The Black Man Did It.

This is rotten, top to bottom. Never for a second ignore the fact that the military industrial complex completely runs the show (On this level). They do whatever they want, whenever they want.
There are distractions on the surface level which serve their purpose but they will never actually modify the path which has already been laid out.
What do you think about this?

Money GPS is clearly wrong in blaming the Usual Suspects. I have uncovered the real culprit. I left the following comment at his video on his Money GPS channel.

The black man did it. All $35 trillion was stolen by one black janitor working nights. It was discovered that he had links to Al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden’s chauffeur. He drives a car with an unusually big trunk.

$35 trillion dollars visualized. There are 50,000 twenty dollar bills in a million dollars. American paper money weighs one gram each so a million dollars in twenties weighs 50,000 grams or 50 kilograms. A billion dollars is 1,000 50 kilogram million dollar bundles of twenty dollar bills.

Our devious black janitor with links to the Muslims takes a 20 minute break every 2 hours but no lunches. He drives to the all night car wash next to big Al’s Louisiana BBQ where his co-conspirators removed 250 50 kilo bundles of twenties 4 times a day. That is $4 billion every night shift or a trillion dollars in twenties in 50 weeks. He might have help inside the Pentagon with other black janitors bagging that much money in trash bags. On the weekends they distribute duffel bags of twenties to their relatives who come to Washington DC on tour buses with black drivers.

The FBI could easily catch this black man because he is obviously driving a custom built stretch limo with a very big trunk. But the FBI is so busy spying on you and me that they can’t be bothered with anything criminals in Washington DC are doing.

This also explains why so many black people in the US never pay with a credit card but buy everything with twenty dollar bills. They practice discretion by never carrying more than $300 in twenties into one store at a time. They replenish their supply by making frequent trips to their cars in the parking lot.

Repeat this three times: A Black man did this. No General, No Congressman, No Senator, No Banker, No Defense Contractor and No Political Appointee was involved.  And then tell yourself 20 times “The Mainstream Corporate Media is not part of a conspiracy to keep the truth from me.” If more than a trillion dollars in one year was stolen from the taxpayers in one year, then there is obviously more than one black janitor with a stretch limo working the night shift at the Pentagon.

This revelation is a continuation of the theme:  Join Catherine’s Meme War Against DC Swamp Creatures.

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Countering The Trump Lies

On January 8, 2020 Donald Trump addressed the world. I will be forced to listen to this man’s speech so I can counter his lies with the truth.  I have never sat through a Trump speech since he became President. But then I never do listen to presidents of the United States as they have very little real power.

No Americans were harmed by Iranian missiles. Others say many were killed and injured. I will let that one go. He did say there was a warning and a dispersal of forces.  Iran told Iraq the missiles were coming. Iraq informed the US. Iran showed restraint by not using fuel air explosives which would have killed thousands.

I believe the US did not use their Patriot Missile defense system because it is embarrassingly bad.

He implied that Iran had been seeking nuclear weapons. Iran has no nuclear weapons program even if Israel has been claiming Iran is months away from making its first nuclear weapon ever since the early 1980s. Israel lies a lot.

Iran is not the leading sponsor of terrorism. The troika of the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia is number one in the field of terrorism.  The Iranians tried to send freighters of food to Yemen even allowing UN and US inspections. But the world’s leading terrorist nation, the US, said No food. Below is a photo of 1 of the 5 million Yemeni children at risk of starvation because the Saudi royal family wants Yemen’s oil.

Qasem Soleimani was not the world’s leading terrorist. The Mossad and the CIA (Cocaine Importing Agency) far outranked the Iranian general. Seymour Hersh won a Pulitzer Prize for reporting the My Lai massacre. Hersh said the US is training, arming and funding ISIS and Al Qaeda. The US hired Jihadists to attack Syria beginning in 2011. They gouged out the eyes of Christians and beheaded them. There are Syrian churches that can trace their origin back to 50 and 60 AD. American taxpayers are paying Jihadists to desecrate Christian churches and to kill and maim Christians.

Trump blamed Soleimani for IEDs killing and wounding American soldiers. He does not mention that these soldiers were invading foreign countries and should expect resistance. Soleimani had a diplomatic passport and had been invited to Iraq by their Prime Minister to broker a peace deal with the Saudis.  Killing a diplomat brokering a peaceful resolution to a war is terrorism.

He claimed that Soleimani was responsible for the death of an American contractor at a base where Popular Militia men had been protesting against the bombing of volunteer soldiers fighting ISIS. The is a whopper of a lie. The US has been air dropping supplies to ISIS for years. The US has repeatedly used helicopters to rescue ISIS commanders from locals who were angry the Jihadist mercenaries had committed so many atrocities.

