rise of Putin and the humiliation of Obama makes this following scenario more likely to be resolved in our favor:

Screw Up: 8 Million Americans Are On The List To Be Disappeared

For some reason people resist learning the truth about money:

Either Learn What Money Is Or Accept Mass Starvation As Your Nation’s Future.

At some point Jewish people will have to realize that their leadership is self-appointed and insane.

Quotes About Jews You Will Never Hear In Schools

The following article speaks for itself:

The Psychopathology Of Being Jewish And Getting Away With It

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A Serious To Do List For The Day After The Bankers Are Arrested.

I have written before that the only way out of the Depression we are entering is to arrest the Bankers and to seize their assets for worldwide Debt Cancellation. Today I want to write about the Day After the Bankers are arrested.

Currently, if you pay a fee to the NYSE, you can put your high speed computer ahead of everyone else’s so you can front run their purchases and sales. Suppose a pension money fund wants to sell 100,000 shares of XYZ and your neighbor has money in a mutual fund that has decided to buy that same stock. Front Runners can take $100 million a day from your pensions and mutual funds by seeing the buy and sell orders placed and stepping in micro seconds before their orders are executed. The Front Runner buys 100,000 shares of XYZ and sells it a fraction of a second later at a profit. These profits are taken from both the buyer and the seller.

The stock market is open roughly 241 days a year as it closes on weekends and public holidays. At $100 million a day, that is $2.41 trillion a year and over $19 trillion during the 8 years of the Bush admin and and another $19 trillion under Obama provided he finishes his second term. Think of Front Running as a $38 trillion tax the elite have placed on America.

You can also think of the $8.5 trillion dollars missing from the Pentagon as another tax. Dare to think of the illegal drug trade and its crime and overdoses destroying American families and cities as a tax upon the working and middle classes to support the Uber Rich. The Bankers launder a trillion dollars a year in illegal drug and weapons money. And they launder $500 billion dollars a year in political bribes to subvert our governments guaranteeing the politicians ignore certain issues.

These issues have been discussed in the press but the Corporate Media and the politicians cannot be bothered to take action. We are not allowed to seriously audit the books to prevent  the theft of trillions of dollars in public spending from the Pentagon, Housing and other public agencies. Nor are we allowed to say No to Front Running.

We have trillions of dollars in assets but men with far less money are allowed to conspire to rob us blind. My suggestion is that we get direct control over our assets through co-operative trusts. Instead of promising to pay us a pension at some future date, we would be paid today the present value of that pension we were promised to collect in 30 years. We have seen too many private pensions robbed by corporate raiders and too many public employee pensions looted by politicians and judges in bankruptcy courts.

An added benefit would be that charlatan politicians who wanted to tax pensions would be soundly rebuked by the working class which under present circumstances all too often succumbs to faulty logic.

Stock brokers have other practices like churning that deplete our accounts. Co-operative trust could eliminate these practices. Two independent auditing agencies – one from the federal government and another hired by the trusts – could compete against each other to guarantee honesty.

Co-operative trusts could also function as credit unions and issue credit cards to make money which could supplement retirement incomes.

Several indicators are flashing that a Depression is coming. One is that we have accumulated more Unpayable Debts than at anytime in history. A Depression is a period in time when Unpayable Debts are cancelled en masse. That aspect of a Depression is most painlessly undone by Debt Cancellation. I have explained that before and will do so again at the end of this article. Another flashing indicator for a looming Depression is our drastically declining Velocity of Money. Velocity tells us how often money turns over in the space of a year. We are at rock bottom lows. We can safely say that part of this is due to the mountain of Unpayable Debts that burden us.

But there is another reason that we are not turning over our money and enriching everyone along the way who is touched by it. In the old days America used to have many more manufacturing plants. When a small town gets a new plant, it has to be built and equipment has to be ordered. Supplies have to be ordered. All of those people in that long chain of events either get commissions or hourly wages. The reverse has been true of America for the past 20 years.

NAFTA (North American Free Trade Act) has been around for 20 years. It has closed 57,000 manufacturing plants and sent millions of jobs overseas. Since NAFTA politicians have added 55 million people to America’s population through legal and illegal immigration. College graduates are burdened with more than a trillion dollars in student loans. Millions of college grads are working as waitresses, bar tenders and other positions that do not match their education. The loss of manufacturing has reduced Velocity or Turnover. Even if we had worldwide Debt Cancellation, the Real Economy in America would not bounce back automatically. We need millions of real manufacturing jobs.

