Your 2020 Congressional Campaign Stump Speech

There is a local issue in this campaign that has just recently surfaced. An anonymous flier has circulated all over this Congressional District.  It reads:

“The Big Banks launder $500 billion a year offshore in political bribes. That is according to Asia Times magazine. And a trillion dollars a year in illegal drugs and weapons are laundered through those same banks. This level of corruption is so deep that it has allowed tens of trillions of dollars to have been stolen from federal funds which is to say from the taxpayers. And we are not allowed to audit federal accounts to demand restitution because we don’t have a Congressman. You have a man who represents Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan. And this Congressman despises you. He wants to cut your wages and pensions in half. And he wants the working class to pay even more for rent.”

He insists that is the right thing to do. In addition to his hatred of you, he is motivated by the millions of dollars he gets paid every year to destroy America. I can prove logically that is getting paid at least $10 million a year. How? Nobody would destroy their homeland for any less would they?

Before proceeding further my lawyer wanted me to say that I had nothing to do with that flier and that I promise never to do it again.

{Note: I believe the dollar will crash either a few months before or after the November elections. The US government might soon afterward cease to function. I offer this sample 2020 congressional stump speech to anyone who would like to use it. It is written for a candidate running against a male incumbent Democrat in Colorado. You will have to make adjustments for your state residence and party affiliation.}

Now let me explain that flier. The Banks launder $500 billion in offshore bribes so you should not expect the government to care about you let alone listen to your complaints. And that trillions a year in laundered illegal drugs and weapons sales absolutely guarantees that criminals win and we lose. But the Corporate Media and the Congress Critters don’t care. The exponential growth in corruption has made it seem impossible to change anything at all. Of course the exception would be the Day the Dollar  Dies. The government dies and we offer an alternative. All we have to do is to survive just a few more years when their system fails.

On 9-10-2001 Donald Rumsfeld admitted that he was not able to trace 2.3 trillion dollars in Department of Defense spending. Catherine Austin Fitts who was Assistant Secretary of HUD in the Bush I regime has said that the trillions of dollars stolen from unaudited federal spending has been sent overseas and will be used to buy America for pennies on the dollar at fire sale prices after our economy hits bottom.

Rumsfeld had promised that they would in the future do a better job safeguarding the taxpayer’s money but somehow Bush and Rumsfeld forgot to keep that promise.

Dr Mark Skidmore showed from US government sources that $21 trillion went missing from HUD and DOD between 1998 and 2015. This money includes the $2.3 trillion Rumsfeld mentioned. Not only have they not investigated the Missing Trillions, they passed a change in federal rules for the FASB (Financial Accounting Standards Board). The new rules allow the government to tell investigators that a missing 2 trillions just went walk about because the National Security interest demanded it. And that ends the investigation.

The real enemies of America have always been the Federal Reserve bank, Goldman Sachs, J P Morgan, their friends on Wall Street and their criminal co-conspirators both in the Corporate Media and  in the House of Representatives and the United States Senate.

Before concluding let me try to explain to you how the Federal Reserve system was designed to steal your money and why we need to abolish it.

The simplest way to explain the FED is to say that they have a license to print our money. It is as if they were legalized counterfeiters whose only restriction is that they cannot go into a store to pass their money. They can only loan their money into circulation and collect interest from the suckers. We now have about 23.5 trillion dollars in loans the government must pay interest on unnecessarily. Before there was a FED, no national debt and no interest to pay on that debt and no income tax either. All of the income taxes we have paid have gone to subsidize corporations, to pay for wars we did not need and to pay the banks for printing the money the Treasury should have printed for us without interest.

Imagine life if there had been no Depression of 1929-1939 and 3 million Americans starving to death. No current Depression and no inflation. Imagine an America where you and your family had never paid an income tax and our lives had not been disrupted by inflation and massive job losses. Imagine America without WW I, WW II and the Korean and Vietnam wars. What you have imagined is an America without a Federal Reserve bank and without Goldman Sachs and where we are free to live our lives without their wars and their schemes.

But the DC Swamp Creatures will resort to Helicopter money starting this coming week which is why I believe the economy will crash either before or soon after the November elections. The result will be a 60% pay cut to all workers and pensioners who are not cut 100%. Now more than ever you need at least one honest man from Colorado in the Congress.

I mentioned Dr Mark Skidmore and Catherine Austin Fitts and their war to get those thieves in Washington to return the Missing $21 trillion.

Join Catherine’s Meme War Against DC Swamp Creatures. Related Articles:

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The Wuhan Virus And 5G 60 GHZ Are Binary Weapons

I am convinced that The Powers That Be want us dead. Why? Maybe because they stole our pension money and don’t feel like making restitution? Or maybe they figure it is cheaper to kill a few billion people rather than clean up the environment? We never really know another’s motivations. In any event, I do remember this quote:

“For the first time in human history it is infinitely easier to kill a million people than to control them.” Zbigniew Brzezinski. November 17, 2008.

Let me explain what a binary weapon is. I went to university in Boston many years ago. While there, I remember a locally produced TV documentary which featured a binary weapon. Two CIA thugs were trying to get a binary weapon from the US to the Mideast on commercial airliners. The man they selected to carry their binary warhead through customs underneath his raincoat was drunk so they had to call up fellow criminals at MI-6 to get their man through. His binary weapon was a nerve gas. The warhead had two compartments. If one compartment leaked, customs would have arrested the drunk but nobody would have died. But, if both compartments released on impact as it was designed to do, the two chemicals would have mixed and produced a nerve gas that would have killed nearly everyone at Heathrow airport that day.

Both the Wuhan virus and the 5G 60 GHZ networks are harmful. But the virus seems to be more virulent in the presence of 5G 60 GHZ frequencies. And people who recover from hospitals do go home to 5G 60 GHZ cell towers in the neighborhoods and continue to live.

