Video- Ernst Zundel: Jewish Voraciousness Will Create Weimar Like Conditions In America And A Final Solution For the Jews In The US

The following video was made by Ernst Zundel in 2000. It is rather long. It is an interview with an Israeli reporter. Early into the interview he tells the reporter that voracious Jewish appetites will create Weimar like conditions in America. And this will lead to A Final Solution of the Jewish problem in the United States.

In 1999 the Jews had their Gentile kept politicians repeal Glass Steagall which had protected Americans from commercial banks speculating with their depositors money on wild investments.

Also at the same time four Jews (Alan Greenspan, Robert Rubin, Larry Summers and Arthur Levitt) told the Gentile CFTC Chairwoman Brooksley Born that she was not allowed to regulate Credit Default Swaps. CDS are a hybrid between insurance and derivatives which are bets on the future value of a bond or a commodity.
Today there are over a quadrillion dollars in these wild and unregulated bets which the bankers and their kept politicians say taxpayers from Greece to Ireland to Germany to America must pay. This despite the fact that the entire world GDP of 60 trillion dollars could only pay 4% or so of the total amount of potential losses.

To put this in perspective Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan has taken 80 trillion dollars in bets that interest rates in America will never go up. If interest rates did go up, I have no doubt that kept politicians would rather Americans suffer like the Germans in the Weimar Republic than the Jewish bankers not continue to receive the money they stole.

The other day I mentioned Jim Willie’s statement to Max Keiser that the US Treasury in the 1990s sold 2.2 trillion dollars more in bonds than were needed to fund the US deficit. Does anyone doubt that Jews were involved in this theft? Need I remind you that Jim Willie has a PhD in Statistics?

Catherine Austin Fitts once found a single block in San Diego that had 20 million dollars in Housing and Urban Development guaranteed loans on buildings that did not even exist. Donald Rumsfeld told us on September 10th, 2001 that he could not trace 2.3 trillion dollars in military spending. He said, “We spent it. We just don’t know where it went.” His Comptroller of the Pentagon who was in charge of tracking down the missing trillions was rabbi Dov Zakheim. Remember that name. We will get back to him in just a minute.

Does anyone doubt that the Jews have been stealing billions of dollars every week from federal government spending which we are not allowed to audit? All we are allowed to do is to shut up and to pay taxes to support the Jews.

Zundel made this video before 911. We now have substantial proof that Israel did 911. They killed 3,00 Americans on 911. They killed many more Americans since then with the six wars they have gotten America into solely for the benefit of Israel. Dr Alan Sabrosky who is of Jewish descent and was a former Director of Studies at the US Arny War College says Israel did 911. He points to World Trade Center Tower 7 as proof. WTC 7 was never struck by an airplane but collapsed in 6.5 seconds. Glass melts at 800 degrees Fahrenheit (in metric terms that is about 4 times the boiling point of water) but none of the windows were melted. Steel melts at 2,200 degrees (in metric terms that is 10 times the boiling point of water) and concrete at 3,000 degrees. No open air carbon based fire can get to 2,200 degrees which is why we have never in history seen (until 911) a skyscraper’s steel columns melt. In two seconds 400,000 cubic yards of concrete were turned into powder. There was no rubble at the foot of the building. For the benefit of those (in metric countries one meter is 10% longer than a yard.) It must have taken a considerable number of high powered charges to turn all that concrete into powder and melt all those 100 plus story steel columns. A lot more than contained in one passenger jet’s fuel tank which had exploded into a fireball on impact.

We have been told the story of 19 Arabs with box cutters hijacking 4 airplanes. But I went to the original passenger and crew lists CNN published. I did not find one Arab on any of the planes.

Now we come to rabbi Dov Zakheim. In the 1990s he was President of SPC International which had a device called a Command Transmitter which could remotely fly and control up to 8 planes at one time. It is far more likely that the 4 planes were electronically hijacked than 19 Arabs were able to get passed the ticket agents without either tickets or boarding passes.

Does anyone doubt that the Israelis with the help of Jewish traitors in America were the only ones capable both of doing 911 and of covering it up in the Jewish media, the Jewish courts and the Jewish owned Congress?

We are soon approaching a point where Americans will live under Weimar Republic like conditions. Ernst Zundel warned us 11 years ago that this will lead to a Final Solution of the Jewish problem in America.

What form will it take? Expulsion? Genocide? I do not know even if it will happen. I just think you should be aware that the coming Greater Depression will be caused by voracious Jewish appetites in Zundel’s opinion.

