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Plans For The Day After The Government Collapses

The American government will collapse as soon as the dollar dies which should be in a matter of months. The dollar will not last until the next President takes office in January of 2017. The following are a series of … Continue reading

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30,774,038 Government Employees. What Do They Do?

There are 30,774,038 federal, state and local government employees if you count the 4.4 million federal contractors and 2.5 million grantees. Are we getting our money’s worth? America has sent 12 million high paying jobs and 56,000 manufacturing plants overseas. … Continue reading

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1914 And 2014: Insanity Then And Now

We are almost 3 months away from the 100th anniversary of the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand. If we are lucky, Wall Street’s puppet government in Washington will not blow up the world by June 28, 2014. I have always despised … Continue reading

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Wall Street’s Pyramid Of Greed. You Are On The Bottom.

Wall Street has built a Pyramid of Greed. It is upside down with very few people down below supporting the many above them. At Giza the Egyptian architects built a pyramid with all the weight on the bottom supporting a … Continue reading

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If You Ever Wanted To Do Something, Do It Now. It’s All About To Blow Sky High.

The Russians pulled their Treasury bonds out of New York. And Russian corporations are pulling their money out of US banks. These are key signs that the dollar and the current US puppet government could collapse long before the 2016 … Continue reading

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The Best Anti-Apartheid BDS Video: Bricks From the Wall

The best protest video is the one that people watch and that motivates them to action. I am watching this for the fourth time now and will watch it again and again. For many of us in the West it … Continue reading

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Obama Administration: We Will Kill The Dollar.

A senior Obama administration official told Kyle Bass ‘We’re just going to kill the dollar.’ Let me explain what that means. Hollywood in recent years made popular movies on slavery. What do you call someone who worked all his life … Continue reading

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America Has Entered The Silly Season. Destruction To Follow?

In the first few phases of Wall Street’s exploitation of the American people and of the world, terrible things were done to common folk like you and me. The Federal Reserve gave banks the right to charge us interest on … Continue reading

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An 8 Year-Old Boy In Ohio Hugs The Gravestone Of His Father Who Died In Iraq.

This is Myles Eckert of Toledo, Ohio. He is 8 years old. He is hugging the gravestone of his father who died in Iraq when he was 5 weeks old. He never saw his father. He learns of his father … Continue reading

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Why The World Should Join The Russo-Chinese-Arab Offensive Against The US Dollar.

We used to have the moral high ground. We aren’t the Good Guys anymore.     Rob Kirby Catherine Austin Fitts believes we are still in the Slow Burn phase during which all of our resources are being systematically stolen  by Wall … Continue reading

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