The Empire Of Debt: This Is A Sign Of The End.

“It does not take a majority to prevail … but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men.”

Samuel Adams, American revolutionary and leader of the Boston Tea Party.

“Until you know who has lent what to whom, you know nothing whatever of politics, you know nothing whatever of history, you know nothing of international wrangles.”

-Ezra Pound

“In keeping silent about evil, in burying it so deep within us that no sign of it appears on the surface, we are implanting it, and it will rise up a thousand fold in the future. When we neither punish nor reproach evildoers, we are not simply protecting their trivial old age, we are thereby ripping the foundations of justice from beneath new generations.” – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, The Gulag Archipelago 1918-1956

I am opposed to American Imperialism. I am in good company. Mark Twain also opposed the Wars of Wall Street. The other day Stacy Herbert pointed out a sign that the end was nigh for these Ponzi scheme Central Bankers. She said the Velocity of Money has dropped to all time lows.  Velocity refers to how many times Money changes hands or turns over in one year. It measures economic activity better than any lies told by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The chart below is the Velocity of MZM ( Money with Zero Maturity.) Investopedia defines it as all money in M2 less the time deposits, plus all money market funds. MZM has become one of the preferred measures of money supply because it better represents money readily available within the economy for spending and consumption.

We have a Debt Based currency. That means we must go to a Banker and beg for a loan at interest before we are allowed to have either paper or checking account money. All currency bears interest. Even if an employer pays his workers with a check which they all convert to cash. Everyone must bear the cost of holding money. This is not like the game of Monopoly where the banker hands out cash to everyone without interest.

My regular readers already know that a Depression is a period when Unpayable Debts are cancelled en masse. The conditions for Depressions are caused by an accumulation of Unpayable Debts. They are inherent in a system where the Banker loans you $10,000 and demands you pay him back $11,000 at the end of the year. You need to earn more money than was created. If you are in a Boom economic period, then Bankers are creating loans left and right and there is plenty of money around to pay the interest. John Maynard Keynes became famous because he suggested that governments go into debt during the Bust years of that economic cycle. The government’s act of adding to its debt increases the Money Supply so we can have more money and make our interest payments.

In the modern world the Bankers keep interest rates low so we can make our payments and avoid default. They do this by selling interest rate Credit Default Swaps. I noted previously that the Too Big To Jail Banks are taking turns selling $9 trillion in CDS in 3 month periods. As of January 2015,  the Central  Banks are buying all of the newly issued government debt. They have lowered interest rates so much so that 20% of all government bonds have negative interest rates. If you factored out the real inflation rate, then almost every government bond in the world has a negative return.

Stacy Herbert said the game of Monopoly ends when one player has all the money and the other players cannot participate in the game. And that is where we are today.

The Game is Over so What Next?

I have in the past read articles forwarded by others written by Jim Quinn at the Burning Platform website. I recently had to bookmark his site. He wrote an article about the Exit. This following was its title:

“The American people have lost their ability to think, reason, question, do math, control their urges, defer gratification, or realize when they are being lied to by the people they elected to public office”

He said:

The number of people classifying themselves as independents reached an all-time high of 47% in 2014, up from 27% in 2006. An awakening minority now realize Democrats and Republicans are nothing but brands appealing to liberals or conservatives, but representing the ruling Party and beholden to Wall Street, the military industrial complex, mega-corporations, and not the American people.

As trust in the political, economic and financial systems implodes, the existing social order will crumble and be swept away in a torrent of chaos and upheaval. Severe misery will settle on our land and tear the fabric of our society. Internal strife will be compounded by external threats, with citizens fighting each other and nations going to war on a large scale. It has happened before and it will happen again. The realization this Crisis would be driven by the conflict between government and the people occurred to me in 2013 when Edward Snowden revealed the depth and depravity of a government which believes it to not be bound by the constraints of the Constitution, laws, regulations, or human decency.

What kind of government clandestinely spies on its citizens; militarizes local police forces; conducts military training operations in major cities; wires its streets and highways with surveillance cameras; disperses peaceful protestors with water cannons, tear gas, pepper spray, and rubber bullets; and treats the U.S. Constitution like toilet paper? An authoritarian regime treats its people like this. Authoritarian regimes treat everyone like a potential enemy. They trust no one. Those in power care only for themselves and their lackeys.

Those in power are preparing for war – against you. There are two things the ruling class fear the most – the internet and the approximately 300 million guns owned by citizens in 50 million households. The State, through the FCC, wants to “regulate” the internet to “protect” people from being told something other than what the State wants them to hear.

After the 2008 financial collapse the guilty were not punished, prosecuted nor reproached for their criminally destructive schemes to loot the American people and the world. Instead they were bailed out, allowed to retain their wealth and power, and rewarded for their misdeeds with further riches provided by their politician puppets in Washington D.C. Evil won. The masses were frightened into keeping silent and believing bankers, politicians, and government bureaucrats had saved their world of bread (debt based consumption) and circuses (iGadgets & HDTVs). Ultimately, this Fourth Turning Crisis will come down to a battle between good and evil. It would be easy if the evil people revealed themselves and the good people could destroy them, but evil and good exist within all human beings.

Mr Quinn gives us an accurate description of life in the modern world. He has been studying and making sense of the book The Fourth Turning by William Strauss and Neil Howe. Their study divided American history into four repeating cycles.


Please note this point very well:

Fourth Turnings always climax with war on a grand scale. There will be no escape.

We are in the Unraveling and are entering the Crisis phase.

We are in the End Game for the Ponzi Scheme Bankers. They have gouged so many interest payments and taxes out of us that there is nothing left to squeeze out of us. I agree that the next war will be against us.

The Ukraine cannot be the flash point for WW III. The US coup installed  Jewish leaders in the Ukraine. The Kiev coup has committed war crimes, stolen money by the billions and sold out the people to foreign interests including Monsanto. It is no surprise to me that they are losing the war against the Russian separatists. Scratch the Ukraine from the list.

There are 3 remaining potential flash points for an international war. The Greek Leftists sold out their people and are filing a plan to stay in the Eurozone. If I were Putin, I would have destroyed the EU by offering to let the Geeks use rubles. But Putin is a cautious player and is hampered by his own Jewish Lobby. I have pointed out in the past that Putin has refused to give Iran faster missiles like the Iskander which has Mach 5.5 speed in its export version.