This goes back to the Obama administration. In 2014 Secretary of State John Kerry gave 400 Toyota trucks that met US Special Forces specifications to Al Qaeda of Syria (Al Nusra.) Al Nusra gave the trucks to Al Qaeda of Iraq (ISIS). Then ISIS drove down the highway into Iraq’s Anbar province and took Mosul.  ISIS had to know that no jets would stop them because they drove in broad daylight. Obama had refused to deliver the planes Iraq had paid for. Obama refused to let the USAF and Navy use their jets to stop the ISIS invasion. Soon after American Mideast experts talked of dividing Iraq into three parts. This was originally suggested in 1982  by Oded Yinon the Israeli journalist and spy who was a good friend of Ariel Sharon. Obama had Greenlit the ISIS invasion of Iraq.

The Iraqi Foreign Minister said that Trump killed Soleimani because he was so effective at stopping ISIS.

Trump said that Hezbollah is a terrorist organization. Not true in my book. They defeated Israel in the 2006 Lebanon war. Hezbollah came to the aid of Syria and helped to rescue Syrians from America’s Jihadist mercenaries. If you believe the lie that Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda did 911, then all that aid given to Al Qaeda and ISIS makes Americans in the CIA and the military guilty of treason (giving aid to the enemy.) But I never did believe that Osama called up New York Bankers late in the evening on September 10, 2001 to warn them to move a billion dollars in gold and silver out of the Vaults at the World Trade Center.

Trump claims to have read Soleimani’s mind and said he was planning new attacks on American targets. Nonsense. I already explained that he was on a diplomatic peace mission.

He promises more sanctions of Iran. The US made agreements with European powers which Iran accepted and observed. The US lied. They broke the treaties. They claimed that because Iran agreed to not make nuclear weapons that this also meant they should not have missiles capable of defending themselves. That does not follow. If Iran did not have Mach 14 IRBMs (Intermediate Range Ballistic Missiles) and 2.5 million men in military reserves, the US and Israel would have invaded long ago.

Trump claimed that Iran seized and attacked ships in the Persian Gulf. Japanese crew members disputed claims made by the US media. Yemen did send some missiles towards the Saudis. They might have had assistance from Iran but look at the photo of the starving child above. The US and the Saudis started this fight.

Iran has the right to shoot down drones. But speaking of shooting down intruders in the sky, why didn’t the US scramble jets to counter Iranian F-14s which flew over southern Iraq? Was it because the Iranians had permission to be there?

He claimed that after the JCPOA nuclear agreement of 2013 that Iran was given $150 billion and $1.8 billion in cash. Nonsense. This was money seized from overseas Iranian Bank and Investment accounts in 1979 which was returned.

He claimed Iran created hell in Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Lebanon and Iraq. Wait a minute. The US invaded Afghanistan presumably because the Afghanis refused to extradite Osama for the crime of 911. No. They simply demanded proof he was guilty of the crime. The US had no proof so they invaded the nation. The US invaded Iraq and then let ISIS invade in 2014. And it was the US that hired Jihadists to invade Syria in 2011.

Trump claimed Iran killed 1,500 people at protests over the sanctions. I doubt that number.

Trump claimed that Iran must end its nuclear ambitions but it has none. And must end its support for Terrorism to have sanctions lifted. More Nonsense. The US, Israel and Saudi Arabia are the leading sponsors of terrorism.

Energy independence. Another false claim. In 2018, the United States imported about 9.94 million barrels per day (MMb/d) of petroleum from nearly 90 countries.

Best economy ever? Stacy Herbert went through 40 economic metrics that ought to be related to how well the stock market is doing. No correlations. The stock market is up because the Federal Reserve prints money. Americans had a better standard of living in 1970. America was just beginning to feel the effects of over population. But we had the world’s reserve currency so we printed trillions of I Owe You Nothing Federal Reserve Notes to buy free stuff from overseas so Americans would believe the lie that they lived in a wealthy nation. They printed trillions more dollars to hire 31 million federal, state and local government workers (counting contractors) and to fund huge subsidies to healthcare and education just so the voters would believe the economy was creating jobs. And they printed even more dollars to pay for the government pensions of those who had retired.

Definitely not true that we have the best economy ever. We have more debt than anytime in the past 500 years. A Depression is a period in time when Unpayable Debts are cancelled en masse. That means we are headed to the worst Depression in five centuries. In the 20th century we cancelled debts in 1923 Germany through hyperinflation. In 1933 America we cancelled debts through foreclosures and discharge in bankruptcy courts. Three million Americans starved to death. The kings of ancient Sumer and Babylon stopped Depressions by Debt Cancellation. The US can print dollars by the trillions but until it cancels Debts we will have a very poor economy outside the stock market.