If you know anyone who has a direct line of communication with either the Iranian or the Chinese government, please forward this message because it is in their power to save us from the implementation of 5G 60 GHZ mobile network towers and from a series of bioweapons and vaccines.

The Scientific American had an article entitled “We Have No Reason to Believe 5G Is Safe.” The link is below. I also found this on Google: Joe Imbriano warns that 5G technology will broadcast at 60 GHz, which is the absorption spectrum of oxygen molecules, which means it can kill at a distance. At the molecular level, these frequencies affect the orbit of electrons, and that affects the ability of blood hemoglobin to bind with oxygen.

Hint: Humans need oxygen to live.

The coronavirus has been proven beyond any doubt to have been created in a lab. Likely, the US and not China as it has two HIV strands with a spliced in SARS ACE2 cellular inhibitor which in the original epidemic attacked Asians more with fatal consequences than the rest of us.

Now imagine that you have combined the two bioweapons and people start dying in countries with the most 5g 60 GHZ,  two of which are China and Iran.

Please forward this message to anyone you know who has links to either the Iranian or Chinese governments.

I wrote an article explaining that we can survive this bioweapon.

One key is cytokine storms. But, if you build a gut barrier, you will reduce your cytokine responses by 80%. And there are ways you can survive that intense cytokine storm. Giving up sugar might help too as Dr Tom Cowan said that eating simple sugar decreases the ability of the capillaries to move oxygen.

This might be our last chance to say No to those who want us to die by the billions.

Preventing and Curing the Wuhan Virus: Work in Progress

We Have No Reason to Believe 5G Is Safe


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Preventing and Curing the Wuhan Virus: Work in Progress

UPDATE: A controlled study of 30 patients at Stanford found that chloroquine and a zinc lozenge can remove all traces of the virus in six days. (James Todaro MD and Thomas Broker PhD) Chloroquine is available over the counter as a malaria treatment. Doctors can safely prescribe it as an off label treatment for the coronavirus. Chloroquine and a zinc lozenge can remove all trace of the virus in 6 days. Taken prophylactically one tablet will protect an uninfected healthcare worker from infection by not allowing the virus to attach to his or her body.

Update Two: Oxford studies cite Zinc as an important anti-viral agent. That is why any chloroquine trial should include zinc lozenges. Bayer has donated 3 million chloroquine tablets. Don’t forget the zinc lozenge.

I found some Chinese used an IV with Vitamin C to treat the virus. Some results.

But while researching I found scholar level American articles stating for a fact that an IV with vitamins C and K3 will kill cancer cells. Good to know for future though it has nothing to do with the Wuhan virus. Just good to know. Sounds better than chemo!!

(End of updates. Now returning to the unedited version.) This protocol to treat the Wuhan virus, which is a bioweapon, is a work in progress. I expect a dangerous Super Duper Wuhan virus vaccine and two more bioweapons to be released (weaponized SARS and MERS). I also expect great harm to be done to our health from the adoption of the forthcoming 5G 60 GHZ mobile network broadcasting towers. China is already afflicted with this monster.

Let’s begin with disease prevention first: Dr Rhonda Patrick suggests very strongly that you get an annual blood test to determine your nutrient levels. Most people are deficient in the minerals that make your body work. Very few have sufficient fiber for good health. Insist prior to taking the test that YOU be allowed to read the results and get a copy. Gone are the days of trusting doctors who trust Big Pharma.

Hint: The Rodale Institute reported that giving sick people a thousand dollars of organic food to eat did more for them than $24,000 of treatments from Mr Big Pharma.

What won’t be tested at your doctor’s office are trace minerals. If you aren’t taking some already, please get some colloidal trace minerals. FDA does not like the word colloidal.

Your body needs Selenium and it has a co-factor Vitamin E. California foods are rich in Selenium as it is in the soil. Washington state ranchers could not raise beef until 1947 when veterinarians figured out that Muscular Dystrophy was a Selenium deficiency disease. Big Pharma has not caught on to that after 73 years.

Vitamin C. Dr Sircus recommends you get serious about Vitamin C. He recommends Mega Food C. They have a chewable form. If a child you care about is forced to take vaccines, make sure they get high doses of C starting 3 hours before, an hour before and just before and a few times after the vaccine. Vaccines do bad things to people who are vitamin C deficient. New Chapter is also very good. Compare the two. Recommend others by leaving a comment. I personally will be taking liposomal vitamin C as well as what I had been taking. Normally vitamin C depends on the availability of Sodium Dependent Vitamin C Transporters in the gut. That is why I normally take smaller doses of C at intervals. Liposomal goes around that. See reference below. Good for other health issues.

Liposomal C and vitamin D-3 should be sufficient to protect someone with a functioning immune system in good health from getting the virus based on a low load casual contact. Higher load contact like doctors and nurses will face, will require oxygen masks and something more expensive like

South Korea used an oxygen mask to deliver high does of oxygen to coronavirus patients. They were cured. A mask releases as much oxygen into a patient’s blood as does a more expensive HBOT 1.3 Ata chamber. A hard chamber can deliver even more oxygen at Ata 2.0 and 3.0 but is not needed for this condition.

PS. I like HBOT 2.0 treatment because it rejuvenates the cellular mitochondria which is needed by everyone starting at age 50. The mitochondria controls your energy cycle.

EWOT is Exercise with Oxygen Therapy. The reference is below. It does amazing things and includes the equipment needed to raise O2 levels from the face mask as they have done in South Korea to treat the coronavirus.