A second flash point developed recently when Obama’s use of drones failed to win the hearts and minds of the people of Yemen. Obama could not successfully get anything going there even if he wanted to. Russia and Iran could easily counter any move he made.

Obama’s best place to start World War III would be in Iraq and Syria. He used proxy armies to destroy Libya. Iraq, Libya, Syria, Iran and Lebanon were 5 of the nations on that list of 7 General Wesley Clark reported the Pentagon had been told to destroy. That list must have originated in Israel. If you are interested, you can research the writings of Oded Yinon, the Israeli journalist. The more modern version was written by Richard Pearle in A Clean Break. The latter document was written for Benjamin Netanyahu in the 1990s but has determined American foreign and military policy in both the Bush and Obama presidencies.

Obama successfully destroyed Libya for Israel. Obama also hired proxy armies to attack Syria just as Bilderberg Steering Committee member Richard Perle had dictated in A Clean Break. Perle had said the proxy armies were to attack Syria over the issue of chemical weapons. Obama did that for Israel. He paid the terrorists who did use chemical weapons while condemning the Syrian government. In 2012 Obama trained, armed and funded Al Qaeda of Iraq. Arming Al Qaeda has been contrary to US law since 911. Al Qaeda of Iraq changed their name to ISIS.

A year ago ISIS invaded Iraq and took the town of Mosul. They had a Green Light from Obama who refused to use American air power when they could easily have been defeated on the road to Mosul. He had also denied delivery of the planes Iraq had ordered and even paid for. The Iraqis eventually bought Russian planes and hired retired Syrian pilots. Baghdad was only saved from Isis by an Iranian general and his men who defeated the terrorists in a series of battles.

The latest developments reveal the criminal and treasonous nature of both political parties. Obama claims he is bombing ISIS. He is not. He bombs them if they attack the Kurds who are Israeli allies. He does bomb the Syrian Army and Syria’s infrastructure. But more importantly Obama is sending supplies into ISIS both by air drop and by land through Turkey.

The US Congress in December appropriated $500 million for the anti-Assad rebels. These people are not moderates. They killed 300,000 Syrians including 100,000 Christians. These ‘moderates’ are the people who uploaded videos of themselves beheading priests and even committing random acts of cannibalism. Obama followed through by saying he will give the Syrian rebels the ability and authority to call in US air strikes. He is ramping up the war in Iraq with US ground troops and air support. The plan obviously is to force ISIS back into Syria where they can kill Syrian soldiers with US air support.

This plan is an abomination. It is treason. It might draw Iran into the wider war. Iran is so well armed with modern missiles that the US Central Command and the Persian Gulf fleet would be destroyed in minutes of US aggression. I might point out that Iran is a military ally of Russia, China and Pakistan through the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO.) I do not think the war Obama is planning against Syria will either succeed or give him the World War Wall Street wants.

The public, as Quinn and others have said, has been reduced by design to a near vegetative state. The media is owned by the same crowd that owns the American government. The only people capable of saying No to treason are American military officers and enlisted personnel. We have been at war for 13 years. We have lost thousands of Americans and killed millions of innocents overseas for nothing. Two years ago Obama had threatened Syria with an air and naval campaign to rain down bombs and missiles upon his country.


American military men took to the social media posting pictures of themselves in uniform holding signs saying ‘I did not join the Air Force to become Al Qaeda’s Air Force (Navy).’ General Martin Dempsey who is a Globalist had to go to the White House just before midnight to explain that the American military would mutiny before they will attack Syria for Al Qaeda. I would hope they do that again. If they do, then World War III will be cancelled.

If there is no World War III, the Bankers will expect the ‘crotch gropers’ at the TSA to join with local police departments and maybe 100,000 US troops to stop Nationwide Food Riots when 120 million Americans have absolutely nothing to eat. Good luck with that. Americans have 350 million guns. The billionaires might get away to Patagonia but their Minions will be Left Behind to serve as target practice.

The only sane alternative in which everyone wins is for the US military to take over, arrest the Bankers, seize their assets and organize a worldwide Debt Cancellation. I see no other Exit in which we all live.

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This article is worth looking at.

Jim Quinn


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Surviving The Pricks Vs BRICS Wars.

Survival is our greatest instinct. Men might conform their opinions to those of their associates and their superiors but they will not knowingly die to protect those who robbed them blind, killed their leaders and sent them to die in idiotic wars.

And that is the problem the leaders of the Pricks nations – otherwise known as NATO- face as they approach the Endgame of their war against the BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa.) Clarification: NATO actually stands for Not Altogether Thought Out. Its membership includes nations already looking for the exits. Greece is talking to Russia. Turkey has agreed to build a Russian natural gas pipeline across their country to a terminal in Greece. Germany and France held talks directly with the Russians to solve the Ukraine crisis in defiance of the American Teleprompter Reader Barack Obama. When Tony Blair was Prime Minister, he discussed George W Bush with his Foreign Secretary Robin Cook. They concluded that Bush was not the real President of the United States. The same can be said of Barack Obama.

The key to surviving the Pricks Vs BRICS Wars for those of us in NATO nations is to make sure everyone knows that none of the people they vote for actually have anything to do with running their countries. The United States handed over its Sovereignty to the owners of the privately held Federal Reserve Bank back during the Woodrow Wilson administration. The Sovereign issues your currency. In America the Sovereign is the Federal Reserve Bank. It charges us interest for the privilege of using the money they created out of nothing. The first meeting held by agents of the Rothschilds to write the Federal Reserve Act was held on November 22, 1910 in a private rail car across the river from Manhattan. That rail car was to take those men to Jekyll Island.

Exactly 53 years later on November 22, 1963, the Bankers together with Israel killed President Kennedy because he dared to assert Sovereignty for America.

The end of American Sovereignty ushered in many wars none of which were in the interests of the United States. Martin Luther King Jr was opposed to the Vietnam War and gave a  speech against it on April 4, 1967 at the Riverside Church in New York City. He had planned to go to Washington to stop the Vietnam War even if it took all summer. He was killed on April 4, 1968 under extremely suspicious circumstances. The federal government called up the Memphis police and fire departments and told them to send all black police officers and firemen in the area near Dr King home for the day.

