Two Must See Videos

I took the name Vidrebel for this blog because I began it by commenting on videos from a rebel’s perspective. Today I want to go back to my origins by commenting on two videos you need to know about.

The first is an interview with Rosemary Gibson who wrote China Rx. China makes the active ingredients for most drug manufacturers in the world including all those generics made in India. They make our penicillin, birth control pills and antibiotics.  China dumped drugs on the market to bankrupt competitors in Europe, the US and India. The FDA banned 29 Chinese company products due to impurities. The FDA had to rescind the ban on 14 products because nobody else was producing it. Contaminated Chinese heparin killed many American heart patients but still imported from China as we had no alternative sources. This is becoming a national security issue.

China is becoming the world’s pharmacy so this is an issue to Asians and Europeans as well as North and South Americans.

Please watch and share this video. And the following one form Catherine Austin Fitts as well.


This next video makes sense of American military policy. We were under the Bretton Woods system since WW II and are now getting competition from the Chinese One Belt One Road initiative. The UK and the US had an Open Trade system built on the rule of the seas by the British and American navies. The Asian middle class will have 20 times the purchasing power of Americans in 12 years. Their plan is to connect China to European consumers through rail and truck lines as well as pipelines for oil. The US Deep State wants to prevent that with drones and wars in the Ukraine, Afghanistan and Syria.




My comment on what she did not say: I think the next Big Deal will be massive population reduction as we enter a Grand Solar Minimum in 2019. Don’t believe me? Google this: “1816. Year without a summer.” That happened during the Dalton Minimum. If it happened today, a few billion people would die. We had massive earthquakes on the New Madrid fault line during the previous Dalton and Maunder Minimums. During the Maunder Minimum, the price of wheat in Britain rose 400%. That would lead to Nationwide Food Riots in the US and similar events in China and elsewhere. When Catherine talks about ending the US Dollar’s reign as a Global reserve currency, she is saying that our wages and pensions could be cut 50% over night. If that happens during weather related crop losses, we will need the 2nd Amendment and a network of friends to survive in rural areas. Nothing resembling our current human condition could survive in American cities after the food riots break out.

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In the above article I mentioned the possibility of the military arresting Bankers and seizing their assets. I wrote about it here:

How And Why An American Military Coup Could Save The World

So If 30,000 People within 50 Miles Of Your House Starve To Death


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On 9-11-2001 Israel Declared War On America And The World

The alternative title is: Just how crazy is this self-appointed Jewish leadership?

I once said that Jewish leaders are not elected. They select themselves based upon their ability to recruit men willing to kill from their Banking Day Jobs which would include laundering illegal weapons and drugs money (a trillion dollars a year) and political bribes (500 billion dollars a year.)

Jewish leadership rose from corruption and requires the same as cover.

The Talmud told Jewish people that it is legal to rob the Gentiles as soon as we get control of their government.

Proof that the Jews own the American government abounds. On 9-10-2001 Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld told CBS News that he could not account for $2.3 trillion in Department of Defense spending. Dr Mark Skidmore found that $21 trillion in undocumented adjustments had to be made to HUD (Housing and Urban Development) and DOD (Department of Defense) budgets from 1998 to 2015. $21 trillion is a lot of money to just go Missing.

But all that Missing Money does not phase our Jewish owned media. Not a word from them about robbing Gentiles by the tens of trillions. Plenty of words about the need to censor those uncouth loud mouths who say bad things about the people who think they own the government.

People who were not alive before 1963 do not know how far American society has fallen. There was a time when white children were safe from the drug culture and did not need metal detectors in the schools.

But then the Jewish leadership thought it would be a great idea to kill President Kennedy. One of the reasons America entered WW I was to make it last longer so we could bankrupt the Russian government thus allowing the Jews to take over and help kill 60 million white people. The German military tried to surrender prior to WW II. Ditto the Japanese Emperor. But the Jews ran the Soviet Union, Britain and the US so the Jewish leadership was allowed to decide for us that killing 58 million people after the other side had tried to surrender was a good thing to do.

All of America’s war were designed to benefit Jewish leaders. They killed President Kennedy which flooded American schools with drugs. The Jewish drug epidemic destroyed lives, families and communities. But the Jews made money. That is far more important than your family and the people in your neighborhood. One Jewish family is responsible for the opioid epidemic currently destroying rural America.