China is experimenting with IV Vitamin C at 24 grams per day. Maybe should be more for larger American patients. In the poliomyelitis epidemic in North Carolina in 1948, 60 cases of this disease came under Dr. Fred R. Klenner’s care. The treatment employed was vitamin C in massive doses. It was given like any other antibiotic every two to four hours. The initial dose was 1000 to 2000 mg, depending on age. This schedule was followed for 24 hours. After this time the fever was consistently down, so the vitamin C was given 1000 to 2000 mg every six hours for the next 48 hours. All patients were clinically well after 72 hours.

In the treatment of other types of virus infections, the same dose schedule was adopted. In herpes zoster, 2000 to 3000 mg of vitamin C was given every 12 hours; this was supplemented by 1000 mg in fruit juice by mouth every two hours. Eight cases were treated in this series, all adults. Seven experienced cessation of pain within two hours of the first injection and remained so without the use of any other analgesic medication. Seven of these cases showed drying of the vesicles within 24 hours and were clear of lesions within 72 hours. They received from five to seven injections. Chicken pox gave an equally good response, the vesicles responding in the same manner as did those of herpes.

In addition, Dr. Klenner treated many cases of influenza with vitamin C. The size of the dose and the number of injections required were in direct proportion to the fever curve and to the duration of the illness. Further the response of encephalitis virus to ascorbic acid therapy was dramatic. Six cases of encephalitis were treated and cured with vitamin C injections. Two cases were associated with the pneumonia virus; one followed chicken pox, one mumps, one measles and one a combination of measles and mumps.

Dr Rhonda Patrick also recommends you build a gut barrier. The benefits are that according to her a functioning gut barrier will eliminate 80% of all cytokine responses. Think of cytokines as signalling agents that excite immune responses. A “cytokine storm,” is a situation in which excessive cytokine production causes an immune response that can damage organs, especially the lungs and kidneys, and even lead to death. That is what a bioweapon is designed to do. I think we have 2 or 3 bioweapons from the American Deep State in our future.

Dr Patrick tells us that we need probiotics (beneficial bacteria), a high fiber diet varied in sources and types and vitamin B complex for our intestines to build a gut barrier. It reduces cytokine responses and therefor lessens the risk of a cytokine storm killing whether it originated as a pedestrian flu or as a bioweapon. Dr Patrick takes 35 grams of fiber a day. I am male so I aim at 50 grams a day. There are different kinds of fiber and you need a balance.

Dr Rhonda Patrick is a great believer in saunas 5 or more times a week to reduce morbidity from all causes except accidental death. It detoxifies the body but would be best to not share facilities with infected people. The heat from a sauna will kill a virus.

If you or someone you are caring for do get to the place where a cytokine storm fills the lungs with fluid, Cliff High recommends you take B6 and B 12 lozenges every four hours for 3 or 4 days or until the emergency is over. You will also need to make sure you are not deficient in good fats during this period. Take a normal dose of Omega 3 EFA, available in Chia seeds and flaxseed oil.

We have a winter time flu season because our bodies are deficient in Vitamin D-3. An MD PhD with patents told me to take 50,000 IU of D-3 weekly or that same amount daily if you get onset symptoms for a flu.

Update: Some results have been reported from China but we do not have full details. What they are doing is administering chloroquine, an anti-malaria drug, together with zinc lozenges (not tablets) after the disease has progressed beyond the mild phase. Zinc in gut is not as good as a lozenge. Take twice a day. This destroys the virus’s ability to reproduce itself. The chloroquine opens a pathway to allow the zinc to enter.

I assume you are taking a good form of Vitamin C. Lose weight and get exercise. A sedentary lifestyle is a risk factor for dying from this virus. Sambucol (elderberry) seems to have worked well for many alternative practitioners treating the flu. Mega Food has their own version of Elderberry at their website.

Probiotics only needs to be taken to restore your gut after taking antibiotics. Just find a good source, take it and then stop taking it until needed.

If you think I am a licensed physician, you are deluded. So figure this out for yourself. But trying to get someone with a medical license willing to go up against the AMA and Big Pharma might take some doing. Proceed with caution. Try to find an honest doctor with education and integrity.

If you take five annual flu shots, your chances of getting Early Onset Alzheimer’s just went up 1,000%.

Bonus. I took the following German herbal formula  twice a day for a year and was able to pass an electrocardiogram for the first time. My left ventricle is now working fine. The formula is: Hawthorn Berries, Milk Thistle, Ginkgo Biloba, Bilberry extract, Cayenne and Kyolic. The original German formula was for garlic but I take Kyolic. My doctors were amazed at the results but they all said No when I asked it they wanted my herbal formula. I take them all twice a day though I am on a periodic break so I can start up again stronger.

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This reference is useful for understaning liposomal vitamin C.

This reference is an important part of our history Big Pharma would like to see scrubbed.

High-dose Intravenous Vitamin C as a Successful Treatment of Viral Infections

This is a reference to EWOT and to O2 face masks as used in Korea to treat virus patients.

What Is Exercise with Oxygen Therapy (EWOT)?

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Lies, Damned Lies & Presidential Candidates

Lies candidates tell us.

1) Politicians take money by the truckload from the wealthy but claim they are opposed to the unequal distribution of wealth. Yet who passed the Federal Reserve Act of 1913? It gave Bankers the right to charge us interest on money they create out of nothing. The Income Tax also had to be passed in 1913 to pay for the interest on the debt that was created out of nothing. If we had not repealed President Lincoln’s non-interest bearing Greenbacks, we would save $12 billion a week we currently are paying on phony interest payments for the “fictional national debt” that need not be. And we would not have that “fictional” $23 trillion national debt.

The Depression of the 1930s starved 3 millions Americans to death because the money supply contracted 31%. Simple solution was to create money to bring the total back to a sufficient amount to do commerce. There were only 123 million Americans in 1929 which means a lot of poor people had friends and relatives who died for the aristocracy.

