Going Beyond Left And Right To The Anti-Banker Party Platform

This is the fourth and I hope final essay in the Going Beyond Right And Left To An Anti-Banker Party. The response to this series has been overwhelming positive from different races and from all positions on the political spectrum. A few Jewish people wrote and tried to rewrite history. They obviously had not read Part II of this series and seen the videos I posted at the end of my satire White Christian Talmud. A few Gentiles supported my overall critique of banking but worried that all Jews would be condemned by the same brush. Many powerful Jews of America and Israel attacked the United States on 9-11-2001. All Jews who cover up this undeniable fact are guilty of treason. The USA and Israel are at war. The Jews of the world must decide today to which nation they swear their allegiance America or Israel.

Ideally we would run candidates in both the Republican and Democratic primaries in every district scheduling open debates which would allow incumbents and other challengers to participate. The incumbents will soon learn that they cannot both take positions and retain their campaign funds. They will get booed off the stage. These debates will be the hottest ticket in town because nobody in the Mainstream news can afford to tell the truth. If you feel the heat, you might remove the obvious fact that Israel did 911 and stick to 911 as an Inside Job.

The Anti-Banker Party Platform

1) The perpetrators of 911 must be brought to justice, The bankers also must be brought to justice for the tens of trillions of dollars they have stolen. There will never be an economic recovery until we end the systematic corruption. We also must end forever the Zionist control of the media, the Foundations and the educational system. This can only be brought about by RICO (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act) which has both civil and criminal aspects and allows for damages. Treason and The Trading With The Enemy Act will cover all other offenders in the Zionist cover-up.

2) The tens of trillions of dollars returned from the Zionist Criminal Network should be used in part to cancel government debts in cases where Gentile savings and pensions would suffer a loss from the cancellation of Treasury bonds. But most debts can be safely be cancelled without us having to compensate anyone. The remaining funds will be used to restore Gentile pension funds which were looted by the Jewish Criminal Network and their non-Jewish associates.

In the future all pensions will be made illegal. Instead workers will be paid retirement benefits annually into an account in their name at a Depository Trust under their control which will not be under the control of the government. The money will be audited by multiple and competing independent auditing firms paid to uncover fraud and nepotism.

3) Fractional reserve banking will forever be made illegal. The government will issue not only all currency but also all checking account money.

For at least 20 years America will have to spend all increases in the money supply to pay for the rebuilding of American infrastructure. American roads, bridges, dams, sewers and water delivery systems have been neglected so we could fight wars for the benefit of Israel, the nation that declared war on America on 9-11-2001. Prices are a ratio of the money supply to the total of all goods and services available. If both money supply and GDP grow at the same rate, then the ratio of the two will give us a nearly constant ratio or price level. This is as opposed to the Jewish Criminal Network’s current banking system which gives money to the favored few who buy commodities which they sell at a much higher price to the Gentiles the following year. This is by design so the Jews and their banking cartel that includes many non-Jews can take all the money of the Gentiles.

4) We will abolish the Department of Homeland Security, the Transportation Security Administration and Threat Fusion Centers. We will go through the list of 850,000 DHS and other agencies employees plus their contractors who spy on Americans and fire almost all of them. We will make it illegal to grope anyone who is not under arrest and has not given probable cause of an imminent threat to public safety. The naked body scanners will be permanently banned as a threat to public health. We will abolish both the No Fly and the Slow Fly Lists.

5) We will pass a bill that abrogates all court rulings that have encroached on the Bill of Rights. The people will retain the right to peaceably assemble and to petition their government for a redress of grievances. The right to assemble will include the right to travel to meetings to freely discuss issues. There will no longer be Free Speech Zones behind cages in the American Republic. Freedom is the whole reason for the existence of America.

6) We will ban all Credit Default Swaps and almost all derivatives. CDS are a new invention that combines insurance with a derivative which is a bet on the future value of a bond or a commodity. Harry Markopolos was the man who attempted in vain for 11 years to alert the SEC of the Bernie Madoff fraud. Markopolos said a few months after Madoff’s arrest that a much greater hazard faced us. He said we have over 600 trillion dollars in very bad CDS. That amount is ten times the total annual output of goods and services for the entire planet. This is enough risk to wipe out all economic activity and starve billions of people to death. We refuse to allow a handful of criminal bankers to take that risk with our lives.