We also need to do away with federal and state regulations designed to put small business men and women into bankruptcy.

25 million Americans work for the federal, state and local governments if you count contractors. Government workers outside of prisons do not make products we consume. 97% of the paint made in America is manufactured by prison labor. We need to understand that adding people to the government payroll only cuts the multiplier effect of lost manufacturing jobs. Not all jobs are equal.

I would suggest that we get control of the Secret government and force them to divulge their scientific secrets like Tesla technology and batteries 20 years ahead of anything we have. I would be very much interested in that Universal Vaccine that makes our bodies work better.

I would license these patents to new companies. I would give all the shares to people who might not retire for 20 or so years. I would have the successor to the Federal Reserve give these new corporations billion dollar plus loans at near zero interest. Their stocks would soar in value and take the rest of the economy with them. The alternative is that we allow the present government to continue in power so 40 million Americans can starve to death after they discover Wall Street stole their pensions.

Leon Walras (pronounced Valras) created an alternative to classical economics, Keynes, the monetarists and the Marxists. He based his analysis on the real economy. A Walrasian would note by empirical observation that the outputs of one industry (coal and iron) become the inputs of the steel makers. And their production goes into cars, washing machines and bridges and other products. Wassily Leontief did an in depth analysis of the American economy. One of his conclusions was that American skilled labor took natural resources and added value. Leontief won the Nobel Prize for economics in 1973. He concluded that American wages were high due to their skill and to their ability to extract resources domestically.

Economists who studied Leontief’s analysis of the real American economy. They concluded that if American had to import resources, then wages would have to be cut. American productivity has risen steadily since WW II. Wages and productivity both went up until 1970. After that wages stagnated and have actually declined in real terms. Why? Because after the US reached a population of 150 million Americans had to import more and more natural resources.

Wall Street was never concerned with the real economy and increasing real wages. Their goal seems to have been to reduce everyone in the world (including Americans) to Debt Slavery. As I said before, 57,000 manufacturing plants were closed while we shipping millions of jobs overseas and adding 55 million immigrants. Hewlett Packard is laying off workers while asking for for Green Card immigrants to come work for them so they can lay off more Native Born workers.

The Lesson here is that we should not increase immigration unless we want to lower wages or want to have Nationwide Food Riots and a Race War when the Dollar Dies.

The US has collapsing bridges, bad roads and crumbling infrastructure. We can’t even maintain the public works that manage our water resources and sewers. The USA is seriously in danger of becoming a Third World nation. I would suggest that we need a non-interest bearing currency like Lincoln’s Greenbacks. We also need to end fractional reserve banking. I would use newly created money to fund a couple hundred billion dollars a year in repairing old infrastructure or building new. In America that would be done through the 50 states. It would create millions of high paying jobs.

These are some of the ideas we will need to work on after the Bankers are arrested and their assets are seized to fund Debt Cancellation.

In 1933 we cancelled debts in America through foreclosures and bankruptcies. That did not work out well as 3 million Americans starved to death in the 1930s.

Since Bankers only allow us to have Debt Based money we can only have money after either we or our government has gone to a Bank and asked for a loan. The Banks create money out of nothing and charge us interest. When loans are either repaid or discharged through bankruptcy, our money supply contracts. The longest Depression in modern history was in the 19th century and was originally called the Great Contraction. This suggested to the observer that we needed to create non-interest bearing currencies like Lincoln’s Greenbacks. That is why economists were persuaded to change the name from the Great Contraction to the Long Depression.

Alternatively, we could cancel debts through Hyperinflation as Germany did in 1923. But that did not work out well either.

The better solution is to cancel debts through government action as first discovered by the kings of ancient Sumer and then Babylon. As I have said before, we need to fund Debt Cancellation by arresting the Bankers and seizing their assets.

You can read more details about that here:

Debt Cancellation Is The Best Way To Take Down Bilderberg


Two IMF economists studied the Chicago Plan which is what I am endorsing. They said it would work. You can read about it here:

IMF Economists: ‘We Were Wrong.’ Will Someone Please Tell The Press And The Politicians.


If you have any friends or relatives who think Israel is an American ally, please share this with them:

Resurrecting Israel Did 911. All the Proof In The World


I wrote this a few years ago. It is still true today of the Israeli leadership:

Zionist Pre-Traumatic Stress Disorder: A Fatal But Treatable Social Disease


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Obama Tells Truth. Stops WW III.