Details you say? I wrote “Israel Killed JFK And Has Ruled America Ever Since.” Share that.

Did you ever stop to consider what went through the minds of the Jewish leaders who did 911? Only 2 Israelis died at the Twin Towers on 911. The Hebrew language messaging service Odigo warned Israelis to stay away from the Towers on 911. Al Franken said he got a Jew Call which warned him not to go to work at his office in the Twin Towers on 911. The Dancing Israelis admitted they had been sent to document the event indicating prior knowledge.

The Jewish leadership declared war on New York City on 9-11-2001.

The Jewish leadership  declared war on New York Jews on 9-11-2001. They killed 400 New York Jews that day.

The Jewish leadership declared war on America on 9-11-2001. They had waged a silent war against Americans ever since they landed on American shores. Who do you think sold liquor and guns to the Indians so they could get both whites and Indians killed?

Who do you think assassinated President Lincoln? John Wilkes Booth was of Jewish descent.  President Lincoln had issued a non-interest bearing currency, the Greenback. If we had them today, we would not have a federal debt of $21 trillion and state and local debts of several trillion dollars.

Why do you think President Kennedy was assassinated on the 53rd anniversary of the first meeting to plan the Federal Reserve Bank? That law gave Jews and their allies the right to charge us interest on money they created out of thin air. That law generated hundreds of trillions in Unpayable Debts. And our Jewish Banking System with hundreds of trillions in Unpayable Debts will cause a Global Depressions that will kill billions if we do not arrest the Bankers and seize their assets to fund worldwide Debt Cancellation.

In the last Depression 3 million Gentiles died from starvation in America. The people who own our government have increased our population by 202 million people since 1929 so we can expect tens of millions to either kill themselves, die from starvation or get killed by their neighbors who came to steal their food.

Catherine Austin Fitts concluded in the 1990s that so many pensions had been looted that the leadership of this world has decided to commit genocide rather than return what they stole. Fast forward to 911. That was a declaration of war by Israel on the Muslims of the Mideast. America has been bombing and drone striking Muslims ever since Israel took down the World Trade Center Towers on 911.

The Jewish leadership intentionally created so many Muslim refugees that they could flood Europe with people willing to destroy European civilization. Some liberals actually believe that Globalism is a good thing. What could go wrong if the sovereignty of your government was taken away from you and your kind and given to Jews?

To have a One World Government, you would first have to take First World nations like America and the various states of Europe and turn them into Third World cesspools.

I can only conclude that the Jewish leadership has dedicated themselves to the destruction of the world.

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Chose One: Either A Wall Or 877 Million Residents Of The U.S.

If you see a candidate for the Senate or Congress, please ask them if they will fully fund a wall. If not, will they be willing to share America with 877 million other people, most of whom do not care about our culture?

Milton Friedman once said that if you have no border, people will continue to come until wages are equal on both sides meaning Mexicans come until wages in Juarez and Tijuana are the same as Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

For some time I have been looking at Venezuela. People argue back and forth about their politics. But am I the only one looking at their Population Bomb? In 1950 there were 5,482,000 Venezuelans. Today there are 31.57 million. That is an increase of 576%.

In 1950 America had 152.3 million people up from 123 million in 1929. We lost 3 million Americans to starvation in the 1930s, but gained 30 million which would include a lot of (Jewish?) immigrants.

If America’s population had grown by 576% since 1950 we would have 877.4 million people today.

America’s infrastructure deficit is about $4 trillion. That means if we can’t find $4 trillion to spend on American nation building, we will be a Third World country in a generation. A friend or relative who just had a baby will raise a child who might graduate from high school and might find a job but have no expectation that the roads will not destroy their cars and bridges will not collapse while they cross.

Does anyone honestly believe that adding 550 million people will make those bridges and roads safer?

Will adding 550 million people make our public schools safer and our colleges better?

Those 877 million people sharing your roads, schools and workplaces, will be residents not citizens in the sense of sharing a distinct American experience.