At that time, J Edgar Hoover was the Director of the FBI and Lyndon Baines Johnson was the President. The latter was partially of Jewish descent. One of the reasons Johnson was made President was that Wall Street wanted the United States to go into the Vietnam War and to lose it. They wanted white Americans to become addicted to drugs. The Bankers launder a trillion dollars a year in illegal drugs and weapons. The other major consideration was that President Kennedy had demanded to inspect the Israeli nuclear works at Dimona. Prime Minister David Ben Gurion decided that Kennedy had to go.

The Pricks alliance (NATO) has been trying to get World War III started for several years. General Wesley Clark was told shortly after 911 that the US military was to invade 7 countries in 5 years. George Bush’s administration had told its allies that it was going to invade Afghanistan even before 911. Israel did 911 because they wanted Americans to be persuaded by the Jewish dominated media to sacrifice the lives of young Gentiles and spend trillions of dollars to kill those in the Mideast who would object to the genocide of the Palestinian people.

That list of 7 nations included Libya and Syria. Hillary Clinton is famous for saying, ‘We came, We saw, He died’ about the death of Qaddafi. Obama followed orders dictated by Richard Perle in his position paper A Clean Break: A New Strategy For Securing the Realm which he wrote in 1996 for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. It called for the raising of proxy armies to attack Syria over the issue of chemical weapons. A Clean Break had also called for the invasion of Iraq for the purposes of regime change. George Bush did that for Israel in 2003.

The Cheney-Bush administration tried to twice get World War III going. One was a plan to have Navy Seals disguised as Iranians attack a US ship in the Persian Gulf. The other was by the Georgian military who at the urging of the US and Israel attacked South Ossetia using artillery, tanks and rockets. They killed over 1,500 civilians in their initial August 8, 2008 assault. The Jewish controlled media reported this as an attack on Georgia by Russia. The President of Georgia had been installed by the George Soros led ‘Rose’ coup. He carved up Georgian for foreign interests and turned the country into a police state with the help of US and Israeli advisers. He was what we would call a Prick. He was willing to believe that he could attack Russia and survive.

Obama’s administration is run by a few men and three women: Valerie Jarrett, Susan Rice and Samantha Power. Jarret has the oldest and closest ties to Chicago where blacks and Irish run the city for the benefit of the Jews.

The Obama admin has been at war with BRICS for some time now. For the past several years the US has been funding proxy armies to kill Syrians. To date Obama’s terrorists killed 300,000 Syrians including 100,000 Christians. The Jewish owned press says this was the fault of President Assad who attacked his own people with chemical weapons. The UN says otherwise. Obama might be at odds with Netanyahu but he is doing the will of Israel by funding Al Qaeda and ISIS. Israel has been attacking Syrian positions as if they were Al Qaeda’s Air Force. America has been attacking Syrian infrastructure and dropping supplies into ISIS in Iraq.

The ground war is going badly in the Ukraine. The people have no incentive to kill Russian speaking civilians. The rebels have surrounded two Ukrainian armies and the people back home are resisting the draft.

The Obama administration at the urging of his military and his political advisers have refused to attack Iran. Iran has joined the Shanghai Cooperation Organization which makes them allies of Russia, China, India and Pakistan amongst others. As I have said before, Iran is manufacturing mach 3 missiles with advanced guidance systems and 600 to 650 kilogram warheads. They have thousands of small fast boats being armed with 200 kilometer range missiles. They have rocket artillery with 130 mile range and 1,300 pound warheads. And they are making start of the art drones which can fire missiles. The US military is not willing to directly confront Iran because they know their Persian Gulf fleet would be sunk and they would lose every military base within 2,000 kilometers of Iran.

The Pricks led coalition (meaning the US and Great Britain) are left with one option which is to simultaneously attack Syria and ISIS.

Two years ago the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Martin Dempsey, had to go to the White House at midnight to tell Obama that the military would rather mutiny than be Al Qaeda’s Air Force and Navy in his proposed attack on Syria that had been imminent.

Since then Al Qaeda of Iraq was rebranded by changing its name to ISIS. They were allowed to post videos and recruit new fighters on Facebook and Twitter. They were given a green-light to enter Iraq and seize the city of Mosul. The Pakistani police arrested a man  in December of 2014. He confessed that he had been paid $600 by Americans for every young man he could recruit to fight for ISIS in Syria.

Rita Katz of the Site Group has released many videos that are supposedly from ISIS. The Mossad appears to have some operational control over ISIS. Remember when Japan decided to support Palestinian statehood? Two Japanese men were soon afterward captured and executed. That was recorded on video. Remember when France decided to recognize Palestine? The next thing to happen was a massacre at the Charlie Hebdo headquarters in Paris. The war in Syria has gone badly for ISIS so a rationale for using US troops has to be found to invade Iraq and Syria. All of a sudden ISIS attacks an Iraqi base with 300 US Marines 2 miles away. And a Jordanian pilot was burned alive. The video released by Rita Katz prodded the Jordanians into attacking ISIS with several bombing runs. The goal is to get Jordan to operate as a base for the Pricks alliance when they decide to launch a ground invasion of Syria.

The Pricks leadership trained, armed and funded ISIS. Now they want our military to go into ground combat against ISIS in Syria and Iraq. The Prime Minister of the UK is embroiled in a close election set in May and is unlikely to want anything to do with a war against Syria and ISIS. The plan would be to send in ground troops to attack the Syrian government and to turn over territory to the ‘moderate’ rebels. These would be the same ‘moderate’ who uploaded videos of them beheading Christians and committing random acts of cannibalism.

The Pricks leadership is downright silly. Iran could respond by sending a lot more troops into Iraq. Russia could respond by setting up a Naval base with Iran in Yemen. That nation borders Saudi Arabia, Oman and the Red Sea. Iran and Russia have other military options. The Pricks alliance has no options that make sense.

The people of the Pricks nations know that their leaders seek a war every time the economy goes south. Three million Americans starved to death in the Great Depression. We are in far worse shape today than then we have many more Unpayable Debts to cancel. We could easily lose 10 million Americans to starvation. The Pricks leadership would rather launch World War III than offer Debt Cancellation and a Debt Free currency like Lincoln’s Greenbacks.

The Pricks will soon realize they have no followers. No one to believe their lies and no one to follow their dictates. And more importantly no one willing to die in another of their senseless wars.

Survivors will need to do two things. Tell their friends and neighbors about this imminent economic collapse and that nasty habit of the Pricks to start wars every time the unemployment rate soars. The second thing is to prepare to live for 3 hard months with minimal outside help. It might take 90 days to get a new government up and running.