But talking about monetary reform can get you kicked out of the public arena faster than Tulsi Gabbard was banned for defending American veterans. Wars should only be fought to defend your nation’s interests is an idea Wall Street and Israel despise.

2) The latest buzz is that the candidates want to have “Open Borders” and to spend the money saved on “racist walls”  on coronavirus prevention and treatment. South Korea has been inundated by coronavirus patients because one church had held a meeting in Wuhan China. 70% of the 600 members of the Korean church who had no symptoms tested positive for the virus. We have heard of super carriers who spread the disease. Korea was brought to its knees by a few tour busloads of Christians returning home from a religious retreat.

The R0 (R naught) value of a virus is the measure of how many people one person can infect on average. The R0 value for the coronavirus is over 6. It spreads quickly. Chinese people have been getting flights out of China to Africa to Thailand and elsewhere. What is to stop them from getting on a plane to the US or to Mexico or Canada and crossing the border? $6 billion on a border wall is far cheaper than the costs of treating millions of patients 6% of whom wind up in Intensive Care Units.

3) The candidates say they want to help the poor working class who struggle to pay their bills and to even buy necessities. 40% of Americans would be starving to death if sent home from work for a 3 week quarantine.

It is true that labor productivity grew every year since 1950 but wages when deflated by the real cost of living have not increased, especially when you use realistic numbers from Why?

The politicians know why.

Have the voters never heard of supply and demand? Obama did. Less than 6 blocks from where I live is a large fast food ‘burger joint’ that employs hard core Obama voters. When Obama passed his Obamacare Act, the manager told her employees that they would never again work more than 28 hours a week. That was a 30% paycut she gave to her workers. Some of them cried but probably none realized that she was just passing on to them Obama’s betrayal of the working class. Some 13 years earlier there were 40 million fewer people living in America but the total number of hours worked remained unchanged.

Obama had devised a plan to share our jobs with illegal aliens. You can’t keep creating jobs out of thin air while you are busy shipping factories off to China and other destinations in Asia. Wages are getting too high in China. Lots of jobs were sent to Bangladesh. A Disney man in Asia once fired a factory because the workers wanted to make 37 cents an hour. That Disney man is obviously a big donor to American politicians.

4) Something Evil this way comes. And this monster was created by American politicians attempting to cover up their decision to over populate America. They decided to cover up the consequences of their decision to over populate America by printing trillions of  I Owe You Nothing Federal Reserve Notes.

Before America was over populated, we did not have to pay more than 36 cents for a gallon (3.79 liters)  of gasoline. Then Henry Kissinger invented the Petrodollar. He bought oil with I Owe You Nothing Federal Reserve Notes. Michael Hudson wrote Super Imperialism in 1972. He gave lectures at the State Department and the Pentagon. When a general figured out how we paid for all those wars, he said, “Wow. We are ripping people off.” He finally understood that America’s sins against her workers and against the victims of the Pentagon were paid for by a Printing Press.

Problem is that 60% of American money is overseas. When the Wuhan flu virus and the following two weaponized viruses have finished with America, people overseas will demand payment in gold or in some currency which they can use to buy something other that American debts. When, not if, the US Dollar is no longer accepted as a reserve as gold was in 1800, the dollars overseas will be repatriated. Our wages and pensions will lose half or more of their purchasing power. Actions have consequences. Printing dollars by the trillions only pushed the day of reckoning into the future and made that day many times more calamitous. Half of Americans will not be able to buy food. The politicians’ only concern will be how to buy more votes from starving people.

5) The Green New Deal is a gigantic scam. There is no Global Warming. The 1930s in America were blazing hot compared to today’s mild climate. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez said we have to stop using airplanes. We have to cut back on fossil fuels. She actually wanted to build bridges across the oceans from California to Japan and from New York to Europe so we could all travel overseas on electric trains. We will not face extinction in 12 years if we don’t give up driving cars.

We just entered a period of Global Cooling. Edward Maunder noticed in the 1600s that the Sun had fewer sunspots, that it was slightly cooler and the price of food rose sharply in Britain. In 1709 there was a Big Freeze in France which sent food prices 600% higher. Three volcanoes in Europe sent so much ash into the upper atmosphere that sunlight was partially blocked. The ground froze to a depth of one meter (40 inches.) We need to start Victory gardens in the southern regions. We need to build climate battery greenhouses. We need to teach people how to can food and how to spout seeds. Forcing people out of cars will just starve more humans to death and waste resources.

6) Dr Mark Skidmore had worked on state budgets where the biggest missing money item was $300. He saw Catherine Austin Fitts talking about billions of dollars missing from federal programs. He decided she must have meant millions of dollars missing so he and his graduate students did some research. He discovered from federal government sources that a total of $21 trillion had gone missing from HUD (Housing and Urban Development) and DOD (Department of Defense) from 1998 to 2015.

$21 trillion buys a lot of politicians and a lot of press. Not one Presidential candidate from any political background has ever mentioned the Missing Money. We could use that $21 trillion the Elite stole from us to fund Debt Cancellation which is the only painless way to end a Depression. The Babylonians and the kings of Sumer before them  cancelled Unpayable Debts. The Bible Writers discovered Debt Cancellation during the Babylonian Captivity.

We can estimate the severity of a coming Depression by the amount of Unpayable Debts to cancel. Debt Cancellation is a peaceful alternative to both a World War and to even more violent civil wars. Nothing drives men so insane as starvation taking the lives of their families. There are powerful people who would rather see the common people starve to death rather than return the trillions of dollars they stole.