Trump claims to have rebuilt the American military at a cost of $2.5 trillion. He claims to have good missiles now and faster ones in the future. Iranian missiles are twice as fast as America’s. And Russian missiles are 5 times faster than Trump’s. Russia can sink American ships anywhere in the world by firing ballistic missiles that come down so fast that we our ships are defenseless.

Trump did not mention Dr Mark Skidmore who found from government sources that $21 trillion had gone missing from 1998 to 2015.

Trump claims that he does not want to use our military. So why did he send 20,000 more troops to the Mideast since May?

So let him prove his peaceful intentions by getting out of Afghanistan. Let him prove that by allowing foreign nations to send food and medical assistance to the 5 million Yemeni children on the brink of death by starvation. And he could end the occupation of Syria’s oil fields and the theft of their oil. He could cut off all aid to Al Qaeda and its various fronts. Ditto for Boko Haram which recently beheaded 11 Christian girls in Nigeria.

Another whopper. Trump claims he ended the ISIS Caliphate. The US funded it. Russia, Syria, Iran and Hezbollah stopped ISIS. Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi was a Jewish Mossad agent who Trump claimed to have killed. Problem is that the US had claimed to have killed him several times before. Trump said Bagdahdi was a monster but he worked for the Mossad and the CIA. All those beheadings were on them not Iran. Trump claimed tens thousands of ISIS fighters were killed or captured during his administration. Nonsense. That was Iran and its allies. And also Turkey who took some ISIS fighters off the streets and sent them back out as mercenaries for them.

He offered to work with Iran to fight ISIS. But the US had been bombing soldiers fighting ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Just more lies.

He closed by offering peace and prosperity to Iran. What lies. Sanctions cripple their economy. And sanctions for what? Fighting ISIS? For a nuclear program that never existed? Or for having far superior missiles? Or protecting Lebanon from another Israeli invasion? Or defending Syria from American and Israeli Jihadist mercenaries?

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Michael Hudson: US Risks Annihilation To Keep Dollar Alive

Hudson recently wrote an article explaining why US Bankers were willing to assassinate Iran’s General Soleimani in order to keep the US Dollar as a world reserve currency. That is to say that they are willing to risk WW III because they want to buy trillions of dollars of things for free from foreigners by defrauding them with I Owe You Nothing Federal Reserve Notes.

Let’s go back to 1972 when Dr Hudson published Super Imperialism in which he said the US was paying for its wars and military occupations by printing dollars. Hudson was invited to speak at the State Department and the Pentagon. The diplomats liked him, understood him and voiced no objections to the policy of papering the world to pay for 800 bases in 80 countries. Later, he spoke to the Pentagon where it took them a while to understand what he was saying. Finally, a general said, “Wow. We are ripping people off.”

I should mention an article I saw minutes after reading the latest from Hudson. Russia and China have far superior weapons to the US. Even Iran has Mach 14 IRBMs (Intermediate Range Ballistic Missiles.) American missiles are twice as slow as Iran’s and about a fifth the speed of Russia’s. The US spent $9 billion on the USS Gerald Ford aircraft carrier and the elevators don’t work. So what good is an aircraft carrier if you can’t get a jet topside? It sort of leaves the entire fleet defenseless which was the point of the article – lack of morale in the US military.

Perhaps soldiers did read Dr Mark Skidmore who said that from US government websites he found accounting over sight statements admitted that the Defense Department and HUD could not trace $21 trillion in taxpayer spending from 1998 to 2015. Soldiers might get the impression that they are risking their lives for people who rob Americans by the trillions. The same Bankers starved 3 million Americans to death in the 1930s.

We also learned that General Soleimani, according to Iraq’s Prime Minister, was in Baghdad because the Iraqis were attempting to broker a peace deal with Saudi Arabia. He was not planning an attack on the US.

One more lie to dispense with while we are at it. The pro Iranian Popular Militias were rioting at an American military base. But why? The US, according to Seymour Hersh, had been funding, arming and training Al Qaeda forces like ISIS and Al Nusra. The US has air dropped supplies to ISIS and run rescue missions to fly out trapped ISIS commanders. And the US has repeatedly bombed the Iraqi men risking their lives fighting ISIS.

(Younger people might not know that Hersh won a Pulitzer Prize for reporting the My Lai massacre in Vietnam.)

The irony here is American politicians pretend to be Christians but are actually funding Jihadist mercenaries who gouged out the eyes of Christians and beheaded them. Syria has Christian churches that can trace their origin back to 50 and 60 A.D. 10% of the people in Syria are Christian.

Neither the media nor the politicians have done anything to stop the funding of Al Qaeda. If you believe the media, Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda did 911 so anyone sending ISIS (Al Qaeda in Iraq) weapons is guilty of treason. But then I never believed the fairy tale that Osama called up Bankers in New York in the middle of the night on September 10, 2001 and ordered them to move a billion dollars in gold and silver out of vaults at the World Trade Center. The Media has not explained that one.