Zundel at the conclusion of his interview tells the young Israeli reporter to go back home and warn the Jews that they have another holocaust coming which they will bring upon themselves by their behavior.

Here then is Ernst Zundel in his own words:

About horse237

I have decided to share two of the visions I had as a child. When I was eight, I had a vision of a future war that killed 99.5% of the world's population. When I was 16 and living in the projects, I had a vision of my future. I was to live in complete obscurity until it came time to stop WW III. When I was about ten, I had read a bio of Nikita Khrushchev which said he survived Stalin by playing the bumbling fool an old Russian peasant trick. I decided to do the same as I had already learned that we did not live in a democracy. The other vision I had when I was in third grade was of the Mind of God and how it interacted in the creation of the world we see. I believe you and I were born at this time precisely so we would have an opportunity to stop this war. As for my personal info, I grew up on military bases and in housing projects. My legs atrophied from starvation as a child. My second step-father died in prison. I used to have to rub my skin to simulate human contact. They did not feed me when I was a child. I do not fight in their wars as an adult.
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31 Responses to Video- Ernst Zundel: Jewish Voraciousness Will Create Weimar Like Conditions In America And A Final Solution For the Jews In The US

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  2. Najam says:

    44. Signs & Symbols from the Lord are easy to remember, –
    O’ Sane men never trust a byt o’data from computer of the Bank.
    45. Good Christians are weary, PaPa’s soul is colder, –
    a snaky $tamP of the Anti_Christ is on the dollar in the Bank.
    46. This one-eyed-King of blind-men is well marketed, –
    ‘note’ the currency with the ma$onic-Eye is Patented to the Bank.
    47. Secure the House and reCite clearly the Holy Words, –
    O’ Trustees of The Lord, duly cuff the cuddly wards of the Bank.
    48. Cinema and casino not for those who seek the Garden, –
    fear the fire and do not be found in this gory den of the Bank.
    49. Flaming mouth, red-eyed, desires revenge, – for what ? –
    “Dont ask”, avoid the cross-fires of the war-craft of the Bank.
    50. Dim lights, red wine and songs of snoopy minstrels, –
    are dulling hiss’Pers of it$ sir’Pent in the hoo~Tells of the Bank.
    51. The heights of Sinai are above the tower of Sion, –
    see, the natural form is firmer than the $cion of the Bank.
    52. The world is in debt while many Pander in mansions, –
    tendering to their game-Plans, wonder of magicians in the Bank.

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  9. I found this interesting tidbit at

    In case you were wondering just what scares Israel so much about OccupyAMERICA.

    The fact is we are seeing yet another repeat of a pattern which has cycled endlessly for thousands of years. When a group of people treats everyone else like they are automatically inferior by divine decree, and acts like God gave them permission to loot the world around them, the rest of society eventually reacts, and usually badly.