7) The candidates talk about the number of gun related deaths which they inflate by adding suicides to murders. Subtract out suicides and we do have a drug and gangs related problem. Legalize drugs and the drug gangs would be out of the drug business. Look at the murder rate in Vermont which has one of the lowest rates in America. Compare it to Britain which bans guns in private hands. Vermont has Constitutional Carry. The US Second Amendment guarantees your right to buy a gun. And it guarantees your right to carry a concealed handgun. Yet the homicide rate in Vermont is lower than Britain.

References: You could learn more about the Missing $21 trillion here:

Join Catherine’s Meme War Against DC Swamp Creatures.

Want to know how the Elite will cut your wages and pensions in half?

Senator, Why Do You Want to Cut Our Wages and Pensions 50%?

There is a reason why the Wuhan virus will spread quickly in America but politicians will do nothing. We do have to do something to get their attention.

Democrats To Destroy US West Coast Within 14 Months.

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Democrats To Destroy US West Coast Within 14 Months.

Perhaps I should rewrite the title above so it is more self-explanatory. Liberal Democrats will destroy the US West Coast because they will not stop the homeless from defecating in the streets and spreading fatal communicable diseases. Destruction to be Apocalyptic within 14 months.

Why 14 months? Because Vitamin D-3 is the sunshine vitamin and is depleted during the winter. 14 months would be the end of winter and just passed spring break 2021.

Half of all the homeless in America live in California because unlimited legal and illegal immigration has made the former Golden State the most unlivable hellhole imaginable. Three of the 4 cities with the most homeless in California are in the north, San Francisco, Santa Rosa and San Jose. The fourth is Los Angeles. This is not the first plague to hit California. A doctor in San Jose told me they had 2 cases a month of bubonic plague from illegal aliens. And a doctor in LA has been trying to raise hell over communicable diseases amongst the homeless which would include bubonic plague.

The homeless might not yet have the Wuhan virus. But when the first man does get it, his feces will be aerosolized and allowed to infect workers, shoppers, conventioneers and tourists rushing past the stench to get to where they were going. San Francisco has 265,000 more people commuting into the city than out. One in ten SF Bay Area workers  commutes more an hour every morning and every evening. The reason for this is high rents due to immigration.

The homeless have no resistance to disease. They are exposed to people passing by. As beggars, they get up close and personal to passersby which is a good way both to become infected and to infect others. Let’s think through what happens to patient Zero H ( H is for homeless) , the first man to get the Wuhan virus. The mayor of San Francisco has already declared a state of emergency. That’s nice. But suppose patent Zero H defecates once a day in the streets and manages to infect a few other homeless plus some workers trying to get to lunch or to begin the long drive or train ride home. The commuters can spread the disease throughout the 9 counties around San Francisco Bay which has a total population of just under 8 million.

The homeless often go to hospitals for reasons other than the flu. The homeless are often arrested. In jail they can spread the disease to other prisoners and to other men and women awaiting trial and their lawyers and the court staff plus the jailers. In hospitals they can spread the virus to other patients and medical staff.

After conviction, the newly infected men and women are either sent to county jails and state prisons which house 115,000 people or to mental institutions. Both places are known centers of contagion in Korea and China.

There are thousands of homeless living in vans in California. I have seen videos of them dumping their raw sewage in the streets. Not good during the Plague Years.

Want to take bets on how many thousands of infected public defecators there are on the West Coast before liberal Democrats get a clue as to what a disaster they created?

Hint: Many Third World nations might have no Wuhan virus problem now, but public defecation by hundreds of millions of poor people everyday will take its toll. Remember there are at least two more plagues to follow.

The Wuhan virus is a bioweapon designed to kill Asians. There are 265,000 Asians in San Francisco and almost 6 million statewide. There are 20 million Asian-Americans. Asians are 40% of the students at UC Berkeley. There are 1.46 million Asians living in Los Angeles county and 671,000 in Santa Clara county (Silicon Valley.)

There are 399,000 Asians living in King County Washington (Seattle-Tacoma.) Seattle has non-Asian homeless on the streets. The Liberal Democrats of Seattle let the homeless rob one store owned by an Asian woman over 700 times without arresting even one person for theft. They did arrest a few homeless men for beating up shoppers and employees.

The real estate and the businesses of San Francisco, San Jose and Los Angeles are worth trillions. You would think that people as wealthy as Asian-Americans and as powerful as California financiers and the owners of Hollywood and Silicon Valley would have someone on staff to point out the fly in the ointment. Liberal Democrats have not figured out Feces on Streets Bad. I doubt all those billionaires are willing to chuck out a few trillion dollars in  investments to save Liberal Democrat politicians from a Reality Check.

Malcolm X once told blacks that the reason they voted for Democrats is because yo’ is a chump.

Let’s look at Asian-Americans. Almost all violent assaults against Asians are committed by blacks. This fact has not registered on the political radar. As has the fact, that the gang rape of white women was decriminalized in San Francisco as early as 1968.

Now let’s look again at the Deep State which has been chanting “Orange man bad” for the past three years. That Wuhan bioweapon was designed to kill Asians. It was deliberately released in Wuhan to kill Chinese people knowing it would eventually reach the US where 20 million Asian Americans could be infected. Plugging in values known to us through the media, we could estimate that 60% of the 20 million Asian-Americans become infected and that 15% of the 12 million infected die. That is 1.8 million Asian-Americans dying.

If 60% of 300 million non Asian Americans become infected and 1% die that would also be 1.8 million people. But the highest death rates will be in areas where hospitals are overwhelmed by the dying. That would be the cites on the West Coast all run by Liberal Democrats who have not figured out that feces in streets is bad.

Asian Americans ought to become irreconcilably angry with both the Democrats and the Deep State that will kill more than a million of their friends and relatives, not to mention more than 100 million in Asia.

