From E Michael Jones And The Slaughter Of Cities To Their Destruction.

Dr. E. Michael Jones  wrote The Slaughter of Cities: Urban Renewal As Ethnic Cleansing in 2004. His book is out of print and is rather expensive. I have included a video interview at the end of this article.

I believe we are headed to the Destruction of our cities in the very near future by the design of the Enemy Within. But I must first present Dr Jones’ description of the cleansing of American cities of Polish, Italian, Irish, German and other Catholic ethnic neighborhoods. Dr Jones is the editor of Culture Wars magazine and is a devout Catholic. I have posted below in references a video lecture he did on protecting the Goy from Judaism Inc in case you want to delve deeper into his other works.

The people who have ruled America since the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913 maneuvered the US into WW I. They used the war to do a limited amount of social engineering compared to what they have done since the 1930s. Dr Jones pointed out that when white workers were drafted into WW I, 250,000 black share croppers were brought to Detroit. That did not work out well.

Dr Jones said that the US government targeted the white ethnic neighborhoods for the construction of high rise apartment buildings to be filled with blacks. I remember years ago a white police officer who at his retirement said his first call as a rookie was to the scene where a 12 year-old white girl had been raped by ten black youths. The local parochial school responded by ending their school day 30 minutes earlier. That was in Cleveland. I remember seeing a video more recently of a 12 year-old girl in Wilmington Delaware whose jaw had been broken on a school bus by a black youth who wanted her to be his girl friend. These crimes are things white people are told to accept as part of modern life to avoid being accused of racism.

I should balance the above by quoting from a Chinese friend who owned property in an urban area in California. He saw a speech by Louis Farrakhan on TV in which the Black Muslim leader explained that urban renewal was a scam run by Jews. My friend told me everything Farrakhan said was true. I responded by saying that I had taken an Urban Planning class back in the old days when I was studying economics. It was known as early as the late 1960s that federal spending on Urban Renewal reduced the supply of housing for the poor.

But you say that you were told that Blight removal was the real purpose. Nonsense. Dr Jones explained in the video the  Supreme Court decision on Blight. A man whose store was in the path of an urban planner appealed all the way to the highest court. The opposing lawyers agreed that the man’s store was not part of the neighboring Blight. They said the Urban Planners just needed his location to build a grand project.  The Supreme Court agreed with the Social Engineers. Urban Renewal has never been about increasing housing for the poor or removing Blight. It has always been about ethnic cleansing and making money for campaign contributors.

Sargent Shriver was President Kennedy’s brother-in-law. Under President Johnson Shriver was the first head the OEO ( Office of Economic Opportunity). Jones said in the video that Shriver gave a million dollars to a gang of black street thugs known then as the Blackstone Rangers. Later they changed their name to Black P Stone Nation amongst others. Jones was of the opinion that those thugs were hired by the federal government to ethnically cleanse the south side of Chicago. The goal was to force the ethnic minorities to move to the suburbs and marry out into other groups. The schools and Hollywood could combine to turn the masses into obedient, homogenized little citizens.

Of course there is money to be made at HUD. On March 22, 2000 Susan Gaffney, Inspector General of Housing and Urban Development, testified before the US House of Representatives that she had to adjust the books 284 times and write off 77.2 billion dollars for the fiscal years 1998 and 1999. That is a lot of taxpayer money that just sort of disappeared.

Jones does not seem to talk about the large influx of ethnic Hispanics who for the most part share his Catholic faith. Currently there are 57 million Hispanics in America. Compare that to 1960 when there were only 37 million people in the whole nation of Mexico. Also in 1960 there were only 6.3 million Hispanics in America.

There is a branch of economics called Walrasian. It was named after Leon Walras. They study the physical economy, such as, the natural resources which they follow through from extraction until the final product made. Iron ore becomes steel which becomes a washing machine. They concluded that American until 1950 had comparatively high wages because they had skilled labor they added value to abundant natural resources. Walrasians warned America that going beyond a population of 150 million would mean that we would have to import natural resources for the first time. We were told to expect drastic wage cuts over time as we went from 150 million to 200 and then 250 and then 315 million people.

Wall Street had a “fix” for that problem. The Petrodollar was created by Henry Kissinger after the 1973 Arab-Israeli war. The Saudis raised the price of oil 400%. They agreed to sell oil only for dollars. Their profits were plowed into the American stock markets and into US Treasury bonds. Magic happens!! The US did not have to make cars and computers. We could print dollars which China, Japan, Germany and everyone else would have to earn to buy oil. That took care of our perpetual trade deficit. And the budget deficit was covered by the Saudis too when they bought those bonds.

We were not producing products so we did not need to many workers. No matter. Magic happens!! We could add tens of millions to the government payroll. If you count contractors, the US has more than 30 million federal, state and local workers. We also cut hours worked when we passed Obamacare. This created the illusion of employment. The US has closed 58,000 manufacturing plants since the passage of NAFTA and added 55 million immigrants. We have created 500,000 waiter, waitress and bartending jobs in the past two years. We are adding low paying jobs while we lose high paying jobs.