Wall Street deliberately over populated America while sending jobs overseas. To make it appear to American voters that they still lived in a prosperous country, the Bankers printed trillions of dollars to buy free things from overseas. And to cover the salaries, benefits and pensions of 31 million federal, state and local government workers counting contractors, they printed even more trillions. And printing still more to pay for their government pensions.

A few problems. Productivity has grown a lot in America but wages are stagnant. Rents are astronomical in areas with lots of immigrants. Working class people in many parts of the country lead hollowed out lives with no future. Big Pharma has a solution for the poverty blues – Opioid Addiction.

But the Real Fly in the Ointment is this: Foreigners have become sick and tired of subsidizing DC Swamp Creatures and Wall Street Bankers to the tune of a trillion dollars a year – more or less. What happens if they just say No? Hudson knows as do I. The US Dollar will no longer be a reserve currency which was accepted as a means of payment just like gold was in 1800 and 1900.

60% of US dollars are overseas buying things for free. If foreigners send them back to the US, then our domestic money supply increases 150% over night. Not good for Bankers. Because that amount of currency inflation will cut wages more than in half. And because we have 200 million more people than the last time millions of Americans starved to death for Wall Street, the working poor will have nothing to eat but billionaires.

In the Great Depression deer and wild rabbits almost disappeared. In today’s world most people live in cities. Those cities will burn to the ground when 120 to 160 million Americans can’t afford to eat.

So instead of solving our problems by arresting Bankers and seizing their assets to fund Debt Cancellation, we will risk World War III to keep the dollar afloat until 2022 or maybe 2023.

We could issue a Debt Free currency like Lincoln’s Greenbacks but Bankers would rather give you a $23 trillion debt to pay to them and than let you have a government that owed nobody anything. Instead of keeping the US out of World War I, President Wilson chose to accept the wisdom of Wall Street and get 130,000 US soldiers killed and another 8,000 blinded just so we could bankrupt Great Britain and France. Instead of peace in the Mideast we could let Soleimani’s successor get Americans killed in Afghanistan where he had been working recently. And also get Americans killed in Saudi Arabia when Iran ramps up the war in Yemen.

Please remember that those Iranian missiles are more than twice as fast as anything America has. And the Iranians also have an unstoppable cruise missile with a range of 800 miles.

But why worry about it? Just let the Bankers run everything. It is much easier to do nothing than to declare yourself to be an enemy of the Bankers and the Swamp Creatures. They might say bad things about you.

If you wanted to say No to Bankers stealing taxpayer money by the trillions, you could  begin by reading this:

Join Catherine’s Meme War Against DC Swamp Creatures.

If you suffer from the illusions that the Good Guys work for the CIA, please read this:

Update: America’s Secret Multi-Trillion Dollar Black Ops Slush Fund

The only painless way out of a Depression is Debt Cancellation  was discovered 4,100 years ago…

Debt Cancellation Is The Best Way To Take Down Bilderberg

If a friend believes there is a candidate who wants to make America better for you and me, read this:

Senator, Why Do You Want to Cut Our Wages and Pensions 50%?




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Donald Trump Might Have Won the 2020 Booby Prize

The Democrats had successfully used Impeachment to drive Donald Trump’s poll numbers up so high that he seemed destined to win the November elections. But his unsteadfast support for Israel has put him in serious contention for the Booby Prize of American politics in 2020.

He used rockets to kill Iran’s Top Military Commander, Qasem Suleimani, head of IRGC. Retaliation is certain. Iran can give even more advanced missiles and drones to Hezbollah in Lebanon and to the Syrians. They will definitely upgrade the Popular Militias weapons so they can force the US out of Iraq. They can also upgrade the Syrian resistance to the theft of Syria’s oil.

{UPDATE: Round Two: US Drone Airstrikes Kill Six Pro-Iran Militia Commanders

So is Trump listening to the Deep State which spent the last two years trying to destroy him? This is Doubling Down on Insanity.}

The US has made false allegation against Iran saying they were behind the killing of hundreds of American servicemen. Nonsense. Seymour Hersh won a Pulitzer Prize for reporting the My Lai massacre in Vietnam. He told us that the US has been arming, training and funding Al Qaeda in Syria and Iraq. The US has repeatedly dropped supplies to ISIS and bombed Popular Forces who were attacking ISIS in Iraq. That is why they had been attacking US bases in minor skirmishes which resulted in the death of one American contractor.