As I said before, we will win if we survive the next five years. We might face two or more bioweapon plagues after this one works it way across America. Plagues come in waves. The next wave in America should be this coming winter (in 10 months). That is the time of year when our Vitamin D-3 levels are depleted. I advise you to take lots of D-3 to avoid the flu altogether if possible.

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Debt Cancellation Is The Best Way To Take Down Bilderberg

Many people who die from a flu are killed by a cytokine storm which is where the immune system goes crazy and your lungs are flooded.

I wrote this: 1) Tells how to dampen down cytokine storms by 80% and 2) how to treat it if it starts.

1) One key to preventing disease is to build a gut barrier. Dr Rhonda Patrick has told us how to do that. The benefits are that according to her a functioning gut barrier will eliminate 80% of all cytokine responses. Think of cytokines as signalling agents that excite immune responses. A “cytokine storm,” is a situation in which excessive cytokine production causes an immune response that can damage organs, especially the lungs and kidneys, and even lead to death. That is what a bioweapon is designed to do. I think we have 2 or 3 bioweapons in our future.

Dr Patrick tells us that we need probiotics (beneficial bacteria), a high fiber diet varied in sources and types and vitamin B complex for our intestines to build a gut barrier. It reduces cytokine responses and therefor lessens the risk of a cytokine storm killing whether it originated as a pedestrian flu or as a bioweapon. Dr Patrick takes 35 grams of fiber a day. I am male so I aim at 50 grams a day. There are different kinds of fiber so you need a balance.

2) If you or someone you are caring for do get to the place where a cytokine storm fills the lungs with fluid, Cliff High recommends you take B6 and B 12 lozenges every four hours for 3 or 4 days or until the emergency is over. You will also need to make sure you are not deficient in good EFA fats (Essential Fatty Acids) especially Omega 3 during this period.

(An initial report was that an oxygen mask delivering 1.3 times normal atmospheres cured a patient. No corroborative testing done yet.)

Surviving The Wuhan Virus

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The Wuhan Virus Is A Genocidal Slow Mo 911

A few observations.

Deagel Drops US 2025 Population Forecast To 54 Million by Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline TDC Note – The original chart Deagel produced, just a few shorts years ago, showed the U.S. population dropping to 65 million now it is revised to 54 million.

Maybe this famous Deagel population forecast was cognizant of a series of plagues and even a possible Civil War in America. A population of 56 million in America would be in line with the Georgia Guidestones which tell us the world should only have 500 million people. Americans would be around 11% of total world population.

Is it a coincidence that the virus was released in Wuhan which was also the pilot program location for China’s 5G 60 MHZ nationwide network? Hundreds of scientists tried to tell the UN that 5G networks would greatly harm human health. We do know that any virus will strike people with pre existing conditions the hardest. Maybe 5G 60 MHZ networks were a pre existing condition for everyone in China.

WHO did not bother to quarantine the Chinese who fled China directly which suggests either incompetence or a willful intent to spread the pandemic. Wealthy Chinese got out of China and bought airline tickets to destinations all over the world from Asian cities outside the Mainland. China has 360,000 students studying in the US and Canada.

Dr Paul Cottrell who practices in Manhattan is getting information from inside insurance companies, from the military, from family members with some kind of virus and from nurses treating patients. The CDC is low balling the number of cases. They are not testing people with the flu for the Wuhan virus. There are a lot more Americans with this virus than the CDC wants us to know about.

The CDC sent out defective kits to test the Wuhan virus to 47 of 50 states which is another explanation for why America reports so few cases. CDC, are you stupid or complicit in mass murder?

The BBC had an expert on who said he expects 60% of the people in the world to get the virus and 1% (of people in Britain?) to die. In America that would be 180 million infected and 1.8 million dead. But America has 20 million Asians. This is a bioweapon aimed at killing Asians so what if 60% of 20 million  Asian-Americans get the disease and 15% die as is probably the case in China. That would be 20 M X 60% X 15% = 1.8 million Asian Americans. Plus another 1.8 million other Americans. No data on the different rates of death for whites, Latinos and blacks. We do know that in the Spanish flu epidemic 550,000 Americans died out of a total population of 106 million. But 80% of the Samoans died.

We also know that most deaths occur when hospital systems are over loaded with sick. People who smoke are more susceptible. People over 50 and men more than women. Also people with pre existing conditions. About 60% of people who get a severe case of pneumonia die. But be of good cheer. There are two suggestions below in related articles to tell you how to cut cytokine responses by 80% and how to cure an existing cytokine storm which otherwise could be fatal.

We learned from the plague ship, the Diamond Princess, that you should never let untrained bureaucrats run a quarantine. Dr Iwata, an expert, said he saw better standards in Africa when he volunteered to treat Ebola patients. They had no concept of properly  separating a red zone and a green zone. A doctor without a mask was treating patients who were sick. And he saw people who wore gloves all day long to protect themselves from the virus use those same gloves to put food directly into their mouths. Cretins!!

A Chinese doctor in Hunan said that the government reported only one of fifty new cases of the disease but we already knew the government was lying.  A Chinese couple after a month of lockdown had no money and no food. They gave their baby to an orphanage and said they would be back in a month if they lived that long. The virus is spreading quickly through prisons and mental institutions in both China and South Korea.

Dr Iwata said the quarantine should be extended from 14 days to 3 weeks due to  the long incubation period for this virus. In China they are suggesting a further two weeks of quarantine after patients have been cured because survivors still have a viral load sufficient to infect others.

Summer Olympics starts July, 24 2020 in Tokyo. The virus is designed to attack and kill Asians. Postponing the Olympics might be a good idea. There were 10,000 athletes in 2016. Add all the exposure to the 500,000 or so overseas visitors, to the vendors and to the journalists and we have a tremendous pool of carriers who can take this virus to every corner of the globe.