You cannot really argue that there is some magic number like 475 million American residents where the people will suddenly change their minds and vote for a wall. 53% of all Democrats believe illegal aliens should be allowed to vote in American elections. But, if we add 150 million people to the population while illegal aliens vote by the millions, will we be able to vote No to the invading army of illegal aliens? They come from countries that do not practice the kind of democracy we had before the invasion. They believe they have the right to kill people to silence them. And they have some large drug gangs willing to do their dirty work.

A wall is a necessity. But there are other ways to stop illegal immigration. Give federal Voter ID cards to all citizens. Put a magnetic stripe on it just like a credit card. Nobody votes twice. Election workers couldn’t vote for people who stayed home because both parties gave us abysmal choices that year. No more millions of 106 year-olds collecting Social Security. No more people collecting welfare on one ID, unemployment on a second ID and holding a job on the third ID.

The 2018 and 2020 elections might be our last chance to save America from irreparable harm wrought by liberal Democrats, Wall Street Bankers and Fake News.

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The Thirty Families Made Plans For A Future Without You.

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We’re All Boers Now: Slow-Motion Genocide In South Africa. What You Can Do About It – Wolf Age

For some time I have been telling my readers that we can expect a worldwide Depression far worse than 1933 because we have more Unpayable Debts to cancel than at any time in history. We do not have a non-interest bearing currency Like President Lincoln’s Greenbacks or the British Bradford pound of WW I.

We compound our errors by allowing banks to create checking account money that enables them to charge us interest on money they create out of nothing. This generates enormous quantities of Unpayable Debts. This in turn sets us up for another Great Depression. My regular readers know three million Americans starved to death in the last Depression in the 1930s.

Of late I have warned readers that we are entering a Grand Solar Minimum (GSM) in 2019. In the Maunder Minimum the price of wheat rose 400%. Wheat is already in short supply. In the Dalton Minimum there was a volcano in Indonesia in 1815 that sent so much ash into the air that there was no summer in 1816. There were only one billion people living on the earth at that time. Now we have 6.6 billion more people and we have all seen lots of earthquakes and volcanoes in the news of late.

We could easily get into a currency reset where foreigners dump their dollars devaluing the purchasing power of our paychecks and pensions by 50% or more overnight.

We could also see huge crop losses due to drought in many regions while others lose their harvests to early frosts and even to hail and torrential rains. This has happened in previous Grand Solar Minimums.

One escape route for the Bankers who have robbed American taxpayers of tens of trillions of dollars would be to start race wars all over the globe. Against whites in South Africa. Or by Mexicans against blacks in California.

Below is a video from Red Ice. It is an appeal for us to help the Boers of South Africa.


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Israel did 911 but we need to argue facts. Please look at the following:

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It is easy to prove that Israel killed President Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr as well.

Israel Killed JFK And Has Ruled America Ever Since.

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Our Future Depends On Understanding Dr Elaine Ingham

A leaf 100 feet (30.5 meters) up in a tree needs Calcium. It sends that message down the tree to its roots where it is delivered to the biological life teeming in the soil which in turn fills the leaf’s need in exchange for sugars the leaves made during photosynthesis. The leaf receives its Calcium 90 seconds after its initial request. And the soil receives its Carbon from the earth and sun above.

Did anyone ever teach you that in high school?

We do not yet know every detail of how trees and plants make these trades billions of times daily but understanding this could save lives. Normally, I write about economics. My position is clear. If we do not arrest the Bankers, seize the $50 trillion plus dollars they stole from us and use that money to fund Debt Cancellation – a Jubilee as the Biblical writers would phrase it – we will soon be dying by the billions.

Today I want to talk about another looming disaster. We will soon face an agricultural deficit that could have dire consequences.

We are headed into another Grand Solar Minimum (GSM) in 2019. The Maunder Minimum (1645 – 1715) was named for Edward and Ann Marie Maunder who discovered that the sun was producing fewer solar spots. This was linked to declining crop yields. Temperatures declined only slightly but we now know there are other things that happen to the earth during a GSM.

The magnetosphere of the sun and the earth both decline which unfortunately allows more cosmic rays to strike the earth. Cosmic rays are nuclear particles. We have not yet entered the Eddy Minimum but over the past decade the number of cosmic rays striking the earth has increased 17%. Japanese scientists discovered that most of their major volcanic eruptions over the past few centuries occurred during the Maunder and Dalton Minimums. You might have noticed that quite a few volcanoes have erupted of late. And that is with only a 17% increase in cosmic rays.