We will also ban most derivatives. Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan has 80 trillion dollars in derivatives betting that interest rates will not go up. If they do, we as taxpayers will be liable to an amount nearly six times our GDP. We will allow producers to sell their crops in the futures market and will allow big consumers of agricultural products to buy crops relative to the amount they use annually. Blythe Masters, the VP for Global Commodities at JP Morgan, will no longer be allowed to buy half of the corn in the world. No one woman can eat that much corn. Nor should she be allowed to price food out of the reach of billions of poor people who live on a dollar or two a day. Similar arrangements will be made for the oil and minerals markets. Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone magazine said Goldman Sachs and their friends on Wall Street in 2008 bought and sold every barrel of oil 27 times back and forth from each other running the price of oil up from $30 to $147.

7) Nikola Tesla died in 1943. It is long past time that we released his works to the general public. He died 68 years ago and yet the government still hides his scientific achievements. We must also release all secret scientific advances with the exception of weapons. We will use these inventions we already paid for with our taxes to rebuild American industry.

The editor of Popular Mechanics in the late 1990s told Art Bell that the secret government had made glass in the zero gravity of space that was stronger than steel. The Black Triangle flies 40,000 miles per hour (64,374 kilometers per hour.) The air resistance or friction would normally burn up the exterior of the plane at those speeds. This means the secret government has made new materials in zero gravity that would be of use to industry. But more important is the ability of the plane to hover silently. The landing speed of a 747 airliner is 167 miles per hour (268.7 kilometers per hour.) This means any conventional plane that is flying slower than that will soon fall to the ground.

Related to this is the research of the B2 bomber done decades ago that produced a plane that can fly despite having a weight greater than its thrust power. These two facts would lead us to conclude that the secret government has achieved anti-gravity to at least some extent. This could be used to reduce nearly to zero the resistance of spinning turbine generators thus producing abundant electricity cheaply. If individual and business utility costs are reduced by 2/3rds or more. we will greatly accelerate our economic recovery.

08) There are scientific advances in computers, medicine, biology, vaccines, communications and other areas that we will barter to American owned corporations in exchange for large blocks of stock. These shares will be given to newly created pension fund depository trust accounts to help restore our pensions. Of particular interest would be a room temperature super conductor that would make a lot of things possible including free energy. I also want to see the power system of that 40,000 mph Black Triangle. I would hazard a guess that it has repeatedly flown to Mars and back. We would all like to see the results of mining operations and scientific discoveries on Mars. Scientific discoveries need to be be made public so both our knowledge is increased and we improve the living conditions of mankind. Science was not invented to be hoarded to enrich a few elderly bankers at some future date.

9) To protect our new industries we will place tariffs of at least 25% on manufactured products. We will also tax companies who hire foreign workers for American service industries such as, customer service, tech support, billing and accounting. Foreign companies will be allowed to pay royalties to use this new technology.

10) We will take three trillion dollars of the money seized from the bankers and use this to fund locally controlled health care boards. Citizens will be given $10,000 each to be deposited into an account in their name at a local health fund. This money cannot be seized by the government and that includes the Congress and the President. There are more than 3,000 counties in America with an average one having 100,000 people. We could give that average county or neighborhood in a larger city a billion dollars. That plus a minimal payroll tax could fund health care. We would also remove the immunity for liability for all vaccine makers. We would reorganize the FDA licensing procedures for drugs. We would test drugs against standard home health prevention methods. An example would be to test new diabetes drugs against Vitamin D3 and cinnamon. In sufficient doses Vitamin D3 alone reduces winter colds and flu and some cancers by up to 77%. We will allow drugs and vaccines to be imported from overseas to reduce costs.

11) We will make it illegal for government agencies and private companies to poison their customers. Fluoride, Genetically Modified Organisms, Bisphenol A, MSG and Aspartame will immediately be removed from all water and foods. Mercury, live viruses and all contaminants will be removed from all vaccines. Anyone caught giving live polio vaccine will be arrested for murder.

12) All new bills introduced into the Congress will be written in simple language and made available in final form over the Internet five days before voting.

13) Corporations will have 20 year licenses to be renewed at a public hearing based upon good conduct.

14) The Glass Steagall Act will be renewed. It protected us by forbidding the commercial banks from taking investment bank risks with their depositors money. J P Morgan has $2,000 in risk for every dollar of capital. I have a video of a bank making a ten billion dollar bet on the price of silver in one minute. Under present law you have to pay for that ten billion dollar loss.