Narrator: Two men on February of 2016 rewrote the script on President Obama’s teleprompter for what was supposed to a 5 minute speech introducing the King of Sweden. Those two men managed to get it live on air on all major networks because it was timed 30 minutes before the Super Bowl.

Obama: I have an urgent message to the American people and to all the people of the world. As you know, the Banks own our governments. We have been creating money by the trillions and giving it to Wall Street to cover their horrendously stupid investments. That is as it should be because you must have less so Bankers can have more. But bank stocks are crashing even though they were allowed to steal your pensions and will soon be stealing your deposits. Bank liquidity has dried up and that always means Depression and another World War.

We have asked outside observers to rank our chances against Russia, China and Iran in case war breaks out. The results were alarming. As you know, the Council on Foreign Relations has run American foreign and military policies for a century. They had planned for America to come in second in all of our previous wars. But the results of our War Games conducted by impartial outside observers had the USA coming in third or fourth. We don’t even look good in a war with Lebanon and forget attacking Iran. The reason for that is that our military procurement policy has been to maximize profits for defense contractors and to forget about the servicemen and women.

I have therefore instructed our Secretary of State to go to the United Nations on Monday and to demand we create a Fifth Geneva Convention which would regulate ‘Unfair Combat.’

For example, the US spent $1.5 trillion on the F-35 jet fighter. The Navy version of the F-35 costs $337 million each. Yet that plane cannot defeat 50 year-old Russian planes in a dog fight. It cannot fly in the rain and has none of the stealth capabilities the defense contractors had promised. So I will ask for a Fifth Geneva Convention on damn expensive weapons to include the following:

One: Aerial combat operations must be halted in case of rain and fog. Ground troops are not allowed to change locations when aircraft are grounded. But soldiers will be allowed to look for shelter from the rain in nearby buildings.

Two: Any nation engaging in a war with the USA will have to ground all planes less than 45 years-old as our new planes aren’t very good.

The F-22 costs $412 million each according to the GAO. Unfortunately, The F-22 asphyxiates our pilots.

Three: Therefore, aerial operations during future wars will have to be confined to periods of 90 minutes or less so our pilots can catch their breath. Of course ground operations will have to be halted during these suspensions of air combat.

Four: Any plane that cost more than $100 million and has been advertised by Lobbyists as having stealth capabilities will have to be ignored on radar by enemy technicians. This rule only applies to American enemies as the US is the only country stupid enough to spend that much on one plane.

US destroyers cost $3 billion each and the Gerald R Ford aircraft carrier cost over $9 billion.

Five: Therefore, we must demand that it henceforth be made illegal to sink any ship that would cost more than three billion dollars to replace.

You might ask yourselves why would foreign leaders accept such disadvantageous rules of engagement for WW III? We have determined that Ben Bernanke was right. If we are unwilling to arrest the Bankers and to seize their assets to fund worldwide Debt Cancellation, then the only alternative is to drop money from helicopters. We can never allow the poor or even the middle class to receive any of that money at all. It might give them ideas about taking over the government and firing the politicians. So I have instructed the Treasury Secretary and the Chairman of the Federal Reserve to print ten billion dollars a week in $100 bills. A $100 bill weighs one gram so ten billion dollars weighs 100 million grams or 100,000 kilograms which is 100 metric tons. The USAF will deliver this money every week to selected world leaders. That will cause a worldwide inflation but American voters have been learning to live on less ever since we were allowed to kill President Kennedy and get away with it.

We expect the Fifth Convention of the Geneva Accords to be adopted shortly. We will follow through by sending thousands of our loonier campus activists to indoctrinate foreign troops on the need for Fairness in War. That should destroy their ability to fight wars just as it did here in the USA.

I do not have to remind you that the only alternative to this plan is Global Thermonuclear War and the end for 99.99% of all humans. And that would be terrible because politicians everywhere would be fired by the survivors.

In conclusion I would just like to say ‘I am Reggie Brown and live from New York it’s Saturday Night.

This was an American television show opening skit. But enterprising hackers got it onto the Armed Forces Radio and Television Network during half time of the Super Bowl after the average soldier had downed at least six beers. It caused riots on military bases from America to England to the Mideast to Japan. The foreign press picked it up not knowing it was a hoax so people all over the world learned the truth about Bankers and wars while Washington and New York were asleep.

This event changed history and saved the world.

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Vidrebel: Taking Time To Prepare For The Future.