We also raised college tuition. The University of California raised tuition more than 6,400% since the 1960s. They also have added $600 in transportation fees and $2,148 in health insurance. But Magic Happens!! You can get a student loan which is added to your household income which makes the administration’s lying economic statistics look good. Of course low oil prices will mean that soon nobody will buy our Treasury bonds. The CIA did buy a trillion dollars of US bonds from their drug running profits but soon even  that will not be enough to run the deficit. We will have to cut wages 60% and fire 10 to 15 million government workers while we gut Food Stamps, welfare, disability and other social programs.

At some point, we will go beyond the ability of the Federal Reserve to prop this economy up with money printing and interest rate cuts. We could try negative rates. But most Americans would not be happy if their bank began charging them to deposit money into their checking accounts.

James Rickards who is an economic consultant with the CIA and the Pentagon said America’s currency will be devalued 80% which means that the price of imported goods will increase 500%. That is a substantial cut to real wages. It also means that foreigners will be able to buy the food off our store shelves. So on the Day the Dollar Dies we can expect Nationwide Food Riots.

The federal government could declare martial law but to no avail. The economy will never improve until Unpayable Debts are cancelled. That means a Race War between blacks and Hispanics from California to Texas. Another Race War against whites in every city of any size. It means the Destruction of America.

Catherine Austin Fitts realized in the 1990s that there was no money set aside for our retirement. That meant Wall Street was planning Genocide. She told Greg Hunter that Wall Street had stolen $40 trillion from us and would steal tens of trillions more. As I have said before, we are headed to multiple Race Wars because the Bankers want to cover up all the money they stole from us.

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This is the video of Jones’s interview on ethnic cleansing. You would not believe the price of his book at Amazon.

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Donate To My Campaign. I Promise A Hundredfold Return.

Welcome, you will find a detailed donor’s prospectus in front of you as you take your seat at the table. In the next few minutes I will give you the highlights of my plans to reward my investor-donors. By way of comparison, imagine a Banker who invests in an IPO whose stock splits 6 times and runs his stake from $1 million to $64 million in just 4 years. But if he had invested a million dollars early on in my campaign, I could guarantee him a $100 million return. Of course that IPO stock is a scam and will have to be unloaded onto the suckers before the bubble bursts. My donors will be renting the government from me so there is no possibility of a loss unless freedom and democracy breaks out.

(The audience laughs.)

Early investors will enable me to go to the 50 state parties and pay them to rig the primaries and to buy the Super Delegates I need to make my nomination inevitable.

We have the ability to knock millions of voters off their party registration so they cannot vote in the primaries. They will have the right to vote on a provisional ballot which we will refuse to count. We won’t let those rabble rousers who want to defend the working class from those born to rule over them to actually select the next President of the United States.

Our corporate sponsors own the media so we have the right to issue fake polls giving me a ten point lead which can close to a tight race on election day. But we count the vote so the odds of me losing this election are minimal.

And if, we do lose the election, those above me always have their assassination backup plans. I assume you all know David Rothkopf. He used to be the CEO of Kissinger Associates. He wrote Superclass in which he made the obvious point that the world is run by 30 Families and their 6,000 Minions. We are all Minions and I am offering to lease the government to you. If the people rebel and vote for a candidate not approved by the ruling Families, that man will die.

The next administration will be required to issue Get Out Of Jail Free cards to everyone on Wall Street. That means you will have a license to rob the common people so you are guaranteed a return on the money you donated to me no matter who wins in November. Any President who tries to arrest Bankers will be terminated.

Does anyone have any questions?

A:  I am worried that this Depression will get really bad sooner rather than later. What is your thinking about a market crash and the death of the dollar?

A:  The Fail Safe position is that in case of a Depression we will have a cashless society in which Banks and the government can take money from depositors anytime we fall short. As always, “the voters will have to make do with less so we can have more.”

Q:  Do you think your opponent will be assassinated before the election or afterwards?

A:  I am not allowed in on that level of planning as I am a mere candidate but I know the people I have served all my life. I am thinking they would do it after the elections to minimize anger amongst the voting populace. We have holidays from Thanksgiving to Christmas and New Years plus lots of sporting events to distract the people if it should come to that. Personally, I put my faith in Diebold voting machines. If it weren’t for them and the tragic death of my senatorial opponent 16 years ago, I would not be running for President today.

Q:  Will there be a war?

A:  We have a need for wars?

Q:  I meant will you be launching World War III next year?

A:  I can’t answer that. If I do become President, I will do the bidding of those who own the government. I am just renting out the US military, the courts, the FBI, the Justice Department the State Department, the FDA, the USDA, the FCC and other institutions to my donors.  The decision to kill a few billion people belongs to those who own the government and not to us. Any more questions?

