End This Depression By Ending Banker Occupation

The Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich studied 40,000 international corporations. They found 1,319 to be significant. And of these there were 147 that ran the world economy. That study also revealed that these 147 companies had interlocking Boards of Directors so in reality we are talking about one corporate entity running the world economy, the media and all of our governments.

David Rothkopf wrote Superclass. He is a former CEO of Kissinger Associates. He says our world is run by 30 Families and their 6,000 Minions. They are the driving force for the New World Order.

Currently, this One World Corporatocracy uses the United States and the European Union to consolidate and wield power over the entire globe. But there are vulnerabilities in the world of Wall Street Globalism. The EU appears to be disintegrating. The ECB (European Central Bank) under the ex-Goldman Sachs VP Mario Draghi seems to be as suicidal as His Japanese counterpart. And America is stretched thin by its constant warfare. Russia Today said the US had military operations in 134 countries in 2014. Wikileaks, Snowden and others have revealed way more truth than the public can digest. The US has been funding Al Qaeda and ISIS. And now Putin has shown his superiority by being able to actually find ISIS and bomb them into oblivion.

The only economic and military advantage America had is about to disappear. Dr Michael Hudson wrote Super Imperialism in 1972. That was the year after Nixon closed the Gold Window on August 15, 1971 and the year before Henry Kissinger’s invention of the Petrodollar in 1973 after the Arab-Israeli war. Hudson went to the Pentagon and the State Department in 1972 to explain that the US was making nations overseas pay for their occupation by American troops by accepting worthless Federal Reserve Notes in exchange for real goods and services.

When an American general finally understood what Dr Hudson was saying about foreigners paying for their own occupation, he exclaimed, “We’re ripping people off.”

The days when The Federal Reserve could print stacks of dollars to the moon and the Saudis could fund the US budget deficit with their oil revenues are rapidly coming to an end. Very soon American politicians will have to recognize that we can no longer afford all of those wars and forget about over 700 military bases overseas.

The American consumer will have to deal with the doubling of the price of imported goods. Of course that will mean a drastic drop in the American standard of living which will lead to instability at home. This cold light of economic reality will force America to either start WW III or go home. Most sane people would like to avoid either a thermonuclear war with Russia or a conventional one as they have far superior weapons. American politicians and the Pentagon spent $400 billion on the F-35 which does not work. Russia is too poor to spend trillions of dollars on failed projects so the Elite can line their pockets at our expense.

What would be nice is for American voters to join with the citizens of Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Mideast in their revolt against Globalism. That is to say the workers of the world unite to end Global Occupation by Bankers.

The following describes an eleven point program to undo what has been done to us by design. But first I need to explain what causes Depressions.

Ask your friends what a Depression is. Most answers will describe the effects, such as, unemployment, starvation and bankruptcies. Depressions are solved by cancellation of debts either through discharge in bankruptcy court or by inflation devaluing the real value of the burden of debt. The third alternative would be for the government to void Unpayable Debts as the Kings of ancient Babylon and Sumer did. We would need to devise a more sophisticated plan as those were relatively simpler agricultural societies. I would like to make 11 suggestions which can both end a Depression and take down our Banker Occupied government.

1) Offer $25,000 in debt cancellation to every adult US citizen who is not institutionalized. This should be an international effort so people in foreign countries will get equivalent amounts in pounds, euros and other local currencies. This is to be financed by seizing the assets of financial war criminals that were stashed in Liechtenstein, the Cayman Islands and other such offshore money laundering centers. We need to get the assets of the private banks and the account numbers of all the corporations and the trusts the criminals who declared war against us. Only this will stop both World War III and this Depression.

2) Seize all the assets of war criminals. A lot of assets have been converted into real estate. In America we also have problems with mortgages. To evade taxes and to intentionally create clouded titles to homes the war criminals created the Mortgage Electronic Registration System (MERS). I would suggest that MERS be made illegal and require all mortgages be registered at reduced rates at the local county courthouse. I would give everyone 90 days to register for a clear title.

I would also challenge the title to every property to show that it did not belong to a corporation or trust fund owned by a war criminal. For example, if a shopping mall is owned by a corporation, the actual people who own the shares must identify themselves.

The World Bank did a study of 213 banking scandals and found that 150 were traced bank to offshore trusts linked either to drug cartels or to the 30 or so families whose wealth has been fully invested in slave trading, drug smuggling and other crimes against humanity for centuries. All of these assets need to be seized so we can cancel debts and get the economy moving again. We also need to take away their assets not just because they were stolen from us but to reduce their ability to wage war against us to zero.

We can take the seized real estate and use it to fund Social Security and stolen pension funds.

The seized stock and bond assets should also be used to fund public and private pensions and to cancel government debts. I would also use the tens of trillions of dollars in government agency assets listed at http://www.CAFR1.com to cancel debts and fund pensions.

3) All federal, sate and local government debt should be made illegal. President Lincoln issued Greenbacks which bore no interest. Greenbacks eliminated the need for bonds to be issued.

4) I would issue a non-interest bearing currency in America and require the same of any foreign country that would want our assistance to cancel their government and personal debts. It was the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 that allowed bankers to create money out of nothing and charge us interest. That interest was designed to transfer all wealth from us to the bankers. It created Unpayable Debts which grow at exponential rates due to the law of compound interest.