Italy is being hit hard by the virus. The Armani Fashion show had to close its doors. They have police and military out with fully automatic weapons enforcing roadblocks in the area near Milan which is Italy’s industrial center.

I believe Iran was the victim of a bioweapon attack centered in the holy city of Qom which has nobody fleeing China and has no commercial travelers. Four neighboring countries have closed their borders with Iran. Most likely either the CIA or the Mossad released the bioweapon in Qom using Iranians from MEK or some other Zionist entity.An Iranian MP said 50 people had died in Qom. That is statistical proof that Qom was targeted. Not a bright thing to do. Iran has far superior missiles to the US.

I have said before that this is a bioweapon. To release this bioweapon you need the permission and the co-operation of the Deep State. But you must also go beyond them to the 30 families who rule the world. David Rothkopf was the Managing Director of Kissinger Associates back in the 1990s. He wrote the book Superclass in which he said that the world was run by 30 Families and their 6,000 Minions. The Thirty Families are the New World Order. The NWO wants to replace the sovereign decision making authority of more than 100 nations with their Absolute Power. One World government would remove the facade of democracy. Instead of One Man One Vote, we would have One Bank One Vote.

I want to repeat what I have said before. My best guess is that the plan is to get everyone to take the Super Duper Wuhan Virus Vaccine. What it will do is open you up to the next couple of bioweapons which are likely weaponized SARS and MERS viruses. They could combine to kill at least 36% of the people who had the Super Duper Wuhan vaccine.

Why would Wall Street want you dead? They do not want you to live to collect your pension because the Bankers stole it and will refuse to give it back. Catherine Austin Fitts has been writing about that since the late 1990s. She did use the term Genocide.

In America we have Real ID compliant Drivers licenses. As of October 1, 2020, you will not be able to board a plane without Real ID. Suppose they suspend your Real ID if you do not comply with their vaccine schedule which was designed to make Big Pharma wealthy at the expense of your health. They might even require you to take that Super Duper Wuhan Vaccine that opens you up to a 36% death rate from weaponized SARS and MERS.

Another benefit to the Bankers is that people will be so terrified when touching either door knobs or money could be fatal that they will accept Bankers’ Delight of Digital Currency, not to be confused with Bitcoin. A Digital US Dollar can trace every purchase you make in real time. It can shut down your ability to buy food or to  travel or to do anything if you say bad words about Bankers.

You will either have to learn to say No Loudly and Clearly or prepare to die.

I have said something recently that needs to be said again. All we need to do is to survive five years. That would be to live through two plagues of weaponized viruses, the greatest economic collapse in world history and a possible Civil War. The survivors are going to be really angry at the former Ruling Class because everyone will have lost friends and family  who meant something to them. The survivors just need to know their enemy.

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The Thirty Families Made Plans For A Future Without You.

Many people who die from a flu are killed by a cytokine storm which is where the immune system goes crazy and your lungs are flooded.

I wrote this: 1) Tells how to dampen down cytokine storms by 80% and 2) how to treat it if it starts.

1) One key to preventing disease is to build a gut barrier. Dr Rhonda Patrick has told us how to do that. The benefits are that according to her a functioning gut barrier will eliminate 80% of all cytokine responses. Think of cytokines as signalling agents that excite immune responses. A “cytokine storm,” is a situation in which excessive cytokine production causes an immune response that can damage organs, especially the lungs and kidneys, and even lead to death. That is what a bioweapon is designed to do. I think we have 2 or 3 bioweapons in our future.

Dr Patrick tells us that we need probiotics (beneficial bacteria), a high fiber diet varied in sources and types and vitamin B complex for our intestines to build a gut barrier. It reduces cytokine responses and therefor lessens the risk of a cytokine storm killing us whether it originated as a pedestrian flu or as a bioweapon. Dr Patrick takes 35 grams of fiber a day. I am male so I aim at 50 grams a day. There are different kinds of fiber so you need a balance. (Do not take antibiotics as they kill the probiotics.)

2) If you or someone you are caring for do get to the place where a cytokine storm fills the lungs with fluid, Cliff High recommends you take B6 and B 12 lozenges every four hours for 3 or 4 days or until the emergency is over. You will also need to make sure you are not deficient in good EFA fats (Essential Fatty Acids) especially Omega 3 during this period. I take Vitamin D-3, the sunshine vitamin as it depletes in winter months. If I ever get flu onset symptoms, I take 50,000 IU  until the symptoms go away.

Surviving The Wuhan Virus

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The Bloomie-Hillary Ticket And Other Liberal Jokes

Rumor is that  “Mini Mike” and “Crooked Hillary” might join forces. Bad idea Mike. You might get a clue when your life insurance agent calls you two days before the Democratic convention in Milwaukee and says, “If Hillary is your Veep, my company will have to raise your life premiums 10,000%. Some at the home office want to raise it even more because there is slight chance you might become President. Just not much of a chance you live out the first 90 days.”

Crooked Hillary has a boat load of people who despise her and know for a fact she will start writing her speech for Bloomberg’s funeral in the morning after her nomination for Vice-President.

Those “Lock her up chants” originated with angry Bernie supporters at the 2016 Democratic Convention in Philadelphia. Now the DNC is conspiring with Bloomberg, the Buttigieg campaign and the Corporate Media to rob Bernie of the nomination in 2020. They refused to release the Des Moises Iowa poll before the caucus because Bernie was winning. The Iowa Democrats did all sorts of bad mad math, rounding errors and multiplication mistakes that would have earned an F back when I was in 5th grade. Then The DNC got involved because the magic app which they insisted Iowa Democrats use, did not work.  Jimmy Dore caught the DNC stealing Bernie votes and giving them to Buttigieg.