15) We will establish a board of scientists and educated lay people to review all cloning experiments. Salmon have been crossed with spiders to genetically alter a fish many people eat. The FDA has allowed these genetically altered salmon to be released into our food chain with inadequate public notice and discussion. This will expose humans to a new series of diseases from lower animal forms and from insects. These decisions cannot be made lightly.

We also must review all human hybrid clones. There have been human hybrid clones for over 30 years. These half humans exist in labs and can be subject to torture and murder. There might even now be human hybrids that are 3/4ths or even 7/8ths human who are not protected by our laws against torture, murder and slavery. This must end.

16) We will properly investigate the Gulf of Mexico disaster. There are huge plumes of oil mixed with the toxic dispersant Corexit at the bottom of of the Gulf. Since oil and water do not mic, this has to some extent reduced the dissipation of the warm waters of the Gulf through the Gulf Stream. This has raised the temperature of the Gulf waters and has altered weather patterns in the US causing droughts in the American Gulf Coast states. We need to get a lot more money in damages from BP, other involved companies and from those individuals within the federal government responsible for the criminal cover up.

17) We need to stop all usage of Depleted Uranium in American military ammunition, bombs and artillery shells. We also need to stop using DU in tank armament walls. We are poisoning our troops. DU is being used in target ranges inside the United States. This is contaminating the air we breathe and the water we drink and not just in Puerto Rico but at a location not far from the water we drink on the mainland. We also need to clean up areas where we have used DU overseas. We can begin with Serbia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen and who knows where else. We also need to do more than give tranquilizers to former soldiers we know were poisoned by DU.

18) We will immediately repeal the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Acts of 2006 and 2009 and the John Warner Defense Authorization Act. The business of America is freedom.

Please feel free to leave a comment and suggest additional platform agendas. Please do not suggest anything violent. Please do not suggest anything that will not get at least 8o% support from all segments of the world with the exception of Israel, Jewish and Christian Zionists and corporate board room members.

If you want to make a YouTube video or create a website, I would encourage you to do so. If you want to begin a congressional campaign, please find someone to run as a Republican if you are a Democrat. You can promise to hire your opponent. That way no matter who wins America and the world wins.

If you do not resist today, you and your friends and your family might not be able to do resist Evil next year or the year after.

About horse237

I have decided to share two of the visions I had as a child. When I was eight, I had a vision of a future war that killed 99.5% of the world's population. When I was 16 and living in the projects, I had a vision of my future. I was to live in complete obscurity until it came time to stop WW III. When I was about ten, I had read a bio of Nikita Khrushchev which said he survived Stalin by playing the bumbling fool an old Russian peasant trick. I decided to do the same as I had already learned that we did not live in a democracy. The other vision I had when I was in third grade was of the Mind of God and how it interacted in the creation of the world we see. I believe you and I were born at this time precisely so we would have an opportunity to stop this war. As for my personal info, I grew up on military bases and in housing projects. My legs atrophied from starvation as a child. My second step-father died in prison. I used to have to rub my skin to simulate human contact. They did not feed me when I was a child. I do not fight in their wars as an adult.
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22 Responses to Going Beyond Left And Right To The Anti-Banker Party Platform

  1. angryinadk says:

    Sounds good to me. You have addressed most all issues I see as problems in this country today. Where do I signup for this party? Besides restoring rights in this country, your platform would reduce the hatred directed towards our country by reducing the meddling in affairs elsewhere in the world that are none of our business.

  2. poker4profit says:

    I like the party platform. Finally a party one could in all good conscience be affiliated with.

  3. This says all that has been forming in my mind lately……..It´s gonna be a tuff fight.

    • Jan pearson says:

      Please do not forget to repeal the war on drugs. Restore the right to ingest all historically recognized therapeutic and mind expanding organically grown plants. Reference Terence Mckenna.

  4. horse237 says:

    I seriously considered a platform plank that would permit changing drug laws. the problem is that this would destroy many minority groups. Do we legalize crack cocaine, heroin and crystal meth? I am not sure how many would support legalizing of marijuana.

    I If we took over the Federal Reserve and enforced the laws and gave ownership of the commercial and investment banks to our pension funds, we would take all the profit out of drug running and illegal weapons sales. This would give us all the benefits of drug legalization without any of the negatives. Drug legalization would also take out the profit from drug running but it would harm the health of many less intelligent and less psychologically balanced people.