I have decided to share two videos on the Origin of ISIS from Brandon Martinez of Non-Aligned Media that need to be seen by more people. YouTube’s view counter might not be counting accurately but even tripling the number he is credited would still be far too small.

I have been taking time to prepare for what is coming our way. I assume you have done the same. I might be reducing my online profile. For the past several years I have been outlining what the Bankers have been doing and how to defeat them. It might soon be time for me to move on to something else.

I wrote some time ago about the levels of the American government.

The 6 Levels Of The American Government


The following article should convince just about everyone that the self-appointed Jewish leadership is psychopathic. It was written before Hezbollah had been supplied with even faster and more accurate missiles. And also before Iran began mass producing drones and missiles to be fired from those drones.

Updated 5 Minutes To Self-Immolation Of The Israeli Empire.


This next article explains why the Bankers want you dead.

Catherine Austin Fitts On Genocide And The Looting Of America


Hopefully, I will soon be doing something far better than blogging.

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From Pax Britannica To Pax America To The Petrodollar To Helter Skelter.

Pax Britannica lasted 116 years from the end of the Napoleonic Wars in 1815 to the default on gold payment by the Bank of England on September 21, 1931.

Pax America did not officially begin until the conclusion of the Bretton Woods Conference had created the IMF and made the US Federal Reserve Note the world’s reserve currency.

I divide Pax Americana into two periods. The first period lasted from Bretton Woods in July 1944 to August 1971 when President Nixon took America off the gold exchange standard. The Bretton Woods agreement had promised foreign nations were to have the right to present dollars to the US Treasury and demand gold at the rate of $35 per ounce.

The second period began with the Petrodollar which was born during the 1973 Arab-Israeli War when Henry Kissinger convinced the Arab oil exporting states to sell oil only for dollars and to invest their increased profits in US Treasury bonds and the New York stock market. It ended by April of 2015 when Arab Gulf states became net sellers of dollars. The Petrodollar ruled the financial world for 32 years.

Now everyone is dumping Treasury bonds. Recently the Chinese have been selling $50 billion a week. The Federal Reserve is the last buyer of dollars. Printing dollars to buy dollars means the US economy is doomed though it might maintain some value for a few months.

Dr Michael Hudson wrote Super Imperialism in 1972 which was one year after the collapse of the Bretton Woods agreement and one year before the birth of the Petrodollar. Dr Hudson was invited to speak at the US State Department. The Pentagon decided to invite him as well. He told the generals that the US paid for its wars and its ongoing occupation of half of the planet by printing I Owe You Nothing Federal Reserve Notes that were no longer redeemable in gold. The US could not pay for wars by selling manufactured goods overseas because it was in a continuous trade deficit due to constant wars and to over population through excessive immigration.

In short foreigners were paying taxes to the US Federal Reserve every time they used dollars. They were paying for their occupation.

Hudson reported that a general who suddenly realized what he had been hearing at the lecture said,” Wow! We’re ripping people off.”

I believe that the period of the Petrodollar and Pax Americana will be followed by Helter Skelter. I do not believe we will fight a World War in the sense of WW I and WW II. What we do face is a far more frightening possibility.

Some say that future historians will cite this current period of the War on Terror as the beginning of World War III. Did WW II begin on September 1, 1939 or did it really begin with the Japanese invasion of Manchuria on September 18, 1931 or the Rape of Nanking which began on December 13, 1937?

I do not believe America is capable of fighting a world war. Russia has much faster missiles. NATO says Russia can shut down US military communications through Electronic Warfare. The Russian Khibiny jamming system shut down Aegis defenses during the USS Donal Cook incident in the Black Sea. US soldiers are worn out after serving 6 to 8 to 10 tours in Iraq and Afghanistan.  I believe that any attempt to start a world war will lead to an American military coup. Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey had to go to the White House at midnight to tell President Obama’s controllers that the US military would rather mutiny than go to war against Syria as Al Qaeda’s Army, Navy and Air Force. This was in 2013 before ISIS became well known.

Helter Skelter was Charlie Manson’s interpretation of the Battle of Armageddon. He thought of the Beatles as four prophets who prepared the way for the Second Coming of Jesus which would be Manson. The 144,000 mentioned in the Book of Revelation would be Manson followers. He planned to take in white orphans after the beginning of the Race Wars. He had the actress Sharon Tate and others killed in 1969 in order to start a racial Civil War.

The US Department of Justice under Obama have been doing their best to get a Race War going. The DOJ has been giving heavy weapons to US police departments. Israel has been helping by training police commanders to treat American citizens like Palestinians on the West Bank. All of this is intended to make police unpopular and get them killed when the Nationwide Food Riots begin.