Since prices are a ratio of the Money Supply to goods and services for sale, if we increase both at the same rate, we would have price stability. We could at current rates spend 535 billion dollars a year into circulation. We could create 535 billion dollars and spend it without raising taxes to pay for it. If we increased the GDP and the Money Supply to twice our current levels, then we could spend a trillion dollars a year into circulation while maintaining stable prices.

5) I would spend 200 billion dollars a year to repair America’s infrastructure. We have spent too much money on foreign wars so our infrastructure is collapsing. I would divide up 100 billion dollars a year amongst the 50 states on a proportional basis so a state with 2% of the US population would get 2 billion dollars to spend on bridges, roads, dams, levees, water purification plants, sewers and school buildings. This would be matched by another 100 billion dollars in federal infrastructure repair.

6) I would make pensions illegal. A pension is a promise to pay you something in 20 or 30 years. These pension funds currently attract maggots seeking to feed on your retirement funds. I would pass a law saying that your employer must pay you this year for any money that was intended to be set aside for your retirement. This money would go into a retirement account in your name at a local cooperative trust. Neither politicians nor anyone from Wall Street should ever be allowed to touch your retirement funds.

7) Use those cooperative trusts to overpower Wall Street and the City of London. Allow them to offer low interest credit cards and consumer loans. Let them issue simple life, fire and auto insurance. Plow the profits back into retirement funds. Commercial banks would be geared to small businesses.

8) To boost the economy release all of the secret government technology to new corporations that would receive the patents and a 5 billion dollar grant to bring cheap and abundant energy and other advances onto the market. If needed, they could trade patent rights for regions overseas in exchange for the machinery needed to produce products in America. Shares should be issued to American citizens who are over 35. If a stock valued at $50 splits 6 times in 20 years, then it will be worth $3,200 and ten original shares would be valued at $32,000. They will need the extra growth in their stock portfolio more than couples 18 to 30 who have longer growth curves and can expect to retire with a million dollars in stocks.

Young people would no longer contribute to Social Security. Their employer would pay into their retirement account at their cooperative trust but they would pay nothing to Social Security.

If a married couple making no more than the minimum wage were able to set aside everything they paid into Social Security into a mutual fund, they would retire at age 65 with a million dollars. That had to be said for the benefit of those who do not understand money and compound growth.

9) Make fractional reserve banking illegal. In 1348 the people of Venice were on a gold standard. If you deposited one gold coin, the banker could loan 50 certificates said to be equal to 50 gold coins. The banker was allowed to collect interest on that paper note as if it were 50 gold coins. This system collapsed even though the people had a gold standard. Bankers pay people to spread false doctrines about the gold standard. The bankers have stolen most of the gold  and would love a return to the gold standard. But to function as money the medium of exchange must be plentiful enough so everyone can buy and sell. The only way a gold standard could work is if we allowed bankers to loan out 100 or more paper certificates in exchange for each gold coin. That would impoverish us with interest payments on money the Bankers created out of nothing. Sound familiar?

10) Make property taxes on a primary residence illegal. A home should be one of the primary savings plans for retirement. Taxing homes harms taxpayers. It should no longer be the policy of the government to do harm to us. Property tax revenues would be more than balanced by the cancellation of state and local debts and 200 billion dollars a year in federal capital grants. And all those new infrastructure workers will be paying taxes.

11) Establish an incomes policy. My goal is self-determination for the working class. The current government is bankrupting small businesses and the middle class while encouraging welfare dependency.

I would make the first $30,000  a year on a single person or $60,000 for a married couples tax free. I would give the custodial parent $600 a month for the first child and $400 a month for the second child. Nothing for additional children except in cases of twins and triplets.

I would also change the name of the IRS to Internal Revenue and Benefits Services. I would also take away their armed agents and their police powers. A separate police force would be responsible for arresting tax cheats. The IRS has killed too many innocent Americans for them to survive without a serious overhaul.

I would also pass a negative income tax. Under this system a person making $8.50 an hour would be paid $1.50 an additional hour by the employer from federal sources. Under this plan a married couple both working 40 hours a week would earn a guaranteed $40,160 a year tax free. If they had 2 children, they would receive $1,000 a month or $12,000 a year for a total of  $52,160 tax free.

I would pay for this in part by ending the wars and the surveillance state. Someone said we spent 7 trillion dollars on wars we did not need after we allowed Israel to blow up the World Trade Center. I also would no longer allow bankers to steal 3 billion or more dollars a week from unaudited federal spending.

We should also eliminate a lot of federal, state and local jobs and even entire departments. We currently have 30 million federal, state and local government workers if you count contractors.

I would eliminate most tax deductions. I would trade your interest rate deduction on a home mortgage for the elimination of property taxes on a principal residence. And I would trade your tax exemptions for children by paying you $12,000  a year for the first two children. Eliminating tax deductions would pay for a greater part of the reforms we need. Any deduction that gives you a thousand dollars gives others $100,000 in tax breaks. An oil man once paid $17.95 in federal income tax on an income of $75,000,000. That was when tax rates were higher but deductions still shifted the burden to the middle class. By giving married couples $12,000 for children, we will make the flat rate tax fair for the middle class.

We need strong middle and working classes to counter the power of Wall Street. By creating our own currency and making home ownership more affordable and getting control of our retirement funds and savings in co-operative trusts, we will guarantee that the Elite stop all this nonsensical talk of killing a few billion of the common people.