The US was allegedly attacked by Al Qaeda on 911 so all that support for Al Qaeda should have been declared an act of treason.  I will believe Al Qaeda did 911 as soon as someone explains how World Trade Center Tower 7, a 47 story building, just sort of fell down despite never having been hit by a plane. And while you are at it, please tell me how Osama was able to call up banking officials in New York and tell them to move a billion dollars in gold and silver out of WTC vaults the night before 911? Oh, I have a few more questions.

Wikileaks told us that it was the US mercenary Jihadists who used chemical weapons to kill civilians in Syria which was the sole justification for the war we have waged against Syria since 2011.  We paid Jihadists who gouged out the eyes of Christians in Syria and to behead them. There are Christian churches in Syria who can trace their origins back to 50 and 60 A.D. But nobody in DC and in the media seems to care how many Christians die.

In 2014 the US gave 400 new trucks that met Special Forces specifications to Al Nusra which began as Al Qaeda in Syria. The next day Al Nusra gave the trucks to ISIS which began as Al Qaeda in Iraq. The Iraqis had paid for jets but the US refused to deliver them. ISIS used the 400 American made trucks to invade Anbar province and Mosul. Obama could have ordered the USAF and Navy to send jets to stop the convoy. It was as if ISIS knew they had a Greenlight to invade Iraq.

The US has spent $6.4 trillion since 911 killing people in the Mideast for no good reason other than Israel wants those people dead. It is not in our national interest to kill people 8,000 miles away.

To be fair about betraying America, Israel has been sacrificing Americans since President Wilson. Ferdinand Lundberg told us that President Wilson took us into WW I so we could make the war last beyond 1915 thus bankrupting England and France. The Balfour Declaration also gave Wilson the political support he needed for the war.  So what if  130,000 American soldiers died and 8,000 were blinded just because Bankers and Zionists needed them to die.

And don’t forget the Soviet Revolution. By making the war last longer we were able to allow Jacob Schiff, a Rothschild business partner, to finance the revolution. He sent a million gold coins on a freighter with Leon Trotsky and 400 Jewish radicals from Brooklyn to Russia in 1917.

The Canadians seized the ship. President Wilson had to pressure the Canadian government to release the freighter with the gold and the Jewish radicals. The  Canadians knew more Allied soldiers would die when Russia dropped out of the war. But treason against America, Canada and Great Britain to benefit Israel has never been discussed in the Corporate News Media. The people who run our government do not care one whit about American soldiers.

One really bad aspect of a confrontation with Iran is that we spend more in a month than Russia spends in a year on defense. We allow Wall Street Bankers to steal money by the trillions. The result is that Iran has far superior missiles. The Iranians have a Mach 14 IRBM (Intermediate Range Ballistic Missile). America doesn’t have anything half that fast. Iran also has an 800 mile range Unstoppable cruise missile.

Dr Mark Skidmore  examined the books from 1998 to 2015 for HUD and the DOD and found $21 trillion had gone missing. Americans are not allowed  have accounting systems capable of telling them when a few billion dollars or more has been stolen and by whom. In fact Republicans and Democrats have revised the law so that if a hundred million dollars was needed by a Wall Street Bank they could dip into any federal agency and take the money All they have to do is to declare this a State Secret and we are not allowed to ask where the money went. (See the article on Catherine Austin Fitts below to learn more about FASB.)

One funny story from Dr Skidmore. The US Army had a $122 billion annual budget. They had so much Missing Money that the Treasury sent over a check for $800 billion to plug up the holes. Guess what? The $800 billion went missing too.

Israel in the coming days will try to exploit this confrontation with Iran. The Democrats, if they were sensible, would say that they defend Israel 100% but that Trump has gone too far with this attack at the Baghdad airport. No telling at this point what will happen over the next few weeks. Hopefully, this will not mean WW III. America’s military is not ready for war.

To date Donald Trump is way out in front for the Booby Prize of 2020 in world politics. Democrats can still win by nominating a candidate who will lose to Trump in November. Hillary won the Booby Prize in 2016 by stealing the nomination from Bernie Sanders and giving the White House to a man who never held office and has zero political experience. But the world despises politicians these days so anything can and will happen.

I mentioned Catherine Austin Fitts, the Missing $21 Trillion and FASB regulations that allow the DC Swamp Creatures to steal a few billion dollars and repeat the magical incantation “National Security’ so he can keep the money and you can do nothing to get it back. See this:

Join Catherine’s Meme War Against DC Swamp Creatures.

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It is easy to prove that Israel killed President Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr as well.

Israel Killed JFK And Has Ruled America Ever Since.



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2020s: Surviving The Cold, The Quakes And Volcanoes

So far in 2019, the sun has been without sunspots for more than 270 days, including the last 33 days in a row. Since the Space Age began, no other year has had this many blank suns. The Maunder Minimum got its name when Edward Maunder noticed that high food prices and cold weather correlated with the decline in solar activity.