Note: The idea of a Pricks Vs BRICS conflict was not original to me.

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Ukraine: Lose This War Before Monsanto Ruins Your Farms!

On the day Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Kiev to talk to America’s puppets their currency, the hryvnia, dropped 35% in value.

Ukraine’s farm lands survived the Holomodor, World War II and even Chernobyl but they might not survive Monsanto’s Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO). GMO does not make a new plant by crossing two species. They splice proteins from one species into another. A hideous example would be the scientist who genetically spliced a protein form a spider into a salmon. More commonly GMO foods are designed to grow a Bt pesticide inside the corn (maize) that kills insects who eat the crop. Monsanto does not have to prove its products are safe to humans. The American government sells approval for campaign contributions. Monsanto fed Bt corn to mice for 90 days. They then shut the experiment down at the end of 3 months.

This is what happened to lab mice fed Monsanto’s corn after 90 days. Notice the large tumors. Please note that Monsanto scientists refuse to eat GMO food in their company cafeterias. If they won’t eat it, why should we?


Monsanto does not want you to see these studies. They also do not want you to think what happens to humans who eat GMO food that contains the insecticide designed to kill insects. By the third generation, the animals are sterile runts. Many farmers have had to stop feeding their animals GMO grains because they were severely harmed. GMO crops have been examined by nations outside the US. 60 countries have decided to ban or to restrict GMO food.

The United States has decided that the Ukraine’s farm land is to become a playground for Monsanto’s GMO seeds. These seeds belong to Monsanto. You cannot save seed from one year to the next as in traditional agriculture. These seeds must be purchased every year. More than 100,000 farmers in India committed suicide because Monsanto ruined their lives and their livelihood.

America’s  war in the Ukraine is going very badly. But what do you expect? American policy is set by Wall Street Bankers. They hire women from Think Tanks and men who worked in public relations to run their wars. Quite frankly they do not understand wars having never been in one. They ordered the theft of Ukraine’s gold. That was their reward for spending $5 billion of taxpayer money to foment a coup two months before elections. The Ukrainians no longer have a government they can call their own. But Americans lost their government to Wall Street long ago.

Both Yatsenyuk and Poroshenko who lead the Kiev coup are Jewish. They have privatized the state companies of the Ukraine and turned them over to Jews and foreigners including the American Vice President Joe Biden’s son. The real coup leader is the American Woman Victoria Nuland whose real family name is Nudelman. She is Jewish as is her husband Robert Kagan. He is a college professor and a co-founder of the Project for a New American Century (PNAC.) PNAC was responsible for the war in Iraq. PNAC has cost America trillions of dollars and thousands of lives while killing millions of Muslims for Israel.

The war news is not good for the Ukraine. German intelligence sources have told a Frankfurt newspaper that Kiev’s losses are ten times what they admit. On paper the Ukraine has the fourth largest army in the world. But much has been looted and morale is low. Their Ministry of Defense seems to have lost $450 million the American taxpayers sent them. There is little leadership. Tanks and ships are not well maintained. The Ukrainian Army had lost 25% of the tanks and heavy equipment even before this current round of fighting went against them at the port of Mariupol and the city of Debaltseva. The Ukraine is reported to have lost more than 1,500 soldiers in the last 3 weeks. Probably more than 10,000 soldiers have surrendered to the rebels or fled as refugees to Russia.

The ability to use artillery to kill unarmed civilians does not make you a super power. It does make you a war criminal.

The Kiev coup leaders have had 4 drafts. The latest draft in January hopes to call up 50,000 soldiers immediately and 200,000 by the end of the year. Forget the end of 2015. The Ukrainian Army will either be routed long before then or they will stage a military coup and run the war criminals and profiteers out of Kiev.

It is possible but not likely that Francois Hollande and Angela Merkel could broker a peace treaty with Putin and Poroshenko. But Kiev has violated all of their cease fires. And it would leave the coup leaders in charge of  western Ukraine which is being sacked and looted by the Jews and the Americans. It would also let Monsanto destroy the Ukraine’s farms. It takes a farmer 3 years to decontaminate his land after raising a GMO crop.

Things are not going well for Washington in Yemen either. Obama is not very bright. He never attended Colombia University which has much higher academic standards than Harvard. He was given a diploma through the machinations of the CIA so he could go to Harvard Law school and be of service to them and to their masters on Wall Street. He does what he is told to do. He thought killing people with drones was a cool way to fight a modern war. He does not pay much attention to CIA briefings. But he loves his Terrorism Tuesday meetings at which he helps to select drone targets. He said, ‘I am really good at killing people.’

Little does Obama know that drone strikes were designed to create resistance to America and transfer the local populations’ anger at Israel for their treatment to the Palestinians to the US. The one incident I remember most was a group of 8 girls ten years-old and younger in Afghanistan who were gathering firewood. An American drone fired a Hellfire missile and killed 8 little girls. And Obama wonders why people in these countries do not like him. I despise the man and I never lost any relatives.

He said last year that Yemen was going great. We had our puppet dictator propped up with drone strikes. Now the US regime in Yemen has been ousted by tribal militias allied with Iran. Yemen is geographically critical. It sits at the entrance to the Red Sea and it shares a border with Saudi Arabia and Oman.

Too many people waste too much time worrying about World War III. It is going nowhere. The US cannot fight Russia without France and Germany who are working for peace. Yemen is a lost cause. And things are not working out well for the US in Syria and Iraq. The Syrians are holding on. And the Iranians have defeated ISIS near Baghdad. The Jordanians are now angry at ISIS over the burning to death of their pilot. That video was released by Rita Katz of the Site group which is a Mossad front. But then ISIS is a joint American-Israeli production.

ISIS was used to attack Syria in behalf of Israel as first dictated by Richard Perle in his position paper A Clean Break which he wrote for PM Netanyahu. Perle is a member of PNAC along with Victoria Nuland’s husband Robert Kagan. Perle is a member of the Bilderberg Society. He is even on their Steering Committee. This means he works directly with the people who set policy and invite new members to attend. The Bilderberg Society can best be explained by the following:

A Swiss study in 2007 at the Federal Institute of Technology revealed that 147 corporations control 20% of world trade. These companies share Board of Director members. You could call them the New World Order (NWO.) These companies include the Too Big To Jail Banks, the top insurers, Major Oil, Big Pharma, the most powerful arms suppliers, High Tech and Monsanto.