There also seems to be an increase in the number and severity of earthquakes in a GSM. The New Madrid fault had major eruptions in both the Maunder Minimum on Christmas Day 1699 and three times in less than 8 weeks from 1811 to 1812 during the Dalton Minimum.

A good science teacher back in high school would have told you about exciting the mass. A ray of sunshine – a photon – travels to earth where it and its traveling companions strike a glass of water. The photons energize the electrons in the water and make them expand their orbit which we interpret as a transfer of heat and energy to the water from the sun. Think of cosmic rays as exciting the mass not of a glass of water but the very earth we stand on.

It might be time to move away from southern California, the Pacific Northwest of the US and the New Madrid fault. During the last earthquake on the New Madrid fault, the Mississippi river was picked up and thrown in the opposite direction. That is a force beyond our daily experience. Some advice from one who has experienced earthquakes. Do not buy a brick home. Wood frame houses a couple hundred miles from the epicenter should be OK. Of course you will have to deal both with marauding citizens fleeing the cities and government agents who believe they should be allowed to eat your food.

Let us begin with a few concepts: Soil Food Web, Soil Solution and Soil Compaction.

A gardener will tell you to never step on his garden bed because you will be compacting the soil. Other things that compact your soil are tractors, pickup trucks and farm equipment. How does soil compaction drastically reduce your crop yield?

There is something called Soil Solution. Dr Ingham tells us that labs often give us bad information from soil tests. Actually, they only test for nutrients found in the moisture in your soil. They do not test for the calcium, magnesium, boron, iron, nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium in the Soil Food Web. She says the bacteria ate almost all of the nutrients. Worry not she says because protozoa eat bacteria. They do not need all those nutrients so they excrete them and thus feed your plants’ roots on some sort of time released basis. There is only one real test for your soil. Take a microscope and look for the biology. Bacteria are on the bottom of the scale. Then comes protozoa, nematodes and lots of other creatures who need to be magnified 400 times. If you have a group or network that is preparing to survive, you might consider investing in a microscope and having one person in your circle learn how to analyze the biology of your soil. Dr Ingham teaches students on her website. This after 24 hours of instruction.

Overcoming Soil Compaction allows Soil Biology to do its work. It needs space around the soil particles for bacteria and protozoa, nematodes, arthropods and fungi to move and to do their work. Deep plant roots, earthworms and fungi make spaces for the Soil Food Web to get nutrients to your plant’s roots.

Overcoming Soil Compaction will also protect you against both flood and drought. I should also mention that the reduction in the earth’s magnetosphere allows the Jet Stream to wander about causing torrential floods in one area – currently Sweden and the US Southwest – and floods like those in China.

Dr Ingham raised crops in Australia after 27 years of drought.  In one video she was addressing a small group there. She told them that there are people using her Soil Food Web principles in America who have blueberry bushes with 30 meter (98.4 feet) deep roots.

The earth has all the minerals you will ever need. The Soil Food Web and its allies produces enough enzymes and acids to break down rocks and pebbles to yield rock dust without buying it or nitrogen or chemical NPK fertilizers from a salesmen. Old Growth forests are teaming with life. No salesmen were needed to produce those amazing results.

The Soil Spectrum. If you used a microscope to look at the soil from a weed patch, you would see the bacteria who ate all your nutrients. But you will not see protozoa to eat the bacteria and release nutrients.That is why you had a weed patch.

Weeds are not bad. They prepare the way for the next step in Mother nature’s plan.  If you looked at soil from various source gardens you would find a range or spectrum of the denizens of the Soil Food Web ranging from bacteria and weeds to fungi and forests.

To speed things along in the transition from weed patch to mature garden, Dr Ingham in one video told us to add 2 inches of organic compost to our weed patch. That works out to about 2 cubic yards per acre.

To emphasize an important point, you will need some soil biology in that compost pile. Plenty of videos explain composting. Table scraps will not do much for your weed patch. You need protozoa, nematodes, arthropods and fungi.

I would suggest starting with a cover crop that quickly grows deep roots. Some grasses grow 15 foot ( 4.5 meters) roots. Deep roots break up Soil Compaction. They also add Organic Matter (OM) to your soil. Every 1% increase in OM allows one acre to absorb up to 21,000 gallons of rainfall. Two-thirds of the OM in your soil comes from plant roots. Growing a cover crop with deep roots makes for a dramatic increase in OM and in your garden’s ability to survive both heavy rains and drought.