George Soros has contributed by funding protests. Black Lives Matters might be run by three black lesbians who worship Assata Shakur (born JoAnne Deborah Byron). She was a former member of the Black Liberation Army who fled to Cuba after being convicted of killing a New Jersey Sate Trooper. Note that the inner circle accepts Shakur’s writings but that they are funded by a Jew who made his first fortune betraying wealthy Jews to the Gestapo in 1944 Hungary.

The Obama admin has also been sending weapons to the Mexican Drug Cartels even though 120,000 Mexicans have died in their Drug Wars. This is a continuation of the Bush Clinton policy of Guns South Drugs North. But Obama has added Amnesty to his list of policies to destroy America.

Obama has increased the Hispanic population of the US to 55 million. There  are 45 million black people in the US. Those are sufficient numbers to start several Race Wars. It is no secret that Mexican gangs have been killing blacks for sport in California. Imagine what happens after the Dollar Dies and Food Stamps are insufficient to buy groceries to feed the 20% of American children who currently receive benefits.

The grocery stores in most cities will be sacked and looted within the First Week of a Dollar Collapse. In the following weeks tens of millions of blacks and Hispanics will have to relocate to safer cities and smaller towns to avoid conflict with rival racial gangs and militias.

A hundred million plus whites will also have to flee from the cities. And many of them will be elderly.

Judaism Incorporated has been busy destroying the Mideast and Europe. General Wesley Clark said the Pentagon was given a list of 7 nations to take down in five years. That list included Libya, Syria, Lebanon and Iran. Richard Perle wrote the position paper A Clean Break for Prime Minister Netanyahu in the 1990s. Those 7 nations were on his action list. And ISIS was under joint US-Israeli control though they are funded by the Saudis and the Turks do what they can to help.

General Clark also said ISIS was created to take out Hezbollah. Israel was defeated by Hezbollah in the 2006 Lebanon War. ISIS was created from Al Qaeda in Iraq. Al Qaeda was started as a US operation in the late 1970s by Zbigniew Brzezinski during the Carter administration. Israel did 911. 911 was long in the planning. George H. W. Bush made a speech demanding a NWO on 9-11-1990 which is exactly 11 years before 911. That kind of coincidence is no accident.

ISIS is destroying opposition to Israel in the Mideast and generating millions of refugees to take down Europe.

Catherine Austin Fitts said that Wall Street has stolen $40 trillion from us and will steal tens of trillions more. That is my explanation for the euthanasia  movement which seeks to do away with the elderly who who like to have returned to them what they paid into their pensions and savings accounts. That theft also explains why we have a National Security State. Poor people who have been robbed by the Billionaires of Wall Street ought not to be allowed to say Bad Things about their Betters who have the Divine Right to steal from those peasants who do not own Banks. As I said, the NWO is best summarized as One Bank One Vote.

Europe will be taken down along with America. But as Professor Steve Keen has  said, Great Britain has even more Unpayable Debts to cancel than America so their economy will fall further than America’s.

Helter Skelter in America will be multiple simultaneous Race Wars with 350 million guns used by 160 million Americans to attack their neighbors.

That is why I say Helter Skelter will be worse than World War III. Looking on the bright side, at least there will be survivors.

That is our future unless we have worldwide Debt Cancellation.

I should mention an article I wrote out years ago. A reporter from California figured out how the elite could kill Americans by the tens of millions by poisoning our water. She says Kissinger had a system installed nationwide that could be used to direct poison to specific households. This could ethnically cleanse the US or depopulate large areas of the country.  By the way, this US water pipe system has been copied by other nations.

Janet Phelan Water Wars: Targeted Killing Resistors To The NWO With Double Lined City Water Pipes


People do not want to learn about money. The problem is that if they don’t, they could develop a serious case of starvation in the near future.

Either Learn What Money Is Or Accept Mass Starvation As Your Nation’s Future.


Debt Cancellation will be the Hot Ticket in politics in the near future. It is better that we arrest the Bankers and seize their assets to fund it rather than we inflate the currency to pay for Debt Cancellation.

Debt Cancellation Is The Best Way To Take Down Bilderberg


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397 Days Or What Will Become Of America By Election Day 2016

There are 397 days from Labor Day of 2015 until election day 2016.

Some of you are old enough to remember that Democratic Presidential candidates began their campaigns on Labor Day of the election year with a rousing speech to the labor unions in Detroit.