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Rethinking Healthcare 2017

“America’s health care system is neither healthy, caring, nor a system.”  Walter Cronkite

Americans are not only choosing a new President but they are also in the process of creating a new healthcare system. What was here at the beginning of 2016 might not even be around by the end of 2017. We are in that radical a period.

I would like to offer a few suggestions that I think will benefit any system we choose.

Guarantee the patient that what the doctor recommends actually has scientific proof that it works. What! Doctors have no proof that those pills and procedures work!!

Require that all prescription pills covered by insurance be proven by someone other than a drug company that they work better than a home remedy. Easily done. Let all testing be done by hospitals and doctors instead of by Big Pharma. Let’s test statin drugs against a popular home remedy, garlic (Kyolic) and Milk Thistle. Let the drug company pay for the statin drug and the home remedy. Give each treatment option to 10,000 patients and see which works better and produces no side effects.

We know that chemotherapy is worse than doing nothing. Let’s see how it works against baking soda or DCA ( dichloroacetate) or supplementing with hydrazine sulfate. If they score better than doing nothing, then maybe we could allow the alternatives insurance coverage. In terms of cost savings, we would save a lot of money abandoning chemotherapy because it clearly does not work.

There are lots of other commonly prescribed drugs that do not work, such as, anti-depressants and some prescriptions for Type II diabetes. In the case of addictive prescriptions, we would have to pay clinics to gradually withdraw their patients from those medications.

Another suggestion: It would be nice to have a menu of prices before our insurance is charged tens of thousands of dollars. Oncologists make a lot of money by buying chemo drugs at a fixed price and re-selling it to the patients at 3 or more times the price they paid the day before. A famous example of an outrageous markup would be the cure for a rattlesnake bite. You can get rushed to a clinic and be charged $100,000. If you had a menu of prices, you could look at the price list and decide whether you wanted to pay the clinic $100,000 or give the pharmacy $800 for the same cure. If doctors and hospitals do not like either the fixed price menu or the requirement that their treatments do actually work, then they would be free to set up shop without any insurance coverage whatsoever.

We have strayed a long way from the Hippocratic other which required we do no harm.

Catherine Austin Fitts said they Wall Street $40 trillion from us and will steal tens of trillions more. With that in mind you might consider the advantages to major corporations of adding substances to our food and water that would reduce our chances of collecting pensions that will not be there for us. An example would Bisphenol A which is a plastic used to line food cans. It is an estrogen mimicker that causes weight gain and cancer. Another example would be MSG which causes headaches and weight gain. There are 92 known health effects from aspartame. This includes eye, neurological. pulmonary and mental. Aspartame can cause brain damage, depression, breathing, heart and lung problems as well as high blood pressure.

Fluoride and bromide are used by the human body when iodine is not available. Fluoride causes cancer so why is it in our water? Fluoride has been known since 1893 to harm human enzyme processes. The human body has tens of thousands of enzymes that are absolutely vital for our health. Joe Stalin gave fluoride to concentration camp inmates to reduce their ability to resist. So why is it in our water and bromide in our bread? And why do we allow Monsanto to produce GMO food which s known to harm those who eat it? By the way, Monsanto’s insecticide glyphosate causes cancer so it has to go too.

There a lots of other dangerous food additives that need to be banned from our food and water.

How about this goal: Deliver clean drinking water to every tap in America.

If we had a non-interest bearing currency like Lincoln’s Greenbacks or Bradbury’s 1914 pound, we could spend money into circulation to pay for infrastructure. That would create lots of high paying jobs without causing inflation. We could set clean water at the top of our to do list. New filtration systems, new pipes and advanced sewage treatment. We could have start by replacing all the old water and sewer pipes 90 t0 100 years old or any that are leeching lead.

How about this as a goal: Zero birth defects.

Start an education program aimed at girls 12 years and older. Pre-natal vitamins are too late. Most birth defects begin within the first 10 minutes of impregnation. Birth defects are mostly nutritional and environmental rather than.hereditary. In 1947 veterinarians discovered a cure for muscular dystrophy (MD) in cattle. The vets gave the cows selenium. Cows in California never got MD but those in Washington state did. Most American cows have bloodlines going back to Great Britain so MD was definitely a nutritional disease and not hereditary.

How about Disease Prevention through nutrition and education?  Explain to young girls that varicose veins are a nutritional disease affecting women who are deficient in copper. That same copper deficiency can also cause heart attacks.

What about wrinkles? They are caused by things called free radicals. There are five of those. Free radicals are ions (molecules) that are short an electron. They steal electrons from our bodies. If it steals an electron from our cell’s DNA, then we get accelerated aging in the form of wrinkles on the skin outside or deteriorating organs on the inside. Hydrogenated vegetable oil (margarine) causes wrinkles. Fortunately, a diet high in RNA can reverse 5 years of aging. See Dr Frank’s Anti-Aging Diet.

If you labeled margarine and mayonnaise with bold letters saying “this product causes wrinkles,”sales would drop like a rock. Manufacturer’s would have to copy the formula of a few vendors who do not hydrogenate their products.

How about setting improved well being as a goal before we discuss the different ways of paying for healthcare? The reduced healthcare costs will make any healthcare reform cheaper to implement. And the improved physical well being will increase worker productivity making everything more affordable.