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Vidrebel On 911. Next Year Let’s Arrest the Perpetrators.

I am of the opinion that things are coming to a head and not just here in the US. I should repeat that I am more interested in the Trump movement than I am in him. If the world blows up, we can either rebuild or go die with those we knew and loved.

The following are some of the articles I wrote on 911.

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(The next one is my rendition of a banned video that had been turned into a PDF file.)

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Susan Lindauer: Bush, Cheney, Israel, 911 And The Jewish Question.

Jekyll Island, The JFK Assassination And 911. Three American Coups
Lone Gunmen TV Episode Predicted 911. Full Version

(I do not agree with Dr Wood on every point but she is raising issues.)

Video: Dr Judy Wood And 911 Facts

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Fantastic Tales Americans Must Believe To Be Admitted to Polite Society

Americans have lost jobs and even been killed by their government because they were unwilling to at least appear to believe Fantastic Tales that couldn’t possibly be true. But we are rapidly approaching a transition period when we will be able to actually Tell the Truth in public.

The following is an example of a Fantastic Tale: On Tuesday June 4, 1968 Robert Kennedy won the California Democratic primary. We are told that Sirhan Sirhan was the lone assassin. Men and women in Polite Society are required to believe that Sirhan’s 8 shot 22 caliber revolver fired 13 times without reloading. Sirhan who was standing in front of RFK was able to fire five “Magic Bullets” that flew upward and over Kennedy’s head, went past him and then down sharply only to reverse course, travel downwards only to reverse course again and strike him from behind at an upward angle. Somehow the powder burns from these “Magic Bullets” followed their rather strange trajectory sufficiently so as to convince the Coroner that they had been fired only inches away from the likely 1968 Democratic Presidential nominee.


Another example: Michael Hastings had written an expose of Stanley McChrystal entitled The Runaway General for Rolling Stone magazine. More recently before his death he had written an expose of Bowe Bergdahl who had deserted and went over to the Taliban. President Obama had exchanged five high value prisoners for Bergdahl. Hastings was also working on an expose of the CIA. He went on the Young Turks TV show and said that investigative journalists ought to declare war on the Obama administration because they have declared war on us.

We are told that Hastings died accidentally after driving recklessly. There was more damage to the rear of his car than in the front which had hit a tree. University professors have shown how modern cars can be electronically hijacked and driven remotely at speeds of 100 mph. His Mercedes car engine was hurled 200 feet down the street at a sharp angle by an explosion. Hastings had contacted his friends and a lawyer to express his fears that the FBI was following him wherever he went.

We must believe that Americans are the Good Guys and that our enemies are the Bad People.

John Kiriakou was a CIA agent who blew the whistle on US government torture. Of all the people in the CIA torture program, Kiriakou was the only one to go to prison for it. And he was the one who revealed what was going wrong. He spent 2 years in prison. Bradley Manning revealed  a video of US helicopter pilots killing unarmed civilians and reporters. He is still in prison but those who deliberately target hospitals for attack are in fact running our government meaning our nation is led by war criminals.

We are supposed to be waging a war on drugs. But the Bush admin told its allies months before 911 that we were going to invade Afghanistan. The only reason to be there after 14 years seems to be the opium. The Global Hawk is a drone version of the U-2 spy plane. Later versions of the Global Hawk have a compartment capable of flying 3,000 pounds of opium past customs to American air bases from which they can be sent to America at a tremendous profit to the men who own the United States government.

Freeway Ricky Ross was seriously harmed by the public schools. If his school district had taught him to read, he could have won an athletic scholarship in tennis and become a school teacher if not a professional athlete. But he was illiterate and instead had to make hundred of millions of dollars selling cocaine. He says that a Hollywood movie glorifying black drug dealers gave him the impetus to choose crime as a career. Ross made connections with Nicaraguan drug dealers. He did not learn until the end of his criminal career that he was working for the CIA. He could have been released much sooner from prison if he had kept his mouth shut as he had been told.

Ross has pointed out that black people using crack cocaine on a first offense were being sentenced to ten years while whites using standard cocaine were given probation. There is no war against drugs but there is a War Against America. A young man killed 4 people but avoided jail because his expensive lawyer convinced the judge that his client had grown up without learning that rules applied to him. His parents were rich and had sheltered him from the consequences of his actions.

Hillary Clinton is a career criminal who has stolen billions of dollars from the people of Haiti and Africa. She has sold American foreign policy for cash and cannot even be indicted. It seems that in America only the poor and the middle class go to jail while everyone in  Washington or on Wall Street is immune from prosecution.

Americans are not allowed to believe in the laws of physics. On 9-11-2001 three buildings fell down at nearly free fall speed but only 2 of the 3 had been hit by airplanes. We had many witnesses amongst the janitorial staff and the building engineers that there were explosions in the sub-basements before the planes hit the World Trade Center Towers. It is sort of basic science that the fire does not start until you light the match. But on 9-11 we must believe that the jet and its fuel which were more than 30 seconds away from impact somehow caused explosions in the floors below the ground level.