Rob Bernie of that nomination again and the best you could do is find a Bernie clone, give him $50 million and run him on a Socialist ticket. At least the Bernie voters will show up to vote in November and save the political lives of Democrat governors, senators and congressmen further down the ballot.

Bloomie’s other dream ticket is Buttigieg for Veep. Bad idea. Mayor Buttigieg fired the first black police chief of South Bend. He followed through by firing the first black fire chief.  He has zero percent black support. And crime surged. The number of aggravated assaults tripled in 8 years.

And he has a cruel streak. As mayor, he wanted to dispossess the homeless. What he did was wait until the homeless had gone to a Mission that fed breakfast to the poor. Then he sent a city crew in to destroy every possession the homeless had which included their blankets and warm weather gear. If a Republican had done that, we would have heard about it. That is a problem for Democrats. They won’t vet candidates to weed out the bad ones before receiving the nomination. There is a video below of Mayor Pete’s gang stealing the blankets from the homeless when it was 12 degrees below freezing.

Even gays in California booed Buttigieg. Seems he was a Naval Intelligence officer in a unit that worked closely with the CIA. The US had 4 CIA connected Presidents from 1989 to January 2017. No reason to think a fifth CIA Yes man will be any different.

As I said, Buttigieg’s black support is near zero. Bloomie can expect the same when blacks hear that viral racist rant he made at Aspen in 2015 in support of Stop and Frisk. His support against Trump will drop to 3% if he is lucky. All the Donald has to do is play his Superbowl ad of the 61-year-old black woman he released from life imprisonment for a non-violent drug offense. Maybe play it often enough so every black person sees it 3 times and hears Bloomie’s racist rant 10 times. Live by Identity politics. Die by Identity politics.

The wild card in 2020 is the Wuhan corona virus. If Bloomie wins the election, and Hillary succeeds him, imagine all the Pay for Play graft the Clinton Foundation will get. Now imagine Hillary after the CDC finds a cure for the Wuhan virus. She can easily get $10 million each from billionaires  to cure their families . She might even cure the maids, butlers, nannies and chauffeurs of billionaires at that price. The cure might be widely available for billions of people. Who better than Hillary to determine who lives and who dies in those first few months while we wait for th cure?

The bloom has come off Senator Amy Klobuchar. Somebody at Telemundo asked her if she even knew who the President of Mexico was.  She did not. She was grilled by two different news reporters about her dismal track record as a prosecutor. Seemed she might have railroaded black teenagers for murders they didn’t commit. One black woman said she was a prosecutor and saw a video of a detective offering $500 for anyone willing to name a suspect. The black former prosecutor said she would have passed on evidence of that sort but Klobuchar used it in court to convict a juvenile of murder.

Bloomberg has a well known history of insulting women and creating a hostile work environment for women. Even Donna Brazile, the Hillary ally, was deeply disturbed by his brash New York Jew style of comments. For example, Blooomie said of the royal family “”The Royal Family – what a bunch of misfits – a gay, an architect, that horsey faced lesbian, and a man who gave up Koo Stark for some fat broad.”

Bloomberg does billions of dollars a year in business with China. He helps US businessmen trade the enormous sums of cash they get working with China. The annual value of this trade is billions and he makes more from it than Trump earned in his whole life. Bloomberg is not just rich, he is the 9th richest man in the world. And he made billions sending US jobs to China. He is a committed Globalist who cannot be motivated to care about working class Americans.

So apart from Bernie the Democrats have no candidate. Project Veritas did a lot of interviews with Bernie field workers who talked about sending Trump voters to Soviet style re-education camps. Bernie did not fire one of those morons. Nor did any of Bernie’s rivals for the nomination think it was worthy of debate. Now there is a Democrat running for Senator in Maine who chose the guillotine as the symbol of the job Democrats must do after the elections. What’s the Democrat campaign theme? “Off with their heads.”

The Democrats have a dismal field. Too many racists. Not good in a party dedicated to tricking black people into thinking they are their best friend. Who did blacks think was responsible for destroying the black family by running the black illegitimacy rate up from 10% to 77%.

Eight days before Malcolm X was assassinated, he said,”The Negro does for the Democrats but they don’t do for them. It isn’t right that you do for them and they don’t do for you. Why is that you do for the Democrat and he doesn’t do for you. Why is that? I’ll tell you why. Because yo is a chump.”

They have a candidate who could win but Tulsi Gabbard would put the DC Swamp Creatures in jail so they Deep Sixed her as quickly as they could.

American political parties don’t last forever. If the Democrats self-destruct over corruption and betrayal of working people, a new party will rise up very quickly to replace them.

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There is no Global Warming. We are entering a cooling period. If we don’t reverse course, we will jeopardize the food sources of billions of people.

2020s: Surviving The Cold, The Quakes And Volcanoes

Gerald Celente said, “America is the first Undeveloping country of the 21st century.” America’s infrastructure deficit is around $4 trillion. If we don’t stop having foreign wars and seize the Federal Reserve Bank, we will no longer be a viable modern nation. See this:

Iran Waits With Mach 14 Missiles While The US Collapses

I have met working people who suffer from the illusion that Democrats want to help the poor. The Democrats want to lower their wages and to raise their rents. 1 in 4 renters pays over half of their income in rent. Why? Democrats flood the US with illegal and legal aliens. Might I point out that the population of Mexico in 1950 was 28 million. Today there are 34 million Mexican Americans and 132 million people in Mexico. Solving the over population problems of Latin America, Africa, the Mideast and Asia is way beyond our ability.

Senator, Why Do You Want to Cut Our Wages and Pensions 50%?

This is that video that shows Mayor Pete’s crew evicting the homeless, stealing their blankets and warm weather gear so they can freeze at 16 degrees Fahrenheit (-9 Celsius) in the middle of winter. He does not care about the poor.

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