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Mortgages Are Instruments Of Fraud

The word mortgage comes from the old French and quite literally means you have made a pledge that lasts until you are dead. Too bad for us that mortgages are fraudulent.

I do not think our governments will be here in their present form much longer. Things could get worse. The Bankers are trying to turn student loans into pledges unto death. But it is also possible for us to construct a better world after the Dollar Dies. In that case, one of the things we will have to do is to drastically change the way mortgages are created.

The mortgage is the last step in the process of buying a home. Imagine yourself going to work each day and noticing a sign announcing that new homes will be under construction.

In the first stage the plumbers have to connect the future homes to the existing county water and sewer mains. Ditto for the electricians and the electrical grid. Then you might see men pouring concrete for the foundations. Then come the carpenters and the main frame of the house. And the roofers. And then the men adding shingles on the roof. And as the carpenters finish the walls, you might catch sight of the glaziers installing windows. The plumbers and the electricians come back to do the interior wiring and plumbing. Then you have the landscapers doing the outside and painters and interior decorators making the inside presentable to the prospective owners.

Of all the people involved in the process of home building who makes the most money and who has the easiest job?

You might guess that the plumbers and the electricians make the most money. You would be wrong.

You might think the architects has the easiest job. But you’d be wrong. He has to deal with the contractor.

The easiest job is the Banker who writes the loan. OK. But surely he can’t make the most money? Wrong again.

The Banker works inside an air conditioned office. And he makes more than the contractor and all the workers combined.

What is it that he does that rewards him well above all others?

He expands the money supply or inflates the currency.

Suppose you want a $200,000 loan. He increases the checking account supply of money by entering your mortgage on his ledgers as an asset to be balanced by the credit he entered for $100,000 for the home developer. You have made a pledge unto death to pay him the principal plus interest. A 30 year $200,000 loan at 3.92% obligates you to pay him $340, 416. The Banker did not loan you Mrs Jones’ life savings. He increased the money supply which decreases the value of our wages and pensions so we bore the sacrifice. He gave nothing of value. And yet he makes $140, 416.

Mortgages can be more expensive than $200,000 where you live so just multiply the numbers above by 2, 3 or even 4.

As William Paterson told the English parliament in 1694, “The Bank of England hath the benefit of interest on money it creates out of nothing.”

If we do get control of the government after the Dollar, the Pound, the Yen and the Euro die, then we will have to do away with the fiction of government debt.

Arrest the Bankers and seize their assets to pay for Debt Cancellation. Issue a non-interest bearing currency like Lincoln’s Greenbacks. Repeal fractional reserve banking. And make government debt illegal.

Under the present system, when the Treasury wants to borrow $100 billion including $5 billion in cash, they call up the FED and ask for $95 billion in checking account money. The FED creates a bookkeeping entry at its NY branch in the Treasury”s account and we owe the Federal Reserve $95 billion plus interest. For the FED to deliver $5 billion in cash, they call the Treasury’s Bureau of Engraving ordering $5 billion in Federal Reserve Notes. When the Treasury’s Engraving Bureau delivers the cash, the FED pays them an average of 3 1/2 cents on the dollar which is $175 million in this case. But you are obligated as a taxpayer to pay the whole 100% of the face value of $5 billion plus interest.

And as for mortgages, if we seized the government and the Federal Reserve, we could create enough checking account money to rewrite all existing home mortgages for those who own one home. For example, Bank XYZ has $100 billion in home loans to rewrite. We create that money and give the bank thr needed amount at 1/4 of 1% interest. They then charge everyone $100 to rewrite their outstanding balances due at 1.25% interest. The hme owners payments drops dramatically enabling them to boost the economy and to save for their retirement.

The goal of the new government should be to allow the working and middle classes to own homes and to fund their retirement as opposed to the present system which prefers Debt Slavery to freedom and self-determination.

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Either Give Fair Coverage Or We Pull Your FCC Licenses!

We need to go beyond Left and Right to found an anti-Banker party. Dr Michael Hudson.


Republicans are used to unfair reporting from the news media because the press in the US is mostly Jewish owned and both pro-Israel and pro-Wall Street. But this year has been rather astounding. When Bernie Sanders supporters converged on Debbie Wasserman Schultz to blame her for rigging the primaries for Hillary, MSNBC said 99% applauded the former head of the DNC. I saw the raw video of Sanders supporters booing her and yelling, “Bernie. Bernie.” The TV audience never saw the anti-Hillary protesters outside the convention center chanting, “Lock her up! Lock her up!”

What angered the Bernie delegates was the outright theft of the nomination. Hillary went to Wall Street and raised enough money to buy Super Delegates from a majority of the 50 state Democratic parties. One of the emails referred to their Latino outreach program as being a Taco Bowl Fiesta. To cover that and other embarrassing admissions, such as, the collusion of the media with Hillary to rig the elections, they ran a false story saying that Vladimir Putin was behind the hacking of the DNC for Wikileaks.

This allowed them to run stories saying that Trump was dangerously naive and Putin’s stooge. In fact the only danger has been the Obama administration spending $5 billion funding the overthrow of the Ukrainian government and moving NATO troops closer to Moscow than anyone since the Germans in WW II.