We have seen videos of the plane fuel tanks exploding on impact with the Towers so there was not much fuel left in the planes to cause fires. But somehow the fuel was able to explode and  pulverize 440,000 cubic yards (336,404.14 cubic meters) of reinforced concrete from WTC Towers 1 and 2 turning them into dust.

The North and South Towers had 47 central core steel columns and 236 perimeter columns for a total of 283. For the buildings to fall straight down at nearly free fall speed all 283 connections from the columns to each of the 110 floors had to be cut within a second of each other. Keeping in mind open air fires cannot reach less than half of the temperature required to melt steel, how do you explain (2 X 110 X 283) 62,260 connections in the two Towers all being severed simultaneously by an office fire? Isn’t this a definition of a controlled demolition?

But we are required to believe the impossible.

Americans were taught lies sufficiently well to get them to enter WW I but after the war they became disillusioned when they learned the truth. America went to war so the Jews of Russia could turn that nation into a Communist dictatorship and Palestine could become a Jewish colony. Many wealthy Gentiles wanted war because they could make billions of dollars selling weapons.

After World War II, the people of Europe and America were told many lies about the Holohoax to maintain the prestige of liars. The International Red Cross had sent observers into all the German concentration camps including Auschwitz. They had unrestricted access to prisoners and had some of them report on conditions. There were no claims of gas chambers until after the war was over. And these were unbelievable.

The 1950 World Almanac using Jewish sources said there were 800,000 more Jews alive in 1950 than in 1940. The Jewish witnesses claimed they pulled bodies from the gas chambers 5 minutes after the last person had died inside. America had gas chambers in some states more than a decade after the war. If the Zionists had studied how Americans executed prisoners, they would have known that they had to first neutralize the cyanide gas as it is deadly. You cannot just walk into a room full of cyanide without gas masks and gloves and pull bodies out as the Jewish witnesses claimed. Opening the doors prior to neutralization would have killed everyone in the area. These are just fairy tales for children.

The world economy will collapse either before the November elections or soon after. The US could plunge into chaos when the Dollar Dies and the Nationwide Food Riots begin. We will no longer have a Polite Society. Impolite men and women will create new nations to replace those that had been in North America, Europe  and elsewhere.

We personally might not survive but what is coming our way but at least we will no longer have to believe fairy tales as the gospel truth.

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Hillary Disses Unions, Detroit And Democrats on Labor Day Weekend.

There was a long tradition of Democratic Presidential candidates starting their post convention campaign drive with a rousing speech to Union men and women in Detroit on Labor day. Hillary is missing in action in 2016. The reasons why Hillary dares not go to Detroit will teach us all we need to know about our lack of 2016 election choices.


Above is Detroit today. Below is Detroit when Democrats went there on Labor Day to showcase what they had done for working people and brag about what they will do when they win the next election.

Planta Dagenham 1950

President Harry Truman addressed union leaders and the rank and file at Cadillac Square in Detroit on Labor Day in 1948. He cited both the gains working people had made and the contributions they made to making America a wealthier nation. In those days Americans had jobs and made things. President Kennedy addressed the crowds at Cadillac Square on Labor Day in 1960. Today we have 30 million government federal, state and local workers if you count contractors. But we only have 12.3 million manufacturing workers. That is a ratio of 2.4 government employees per wealth producing manufacturing worker. There are 3 million working in mining and agriculture so really we have almost twice as many people living off the fruits of the labor of others as those who actually physically produce everything we consume.

I recently read in Zero Hedge that 26 million American adults who work and have children have to skip meals. In a decent society we would try to do something to help those people. Hillary and the leadership of what passes for the Democratic party want to lower their wages and raise their taxes so they can add to the suffering of the poor. Hillary wants unlimited immigration so the political process in America will never work again.  People are beginning to figure that out which explains a lot.

Where did the Democrats go wrong? How did they disconnect from their voters?

Wassily Leontief won a Nobel Prize in Economics. He developed a model of the physical US  economy that described how the outputs of one industry became the inputs of another. Basic extractive industries yielded iron and coal which produced steel. And the steel in turn became an input for the automakers. Scholars concluded was that American wages were high because the US could extract abundant natural resources and use highly skilled labor to produce finished products like cars and washing machines.

But the Elite did not like that picture of an idyllic workers’ paradise. By flooding the country with immigrants, they were able to push wages down. America was supposed to lower wages even further every time they added a million immigrants so we could compete for the purchase of imported raw materials that had previously been abundant. Before the population was greatly increase after WW II we did not have to buy oil and a lot of other things from overseas.

America’s Jewish population probably tripled between 1930 and 1960. Instead of making things with our hands we became a nation run by Financiers, lawyers, politicians, college professors, Foundations, Lobbyists and media personalities.