    Date Place Event

    580 B.C. Babylon/Judea “Nebuchadnezzar conquers Judea, burns Temple”
    38 B.C. “Alexandria, Egypt” Mob Attacks
    3 B.C. Egypt Expulsion
    66 C.E. “Alexandria, Egypt” Mob Attacks
    70 C.E. Jerusalem Expulsion following revolt
    250 C.E. Carthage Expulsion
    224 C.E. Italy Forced Conversion
    325 C.E. Jerusalem Expulsion renewed by Constantine
    351 C.E Persia Book Burning
    357 C.E. Italy Property Confiscation
    379 C.E. Milan Synagogue Burning
    415 C.E. Alexandria Expulsion
    418 C.E. Minorca Forced Conversion
    468 C.E. Babylon/Judea Expulsion
    469 C.E. Ipahan Holocaust
    470 C.E. Babylon/Judea Expulsion
    489 C.E. Antioch Synagogue Burning
    506 C.E. Daphne Synagogue Burning
    519 C.E. Ravenna Synagogue Burning
    554 C.E. Diocese of Clement (France) Expulsion
    561 C.E. Diocese of Uzes (France) Expulsion or Conversion
    582 C.E Merovingia Forced Conversion
    612 C.E. Visigoth Spain Expulsion
    624 C.E. Hejaz Expulsion
    628 C.E. Byzantium Forced Conversion
    629 C.E. Merovingia Forced Conversion
    633 C.E. Toledo Forced Conversion
    638 C.E. Toledo Stake Burnings
    642 C.E. Visigothic Empire Expulsion
    653 C.E. Toledo Expulsion
    681 C.E. Spain Forced Conversion
    693 C.E. Toledo Jews Enslaved
    722 C.E. Byzantium Judaism Outlawed
    855 C.E. Italy Expulsion
    876 C.E. Sens Expulsion
    897 C.E. Narbonne Land Confiscation
    945 C.E. Venice Ban on Sea Travel
    1009 C.E. Orleans Massacre
    1012 C.E. “Rouen, Limoges & Rome” Massacre
    1012 C.E. “Mayence, Germany” Expulsion
    1021 C.E. Rome Jews Burned Alive
    1063 C.E. Spain Massacre
    1095 C.E. Lorraine Massacre
    1096 C.E. Northern France & Germany 1/3 of Jewish Population Massacred as part of the First Crusade
    1096 C.E. Hungary Massacre
    1096 C.E. Ralisbon Massacre
    1099 C.E. Jerusalem Jews Burned Alive
    1100 C.E. Kiev Pogrom
    1140 C.E. Germany Massacres
    1142-1212 C.E. North Africa Massacres
    1146 C.E. Rhine Valley Massacre as part of the Second Crusade
    1147 C.E. Wurzburg Massacre
    1147 C.E. Belitz (Germany) Jews Burned Alive
    1147 C.E. “Carenton, Ramenu & Sully (France)” Massacres
    1171 C.E. Blois Stake Burnings
    1181 C.E. France Expulsion/Property Confiscation
    1181 C.E. England Property Confiscation
    1188 C.E. London & York Mob Attacks
    1189 C.E. England Mob Attacks against Jews following coronation of Richard the Lionheart/ Property Confiscation.
    1190 C.E. Norfolk Jews Burned Alive
    1191 C.E. Bray (France) Jews Burned Alive
    1195 C.E. France Property Confiscation
    1209 C.E. Beziers Massacre
    1215 C.E. Rome Jews Forced to Wear Badges
    1215 C.E. Toulouse (France) Mass Arrests
    1218 C.E. England Jews Forced to Wear Badges
    1231 C.E. Rome Inquisition Established
    1236 C.E. France Forced Conversion/Massacre
    1239 C.E. London Massacre & Property Confiscation
    1240 C.E. France Talmud Confiscated
    1240 C.E. England Book Burning
    1240 C.E. Spain Forced Conversion
    1242 C.E. Paris Talmud Burned
    1244 C.E. Oxford Mob Attacks
    1255 C.E. England Public Hangings
    1261 C.E. Canterbury Mob Attacks
    1262 C.E. London Mob Attacks
    1264 C.E. London Mob Attacks
    1267 C.E. Vienna Jews Forced to Wear Horned Hats
    1270 C.E. “Weissenberg, Magdeburg, Armstadt, Coblenz, Singzig, and Erfurt” Jews Burned Alive
    1278 C.E. Genoa (Spain) Mob Attacks
    1283 C.E. Mayence & Bacharach Mob Attacks
    1285 C.E. Munich Jews Burned Alive
    1290 C.E. England Expulsion
    1298 C.E. “Franconia, Bavaria & Austria” “100,000 Jews slaughtered underr command of German knight Rindfleisch”
    1306 C.E. France Expulsion by Philip the Fair (Same King who burned the Templars)
    1308 C.E. Strasbourg Jews Burned Alive
    1320 C.E. Toulouse & Perpigon 120 Communities Massacred & Talmud Burned
    1321 C.E. Teruel Public Executions