Not this time around. The campaign began months ago. Early observations are that neither Hillary Clinton nor Jeb Bush will be next year’s nominees. That is Good News. Now for the rest of the story.

If I were a Democrat, I would not show up in Detroit on Labor Day at all. The city of Detroit filed for bankruptcy on July 18, 2013. It will be more than 3 years without any help from either Democrats or Republicans by Labor Day of 2016. Compare that to the trillions of dollars the Bankers got  when they threatened the country with a full scale Depression back in 2008.

If I were a Republican opposed to the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) treaty, I would pay to have busloads of anti-TPP opponents demonstrate at any Labor Day event the Democratic nominee held. I would also show up with demonstrations at any black Democrat event saying my opponent wanted to bring back slavery.

The TPP treaty will no longer allow America to boycott products made by slave labor. By election day 2016 Malaysia will be past 200 mass grave sites for slaves who chose death over slavery.

The problem with this scenario is that there are no Republican candidates I am aware of who oppose the TPP treaty. (Leave a comment if you know of any. Bernie Sanders would blow his top if anyone mentioned Israelis as oppressors of the Palestinians. And do not tell him that Israel is stealing natural gas from Lebanon and the Palestinians.)

The city of Detroit has special bonds paid for by water revenues. Nearly half of the people in Detroit cannot pay their water bills which are twice the national average. If I were a Third party candidate, I would highlight that quote from the former Nestle CEO and current Chairman Peter Brabeck-Letmathe that water is not a human right. That ought to go over big in Detroit and in California and other drought stricken states on the west coast. I would emphasize the amount of money Nestle gave to my political opponents. I might even show up outside Nestle’s American corporate headquarters demanding a refund for Californians on their water and taxes. Nestle paid California politicians only $524 for 27 million gallons of water during one of the worst American droughts in modern times.

I might go with a billboard in select cities where the media can see ads declaring myself to be the only candidate who believes ‘Water is a human right.’

Or if Joe Biden is the Democratic nominee, I would try billboards in media cities with lots of black voters saying I am the ‘The only candidate who opposes 21st century slavery.’

Better yet would be to go from city to city with an old fashioned portable jail cell with a Jail the Bankers campaign theme. The Bankers stole more than $40 trillion from us and will steal tens of trillions more but not one of them has gone to jail.

Next year will be a bad, bad year for Bankers but a very good one for Rabble Rousers all over the world.

In several recent interviews Dr Jim Willie has outlined how prolonged oil price declines are pushing both the oil industry and the New York banks into bankruptcy. Six more months and they will be on the ropes.

But first we must go back to David Rothkopf, the former CEO of Kissinger associates, and his book Superclass in which he says that the West is run by Thirty Families and their 6,000 Minions. Those families own the major banks, the major oil companies and our governments.

Now we can appreciate what Dr Willie was saying.

The drop in oil prices has been a disaster. Fracking junk bonds are the least of our worries. Oil companies hedged against the drop in oil prices when it was $80 to $100 a barrel. Those hedges were picked up by the New York banks which are on the hook for massive losses. The oil companies stopped hedging because nobody would take the bets. Now they are selling oil for less than the cost of production. Bad times face both the Bankers and the oil companies.

But these two sectors of the economy are the core of the investments held by the Thirty Families. Of course I have mentioned in the past that the Federal Reserve has asked the major banks to write ‘Living Wills’ which meant they were to prepare for bankruptcy. Place all their bad derivatives (more than $200 trillion) in the same division as our bank deposits and those guarantees from the taxpayers. The good assets which were meant to survive the impoverishment of the common folk were to be placed into separate corporate entities.

Additionally, tens of trillions of dollars have been stashed in offshore tax havens. And that is not just from the billionaires of America and Great Britain. The Chinese have stashed $4 trillion in British banks in the Caribbean. And they sent $950 billion out of their country last year using phony invoices to justify payments to overseas corporations.

He has said that just as Lehman was looted by Wall Street banks so could an entire nation be looted by the New York and London banks. He thinks France could be asset stripped. Deutsche Bank and Morgan Stanley are other possible candidates for sacrifice.

Dr Willie has an interesting take on the dollar which of late has increased in value. His analogy was that of a helium filled balloon which will rise when released. As it rises in the atmosphere, the outside pressure decreases and the balloon expands until it goes poof!