David Rothkopf worked with Henry Kissinger. He wrote Superclass. In that book he said the West was run by Thirty Families and their 6,000 Minions. Take the Bilderberg Society as an example of the Thirty Families in action. They were founded by Sir Evelyn de Rothschild in Europe and David Rockefeller in America. I once participated in an American Presidential election in which the Democrat was a member of the Trilateral Commission headed by David Rockefeller in North America and by Sir Evelyn de Rothschild in Europe. The Republican candidate was a member of the Bilderberg Society headed by Sir Evelyn de Rothschild in Europe and by David Rockefeller in North America.

The wars are not working out well for the 30 Families because the men and women they put in charge of America do not understand the military. And the economy is unraveling at a astounding rate because the Bankers are greed epitomized.

I have explained before that the Bankers only allow us to have Debt Based currencies which generate Unpayable Debts. Banks have the right to create money out of nothing and the right to extract interest payments for their fictions. I define a Depression as a period in time when Unpayable Debts are cancelled en masse. Notice that we would not need Depressions to cancel debts if we had a Debt Free currency like Lincoln’s Greenbacks.

The Bankers could end this current Depression very quickly by organizing a worldwide Debt Cancellation. The Bible writers called it a Jubilee. The ancient Babylonians realized that cancelling Unpayable Debts was the only way out of economic crisis. They will not do that. The Uber Rich are hoping robot technology will soon be sufficient to defeat human armies. Too bad for them. 20 years from now is not today.

Let me repeat this: The people of the Ukraine would be far better served by a defeat of the Kiev coup leaders than by a victory for Wall Street, Monsanto and Israel against the rebels in the east. Even a peace treaty could be a disaster if Monsanto is allowed to go ahead with planting GMO crops. A coup against Poroshenko could be the best way out.

I lived for some time as a child in farming communities. Farmers around the world have some things in common. One is this: Attacking their farms and destroying their lives, their crops, their animals and their livelihood is the quickest way to provoke a rebellion.

Tell the Ukrainians about GMO. That will soon end this war.

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Greeks Killed The Troika. Plus Serial Money Printing Exposed.

Catherine Austin Fitts said 2015 will be a violent and volatile year. She is cautiously optimistic about 2015 compared to others except that she does see the potential for war. She sees severe problems after 2015.

I disagree. I see far more violence in the Central Banks and in the markets than I do on the flashpoints of the Ukraine and the ever expanding Israeli border. The Eurogroup chief whispered to Greek FinMin’s ear “You just killed the Troika” and then Varoufakis replied with a simple “WOW!”

Syriza party officials have since said they also want to drop out of NATO and  to cut ties with Israel. The Greeks have stood up to the Banks, NATO and Israel who collectively are the chief oppressors of mankind in the modern world. The Greeks will need our support.

To me killing the Troika is Good News. I have always called the European Union Rothschild land. I have said the following several times:

The Fundamental Fact of Your Existence as a modern man or woman is that the bankers of New York and London want to reduce you to Debt Slavery.

Accept that fact and move on to the solution.

That is their plan for you.

What is your plan for them?

Greece has struck a blow against debt slavery. We must admire their courage.

The Troika are Greece’s official creditors consisting of the European Union, the International Monetary Fund and the European Central Bank ECB.)

The Dollar is the chief weapon used to exploit mankind both inside and outside the US.  The Nixon announced the closing of the Gold Window on Sunday August 15, 1971. The 44th anniversary of that announcement will be on a Saturday this year. It will be interesting to see where the gold price is on Monday August 17th of this year.

The dollar is temporarily up during the first month of this year. There are reasons for that and many reasons why it will not last. The Swiss killed the euro overnight when they refused to subsidize the euro with their peg. The peg required the Swiss to buy euros they did not need. The Danes are talking of killing their euro peg. The euro had gained against the yen after the Japanese said their 2 – 2 – 2 plan was not inflationary enough. That original plan was to double the money supply in 2 years and hope for a 2% rise in prices. Not enough inflation. The Bankers think we need more.

The Japanese had been doing a lot of Money Printing (Quantitative Easing) for 20 years to no avail. Ben Bernanke decided to copy a program that never worked and had never even been intended to work. He bought $1.6 trillion in Mortgage Backed Securities. He said he wanted to add liquidity. No. Bernanke bought fraudulent Notes to keep Bankers out of jail. It is technically illegal to knowingly sell worthless securities. But those were days long past. Now we are told that Banks are Too Big To Jail.

Quantitative Easing ended temporarily in America but the Japanese Central Bank took over and did Money Printing for the US but with a vengeance. Money Men flocked to Japan for cheap loans. And now Mario Draghi of the ECB has announced a  1.14-trillion-euro ($1.27-trillion) bond-buying program. Societe General (called Soc Gen by bloggers) said Draghi would really need to print 3 trillion euros over the next 18 months.

The US will be forced to become the next nation to go back to more Money Printing. The US has been publishing fake numbers on the GDP, inflation and unemployment. Obamacare has made the GDP look better. But retail sales are down and inventories are way up. Stock prices are down. The US has over 3,100 counties and only 60 have added high paying jobs since 2009. Those were all in oil and natural gas producing areas. Those sectors are crashing due to lack of demand. The Federal Reserve has a commitment to keep the stock market from declining anywhere near 10%. The FED also has to keep Treasury Bond rates low. The euro cannot be allowed to continue to sink against the dollar. The Governor of the Bank of Japan was at Davos and said everyone was too pessimistic. He promised another round of Money Printing as soon as he got back home. He does not want the euro to decline any further against the yen. He has to protect Japanese auto and electronics sales to Europe.

Does all of this Serial Money Printing make your head spin? Just wait until Janet Yellen fires up the Printing Presses and the rest of the world votes against the dollar.

Kyle Bass once talked to a US Senator he otherwise admired on liberal social issues whose response to the America’s fiscal and monetary plight was ‘Tell me what the ten year US Treasury interest rate is.’ The Senator did not care about any long term consequences as long as the US could sell Treasury Bonds cheaply.

There is a program the Federal Reserve uses to keep Treasury bond rates low. It is interest rate Credit Default Swaps amounting to over $225 trillion. Those financial bets force interest rates lower. Morgan Stanley added $9 trillion in 3 months a year ago. More recently Citibank did the same. Apparently, the banks are participating in Serial CDS just as Central Banks have been doing with Money Printing.