    1328 C.E. Estella “5,000 Jews Slaughtered”
    1348 C.E. France & Spain Jews Burned Alive
    1348 C.E. Switzerland Expulsion
    1349 C.E. “Worms, Strasbourg, Oppenheim, Mayence, Erfurt, Bavaria & Swabia” Jews Burned Alive
    1349 C.E. Heilbronn (Germany) Expulsion
    1349 C.E. Hungary Expulsion
    1349 C.E. Saxony Expulsion
    1354 C.E. Castile (Spain) “12,000 Jews Slaughtered”
    1360 C.E. Hungary Banned
    1368 C.E. Toledo “8,000 Jews Slaughtered”
    1370 C.E. Belgium Expulsion
    1370 C.E. “Majorca., Penignon & Barcelona” Mob Attack
    1377 C.E. Huesca (Spain) Jews Burned Alive
    1380 C.E. Paris Mob Attack
    1384 C.E. Nordlingen Mass Murder
    1388 C.E. Strasbourg Expulsion
    1389 C.E. Prague Mass Slaughter & Book Burning
    1391 C.E. “Castille, Toledo, Madrid, Seville, Cordova, Cuenca & Barcelona” Forced Conversions & Mass Murder
    1394 C.E. Germany Expulsion
    1394 C.E. France Expulsion
    1399 C.E. Posen (Poland) Jews Burned Alive
    1400 C.E. Prague Stake Burnings
    1407 C.E. Cracow Mob Attack
    1415 C.E. Rome Talmud Confiscated
    1420 C.E. Austria Expelled by Albrecht V
    1422 C.E. Austria Jews Burned Alive
    1422 C.E. Austria Expulsion
    1424 C.E. Fribourg & Zurich Expulsion
    1426 C.E. Cologne Expulsion
    1431 C.E. Southern Germany Jews Burned Alive
    1432 C.E. Savory Expulsion
    1438 C.E. Mainz Expulsion
    1439 C.E. Augsburg Expulsion
    1444 C.E. Netherlands Expulsion
    1449 C.E. Toledo Public Torture &. Burnings
    1453 C.E. Franconia Expulsion
    1453 C.E. Breslau Expulsion
    1453 C.E. Poland Citzenship revoked
    1454 C.E. Wurzburg Expulsion
    1456 C.E. Bavaria Expulsion
    1463 C.E. Cracow Mob Attack
    1473 C.E. Andalusia Mob Attack
    1480 C.E. Venice Jews Burned Alive
    1481 C.E. Seville Stake Burnings
    1484 C.E. “Cuidad Real, Guadalupe, Saragossa & Teruel” Jews Burned Alive
    1485 C.E. Vincenza (Italy) Expulsion
    1486 C.E. Toledo Jews Burned Alive
    1488 C.E. Toledo Stake Burnings
    1490 C.E. Toledo Public Executions
    1491 C.E. Astorga Public Torture & Execution
    1492 C.E. Sicily Expulsion
    1492 C.E. Spain Choice between Expulsion or Conversion (When the Rivero family became Catholic)
    1495 C.E. Lithuania Expulsion by Grand Duke Alexander
    1497 C.E. Portugal Expulsion
    1499 C.E. Germany Expulsion
    1506 C.E. Lisbon Mob Attack
    1510 C.E. Berlin Public Torture & Execution
    1510 C.E. Brandenberg Expulsion
    1510 C.E. Prussia Expulsion
    1514 C.E. Strasbourg Expulsion
    1519 C.E. Regensburg Expulsion
    1539 C.E. Cracow & Portugal Stake Burnings
    1540 C.E. Naples and Sardinia Expulsion
    1542 C.E. Bohemia Expulsion
    1550 C.E. Genoa and Venice Expulsion
    1551 C.E. Bavaria Expulsion
    1553 C.E. Rome Talmud burned
    1555 C.E. Pesaro Expulsion
    1556 C.E. Sokhachev (Poland) Public Torture & Execution
    1559 C.E. Austria Expulsion
    1561 C.E. Prague Expulsion
    1567 C.E. Wurzburg Expulsion
    1569 C.E. Italy and Papal States Expulsion
    1571 C.E. Brandenburg Expulsion
    1582 C.E. Hungary Banned a second time
    1582 C.E. Netherlands Expulsion
    1593 C.E. Brunswick Expulsion
    1593 C.E. “Brandenburg, Austria” Expulsion
    1593 C.E. Italy Banned a second time
    1597 C.E. “Cremona, Pavia & Lodi” Expulsion
    1614 C.E. Frankfort Expulsion
    1615 C.E. Worms Expulsion
    1619 C.E. Kiev Expulsion
    1635 C.E. Vilna Mob Attack
    1637 C.E. Cracow Public Torture & Execution
    1647 C.E. Lisbon Jews Burned Alive
    1648 C.E. Poland 1/3 of Jewry Slaughtered
    1649 C.E. Ukraine Expulsion
    1649 C.E. Hamburg Expulsion
    1652 C.E. Lisbon Stake Burnings
    1654 C.E. New Amsterdam Expulled by Peter Stuyvesant (order later retracted)
    1654 C.E. Little Russia Expulsion
    1656 C.E. Lithuania Expulsion
    1660 C.E. Seville Jews Burned Alive
    1663 C.E Cracow Public Torture &. Execution
    1664 C.E. Lemberg Mob Attack