Ayn Rand described the modern world very well back in 1957:

“You may know society is doomed when you see that in order to produce, you need to obtain permission from men who produce nothing; when you see that money is flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favors; when you see that men get richer by graft and by pull than by work, and your laws don’t protect you against them, but protect them against you; [and] when you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice.”

Since Bill Clinton and Newt Gingrich passed NAFTA (North American Free Trade Act), the US lost 57,000 manufacturing plants but added 55 million people through legal and illegal immigration. We have over 3,100 counties with an average population of 100,000 people each. We lost about 17 manufacturing plants in the average county.

Don’t worry your little head. The Elite had a solution to that nasty unemployment problem. Just add workers like crazy to the the federal, state and local government payrolls. The total number of government workers went from 4 million in 1940 to 30 million today if you count contractors.

But you respond, “how can we afford to pay the salary, benefits and retirements of those tens of millions of people?

The Elite had an answer for that.

We can run budget deficits. Deficits are good because the workers pay interest on government bonds even though the Bankers created the money to buy the bonds out of thin air. As William Paterson told the Parliament in 1694, “The Bank of England hath the benefit of interest on money it creates out of nothing.”

Remember, we were supposed to lower wages every time we added a million people to America’s population. Voters were not willing to take semi-annual pay cuts.

And the Elite had an answer for that too. Henry Kissinger created the Petrodollar. The Arabs and OPEC agreed to quadruple the price of oil and to invest their surplus profits in the New York stock and bond markets. By buying US Treasury bonds, the Saudis and their friends did two things. First, they financed the the US budget deficit. Second, they appeared to eliminate (temporarily) our trade deficit. Americans were able to buy German and Japanese cars because those two nations imported oil which was only to be sold in dollars. And we printed dollars like crazy so we were buying cars, electronics food and everything else for free.

Introducing the Kissinger corollary: If you sell your oil for any currency other than the dollar, we will bomb your country after we have declared you to be a war criminal. Ask the Libyans and the Iraqis about the wisdom of refusing to pay protection to Wall Street by selling only in dollars. Dollars pay interest to the Banks. People who do not want to become a Debt Slave to the New York and London banks need to die and have Hillary cackle while saying, “We came. We saw. He died.”

The only problem is that Hillary’s campaign is going to hell along with the plans Wall Street made for 2017. Dr Steve Pieczenik, Tom Clancy’s business partner, said recently we are not to worry about WW III. The US Military and Intelligence services will not allow Obama or Hillary or anyone else to start a nuclear war with Russia or China.

There are only two problems remaining. First, that the Elite could release a series of plagues to wipe out 90% of the world’s population. I don’t think the professional soldiers will allow that. There is no country on earth where the Uber Rich can hide from the US military, our allies and the people around the world who are sick and tired of their Banker Occupation government..

Second, the economy will definitely collapse. When, not if, that happens, 120 million Americans will not be able to feed themselves. There will be Nationwide Food Riots and a Civil War or really a Race War. Latinos killing blacks, blacks and Latinos killing whites. and impoverished people killing their neighbors who had stored food.

That fate can be easily avoided by Debt Cancellation which will stop any Depression. Just arrest the Bankers, seize their assets and use that money to fund Debt Cancellation. All problems solved. Bankers and their friends would be permanently removed from power. Just pass laws creating a non-interest bearing currency like President Lincoln’s Greenbacks and make government debt illegal.

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End This Depression By Ending Banker Occupation

The Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich studied 40,000 international corporations. They found 1,319 to be significant. And of these there were 147 that ran the world economy. That study also revealed that these 147 companies had interlocking Boards of Directors so in reality we are talking about one corporate entity running the world economy, the media and all of our governments.

David Rothkopf wrote Superclass. He is a former CEO of Kissinger Associates. He says our world is run by 30 Families and their 6,000 Minions. They are the driving force for the New World Order.

Currently, this One World Corporatocracy uses the United States and the European Union to consolidate and wield power over the entire globe. But there are vulnerabilities in the world of Wall Street Globalism. The EU appears to be disintegrating. The ECB (European Central Bank) under the ex-Goldman Sachs VP Mario Draghi seems to be as suicidal as His Japanese counterpart. And America is stretched thin by its constant warfare. Russia Today said the US had military operations in 134 countries in 2014. Wikileaks, Snowden and others have revealed way more truth than the public can digest. The US has been funding Al Qaeda and ISIS. And now Putin has shown his superiority by being able to actually find ISIS and bomb them into oblivion.

The only economic and military advantage America had is about to disappear. Dr Michael Hudson wrote Super Imperialism in 1972. That was the year after Nixon closed the Gold Window on August 15, 1971 and the year before Henry Kissinger’s invention of the Petrodollar in 1973 after the Arab-Israeli war. Hudson went to the Pentagon and the State Department in 1972 to explain that the US was making nations overseas pay for their occupation by American troops by accepting worthless Federal Reserve Notes in exchange for real goods and services.