But this will all end badly as soon as markets figure it out and drop the dollar at the first sign Janet Yellen is sending her Printing Presses into Hyperdrive.

The European Central Bank has threatened Greece with a February 28th deadline to either knuckle under or to go it alone without liquidity injections from them.

Half of Greece’s debt was created through fraud between former Greek President Papandreou and Goldman Sachs. The goal of the fraud was to conceal Greece’s debt through currency swaps, but the plan actually doubled Greece’s debt (and made a fortune for Goldman Sachs). Even more debt was added by NATO countries forcing Greece to buy expensive weapons systems they could not afford. The Greek debt should not be repaid.

The French government and the Obama administration have volunteered to help the Greeks negotiate with the ECB over their debts. The Federal Reserve could even intervene to save the Greeks by Printing Money and injecting liquidity into their banks.

The French want to save their banks including BNP Paribas which is owned by the Rothschilds from a Greek default. Obama wants to save Goldman Sachs, stop trillions of dollars in Greek debt CDS from being triggered and to keep the Greeks in NATO.

I think the Greeks would be better off dropping out of NATO and walking away from their debt. They should issue their own debt free, non-interest bearing currency, the drachma. They have lots of weapons systems they do not need. They might be able to sell 100 F-16s, 42 Mirage Jets, 34 F4 Phantom IIs and a lot of JDAMs and bunker busters from their inventory of unneeded weapons. I would trade them for oil and collect revenue from its sales to the refineries. They would have to concentrate job losses to the Air Force to keep the Army from staging a coup.

2015 will continue its frenetic rush to Total Meltdown. 13 countries cut interest rates in the first ten days of 2015. The Mexican and Brazilian currencies are crashing. There are $9 trillion in dollar denominated loans in the Emerging Market nations. The rising dollar has forced these borrowers to buy dollars and to get out of debt. Buying dollars forces the dollar higher. That hurts the US corporations trying to sell in Japan and Europe where the currencies are dropping. It also hurts the Emerging Markets. The Baltic Dry Index which measures large scale shipping is already at an all time low.

It might take a few months but the Federal Reserve will be headed into another round of Money Printing. That will push gold and silver higher.

The Greeks are leading the way in the revolt against our Banker Occupied World Government. They need to seek help from Russia and China. If the Greeks can successfully repudiate their debts, they  will soon be followed by Spain, Portugal and Italy. France and half the world will follow. The European Union, the ECB and NATO will die. US bully boy tactics will also hopefully die with the dollar.

Germany’s Angela Merkel said at Davos she is open to forming a trade area with Russia and China. If the south of Europe drops out of the European Union, then the Germans, the Austrians and the Dutch might as well form a trade union with Russia, China and the BRICS alliance. They could use gold Letters of Credit to facilitate trade.

Another option is that China could join the IMF SDR basket of currencies on September 15th of this year by opening their gold vaults to public inspection. In any event the dollar will be devalued soon enough and that will be the beginning of Hyperinflation. Of course this might not go Really Big until 2016. And it could be completely avoided if we organized a worldwide Debt Cancellation.

Finally, I should address the war situation in both the Ukraine and in the Mideast. I could write more but I do not see either the Ukraine or the Israeli-Hezbollah situation escalating into full scale war anytime soon.

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Pax Judaica To Replace Pax Americana Which Replaced Pax Britannica

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Ending Bankers Uber Alles.

Every dollar in new debt adds just 3 cents to America’s GDP. Does that mean that we can increase our GDP by a trillion dollars if we raise the US national debt from $18 trillion to $51 trillion?

No. It does not. In the 1950s we added $2.5 billion to our GDP if we added a billion to our debt. But we are now in a downward spiral. Jim Rickards says we could go negative. By that he means that we could reach a point where the addition of another trillion dollars to the nation debt will actually decrease GDP and send us into another Great Contraction or Depression far worse than 1929-1939.

I define a Depression as a period in time when Unpayable Debts are cancelled en masse. We have more Unpayable Debts than anytime in history. We are headed to the Greatest Financial Crisis ever recorded unless we have worldwide Debt Cancellation.

Note: Depressions cancel debts. Because debt based currencies like the Federal Reserve Note require you to take on a debt before you can create money you are digging a deeper hole every time you let a Banker devise a rescue scheme that does not include scientific Debt Cancellation and the creation of a debt free money like Lincoln’s Greenbacks.

Jim Rickards is an adviser to the CIA and to the Pentagon. I would listen to him but not quite accept what he says at face value. He says that when, not if, the crash comes, that the only banking institution with a balance sheet that can be expanded to save the world is the IMF. Rickards is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations so his loyalties are known. Bankers Uber Alles. My loyalties are elsewhere.

China was arrogantly rebuffed by the Obama administration in 2010 when they asked for a greater role in the IMF. The Chinese have since created an alliance through the BRICS  nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) with more than 100 nations who have dedicated themselves to removing the dollar as the world’s reserve currency.

China could apply by September 15, 2015 to join the 4 nations whose money is currently accepted as part of the IMF’s basket of currencies. The alternative is that they wait until 2020 to apply. Today the SDR basket consists of the euro, Japanese yen, pound sterling, and U.S. dollar. To add the yuan to that basket China would be required to open its gold vaults for inspection. Rickards says the Chinese have thousands more metric tonnes of gold than they publicly admit. He talked to a high level gold transportation executive who did an off the books clandestine delivery to China which involved lots of well armed PLA soldiers.

China could open their gold vaults late this summer prior to their IMF SDR application. The amount of gold in their possession is likely so great that the entire world would question whether the US had anything other than gold plated tungsten bars apart from what they stole from the Ukraine. The US has exported thousands of more tons of gold than it has mined. The 144 million ounces they stole from Libya is probably already in China.

The point is that China follows the military doctrine of Sun Tzu. Prepare for the war and defeat the enemy before the first battle. China might be able to declare victory as early as September.

The Chinese could demand a devaluation of the dollar when they become the fifth SDR currency. The Chinese pegged their yuan to the dollar after the treasonous US government had passed NAFTA which closed 57,000 manufacturing plants and ended American 12 million jobs. When the Chinese pegged their yuan to the dollar, they froze out their competitors in Mexico and in Asia. But the dollar peg acts as a subsidy to the American government and has forced the Chinese to accumulate trillions of US dollars in cash and Treasury bonds.