Dr Ingham’s methods also produce more bountiful crops with fewer expensive agricultural inputs (fertilizers and pesticides) which helps profitability but will more importantly give us a buffer against depleting food stores and food insecurity.

As I said, understanding Dr Ingham could save lives.

In the first year of turning a weed patch into a garden, she recommends growing brassicas, such as, broccoli, cabbage and kale. Remember the  soil spectrum that goes
from the weed patch to the old growth forest. Broccoli is the next step up from the weed patch. It is raised in cold weather. Mycorrhizal fungi take water and nutrients some distance to your plant’s roots. That is one way the Soil Food Web counteracts droughts.

The problem is that fungi and earthworms do not like cold weather, 12 and 18 degrees Centigrade (53.6 and 64.4 F) respectively are their lower limits. Cold weather plants do not need fungi. That is why broccoli is a good crop for your first season on the former weed patch.

I take academic shortcuts. I attended full time classes as an undergraduate for 9 years. Nobody dares give a PhD to an honest person who tells the truth about the Bankers who periodically kill people by the tens of millions when they deliberately collapse currencies .

Dr Ingham might not like this but here goes. There is a movement called Korean Natural Farming that teaches us how to collect Indigenous Microorganisms or IMO. (Video below.) Undercook by 5 minutes or so a pound and a half of white rice. I like Basmati rice. The Soil Food Web creatures love the carbohydrates. The rice should be cooked but with no clumping together. The video below will explain. They have procedures to plant this in a good garden spot to gather IMO for your compost and garden. Do not try this in the weed patch because all you will get is bacteria to gobble up your nutrients. If you do these between two older trees, you will get a lot of fungi. But you should try collecting soil IMO from a mature natural garden that does not use commercial pesticides. This garden will give you a better balance. There is a limit to how much broccoli most of us are willing to eat in one calendar year. So we will need a quick way to get a more balanced IMO which would allow us to grow anything.

A keyword is balanced. If you had access to an old growth forest and did 100% of your collections there, your plants would have a hard time. Why? They need a balance of Soil Food Web biology – not just fungi. Fungal dominated compost is a good thing but not 99.9% fungi.

I would not oppose  in the first year using some rock dust to get everything going for your initial cover crop. I would recommend Red Wiggler worms for your worm compost bin. They love coffee grounds. But I would also recommend earthworms for garden soil. Earthworms dig deep. If you start planting cover crops with 6 to 12 feet (1.8 to 3.6 meter) roots, the earthworms can dig down deep. This will aerate and fertilize your soil. The USDA said a mature garden with lots of earthworms will receive 21,000 pounds (9,525 Kgs) of vermicompost per acre per year. And those worms do that for free. You can buy worms or you can dig up worms and take them to your garden.

Please remember you need to feed both your worms and the Soil Food Web.

A Few hints: Hint 1) Pasture land normally has grass with 5 to 6% protein. If you practice Soil Food Web techniques, you can raise that protein content to 25 or even 26%. This will improve the health of your animals and the quality of their milk. Please consider the fact that cow’s milk is not good for human health but goat milk is.

Hint 2) There are lots of climate battery videos on the web. One retiree in Nebraska raises oranges in very cold winters. He dug out trenches deep enough to bring heat through ducts to his greenhouse in sufficient amounts to raise oranges while a blizzard raged outside. A word of caution. Forget about the depth at which contractors in your area tell you that your pipes will never freeze. Dig deeper. We are going into a Grand Solar Minimum.

Hint 3) Look up No Till videos on the web. No need for plows to tear up the fields. Why? Because a plow kills the Soil Food Web, especially the Mycorrhizal fungi which is what takes you past the weed patch and the brassicas on the Soil Spectrum to mature gardens.

I said that I normally write about Debt Cancellation and other ways to save the world from mass starvation brought  by the men of Wall Street and the politicians they own. Here is an article more in that style:

How And Why An American Military Coup Could Save The World

This is Dr Ingham’s website:

This is the video about collecting Indigenous Microorganisms (IMO).