When an American general finally understood what Dr Hudson was saying about foreigners paying for their own occupation, he exclaimed, “We’re ripping people off.”

The days when The Federal Reserve could print stacks of dollars to the moon and the Saudis could fund the US budget deficit with their oil revenues are rapidly coming to an end. Very soon American politicians will have to recognize that we can no longer afford all of those wars and forget about over 700 military bases overseas.

The American consumer will have to deal with the doubling of the price of imported goods. Of course that will mean a drastic drop in the American standard of living which will lead to instability at home. This cold light of economic reality will force America to either start WW III or go home. Most sane people would like to avoid either a thermonuclear war with Russia or a conventional one as they have far superior weapons. American politicians and the Pentagon spent $400 billion on the F-35 which does not work. Russia is too poor to spend trillions of dollars on failed projects so the Elite can line their pockets at our expense.

What would be nice is for American voters to join with the citizens of Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Mideast in their revolt against Globalism. That is to say the workers of the world unite to end Global Occupation by Bankers.

The following describes an eleven point program to undo what has been done to us by design. But first I need to explain what causes Depressions.

Ask your friends what a Depression is. Most answers will describe the effects, such as, unemployment, starvation and bankruptcies. Depressions are solved by cancellation of debts either through discharge in bankruptcy court or by inflation devaluing the real value of the burden of debt. The third alternative would be for the government to void Unpayable Debts as the Kings of ancient Babylon and Sumer did. We would need to devise a more sophisticated plan as those were relatively simpler agricultural societies. I would like to make 11 suggestions which can both end a Depression and take down our Banker Occupied government.

1) Offer $25,000 in debt cancellation to every adult US citizen who is not institutionalized. This should be an international effort so people in foreign countries will get equivalent amounts in pounds, euros and other local currencies. This is to be financed by seizing the assets of financial war criminals that were stashed in Liechtenstein, the Cayman Islands and other such offshore money laundering centers. We need to get the assets of the private banks and the account numbers of all the corporations and the trusts the criminals who declared war against us. Only this will stop both World War III and this Depression.

2) Seize all the assets of war criminals. A lot of assets have been converted into real estate. In America we also have problems with mortgages. To evade taxes and to intentionally create clouded titles to homes the war criminals created the Mortgage Electronic Registration System (MERS). I would suggest that MERS be made illegal and require all mortgages be registered at reduced rates at the local county courthouse. I would give everyone 90 days to register for a clear title.

I would also challenge the title to every property to show that it did not belong to a corporation or trust fund owned by a war criminal. For example, if a shopping mall is owned by a corporation, the actual people who own the shares must identify themselves.

The World Bank did a study of 213 banking scandals and found that 150 were traced bank to offshore trusts linked either to drug cartels or to the 30 or so families whose wealth has been fully invested in slave trading, drug smuggling and other crimes against humanity for centuries. All of these assets need to be seized so we can cancel debts and get the economy moving again. We also need to take away their assets not just because they were stolen from us but to reduce their ability to wage war against us to zero.

We can take the seized real estate and use it to fund Social Security and stolen pension funds.

The seized stock and bond assets should also be used to fund public and private pensions and to cancel government debts. I would also use the tens of trillions of dollars in government agency assets listed at to cancel debts and fund pensions.

3) All federal, sate and local government debt should be made illegal. President Lincoln issued Greenbacks which bore no interest. Greenbacks eliminated the need for bonds to be issued.

4) I would issue a non-interest bearing currency in America and require the same of any foreign country that would want our assistance to cancel their government and personal debts. It was the Federal Reserve Act of 1913 that allowed bankers to create money out of nothing and charge us interest. That interest was designed to transfer all wealth from us to the bankers. It created Unpayable Debts which grow at exponential rates due to the law of compound interest.

Since prices are a ratio of the Money Supply to goods and services for sale, if we increase both at the same rate, we would have price stability. We could at current rates spend 535 billion dollars a year into circulation. We could create 535 billion dollars and spend it without raising taxes to pay for it. If we increased the GDP and the Money Supply to twice our current levels, then we could spend a trillion dollars a year into circulation while maintaining stable prices.

5) I would spend 200 billion dollars a year to repair America’s infrastructure. We have spent too much money on foreign wars so our infrastructure is collapsing. I would divide up 100 billion dollars a year amongst the 50 states on a proportional basis so a state with 2% of the US population would get 2 billion dollars to spend on bridges, roads, dams, levees, water purification plants, sewers and school buildings. This would be matched by another 100 billion dollars in federal infrastructure repair.

6) I would make pensions illegal. A pension is a promise to pay you something in 20 or 30 years. These pension funds currently attract maggots seeking to feed on your retirement funds. I would pass a law saying that your employer must pay you this year for any money that was intended to be set aside for your retirement. This money would go into a retirement account in your name at a local cooperative trust. Neither politicians nor anyone from Wall Street should ever be allowed to touch your retirement funds.