When the convention was over, the news media cooked up fake polls to show Hillary in the lead. And they released a fake story about the RNC having to find a replacement for Trump when he drops out of the presidential race. And then after tweaking her number 13 points, they found Trump still to close to Hillary.

Hillary needs fake polls to cover the theft of 8 to 10 million votes in November. Talking points from the White House are that vote fraud is rare. Nonsense. HBO made a documentary of Bev Harris’s work at http://www.BlackBoxvoting.org . Votes are stolen by the millions every election.

My solution to the problem of media lies and bias is quite simple. Find out which of the broadcast TV stations are owned by NBC, CBS, ABC and Fox. Go back and get videos of their network coverage of the following need to know stories. And then file complaints with the FCC and the station.

Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John Kerry have been running weapons and giving aid to Al Qaeda. ISIS used to be known as Al Qaeda in Iraq. And Al Nusra was Al Qaeda in Syria. They were both funded by the US. John Kerry gave 400 trucks designed to US Special Forces specifications. Those 400 trucks were immediately handed over to ISIS. ISIS used these them to invade Iraq and take Mosul in 2014. Barack Obama refused to let the US Air Force take out that convoy. In essence he gave central Iraq to ISIS. It has been illegal since 911 to give aid to Al Qaeda. Palestinians in the US have been arrested for giving money to hospitals in Gaza. But the news media is not covering the following fact. What Hillary, Obama and Kerry have done in support of ISIS and Al Nusra is treason. You could make an argument that the news media is aiding and abetting treason.

The media is also aiding and abetting the genocide of Africans. Blacks were the greatest supporters of Qaddafi in Libya for good reason. Hillary’s emails acknowledged that the men she was funneling arms to were killing Africans even at the beginning of the Libyan campaign. After Hillary and Obama had destroyed Libya, 40,000 unarmed Africans were killed. This is beyond racism and qualifies as genocide. Yet no word from the broadcast stations owned by ABC, CBS and NBC. You will have to check FOX coverage on this issue as they all differ and the same can be said for the other networks. The local broadcaster is only responsible for the uncriticized feeds they allow on air from their networks.

Of course after a week you can file complaints against other local broadcasters who do carry network TV news but are independently owned.

You should also check out the media appearances of Charles Ortel who has made in depth studies of the Clinton Foundation. He has said that more than $100 billion in donations went missing from the Foundation. $14 billion from Haitian relief and $25 billion from Africa. The Norwegian government donated $79 million to the Clinton Foundation over a period of years but 75% of that money was never written down on the books. Other nations are reporting similar accounting problems with the Clintons.

The Clinton Foundation is only authorized by the IRS to collect money for the President’s library in Arkansas. This Foundation is the greatest charitable fraud in history. The FBI and IRS have yet to adequately investigate this matter.

Please explain to the TV stations that your filing with them and the FCC will not get a good reception this year but it might next year. The news media might be working for us rather than against us next year.

Let me leave you with these two photos that questions Hillary’s physical ability to be President. We already know she is mentally and morally unfit for the office.



 photo  PJdp4h_zpsebhnw9qh.jpg


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America, The Narco Terrorist State, 1963-2017?

‘Donald Trump could not go after Hillary’s criminality without the permission of the US Military and Intelligence services. Catherine Austin Fitts

‘The NSA has all of Hillary’s emails. It might be the source of the leak.’  Whistleblower William Binney. Binney was the original architect of the NSA’s surveillance program.

“Hillary has to go to jail.”  Donald Trump.

Lock her up! Lock her up! A chant from protesters outside the 2016 Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

International banks launder $500 billion a year in political bribes. Asia Times magazine.

Julian Assange has said he has more Hillary emails to release which include her giving aid to Al Qaeda and ISIS. This will be followed by a data dump from the Clinton Foundation. Hillary might not even be a candidate by the time the first presidential debate rolls around.

We might have an economic crash more severe than the Great Depression occur any time either before or after the November 2016 elections. Dr Steve Keen has said we can estimate the severity of a coming Depression by the amount of Unpayable Debts each country has accumulated. America, Britain and Canada have more Unpayable Debts than most nations. The current Director of the European Central Bank is a former Goldman Sachs employee Mario Draghi. He was head of Goldman Sachs Europe. The current Governor of the Bank of England is Mark Carney. He is a former Governor of the Bank of Canada and VP at Goldman Sachs.

Our banking system only allows money to be created as a debt. The Banker creates the money you borrow as a deposit to your checking account. He is charging you interest on money he creates out of nothing. It is designed to transfer wealth from those who work to those who have the right to make money as a debt out of nothing.

I have noted previously that President Kennedy was murdered on the 53rd anniversary of the first clandestine meeting of the Bankers to draft the legislation that became the Federal Reserve Act of 1913.

The Rothschilds took control of the Bank of England at the end of the Napoleonic wars. It  was privately owned until the end of WW II. 90% of the ships that took African slaves to South and North America were owned by Jews. The white working and middle classes in England began to gradually gain voting rights in England in the early 1800s. They voted to ban slavery in a series of Acts. That is when Jewish Bankers decided to replace slave trading with opium as a profit center. They subsequently convinced Her Majesty’s Jewish Government to fight two Opium Wars against China to expand their drug sales in Asia. The OSS was the wartime predecessor of the CIA. They were trained by MI6 which grew up helping Jewish Bankers to run their opium trade. MI6 passed those drug running and money laundering skills onto their counterparts at the CIA.