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Iran Waits With Mach 14 Missiles While The US Collapses

America is the first Undeveloping country of the 21st century. Gerald Celente

America has trillions of dollars in unfunded repairs to its infrastructure that it must make if it plans to survive. Obama had a shovel ready jobs program that had to be scrapped when feminists complained that the term shovel ready seemed to favor hiring men. Iran, China and Russia need not worry. After eight years of Obama, the infrastructure debt became worse. Trump is proposing we spend a trillion dollars but would require we privatize our best infrastructure. That means we pay for it and the leadership of the Jewish-Globalist Lobby winds up owning our utilities and roads while they gouge us for fees to use what we built.

But even this meager program is several trillion dollars short of what we need to keep America from turning into a Third World nation. There are dams and levees that badly need repair or replacement. If the much troubled Wolf Creek  dam (at Lake Cumberland) fails, the resulting flood would put Nashville under water and cut east west road and rail traffic for tens of millions of Americans. In California their state water project and the levees around Sacramento need repair, but we can’t afford to do it. We need to spend more money on Israel’s wars.

The Jewish Lobby set up a Pentagon Office for Special Plans in 2001 that funneled lies from Israel directly to the White House unfiltered by any truthful analysis to justify an invasion of Iraq. That kicked off a $6 trillion spending spree to kill Muslims. The CIA paid ISIS and Al Qaeda money to kill Christians in Syria. Syrian Christian churches can trace their origins back as far as 50 and 60 A.D. Why did we pay crazies to gouge out the eyes of Christians and to behead them? Because they supported secular governments in Syria, Iraq and Lebanon. All three of those nations were on General Clark’s list of nations to be invaded. Lebanon? Obviously that list originated in Israel.

Enter Iran’s Sejjil IRBM missile. Wikipedia says it has a speed of Mach 14. And a range of 2,500 kilometers (1,553.4 miles). The warhead ranges from 500 to 1,500 Kgs. Iran also has a Medium Range missile, the Qadr, which has Mach 14 speed.  It has a warhead of 700 to 1,000 kilograms. (1,543 to 2,225 pounds.)

And Iran recently introduced an air to air missile called the Fakour which has Mach 5 speed and a range of 190 Kilometers (118 miles.) Compare that to the US AIM-120 AMRAAM which only has Mach 4 speed and a range of 75 Kms.

Let’s delve into Iran’s defense budget of $106 billion which has increased 145% since the lifting of sanctions. Iran is funding two wars. They are the primary backers of Iraq’s Popular Militias. The Popular Militias outnumber Iraq’s regular army. Iranian officers, arms, training and finances have liberated the center of Iraq from ISIS. President Obama let Secretary of State John Kerry give 400 trucks to Al Nusra (Al Qaeda in Syria) who immediately gave them to ISIS (Al Qaeda in Iraq). ISIS used the trucks from Obama and Kerry to take Mosul and split Iraq into 3 parts. That had been Israeli policy since at least 1982 (as proposed by Oded Yinon.) Ever since Israel killed President Kennedy, Israel’s policies have been America’s.

Hezbollah has underground manufacturing plants mass producing drones and Mach 3 plus missiles with 1,102 pound (500 kg) payloads. These are advanced drones. Iran captured a CIA drone by electronically hijacking it. President Obama demanded they return his drone. The Iranians, Russians and Chinese had a good laugh. This is speculation on my part but Hezbollah commandos could launch drones and missiles from tunnels inside Israel to search out and destroy high value targets in the region.

Iran and Pakistan have entered a partnership to jointly manufacture military equipment. Iran has the license and technology for Russia’s S-400 anti-missile system but is creating its own version. Pakistan has Russian and Chinese technology and is making military equipment of interest to Iran. Pakistan is a full member of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) which is a Russian-Chinese military alliance. China has proposed Iran for full membership.

The point is that Iran has superior weapons to the US. Why and how is that possible?

Russia’s defense budget has been cut 25% to $47.247 billion. But they have faster missiles than the US. They are deploying the S-600 anti-missile system. Even the S-400 had missiles with Mach 12.5 and Mach 14 speeds. They also have Khibiny,  the Electronic Countermeasure Warfare system. It can shut down US radar, computers and communications systems. The US has been waging psych war against Russia by paying $5 billion to install a corrupt government in the Ukraine. This shift in Ukraine will allow America to move their slow missiles closer to Russia so they can theoretically win a First Strike nuclear war with Russia. As I said, Putin is not impressed. He cut his defense budget 25%.