The Russians and the Chinese have been selling Treasury bonds and buying gold and gold mines. The Chinese have been pledging American Treasury bonds as collateral to take out loans to invest all over the world. They announced their plan to invest $100 billion in Africa at their 2010 Beijing Conference. They are bailing out Argentina and are talking to Venezuela. And China has just recently pledged $250 billion in investments to Latin America. I think the Chinese are dumping large quantities of dollars.

Jim Rickards said that the first devaluation of the dollar will be 20 to 30%. But he said there would be several dollar devaluations until the dollar was devalued 80%. This would raise the cost of imported goods 500% to US consumers. That would reduce half of America to abject poverty and cause Nationwide Food Riots.

This need not be.

If Unpayable Debts create Depressions, then we ought not to allow Bankers to charge us interest for creating our money out of nothing.

If Bankers increase the Money Supply 10% in order to add 10% to our debts (i.e. loan us money), then they ought not to be rewarded with interest payments. They offered nothing of their own to us. On the contrary everyone with savings and with wages lost purchasing power when Bankers increased the Money Supply. So why don’t we benefit from money creation? We should because we bear the burden of reduced purchasing power.

If government created the printed currency and the checking account money, then we could all benefit. If the Money Supply grew at approximately the same rate as GDP, then the ratio of money to available goods and services would remain constant. This would offer us stable prices.

America would need to create $550 billion a year in new money if we returned to normal growth. I would like to spend $200 billion a year on building new infrastructure and repairing the old. If your state had 2% of the US population, then your share would be $4 billion a year in free money.

Currently, new bridges and schools are financed from bonds. And like home mortgages most of the payments go to interest. Why should the bank make more than the men who built your house or that new bridge? We ought to finance all infrastructure from newly created money at zero cost to taxpayers. America will need 20 years to catch up with the backlog of repairs and to modernize the country’s physical assets.

If you combine this $200 billion a year in aid with Debt Cancellation of federal, state and local bonds, then you can understand how easy it would be to eliminate property taxes on homes.

As I have said, we need Debt Cancellation. Catherine Austin Fitts said Wall Street stole $40 trillion from us and will steal tens of trillions more. It is only fair that we fund Debt Cancellation by arresting the Bankers and seizing their assets. I have said that if we had a military coup of junior officers, that they could invade Lichtenstein, the Cayman Islands and other offshore bank havens to seize assets. Of particular interest would be the lawyers who would know the corporate names of hot money investors. A lot of that stolen money is invested in America under foreign corporate names. All those bonds, shares and real estate investments need to be seized.

The alternative means of cancelling Unpayable Debts are Hyperinflation like Germany in 1923 and foreclosures like 1933 America. Either one at this time could destroy America, Europe and most of the world.

We must have a non-interest bearing, debt free currency like Lincoln’s Greenbacks to be combined with Debt Cancellation to be funded by asset seizures from arrested Bankers and other criminals.

Only after these events have taken place can we say Bankers Uber Alles has ended.

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The next article gives some background on the tens of trillions of dollars stolen form taxpayers.
The Essential Catherine Austin Fitts Reader

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Every time I look the news gets worse. Not much time left.

The two most interesting stories of the past 10 days were the Je Suis Charlie Stupid rallies and the Swiss National Bank’s admission that they were wrong to defend the euro.

What is there to say about the Je Suis Charlie Stupid rallies that sprouted up like someone was planting weeds? Those multi-color printed signs were ready to go suspiciously soon after the shootings. The shooters could have been from Al Qaeda or ISIS which means they were trained, armed and funded by the CIA, MI6 and the Mossad. How can anyone be stupid enough to believe these men are Islamic terrorists when their paymasters are in the CIA headquarters back in Langley Virginia? How can anyone be stupid enough to vote for $500 million to fund more training and supplies for the armed rebels in Syria? The CIA recruits keep joining ISIS which was armed, trained and funded in Jordan in 2012. The US keeps air dropping supplies to ISIS in Iraq.

And the  people who think they own our governments want us to give up what few freedoms we have left because the CIA’s proxy army killed 17 people in Paris? What about the 300,000 Syrians those armies killed including more than 100,000 Christians? We should not forget that using these proxy armies to attack Syria over the issue of chemical weapons was first devised by Richard Perle who wrote about it in position paper entitled A Clean Break written for PM Netanyahu. Obama is attacking Syria for Israel.

The Swiss have had a reputation for intelligence in economics until recent years. Their government sold off half of their gold to drive down prices. Gordon Brown did that in Great Britain years ago in order to save Deutsche Bank form certain failure. Bullion banks are allowed to lease out their gold which the Bankers sell five times over as paper certificates. Those banks get into trouble when either the price of gold goes up or their depositors ask for bars of real gold. Deutsche bank was saved by the British taxpayer.

I am reminded of interviews of elderly Brits. One woman said she was a teenage girl during the Blitz. She had to walk 5 miles home at night during a black out. She stopped to help people along the way. She said she had supported the war back then but now was wondering what it was all for.

Koos Jensen writes about Chinese gold from a cautious perspective. He and others noted that the peg of the price of the Swiss franc to the euro had forced the Swiss to buy euros to keep that failed currency afloat. Useless effort. But Jensen noted the price of gold in Swiss francs. His intuition is telling him that the Swiss Bank had massive short positions in gold to cover. Maybe.

The economy of the real world outside Wall Street and the City of London sucks. America has more than 3,100 counties. Only about 60 of those counties have experienced a recovery. They were almost all oil and energy producing areas. And then the price of oil dropped like a rock. The first quarter of 2015 will not be good for that 2% of American counties that had been making money out of oil. The Baltic Dry Index has hit a new all time low. This measures large scale shipping in Asia. If Asians aren’t making money, then nobody is.

David Stockton said we have enough excess capacity to last us decades. He pointed out excess capacity is all over the planet. Let me explain why. We have a fractional reserve banking system. In America if you deposit $100 into a bank, your banker can loan out $1,000. Doing this nationwide with trillions of dollars involved means that all that bank created money can be used to invest in things that people would not otherwise think sensible. In America people bought huge mansions they could not afford. If we did not have fractional reserve banking with money created out of nothing by Bankers, we could have built housing working people could afford.