The CIA has created a world wide infrastructure including Drug Cartels to bring illegal drugs to America and to her supposed allies around the world. Since the American invasion of Afghanistan, heroin has become so cheap that 100,000 people a year overdose from it. And the average age of the first time user in the US is just 14. The CIA made so much money selling drugs that they were able to buy a trillion dollars in US Treasury bonds that had been sold by foreign Central Banks over the past year.

George W. Bush whose father was CIA director told our allies even before 911 that we were going to invade Afghanistan . Why would he do that except to corner the world’s heroin market? In the 1970’s Richard Nixon had a program to give $100 million to Turkish farmers to stop growing opium. This enabled the US CIA-Mafia combine to put their Corsican rivals out of business as the latter relied on Turkey as their source of supply. William French Smith was Ronald Reagan’s first Attorney General. He made a ruling that told the CIA they no longer had to report their illegal drug operations to the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency.) His assistant was Ken Starr who later ran the Whitewater investigation and made sure that no CIA-drug-gun-money laundering evidence put of Arkansas made its way into the public record. Bill Clinton was indicted but never convicted.

One of the reasons for the assassination of President Kennedy was so Bankers could get white Americans hooked on drugs.

The Rothschild owned Economist magazine said all Globalists must now come to the aid of Hillary Clinton. This might explaining why the Koch brothers have turned to Hillary along with other career criminals otherwise known as politicians and presstitutes.

Catherine Austin Fitts said they are stealing our money by the tens of trillions. So what makes you think that they would not spend 1/10th of 1% of a trillion dollars – a billion dollars- every election cycle to hire the media and the politicians to lie to us?

So why are the highest levels of the military and intelligence services against Hillary?

The severity of the coming crash might have convinced the CIA and the Pentagon that we cannot allow Hillary to continue on this current path to annihilation. James Rickards has been a financial adviser to the CIA and the Pentagon since 2001. He has said the US dollar will be devalued against foreign currencies by 80% which is to say that the price of imported products will go up 500%. And that foreigners will be able to literally buy the food off our shelves. That means the poorest 120 million or so Americans will definitely have trouble buying food. And that will be a National Security nightmare on the day of the first Nationwide Food Riots.

The military and intelligence communities are sending clear signals that they want a choice other than Hillary. She represents the American Narco Terrorist State. Trump does not. He wants to industrialize America again. Hillary helped write the TPP treaty that like NAFTA will continue to send manufacturing jobs overseas and end American sovereignty. We could lose forever the ability to pass environmental, consumer safety and labor laws to a rigged  international trade court system where the lawyers and the judges are EXXON, Monsanto and Goldman Sachs employees.

Many liberals who knowingly or unknowingly support the American Narco Terrorist State have said that it would be nice if Mr Trump were assassinated. They do not seem to realize that America formally became a Narco Terrorist State when President Kennedy was assassinated in 1963. It could stop being one in January of 2017.

Assassinating Donald Trump would not be a good day for liberalism as his assassination might happen around the time of the Nationwide Food Riots which could escalate into a full blown Racial Civil War. I have been warning that a Race War is something Wall Street looks forward to because we could not unite to arrest the Bankers and seize their assets if we were killing each other.

Hint: I think I know why Marion Le Pen wants everyone in the National Front to join the French National Guard. That way the French nationalists will be armed and organized when the economy drops like a rock.

Americans already are armed. To avoid bloodshed the US military wants to transition away from a Narco Terrorist State with no economy other than drug dealing, money laundering and military operations 24/7. When the Dollar Dies, those battle scenes on TV will be news reports from Chicago, Cleveland and St Louis and not just Mosul and Kabul if America votes to remain a Narco Terrorist State in November and tries to remain one beyond 2017.

The only way to break the grip the drug and money laundering Bankers have over America and the West is to do the following:

Legalize drugs to take away the trillion dollars a year Bankers launder in illegal drugs and weapons sales.

Create a non-interest bearing currency like President Lincoln’s Greenbacks or the UK’s Bradbury pound.

Make fractional reserve banking illegal. That would eliminate the cycle of Booms and Busts.

Arrest the Bankers and seize their assets to fully fund Debt Cancellation which is the only painless way to end a Depression. It was devised originally by the kings of Sumer and Babylon. The Bible writers called it the Jubilee. It would eliminate government debt. It could also credit $25,000 per single adult or $50,000 per married couple against their debts or be used to fund their retirement.

A non-interest bearing currency would eliminate government debt at the federal, state and local level. This would save over $500 billion a year to taxpayers in interest charges on government debts.

The only other alternative is that we give up and die.

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Take Down Hillary With One Liners

Unless you want the witch who said ‘we came, we saw, he died’ to become President, you will have to kick it into campaign mode. You might want to try some of these one liners.

Catherine Austin Fitts: America is beginning to look like Mena, Arkansas, during the Mena drug running.”

(Catherine believes America under Hillary will become a Narco Terrorist Sate with law abiding citizens who believe in the Bill of Rights as the enemy.)

Edward Snowden summed up the 2016 Presidential campaign with one tweet:

2016: a choice between Goldman Sachs and Donald Trump.

We don’t need to see Hillary Clinton’s deleted emails: her incompetence is in plain sight.