America has a very poor economy as does Europe and Japan, but we do have high stock values because our Central Banks have been printing money and buying stocks. Our major corporations have been borrowing money and buying stocks to trigger corporate executive bonuses enabling insiders to sell their bonus shares at inflated prices.

Does it matter that 21 trillion dollars has been stolen from two federal agencies, Housing and Urban Development and the Pentagon? Not to the news media. American taxpayers are not allowed to have modern accounting procedures so they know where their tax money went. So what if their $21.3 trillion national debt is likely to rise to $30 trillion and the annual interest charge is likely to skyrocket from $500 billion to $1.5 trillion and then $2 trillion. Even after being threatened with trillion a year interest rate charges the media will not permit us to tell Americans that there would be no national debt and no interest on the debt if we still had President Lincoln’s Greenbacks which charged us zero dollars a year in interest.

The people who own the American government seem to be guided by the Talmud which said, “It is legal to rob the Gentiles as soon as we get control of their government.”

Dr Mark Skidmore and his graduate students tabulated the figure of $21 trillion in spending not being accounted for. That was over a 20 year period and only from HUD and DOD. He did not include other agencies.

Dr Skidmore told one funny story about the US Army. Their annual budget was $122 billion. They had so much missing money that the US Treasury Dept sent them a check for $800 billion to fill the holes in their accounts. Guess what? The $800 billion went missing too!

We produce planes, missiles and ships that are highly inferior to Russia’s even though they spend less in a year than we do in a month. Heck. Even the Iranians have air defenses and missiles superior to ours. We could not even defeat Iran, Syria and Hezbollah if we wanted to. Even if our lives depended on taking Lebanon by force which it doesn’t.

In 1929 we had 123 million Americans. By 1940 3 million Gentiles had starved to death in America. The Uber Rich decided to add 202 million people since then. And they also sent millions of jobs overseas. They decided to create jobs by hiring 31 million federal, state and local government workers (if you count contractors.) They have subsidized jobs in education and healthcare. Neither of these industries serves us well. A black man in Los Angeles said Crenshaw high school only has 3% of its students reading at their grade level. They spend twice as much per pupil for poor results as a local private school that has lots of students passing Advanced Placement exams for college entrance. The younger generation has seen a 20% pay cut since their parents were their age.

We print dollars and buy things from overseas paying for them with I Owe You nothing dollars. We have 800 military bases overseas and pay for them with IOU nothing dollars. That won’t last much longer.

The Petrodollar is dying. The US dollar will die. Wages and pensions will be cut 50% when foreigners begin dumping dollars. Over half of US dollars are overseas. When, not if, foreigners edeem those dollars, our commodity prices will rise very sharply. It would only be a matter of weeks before Americans would discover that the purchasing power of their paychecks and pensions has been cut 50%.

People are concerned about the 2018 elections. I think the Uber Rich might want to crash the economy before November. They want the Democrats to make the borders wide open so America will be embroiled in multiple Race Wars when the Dollar Dies, wages are cut 50% through inflation and the Nationwide Food Riots have signaled the coming demise of everything that is here now.

If or when Americans aim 350 million guns at each other and fire the first billion bullets, the Uber Rich could release a series of plagues.

Iran, Russia, China and Syria have nothing to fear. The Saudis, Wall Street, the Jewish Lobby and all kept politicians in the US, the UK and Europe should tremble.

The Gentiles of America and the world must make plans for their survival. Their governments will not survive what is coming so we will have to depend upon ourselves and our networks of friends and family to live long enough to rebuild when we reach the other side of the coming Troubles.

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It is easy to prove that Israel killed President Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr as well.

Israel Killed JFK And Has Ruled America Ever Since.

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You Do Not Have Healthcare. You Suffer Under Disease Management Control.

Your body has to build a billion cells a day. Does your doctor talk to you about a plan to help your body build a billion cells a day to maintain good health?