The big upcoming event is not the American Teleprompter Reader’s speech on the State of the Union. The big event next week is the Greek vote. They are a small country. They are inspiring Leftists in Spain, Italy and Portugal. They are socialists and do not understand money. They want to stay in the European Union. The EU should be called Rothschild land. No self-respecting worker should have anything to do with it. The EU and IMF have joined together with the ECB (European Central Bank) to severely abuse the Greeks with the help of Goldman Sachs and corrupt politicians like Papandreou.

The Greeks should repudiate their debts as odious and refuse to pay. They might as well drop out of NATO and join both BRICS and the SCO to become allies of Russia, China and Iran. Go for broke. Break the sanctions against Russia and Iran. Russia is willing to buy Greek farm products. Every farmer within 500 miles of Greece would load up his truck and drive to the nearest Greek port to load his sanctioned produce on a ship headed to Russia. Money to be made there.

And then there is the matter of immigration. The Greeks can give the million plus illegal aliens in Greece over to the EU. The British voters can decide on May 7th how many of those immigrants they should be required by the EU to take. Oh! Wait a minute. The EU does not permit you to decide anything important. Too Bad.

The people who sold more than a quadrillion dollars in Credit Default Swaps have refused to pay so far except with few exceptions when taxpayers picked up the tab. A CDS is fake insurance. There is no requirement that they set aside money to pay off claims as auto and fire insurance companies do. To date they have collected trillions in premiums but did not have to pay claims. Ann Barnhard said Citibank is doubling down and selling $9 trillion in CDS every 3 months. They can do that because their former CEO is Treasury Secretary. That might change after the Greeks are forced out of the euro and the EU. Unpayable Debts are never paid even if they are guaranteed by CDS. That is why the Bankers had the Congress and the President approve a plan to let the taxpayers pay off a few hundred trillion dollars in CDS losses. That will never happen. Americans own 350 million guns.

That means people will soon refuse to buy CDS. Bankers won’t be able to afford to pay bonuses.

The ECB is going to print a lot of money to bail out Bad Banks and failed regimes in France, Italy, Spain and Portugal. The Swiss quit defending the euro. It might take awhile but the Germans will have to come to their senses before long. A rapid decline in the purchasing power of the euro will lead to a sharp inflation during a time of unemployment and excess capacity. That is the worst of all possible worlds.

The British elections look interesting. Scotland has 59 seats in the Parliament. Labour will lose a lot of MPs in Scotland to the SNP (Scottish National Party.) That had been a Labour stronghold. The local political TV shows in regions like Yorkshire and Gloucester have been showing how their races had been so close in 2010. Everyone says the Lib-Dems will be lucky if they only lose half their seats. I think they could lose more than half. UKIP will grow. I like them because they are anti-EU and anti-Global Warming. I do not like their defense of the Bankers in the City of London. I am a lot more radical than those European political parties.

The politicians of Europe need to understand the EU is going down. When it goes, politicians will need to adapt. In the UK a lot of money is made out of the City of London because they are corrupt and every crook from New York to Asia operates there to avoid jail and taxes. There is another event headed their way in addition to the EU going under. The West and especially Great Britain has more Unpayable Debts to cancel than at anytime in their history. A Depression is a period in time when Unpayable Debts are cancelled en masse. That means they are headed to the worst Depression ever.

The EU has chosen to use inflation to cancel debts as Germany did in 1923. That did not work out well then and won’t work now.

The Swiss said nein. The Germans will also say nein. Someone in the UK or in Italy, Span, Portugal or Greece should demand worldwide Debt Cancellation and the issuance of a deft free currency like President Lincoln’s Greenbacks. The British parliament recently debated money creation. A citizen petition has forced the Dutch Parliament to accept their demand for a debate. This was sparked by a group of actors who had made a comedy skit explaining to people how money was really made. It was performed on Dutch TV so they have popular support. And it was also performed at the Dutch Central Bank. Some 35 people signed their petition. Others were shocked. One Banker had to be carried out.

The world does not have much time left. The End is Nigh. Not sure whether that is Good News or Bad. Never know until we get through it.

I will close with the video below. I should warn you that the man who made this video is right about money but does support Israel.



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Vidrebel is taking time to ponder our future.

My regular readers are familiar with that quote from Dr Steve Keen: The US and the UK are headed to the worst Depression in 500 years because we have more Unpayable Debts to cancel than at anytime in five centuries. I know how to exit that misery which otherwise could involve the deaths of a billion or more people. But free speech is only allowed for people who get CIA subsidies to make pornographic cartoons insulting the Pope and Mohammed.

People who actually know how to save humanity must be hounded into the dark alleys of human life.

I prefer the Canadian term First Peoples to describe American Indians. I heard a talk by an American Indian who said we did not have much time left. He said he was a Dancer and would go out of this world dancing. American Indians have many prophecies about the end of this age. Unlike western prophecies, the American Indians talk of the end of previous ages as well as this one implying that a few wise survivors get another chance to build a new society.

I am not a Dancer. And forget Singing. But I do have a talent. I could go anywhere and share my talents. I am thinking of doing that. But I am not sure what I will do and when and where I will do it.

The US government has a list of 8 million people to be Disappeared in case of National Emergency. There are two reasons for Americans on that list to stay here. One is that the resistance to the New World Order must include America. The other is that once you get overseas you can easily be disposed of. The CIA has worldwide drug and intelligence connections.

I have said what I needed to say on this firum. There are 30 Families and 6,000 Minions who run the world through the Bilderberg Society, the Trilateral Commission, the CFR, the Royal Institute for International Affairs and affiliated groups. The top Family is the Rothschilds. The 30 Families and their 6,000 Minions have power because they Print Money and control our financial assets. Of course they steal money from us by the tens of trillions.

The people on the bottom half of society are ignorant of economics and history. Democracy means nothing unless you can get your views heard in the press. Yes. The alternative press has made heroic efforts since the Internet but we are way behind in terms of influence.

I see no candidate on the horizon in the US who will do anything to stop what is coming our way. Elizabeth Warren and Rand Paul are both siding with Israel against humanity. The best we can hope for in the upcoming British elections is another circus followed by a hung parliament.

There is not one organization in America with a million members capable of saying No to Wall Street and to Israel  that has not been infiltrated by the FBI.

That is why my last remaining hope is a US military coup led by junior officers who had been told to go to war by the American Teleprompter Reader. Divine Intervention is just about our only other hope.

As I ponder my personal future, I will leave you with this video from my my good Internet friend Patrick of South Africa: Era Of Shattered Illusions.

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Quotes About Jews You Will Never Hear In Schools

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