Dr Valentina Zarkhova has noticed that more significant than the slight global cooling during a Grand Solar Minimum is the reduction of the sun’s magnetosphere. This allows more cosmic rays (nuclear particles from distant decaying stars) to strike the earth. The New Madrid fault had a major quake on 12-25-1699 during the Maunder Minimum (1645-1715). During the Dalton Minimum (1793-1833), the New Madrid fault had 4 quakes on 3 days in 1811-1812. Japanese scientists also noted an increase in the number of volcanoes during a Grand Solar Minimum. The likely cause of the increase in both  volcanoes and earthquakes is the increased number of cosmic rays energizing the earth because the Sun’s magnetosphere was reduced giving the earth less protection.

Dave DuByne and John Casey discussed this. A few facts:

A New Madrid quake could take down 15 rail and auto bridges over the Mississippi river forcing most truckers to take the I-10 route which runs from Los Angeles to New Orleans to Jacksonville Florida.

The US has a million miles of natural gas pipelines. Most of our supply would be cut off by a New Madrid quake. No heat. Loss of production facilities. Not good.

The US has a million miles of pipes for petroleum and finished gasoline. A New Madrid fault would make life difficult for people who who need to buy gasoline in less than a month since their last purchase.

The New Madrid fault is centered in the area from Memphis to St Louis and quakes there do damage over a much wider area than in California. Half of the people of Memphis and St Louis could be homeless. The black population of Metro St Louis is 519,000. 1,371,110 people people live in the Metro Memphis area and the majority ( i.e. over 675,000 are black). It would be very difficult to send them all to FEMA camps.

In California five centuries ago, the Indians told the Spanish priests that the really Big Earthquake was the east west Garlock fault near Santa Barbara. It could last 5 minutes and trigger several north south quakes as well: San Andreas, San Gabriel, Hayward (Under Oakland and Berkeley), Puente hill (under downtown LA) and many more could be triggered. LA county authorities say there are a dozen zones underneath them. For example, the Ridgecrest quake was on a fault unknown until buildings started falling onto residents. The Garlock fault has recently become more active. Its last major eruption was more than 500 years ago.

In the 1906 SF quake, a road just a few miles closer to the epicenter was thrown 20 feet. Imagine whole areas in urban settings where roads, hospitals, schools, water mains, sewers, natural gas pipelines and oil refineries were thrown 20 feet – all at the same time. There are several major fault lines in California.

A collapse of Oroville dam could eliminate 1/8th of California agriculture.  Earthquakes could cut off the California water project. The Colorado River Aqueduct can deliver 1 billion gallons of water per day to cities in Southern California. Two or thee earthquakes could end all that.

Volcanoes also threaten water supplies. A volcanic eruption near a lake can remove the lake as a natural resource very quickly. Bob Kudla pointed out: If Mt Rainier erupted, there would be no water and little else for Seattle. If Mt Hood erupts, Portland is offline. If Mt Shasta erupts, northern California is offline. If Popocatépetl erupts, 21 million people  have to evacuate Mexico City.  There is a lot less Oxygen at 7,382 feet (2.25 Kilometers). At 8000 feet the amount of available oxygen is 25% less than at sea level.  Volcanic gases could kill at that altitude, especially if everyone jumped into cars trying to flee death only to become part of the world’s deadliest traffic jam. Might I point out that the population of Mexico was 28 million in 1950. Today it is 132 million and there are 34 million Mexican-Americans. America might be forced to receive 10 to 12 million refugees from Mexico in one year.

Italy and Asia have quite a few volcanoes as well.

In recent years America has been getting flash mobs of criminals. California raised the minimum for grand larceny to $1,000. This has greatly increased the number of flash mobs. In Seattle they have similar problems with the homeless. One Asian woman has had over 600 homeless shoplifters rob her store over the past two years. Police refuse to arrest the homeless unless they assault a shopper.

Imagine 20 million people with no water, no sewers, no electricity, no hospitals and no food. Now imagine that in a state with 250,000 black and Hispanic gang members where there could be mass escapes from the prisons. Imagine all that chaos with gang bangers out numbering the police. There are 115,000 prisoners – 2/3rds black and Latino- in the state prisons and another 35,000 in county jails. Chances of a mass escape are high because a loss of electricity would mean the police would have no means of proving who is a prisoner and who is not after one change of clothes.

The Federal government operates 121 prisons, 11 are in California.

There are rumors that in case of a national emergency that inmates in federal prisons will all be executed to avoid mass prison escapes.

Total Solar Radiance today is 1,366 watts per square meter. A drop of 3 watts per meter would give us a Solar Radiance equal to the Maunder Minimum (1645-1715) when wheat prices rose as much as 400% in the UK in some years. In 1709 there was a Big Freeze which forced food prices in Europe 600% higher. King Louis XIV of France wrote that wine in bottles near the fire froze. The ground was frozen solid for 40 inches (one meter.)