What he is predicting is that the US dollar will continue to rise until it ceases to exist as an international currency. It will be replaced by a domestic dollar. That domestic dollar will not be accepted to purchase goods overseas. The US will have to somehow sell something of value to earn either gold, Chinese yuan or some other universally accepted currency.

Jim Rickards who is a consultant to the CIA and the Pentagon has said the dollar will suffer a series of devaluations until it loses 80% of its ability to purchase goods from overseas. He emphasized that meant imported goods will go up 500% for Americans. The corollary is that Americans might not be able to buy food if their store shelves are emptied by foreign buyers. He said Americans will be very poor for 20 years but never mentioned a separate domestic dollar not being redeemable overseas. Nor did he suggest any solutions other than Austerity for the middle and working classes. That means likely death for most welfare recipients and pensioners.

I had written some time ago that the IMF was considering whether or not to add the Chinese yuan to the list of 4 currencies that comprise their SDR basket of currencies. This would have devalued the dollar and been a first step on the path to Dollar Hyperinflation. The IMF has instead decided to delay for one year any changes to the status of the yuan.

The Petrodollar is dead. In 1973 Henry Kissinger developed the Petrodollar during the Arab-Israeli war of that year. The US exported nothing anyone wanted overseas except for weapons and grain so Persian Gulf states were persuaded to sell oil for US dollars which they invested in US Treasury bonds and the NYSE. For some time now the OPEC nations have been net sellers of US bonds and dollars.

Dr Willie says Hyperinflation will begin with QE (Quantitative Easing) 4. The Chinese have been selling $50 billion a week in US Treasury bonds. The Saudis have also been selling American Treasury bonds to make up for their lost oil revenues. Russia, Brazil and others have also been selling US bonds. Russia, China, India and the Arabs have been heavy buyers of gold. The Gulf States have more than $2 trillion in Sovereign Wealth funds to liquidate. They will sell and sell day by day but one of these days the value of those US Treasury bonds and American dollars will collapse.

QE 4 will require the Federal Reserve to buy between $50 and $100 billion a week of US Treasury bonds sold by foreigners while simultaneously funding the US budget deficit and covering the losses of the New York banks. We are talking about pumping out money by the trillions. This will not last long before even the dimmest of bulbs figure out that the dollar is doomed in the short run and not just some time after the 2016 elections.

All of these events and the contracting economy will force politics into a rebellious mode in 2016. The problem is that the Uber Rich have stacked the deck against us. They blew up buildings with Americans inside from the World Trade Center in 1993 to the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 and back to the WTC on 9-11-2001.

The billionaires of New York decided to set off a series of bombs so they could stampede the public into passing laws authorizing a National Security State. The Bankers now have the right to steal our savings and pensions by the tens of trillions of dollars. If we object, they have the right to arrest us without trial and to torture us  for saying bad things about them.

No candidate in 2016 will dare suggest we arrest the Bankers and use their seized assets to fund worldwide Debt Cancellation.

George Soros and the Obama administration have laid the ground work for Civil Unrest in America just as they did in Cairo’s Arab Spring and in their coup in Kiev. They have created the beginnings of a black vs white Race War on US soil with Black Lives Matter. They have laid the ground work for Race Wars between blacks and Hispanics as well as Hispanics vs whites with Amnesty.

I do not see the US as being capable of fighting oil wars against either Russia or Iran and Syria so they could save the oil companies and the banks by running the price of oil above $100 a barrel.We could attack Iran but we would lose the war in the first 5 minutes. And Israel would start a thermonuclear was after five minutes of incoming missiles.

The only enemy the wealthy fear are the American voters. Multiple Race Wars – white vs black, Hispanics vs blacks and whites – will likely be used to take down America. The wealthy want Americans to use 350 million guns against each other rather than against the Bankers who stole our money by the tens of trillions.

America is not yet at the point where the 6 Jewish run media conglomerates will allow any honest discussion of banking, Debt Cancellation and wars for Israel.

The next 397 days will be very, very bad for America and the rest of the world but the American people are not yet in a position to say No to Wall Street and to Israel.

My thoughts are unchanged. I still regard a military coup by junior officers as the only viable way to save 10 million plus Americans from starving to death over the next several years.

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No Country For Gentiles.

The New World Order means One Bank One Vote will replace One Man One Vote.

David Rothkopf was the CEO of Kissinger Associates. He wrote the book Superclass in which he said that the world was run by 30 Families and their 6,000 Minions. The NWO merely replaces their authority within dozens of separate nations with their Absolute Power wielded through One World government while removing the facade of democracy.