“Wall Street bankers inflate bubbles in everything from government bonds to Hillary Clinton’s speaking fees”  Peter  Thiel

More than $100 billion in donations went missing from the Clinton Foundation. Charles Ortel. (See http://www.CharlesOrtel.com )

The Norwegian government through various governmental agencies gave $79 million to the Clinton Foundation over a number of years but 75% of that money never went on the Foundation’s books. Now who are you going to believe, Hillary Clinton or the Prime Minister of Norway?

The Clinton Foundation could have been engaged in money laundering. Company X could give a $50 million donation to the Clinton Foundation which would appear on their company’s books as a tax deductible donation. Hillary could deposit $10 million into the CEO’s personal Cayman Islands bank account. The Foundation could give $20 million to an African dictator to get an oil concession at cut rates. The Foundation could give $10 million to Wet Works Black Ops Slush Funds to kill people agitating for democracy and the rule of law. I read of one such op in Africa where farmers were agitating for an oil company to clean up a spill on their land. The company paid $10,000 for thugs to kill African farmers and to convince the survivors to go away. And the Clintons could keep $10 for themselves to finance Hillary’s 2016 campaign. Super delegates are expensive.

Dr. Fahmy Malak was Clinton’s pathologist in Arkansas. The police found the headless body of James “Dewey” Milam. Clinton’s coroner told the cops that the man died of natural causes from ulcers. When the cops asked where the head was, Dr Malak said the man’s dog bit his head off and ate it. In the morning the cops found the man’s head in the bushes nearby. Maybe it wasn’t natural causes after all.

A few years later in Washington, the Park Police said they found Vince Foster’s body in Fort Marcy Park. We are to believe that Mr Foster wiped his prints off the gun after he shot himself. Foster’s briefcase was empty. But 3 days after his death, Vince Foster wrote a suicide note and placed it in his previously empty briefcase.

Clinton and Obama shared one political policy with the Bush Crime family: Guns South and Drugs north. Obama called it Fast and Furious.

Governor Bill Clinton used the Arkansas Development and Finance Authority to create Coral Reinsurance which laundered hundreds of millions in drug money in its first week of operation.

Also through ADFA Clinton set up a company in Arkansas that made fully automatic M-16s without serial numbers to trade for drugs from the Contra rebels. This was part of the origin of the crack cocaine epidemic in America. Gun running, drug smuggling and money laundering used to be illegal in the old days before America became a Narco State.

The Clintons had a cure for the crack cocaine epidemic. They passed a draconian Crime bill that sent crack users to for profit prison  to make campaign donors richer than they were.

The BBC had a panel of British celebrities who were told that in America 93% of the house paint and 100% of military helmets and belts made in America are manufactured in prisons by slave labor. Watch the jaws of the panel drop to realize how far America has fallen in the eyes of the world.

(Being BBC they did not tell the panel that this cheap labor was created by the Clintons and the Democrats who set up their own private for profit prison system in which lawmakers can buy stock and receive dividends from the labors of the victims of our Narco State.)

Hillary has decades of experience in Washington. Susan Gaffney, the Inspector General at HUD, reported to the Congress in 2000 that during the last two years of the Clinton administration $77.2 billion had gone missing at HUD. Susan wisely made no attempt to recover any of that stolen money as honesty and integrity in Washington are fatal diseases.

Hillary Clinton learned from husband Bill’s mistakes. She decided to leave the post of Inspector General vacant during her 5 year tenure at the State Department. So when $6 billion went missing on her watch at State there was no Inspector General for the House and Senate to ask where the money went.

The Bush-Clinton Crime Family.

When Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, Presidents Bush and Clinton went on air to plead for donations. They stole billions from money donated to help the poor.

George Bush told our European allies that he was going to invade Afghanistan months before 911.  The Bush admin had the Global Hawk drone redesigned to include a 3,000 pound compartment to carry opium. Heroin since the Afghan war has become so cheap that 100,000 people die of heroin overdoses every year. The average age of a first time heroin user in America is 14. And you wonder why the war in Afghanistan is the longest war in American history.

The CIA made so much money from running drugs that they were able to buy more than a trillion dollars in US Treasury bonds that were dumped by foreign Central Banks over the past year.

In the 1990s the Treasury sold $2.2 trillion more in bonds than were required to fund the Treasury deficit. So if Bill Clinton allowed the primary dealers in Treasury bonds (which are the Big Banks) to sell $2.2 trillion in fake US bonds what do you expect President Hillary to do? Do you even care that Banks are allowed to sell bonds and stick the money in their pocket sticking taxpayers for the missing trillions? Are you still capable of rage?

Did you see the videos Donald Rumsfeld admitting on 9-10-2001 that neither he nor his Comptroller rabbi Dov Zakheim could find $2.3 trillion in money spent while Bill Clinton was President. What he was saying was that the Clinton’s had such poor accounting practices that even if someone had stolen money by the billions from the taxpayers, we could not have proven it and sent a clever thief to jail.

Rumsfeld did promise to improve accounting practices at the DOD so taxpayers would know where their money went. $8.5 trillion has been spent by the Pentagon since 1996 without proper accounting. Do we need Hillary to continue these sleazy accounting methods for another 4 or 8 years?