The lack of food could cause Nationwide Food Riots and even a violent Civil War.

Web search this: “1816 year without a summer.” A super volcano in Indonesia threw so much ash into the upper stratosphere that in 1816 there was no summer. Farmers in America planted seeds, saw them fail, waited, planted late and saw them fail again. It snowed in America in August 1816. World population then was a mere one billion which is 6.7 billion fewer than today. We could easily lose several billion people to starvation and violence.

We need to tell the liars in politics and the media and at Google and Facebook that there is no Global Warming and that we are entering a Cooling period which requires completely different policies than they are forcing upon us.

I do have a few positive suggestions:

We need local charities and entrepreneurs to combine to grow food in urban areas on unused gardens and lots. Some could help direct untrained but physically able people to grow food and distribute it to farmers’ markets and stores. Other disabled or elderly people could lease land to landless urban farmers in exchange for food which the poor could afford to eat at a time when food prices in stores will sky rocket.

Canning will need to be taught to modern city dwellers.

Some might contribute by a combination of composting and vermicomposting. A high end compost and peat moss will increase yields from sprouting on trays by 50% over peat moss alone. We might need a nationwide clearing house of information for new growers. A charity could give grants and education to new growers who need help to grow their first crop in their backyard. I would recommend Sunflowers for front yards in restricted urban land use areas.

As you watch one or both of the two videos below, you will notice the material I added.

We will obviously have martial law. Please consider the following two articles relating to that.

The US government admitted to having a plan to pick up without trial 8 million Americans in case of a national emergency and holding them in concentration camps without trial.

Screw Up: 8 Million Americans Are On The List To Be Disappeared

We have 270 trillion in Unpayable Debts. The kings of ancient Sumer and Babylon canceled debts without causing Depressions, mass starvation and wars. The Bible writers called it a Jubilee. We need a Debt Jubilee. Only the US military can do that and then only after martial law is declared.

How And Why An American Military Coup Could Save The World

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Disease: Big Pharma, Friend Or Foe

“Doctors put drugs of which they know little into bodies of which they know less for diseases of which they know nothing at all.” Voltaire

“If I could live my life over again, I would devote it to proving that germs seek their natural habitat, diseased tissue, rather than being the cause of disease.”

Rudolf Virchow, father of modern pathology.

6 in 10 adults in the US have a chronic disease. 4 in 10 adults have multiple chronic diseases. 54% of American children have  chronic illness. America has the sickest population in the world. A woman who speaks to audiences around the world reported that Americans do not appear to be as vibrant and healthy as people in foreign countries.

An allergy is a response to the presence of a foreign protein. Do you think that the rise in allergies is related at least in part to the 72 injections of 17 different vaccines?

Older people did not know what autism was until state laws starting mandating 72 shots for children before they graduate from high school.

The German Federal Supreme Court has ruled that there is not enough evidence to prove that the measles virus exists. The world’s largest and leading genetic Institute and other independent labs have both concluded that the 6 studies in measles virus case were wrong. They have misinterpreted ordinary constituents of cells as parts of the suspected measles virus. Labs had sued to collect a 100,00 euro prize to disprove Dr Lanka’s criticism of the measles virus theory.  Dr Lanka won in the Supreme Court.

So we are exposed to vaccines based on a scientifically tenuous proposition?

It used to be that children were kicked off their parents insurance when they turned 21. Now children can remain on their parents insurance thanks to a surge in autism. The CDC says that autism in creased 80% in American children ages 3 to 17 from 2011 to 2015. The Social Security Administration says that only 6% of adults with autism work full-time.

Dr Jordan Patrick told us that probiotics, B complex and fiber in the intestines can be used by your body to create a gut barrier that reduces cytokine responses by 80% and thus reduces autoimmune pressures. This gut barrier is helped if you cut back on sugar. Also at the cellular level you have a lysosome that first collects and then removes cell waste products. People who over eat sugar are straining the ability of their lysosomes to remove waste products. Sugar also grows cancer cells.

Dr Patrick strongly advises us to get annual blood tests to determine if we have adequate blood levels of nutrients, such as, calcium, magnesium, iron and dozens of other things your body requires to work. The heart requires 2,000 enzymes made from magnesium to beat repeatedly. Nice to know if you had enough magnesium. Your blood cells can clump together if you have a deficiency of iron. This makes it difficult for your body to get all the oxygen it needs. Copper deficiencies can cause varicose veins, aneurysms and heart attacks.