7) Use those cooperative trusts to overpower Wall Street and the City of London. Allow them to offer low interest credit cards and consumer loans. Let them issue simple life, fire and auto insurance. Plow the profits back into retirement funds. Commercial banks would be geared to small businesses.

8) To boost the economy release all of the secret government technology to new corporations that would receive the patents and a 5 billion dollar grant to bring cheap and abundant energy and other advances onto the market. If needed, they could trade patent rights for regions overseas in exchange for the machinery needed to produce products in America. Shares should be issued to American citizens who are over 35. If a stock valued at $50 splits 6 times in 20 years, then it will be worth $3,200 and ten original shares would be valued at $32,000. They will need the extra growth in their stock portfolio more than couples 18 to 30 who have longer growth curves and can expect to retire with a million dollars in stocks.

Young people would no longer contribute to Social Security. Their employer would pay into their retirement account at their cooperative trust but they would pay nothing to Social Security.

If a married couple making no more than the minimum wage were able to set aside everything they paid into Social Security into a mutual fund, they would retire at age 65 with a million dollars. That had to be said for the benefit of those who do not understand money and compound growth.

9) Make fractional reserve banking illegal. In 1348 the people of Venice were on a gold standard. If you deposited one gold coin, the banker could loan 50 certificates said to be equal to 50 gold coins. The banker was allowed to collect interest on that paper note as if it were 50 gold coins. This system collapsed even though the people had a gold standard. Bankers pay people to spread false doctrines about the gold standard. The bankers have stolen most of the gold  and would love a return to the gold standard. But to function as money the medium of exchange must be plentiful enough so everyone can buy and sell. The only way a gold standard could work is if we allowed bankers to loan out 100 or more paper certificates in exchange for each gold coin. That would impoverish us with interest payments on money the Bankers created out of nothing. Sound familiar?

10) Make property taxes on a primary residence illegal. A home should be one of the primary savings plans for retirement. Taxing homes harms taxpayers. It should no longer be the policy of the government to do harm to us. Property tax revenues would be more than balanced by the cancellation of state and local debts and 200 billion dollars a year in federal capital grants. And all those new infrastructure workers will be paying taxes.

11) Establish an incomes policy. My goal is self-determination for the working class. The current government is bankrupting small businesses and the middle class while encouraging welfare dependency.

I would make the first $30,000  a year on a single person or $60,000 for a married couples tax free. I would give the custodial parent $600 a month for the first child and $400 a month for the second child. Nothing for additional children except in cases of twins and triplets.

I would also change the name of the IRS to Internal Revenue and Benefits Services. I would also take away their armed agents and their police powers. A separate police force would be responsible for arresting tax cheats. The IRS has killed too many innocent Americans for them to survive without a serious overhaul.

I would also pass a negative income tax. Under this system a person making $8.50 an hour would be paid $1.50 an additional hour by the employer from federal sources. Under this plan a married couple both working 40 hours a week would earn a guaranteed $40,160 a year tax free. If they had 2 children, they would receive $1,000 a month or $12,000 a year for a total of  $52,160 tax free.

I would pay for this in part by ending the wars and the surveillance state. Someone said we spent 7 trillion dollars on wars we did not need after we allowed Israel to blow up the World Trade Center. I also would no longer allow bankers to steal 3 billion or more dollars a week from unaudited federal spending.

We should also eliminate a lot of federal, state and local jobs and even entire departments. We currently have 30 million federal, state and local government workers if you count contractors.

I would eliminate most tax deductions. I would trade your interest rate deduction on a home mortgage for the elimination of property taxes on a principal residence. And I would trade your tax exemptions for children by paying you $12,000  a year for the first two children. Eliminating tax deductions would pay for a greater part of the reforms we need. Any deduction that gives you a thousand dollars gives others $100,000 in tax breaks. An oil man once paid $17.95 in federal income tax on an income of $75,000,000. That was when tax rates were higher but deductions still shifted the burden to the middle class. By giving married couples $12,000 for children, we will make the flat rate tax fair for the middle class.

We need strong middle and working classes to counter the power of Wall Street. By creating our own currency and making home ownership more affordable and getting control of our retirement funds and savings in co-operative trusts, we will guarantee that the Elite stop all this nonsensical talk of killing a few billion of the common people.

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The next article spells out just how corrupt the Government and the 30 Families are that own it.

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Rethinking Healthcare 2017

“America’s health care system is neither healthy, caring, nor a system.”  Walter Cronkite

Americans are not only choosing a new President but they are also in the process of creating a new healthcare system. What was here at the beginning of 2016 might not even be around by the end of 2017. We are in that radical a period.

I would like to offer a few suggestions that I think will benefit any system we choose.