The trade treaties TPP and TTIP take authority away from sovereign nations and turn it over to corporations. A Swiss study found that 147 corporations controlled 20% of world trade. The 30 Families and their 6,000 Minions allow these companies to be above the law and to exploit consumers in all nations. These treaties are stepping stones to a One World government.

Many nations have passed laws rejecting unfair labor practices like slavery so products from banned nations are not allowed to compete. No more. Malaysia recently found more mass graves where slaves had been buried. That is over and above the 139 grave sites already dug up. The TPP treaty would end sovereign decisions to reject slave labor products.

Several of the 30 Families are involved in Banking and Oil. All governments in the West gave Bankers the right to charge us interest on money they created  out of nothing. This transfers all wealth from us to the Bankers. Fractional Reserve banking allows them to loan out ten dollars for every dollar on deposit. That is the rule in the US. In London banks can loan out £33 for every pound on deposit.

A Depression is caused by the accumulation of Unpayable Debts. Our banking system generates Bad Debts by the tens of trillions. This knowledge has guided the 30 Families and their 6,000 Minions to create National Security States to protect themselves against the 99%. The Bankers remember that during the Great Depression 3 million Americans starved to death. The Superclass is worried what will happen to them if 10 million Americans starved to death in the next Depression.

President Kennedy spoke out about the plan to deliberately reduce the average man and woman to indebted servitude.


A Depression is defined as a period in time when Unpayable Debts are cancelled en masse. Foreclosures and bankruptcies mean the cancellation of Debt. We have Debt Based currencies so whenever we retire a debt either through either payment or foreclosure we face a tremendous Monetary Contraction. This massive reduction in Money Supply guarantees a huge round of layoffs which is what second rate economists define as a Depression. Scientists concern themselves with Causes and their Effects. In this case that would be the accumulation of Unpayable Debts and not with the unemployment created by the contraction of the Money Supply.

Bankers launder a trillion dollars a year in illegal drugs and weapons. They also launder $500 billion a year in political bribes. We are not allowed to say No to this corruption under the present system. I doubt we would be allowed to change that under a world government.

The Bankers used to make tremendous profits from the African slave trade. 90% of the ships that brought slaves to North and South America were owned by Jews. Slavery had been a Jewish occupation going back 2,500 years. Even today hundreds of thousands of women and children are trafficked every year. Since we do not see an equivalent number of women and children being released every year, we can conclude that they are killing 6 million women and children every 20 years. Many of the gangs doing this are Russian Jews.

The Bankers decided in the 19th century to replace their lucrative slave trade with illegal drugs. That is why the Bankers convinced Her Majesty’s Jewish government to fight two Opium Wars against China. That is also why the US invaded Afghanistan. The US government transports heroin for the Bankers. Today the average age of a first time heroin user in the US is 14 1/2 years-old. The destruction of our families and cities through drug addiction is of no concern to the 30 Families and their 6,000 Minions.

The NWO would allow the Bankers to run all of their competing drug dealers out of business. The major Drug Cartels, the Mexican Army and the Mexican government all work for the CIA which is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Bankers. The NWO promise is that the Mexican Drug Wars that killed 120,000 people would come to an end when small gangs are put out of business. Of course a National Police State backed by international armies and millions of Drug Gang Members on every continent with trillions in Drug Profits would forever eliminate any freedom you ever dreamed you had.

We have had a series of wars for the Banks and for Israel. One lure of the NWO is the promise that we would have no more wars against foreign nations. Not quite true. The US did enter WW I so the war could be made to last longer. The Bankers and the Zionists would have had no fun if the Great War had ended in 1915!

By entering WW I, President Wilson was guaranteeing a Jewish Communist revolution in Russia that led to the death of 60 million plus Gentiles. I think we would lose many more people under a single world government run by Bankers and Zionists than under the present system. The 30 Families and their 6,000 Minions have hired college professors to outline plans to reduce world population by billions. To date we have never had a war kill that many people.

In the ideal world we would arrest the Bankers and seize their assets to finance worldwide Debt Cancellation so we could cancel the Greatest Financial Crisis in history before it happened. We would need to issue a non-interest bearing currency and to repeal fractional reserve banking. We would also have to  legalize drugs so there were no more trillion dollar annual donations to the Bankers.

In conclusion I would say that if, as a result of a Financial Crisis, we allow international organizations to seize the sovereignty of our nation states that we will have no Borders, Unlimited Third World immigration and No Countries left for Gentiles.

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