Dr Patrick has found that saunas 5 or more times a week will reduce all morbidity causes  except in cases of accidental deaths. If a truck hits your body at 55 mph not much either a sauna or a complete diet will do to help. Heat must work wonders at the cellular level. That is why so many thermogenic foods and spices improve our health. Examples would be cayenne, garlic, ginger, green tea, turmeric, black pepper and curry powder.

Your body was designed to heal you. Animals in nature are probably healthier than humans because they don’t get 72 vaccines and they allow their bodies to heal themselves without taking poisons like Tylenol III.  Antibiotics kill the good intestinal probiotics that fight disease and normally would help you build that gut barrier. 80% of your immune system is in your gut.

If someone has a chronic inflammation, the best solution would be to figure out what is causing the problem.

Stress causes 97% of disease as only 3% is chromosomal in origin. The 3 stressors are emotional, physical and chemical. Psychologists report that 25% of Americans have high levels of stress. 50% experience moderate stress. Glyphosates are a stressor. Glyphosate can cause DNA damage at 5 parts per million (ppm.) Animals have tested at 400 ppm.

Lead, mercury, aluminum and all other heavy metals are stressors. They can be removed by diet or by IV chelation. I take chlorella and cilantro daily. They work together to remove heavy metals. I freeze my cilantro, kale spinach, beets and other vegetables so I can thaw them out for my smoothy. Dr Patrick tells us that freezing a vegetable breaks down the plants cell walls and making more nutrients available to us.

Parkinson disease subjects are more likely than others to suffer from leaky gut syndrome.

Statin drugs interfere with the biosynthesis of selenium proteins, one of which is glutathione peroxidase. Thus statins could increase the risk for congestive heart failure.

Heart failure patients with high systolic pressure had lower death rates.

You might consider either doing a web search or go to a trusted source to get a list of foods and health practices that will reduce your inflammation and learn to avoid the things that cause inflammation. Dr Axe can cure leaky gut in 90 days or less.

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Gilad Atzmon: Political Correctness Is A Totalitarian Jewish Creation

Gilad Atzmon, the Israeli jazz saxophonist who wrote the Wandering Who, talked with the noted Catholic thinker E Michael Jones. Both men are on the Anti-Defamation League’s list of men who need to be silenced for their criticisms of Judaism Incorporated.

Judaism is just one 25 to 30 Jewish religions. Bolshevism was one  Jewish religion. The Free Market Equitism of Ayn Rand became a Jewish religion.

Jewish Progressives look at the reactionaries as inferior.

Jews believe in many things but all Jews believe in the Holocaust so the Holocaust is one of many Jewish religions. (The Holohoax has been proven to be  a lie.)

The one common denominator of all Jewish religions is that they provide the Jew with a sense of Chosenness. They promote Jewish Exceptionalism.

Jews are not a biological identity. However, they identify politically as a race. Atzmon saw a video of two Orthodox rabbis arguing against the impeachment of Donald Trump, because it was a Jewish project.

Atzmon distinguishes between Judaify and Jewify. We do not turn people into Jews but we do alter the culture so people learn to think like Jews.  An example of Jewification of the world is Political Correctness which is an attempt to turn the entire universe into the 12 tribes of Israel. This as opposed to identifying ourselves as ordinary human beings who live together on this planet.

In a Jewified world we are detached from the soil, from our history and have even become detached from our gender.

The Good Old Left was a defender of the working class. All races were united against the Capitalists. Now we are taught to speak as a woman, as a Gay man, as a black person, as a transgender. We learned to identify as biology. The New Left adopted the most problematic aspect of Hitlerian philosophy.

E Michael Jones said Marx was concerned with economics but the New Left is primarily concerned with Sexual Politics. A Faustian deal with the Oligarchs was made: You give us sexual freedom and we will give you a free pass on usury even if it is grinding us all down into poverty.

Wilhelm Reich was the first to weaponize sexual politics. This is funded heavily by Bankers, the Open Society Institute and George Soros. As long as our new found tribes fight each other, there is no chance that we will occupy Wall Street for real. Gays have become shock troops for the oligarchs.

How did Identitarian Thinking and Political Correctness take over America? It began with Norman Lear’s creation of the comedic character Archie Bunker. Americans have all become Archie’s son-in-law, the Meathead. And the President is Archie Bunker.

Political Correctness is tyranny because it does not allow opposition. And it is a Jewish Creation.

Athens teaches us how to think. Jerusalem teaches us what to think.

The Jewish elite is smart and has long experience as working as a exilic community. The Jewish elite had a dedicated 1,5000 year eugenics program where the sage Rabbi was matched  with the daughter of a wealthy merchant. After 1,500 years the elite sent their sons for German education in the 19th century.

The Jews have taken over Harvard. And have instituted Political Correctness which teaches students what to say. Our universities have become yeshivas.

Their interview is not allowed on YouTube but can be found at Bitchute.

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