Catherine Austin Fitts said that the Bankers at the New World Order have stolen so much money from us that they can earn $2 trillion a year on their investments. Can you imagine Hillary Clinton going to war against the men who stole our money by the tens of trillions? If you can’t, then you will live under a Narco State.

The people who steal your money by the tens of trillions can afford to pay the media and the politicians to tell you lies. So why do you believe anything they say?

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Conversations With Young Assimilated Jewish People: October 2011.

The true test of assimilation for Jewish people is marriage. Half of all American and English Jews marry outside their race. Jewish women have to compete with Gentile women who are a lot prettier. When I tell Jewish men that my grandmother was a Swedish show girl, I can detect interest.

In the course of one year when I was living in Silicon Valley I met two married Jewish women who told me they intentionally got pregnant by Gentiles so they could have better looking daughters.

Affirmative Action has allowed Jews to move even further ahead. Jews take the white quotas so they can push their Gentile competition aside. Jews call this a Benefit of Being Jewish. This means that less qualified Israelis get scholarships to an American state University while more qualified Gentiles are not even admitted.

Affirmative action helps Jewish women take everything in sight. I once asked a Jewish college professor to make a list of all the American women who contributed to her science journal and to compare it to the list of Asian American men. They were about equal in length. I then asked her to subtract the Jewish women from the first list. These Jewish women with all the credentials and the help of other Jews get a lot of perks, rewards and contracts but they do not give birth very often. This is a case where the Benefit of Being Jewish does irreparable harm to their race.

I do disagree with the Jewish leaders who claim there are only 5.2 million Jews in America. There are that many Jews living within a 100 miles of New York City. Are they saying there are no Jews in Chicago, St Louis, Atlanta, Florida, Hollywood and anywhere else? The Jews take an annual census. 30 years ago I lived in a Jewish ghetto and was told there were 40 million Jews in America. Jewish friends said this was a puff figure that must have included people with one Jewish grandparent. The real number was less than 30 million. I believe the Commentary magazine claim that in 1980 the average Jew was 47 years-old. Their aging population, affirmative action for Jewish women and out marriage by their men has probably reduced the American Jewish population to around 20 million. If there are only 600,000 Orthodox Jews in America, then there cannot be a lot more than 20 million Jews in the country.

Un-assimilated Jews can be obnoxious. I once read a column by a New York Jew asking and answering whether America was a home or just an address for the Jews. He concluded that Americans did not love the Jews enough for this to be a home and not just an address. What obnoxious insanity. Americans have fought their wars since 1917 and given them control of their politics, their educational system, their Foundations, their media, their foreign policy and their finances with horrendous results for non-Jews.

The Jewish leadership has intentionally put their people into a dangerous position. Their leaders have been preaching the Holocaust as a cornerstone of modern Jewish Identity. Yet educated people can easily reason their way through to the truth. There was no Holocaust.

The American Jewish leadership not only allowed Israel to attack their host nation on 911 but also acted to cover it up. That is treason. And the Jewish leadership has allowed the Jews of Wall Street and the Federal Reserve to steal every dollar, pound and euro not nailed to a wall.

If the Jewish leaders destroy a nation, they have to pay to relocate loyal Jews to another country where they can start the process all over again.

Let’s begin a real and honest conversation with assimilated Jews.

I previously said this current depression should not be called the Second Great Depression but rather the Greatest Starvation. The Russian demographer Borisov said at least 3 million Americans died from starvation during the Great Depression of 1929 to 1939. My lowest estimate for this current Depression is that 9 million Americans will die from starvation and 3 to 5 million will commit suicide rather than starve to death. This is our Gentile future if we do not revolt against the Jewish occupation regime and seize the tens of trillions of dollars they stole from us.

I once talked to a young Jewish man whose friends were mostly white. He was of course a liberal. I told him that the Jewish leaders want him to stand between tens of millions of hungry people and food thus making sure the poor could not eat unless they killed him. He did not think that was a good idea. His white girl friend said they expected him and by implication his assimilated Jewish friends to intervene in their behalf to save them from starvation.

If there were such a force of assimilated Jews challenging their self appointed leaders, it would have already successfully acted to indict the criminals on Wall Street and to seize their assets.

What does this mean for the Jewish person who tries to live his or her life without openly going against their arrogant Jewish leadership? All those assimilated Jews will have to decide very soon whether they are loyal citizens of America, England and Europe or they are shock troops for the Israeli-Zionist forces which will be forced kill Gentiles by the billions.

I need to remind the majority of my readers who live outside the US that Americans own more than 315 million guns and more than 10 billion bullets.

If the Assimilated Jews do nothing, America will soon be an ugly place to live. At that point, the Jews of America will have to either start killing their fellow countrymen by the tens of millions or to flee their place of birth never to return.

The third option of launching World War III has been taken off the table by the US military, the Russians and the Chinese. The Pentagon knows Israel did 911. And they are learning that the Bankers want America to lose WW III so those of us who survive the coming wars and mass starvation can be reduced to permanent debt slavery.

I will conclude by saying the following: the Jewish leadership has deliberately created this worldwide catastrophe in order to force those assimilated Jews back into the clutches of Judaism Incorporated, a criminal enterprise.

I would like to open an honest dialog between Jews and Gentiles. Please refrain from leaving comments laced with profanity, hatred and demands for violence. I believe we have a little time left to avert complete disaster and the end of life as we knew it.

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