American drug companies have 100 drugs to manage the disease known as Hypertension. An American doctor will usually consider any Blood Pressure above 120 over 80 to be abnormal and sufficient cause to write you a prescription. But in Europe they don’t treat anyone for High Blood Pressure until it goes over 180. In India doctors think that any BP under 140 is dangerous and a sign of pathology.

Let’s take a look at an American Medical Association Journal article that most doctors ignore. Mortality rates are four times higher for people with systolic pressure under 120 than for those with pressure over 160. This study was based on examination of records for 48,000 patients from 259 US hospitals. It would seem that doctors pay more attention to salesmen from pill pushing Big Pharma than they do to scholarly research articles.

To state this so simply that even a drug company salesman can understand it: Higher Blood Pressure means lower death rates. Think of it this way: The heart is a pump. It delivers oxygen through the blood to every cell in your body. If you have damage to the heart or to the arteries, wouldn’t it make sense that higher pressure from your pump would make you live longer because it delivered more oxygen to your cells?

A lack of common sense combined with an inability to read and understand peer reviewed scientific articles has produced the following plan of attack: To give you a more normal Blood Pressure reading, doctors will give you a medication that lowers the ability of the heart to deliver oxygen to your body’s cells. This causes your bodily organs to wear out at a faster rate and for you to experience premature aging.

To achieve these goals your doctor will prescribe Beta Blockers, ACE Inhibitors (Angiotensin Converting Enzymes) and/or diuretics. The result of this strategy is early death from cancer, heart disease and/or diabetes.

A disease is caused by either deficiency or toxicity.

Tylenol is a deadlier drug than heroin or cocaine. Tylenol thickens and damages blood vessels

Most people do not drink enough clean water. Water is the best blood thinner. If you have high blood viscosity, try drinking clean water before you try anything else. If your blood is too thick – from a lack of water – you will have higher blood pressure.

Clean water does not include fluoride. Dr Dean Burk PhD, 34 years with National Cancer Institute, said fluoride causes more cancer deaths than any other chemical.

Pulse Pressure is the difference between between Systolic and Diastolic. 120 minus 80 is 40 and normal. 150 minus 110 is also 40 and is also normal. Blood viscosity should also be measured. Neither is considered by doctors who practice Disease Management Control.

Things that increase blood viscosity: Blood Pressure meds, NSAID’s (Advil, Motrin, Ibuprofen, diet products, dehydration, diuretics and all medications except rat poison (coumadin),

Anatomy lessons unheeded by the AMA: The spleen checks every blood cell every 20 minutes. If a red blood cell is not functioning properly, the spleen will pass it over to the liver. The liver breaks down damaged red blood cells and turns them into bile so you can digest fats. If you have a poor diet or have toxic blood, the spleen will not function properly. That means you will have old red blood cells, so your blood cells cannot carry enough oxygen.

In 1983 there were 10 vaccines given before the age of 6. By 2010 there were 38 vaccines given before the age of 6. Before 1950 children rarely ever died from cancer. Today cancer is the leading cause of death in children. Children from birth to age 18 are given 74 shots of 16 different viruses.

The National Coalition of Organized Women did a study of the H1N1 vaccine given in 2009-10. They determined that the H1N1 vaccine caused 3,587 stillbirths and miscarriages. Vaccines are injected into the bloodstream. These vaccines include cancers and viruses.

MSG has 40 different names which the Fraud and Deception Association allows corporations to use to trick consumers into taking a toxic substance.

The colon produces vitamin K. The appendix is a lymph tissue associated with the colon. In America the appendix is removed if it becomes inflamed. An appendectomy increases your risk of colon cancer by 60%. If you had an appendectomy, your doctor probably did not tell you that you need to drink lots of vegetable juices and eats lots of soluble fiber to clean the blood and colon.

And, if your gall bladder was removed, did your doctor tell you that you will have a problem with fat metabolism and have increased cancer risk? Did your doctor to increase your intake of healthy saturated fats?

90% of Seretonin is produced in the gut so if the gut is not functioning properly, them there is a strong possibility that the brain might be impeded in its proper functioning.

Every medication slows or stops a metabolic process. That is not healthcare.

4,000 of the 5,000 a year who die from asthma actually die from their asthma drugs. That is disease management at work.

The above information was taken from a video entitled Detoxification which I posted below the Related Articles. The first of the related articles has more health information and a video lecture from the same man.

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