Guarantee the patient that what the doctor recommends actually has scientific proof that it works. What! Doctors have no proof that those pills and procedures work!!

Require that all prescription pills covered by insurance be proven by someone other than a drug company that they work better than a home remedy. Easily done. Let all testing be done by hospitals and doctors instead of by Big Pharma. Let’s test statin drugs against a popular home remedy, garlic (Kyolic) and Milk Thistle. Let the drug company pay for the statin drug and the home remedy. Give each treatment option to 10,000 patients and see which works better and produces no side effects.

We know that chemotherapy is worse than doing nothing. Let’s see how it works against baking soda or DCA ( dichloroacetate) or supplementing with hydrazine sulfate. If they score better than doing nothing, then maybe we could allow the alternatives insurance coverage. In terms of cost savings, we would save a lot of money abandoning chemotherapy because it clearly does not work.

There are lots of other commonly prescribed drugs that do not work, such as, anti-depressants and some prescriptions for Type II diabetes. In the case of addictive prescriptions, we would have to pay clinics to gradually withdraw their patients from those medications.

Another suggestion: It would be nice to have a menu of prices before our insurance is charged tens of thousands of dollars. Oncologists make a lot of money by buying chemo drugs at a fixed price and re-selling it to the patients at 3 or more times the price they paid the day before. A famous example of an outrageous markup would be the cure for a rattlesnake bite. You can get rushed to a clinic and be charged $100,000. If you had a menu of prices, you could look at the price list and decide whether you wanted to pay the clinic $100,000 or give the pharmacy $800 for the same cure. If doctors and hospitals do not like either the fixed price menu or the requirement that their treatments do actually work, then they would be free to set up shop without any insurance coverage whatsoever.

We have strayed a long way from the Hippocratic other which required we do no harm.

Catherine Austin Fitts said they Wall Street $40 trillion from us and will steal tens of trillions more. With that in mind you might consider the advantages to major corporations of adding substances to our food and water that would reduce our chances of collecting pensions that will not be there for us. An example would Bisphenol A which is a plastic used to line food cans. It is an estrogen mimicker that causes weight gain and cancer. Another example would be MSG which causes headaches and weight gain. There are 92 known health effects from aspartame. This includes eye, neurological. pulmonary and mental. Aspartame can cause brain damage, depression, breathing, heart and lung problems as well as high blood pressure.

Fluoride and bromide are used by the human body when iodine is not available. Fluoride causes cancer so why is it in our water? Fluoride has been known since 1893 to harm human enzyme processes. The human body has tens of thousands of enzymes that are absolutely vital for our health. Joe Stalin gave fluoride to concentration camp inmates to reduce their ability to resist. So why is it in our water and bromide in our bread? And why do we allow Monsanto to produce GMO food which s known to harm those who eat it? By the way, Monsanto’s insecticide glyphosate causes cancer so it has to go too.

There a lots of other dangerous food additives that need to be banned from our food and water.

How about this goal: Deliver clean drinking water to every tap in America.

If we had a non-interest bearing currency like Lincoln’s Greenbacks or Bradbury’s 1914 pound, we could spend money into circulation to pay for infrastructure. That would create lots of high paying jobs without causing inflation. We could set clean water at the top of our to do list. New filtration systems, new pipes and advanced sewage treatment. We could have start by replacing all the old water and sewer pipes 90 t0 100 years old or any that are leeching lead.

How about this as a goal: Zero birth defects.

Start an education program aimed at girls 12 years and older. Pre-natal vitamins are too late. Most birth defects begin within the first 10 minutes of impregnation. Birth defects are mostly nutritional and environmental rather than.hereditary. In 1947 veterinarians discovered a cure for muscular dystrophy (MD) in cattle. The vets gave the cows selenium. Cows in California never got MD but those in Washington state did. Most American cows have bloodlines going back to Great Britain so MD was definitely a nutritional disease and not hereditary.

How about Disease Prevention through nutrition and education?  Explain to young girls that varicose veins are a nutritional disease affecting women who are deficient in copper. That same copper deficiency can also cause heart attacks.

What about wrinkles? They are caused by things called free radicals. There are five of those. Free radicals are ions (molecules) that are short an electron. They steal electrons from our bodies. If it steals an electron from our cell’s DNA, then we get accelerated aging in the form of wrinkles on the skin outside or deteriorating organs on the inside. Hydrogenated vegetable oil (margarine) causes wrinkles. Fortunately, a diet high in RNA can reverse 5 years of aging. See Dr Frank’s Anti-Aging Diet.

If you labeled margarine and mayonnaise with bold letters saying “this product causes wrinkles,”sales would drop like a rock. Manufacturer’s would have to copy the formula of a few vendors who do not hydrogenate their products.

How about setting improved well being as a goal before we discuss the different ways of paying for healthcare? The reduced healthcare costs will make any healthcare reform cheaper to implement. And the improved physical well being will increase worker productivity making everything more affordable.

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