    1669 C.E. Oran (North Africa) Expulsion
    1670 C.E. Vienna Expulsion
    1671 C.E. Minsk Mob Attacks
    1681 C.E. Vilna Mob Attacks
    1682 C.E. Marseilles Expulsion
    1682 C.E. Cracow Mob Attacks
    1687 C.E. Posen Mob Attacks
    1712 C.E. Sandomir Expulsion
    1727 C.E. Russia Expulsion
    1738 C.E. Wurtemburg Expulsion
    1740 C.E. Liule Russia Expulsion
    1744 C.E Hungary “Banned for the third time by Queen Maria Theresa. “”Henceforth, no Jew, no matter under what name, will be allowed to remain here without my written permission. I know of no other troublesome pest within the state than this race, which impoverishes the people by their fraud, usury and money-lending and commits all deeds which an honorable man despises. Subsequently, they have to be removed and excluded from here as much as possible.”””
    1744 C.E. Livonia Expulsion
    1745 C.E. Moravia Expulsion by order of the King (to halt mob attacks on Jews)
    1753 C.E. Kovad (Lithuania) Expulsion
    1757 C.E. Kamenetz Talmud Burning
    1761 C.E. Bordeaux Expulsion
    1768 C.E. Kiev “3,000 Jews Slaughtered”
    1772 C.E. Russia Expulsion to the Pale of Settlement
    1775 C.E. Warsaw Expulsion
    1789 C.E. Alsace Expulsion
    1790 C.E. Morocco “Expulsion, villages destroyed”
    1801 C.E. Bucharest Mob Attack
    1804 C.E. Russian Villages Expulsion
    1808 C.E. Russian Countryside Expulsion
    1814 C.E. Norway Rescinds ban on Jews
    1815 C.E. Lubeck & Bremen Expulsion
    1815 C.E. “Franconia, Swabia & Bavaria” Expulsion
    1820 C.E. Bremes Expulsion
    1843 C.E. Austria & Prussia Expulsion
    1850 C.E. New York City “500 People, Led by Police, Attacked &. Wrecked, Jewish Synagogue”
    1862 C.E. United States Expelled by Ulysses S. Grant (order later retracted)
    1866 C.E Galatz (Romania) Expulsion
    1871 C.E. Odena Mob Attack
    1882 C.E. Russia “Laws banishing Jews relaxed under Alexander II. Following his assassination by a Jewish plot, expulsion of 1772 restored. ”
    1887 C.E. Slovakia Mob Attacks
    1897 C.E. Kantakuzenka (Russia) Mob Attacks
    1898 C.E. Rennes (France) Mob Attack
    1899 C.E. Nicholayev Mob Attack
    1900 C.E. Konitz (Prussia) Mob Attack
    1902 C.E. Poland Widespread Pogroms
    1904 C.E. “Manchuria, Kiev & Volhynia” Widespread Pogroms
    1905 C.E. Zhitomir (Yolhynia) Mob Attacks
    1919 C.E Bavaria Expulsion
    1915 C.E. Georgia (U.S.A.) Leo Frank Lynched
    1919 C.E. Mongolia Pogrom
    1919 C.E. Prague Wide Spread Pogroms
    1920 C.E. Munich & Breslau Mob Attacks
    1922 C.E. “Boston, MA” “Lawrence Lowell, President of Harvard, calls for Quota Restrictions on Jewish Admission”
    1926 C.E. Uzbekistan Pogrom
    1928 C.E. Hungary Widespread Anti-Semitic Riots on University Campuses
    1929 C.E. Lemberg (Poland) Mob Attacks
    1930 C.E. Berlin Mob Attack
    1933 C.E. Bucharest Mob Attacks
    1933 C.E. Europe Immigrant Jews banned from citizenship.
    1935 C.E. Germany “Loss of citizenship, nprisonment in slave labor camps.”
    1948 C.E. Libya Pogrom
    1969 C.E. Iraq Executions
    2012 C.E. United States?

  10. john says:

    Ernst Zundel is right, people will blame the jew, and Genocide will happen, in the states and europe again

  11. Carlos says:

    Looking down through history, apparently the karma has been set up, to be repeated over & over.
    Souls repeating these heinous acts, & incarnating into both sides of the argument, over & over.

    Thank G-O-D, it’s THOSE End of Times!!! Say What?!? It’s the end of the 26,000 year cycle. And the END, of what’s known as “The Cosmic Grand Cycle”. This is 34 more ends of 26,000 years each. So, this will be the end, of this. For e-v-e-r…..

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  21. Sam says:

    Zundel is right because the jews never change. I blame them. I want them out of my country and I want no part of their banking system scam.

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