    I only want to includes ideas on the platform that will get 80% support from non-Zionists. But I would happily put drug legalization on the ballot. You get 51% to say yes and LSD is legal in your state.This might help the housing market as people gravitate to the state where their particular drug is legal.

  5. Najam says:

    May you find more Light, safety & strength.

    The Zioinist Bank’s chief instrument of control is U$ury, i.e. interest, > Time as basis of increase on deposits or loans of money. Money is considered the medium of exchange, the “value” carrying liquid used in economic transactions,= just as blood is to the body of the living, nourishing and distributing energy. Usury is not a person or a thing, and it cannot be seen in darkness or ignorance. IT$ a ticking-$ystem to govern and dis’locate persons and things. It$ “Idea” is the %rate in the false concept “Time i$ Money ! Wow !”. Think about it, is it really ? Magic ? Yeast ? The systemic pulse is driven by the manic-$wiss-rotor moving monetary-digits that are converted into purchasing power, i.e. of real wealth. The working ferment that bubbles-(sucks, puffs & pumps) is visible to all those who care and find courage to See. – You have to seek The True Light, because Truth shall set you free, from the evil Bond’age.

  6. buzzard says:

    Its a nice thought, should have tried it 40 years ago. I don’t think it will work though because you are trying to be a new player to their game. Here’s what needs to be done: bring home all our soldiers and sailors, use them to round up ALL politicians, bankers, lawyers and judges, and hang them on the white house lawn. Then you can make things the way they should be. For the record, I am 61, Viet Nam era vet, disabled, and an out-of-work carpenter. You bring the wood – I’ll build the gallows.

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  9. Furbaby says:

    You say ban”almost all derivatives”. I say just ban ALL derivatives!!

    • Furbaby says:

      I forgot: Are you seriously considering setting up a new 3rd party? If you do, I’m sure you’ll get enough votes to be President.

  10. Najam says:

    “Righteous indignation” is typically a reactive emotion of anger over perceived mistreatment, insult, or malice. It is akin to what is called the sense of injustice. In some Christian doctrines, righteous indignation is considered the only form of anger which is not sinful, e.g., when Jesus drove the money lenders out of the temple. (Gospel of Matthew 21)
    Why? Usury, it is condemned & banned in Law.

  11. Iaum says:

    However the very primal party we all should join is inside ourselves by becoming our ideas and ideals in our thoughts, words and acts. Everything else becomes freely.

  12. http://johnturmel.com/abprogs.htm are the Abolitionist Party of Canada programs from when I ran for Prime Minister in 1993. We want to abolish interest though I haven’t bothered with too many non-money reform issues. Keep plugging. It’s good to see others trying to abolish the Biblical Yoke of Oppression too.

  13. Al Martinez says:

    “Do we legalize crack cocaine, heroin and crystal meth?”

    Less than 5% of the population would ever use these poisons. Why continue to allow the tail to wag the dog? The money wasted on policing and incarcerating this minority could be better used by communities in postive ways. Most of the police and jailers couild transfer over to the health care field. Allow Darwin’s natural selection to unfold and stop trying to legislate morality.

    All natural plant based substances should be made totally legal.

  14. Najam says:

    17. Humans, animals and forest of Earth gasping for Light, –
    clouds with asthamatic effects this Pressing fright of the Bank.
    18. Riches of time in seed, oil, metal, cattle and gems, –
    alas for the urban zombie IT$ electrical digits in the Bank.
    19. Knowledge and feats of technology, all very worthy, –
    but a p%sychology to $cent money is nicky monoPoly of the Bank.
    20. Demons perform in k’Nights, preying the in’no’Cent, –
    to peep, probe, poke a pore and pump in the precinct of the Bank.
    21. Templars and the priests on this subject leak a moan, –
    Sir conceals The Insribed Laws that curse and ban the Bank.
    22. Is nothing Sacred ? Where to take refuge or to bide ? –
    Enter the Clean House and never to allow those in$ide the Bank.
    23. Rabbi, bishop and pundit, stomp the Earth and backbite, –
    yet no open council of vary’us religions to indict the Bank.
    24. Pollution, sickness, drugs & hospitals’ fees realised, –
    all by-products of care-less institutions patronized by the Bank.
    25. In a Swiss trojan horse named Isra’El is her buoy, –
    this impostor’s law-breaking bastard is a dear bully-boy of the Bank.

  15. Coral Snake says:

    I would ad an anti “Gun Control Law” plank to this. Virtually ALL Banker originated genocides from the one agains the Native Americans in the 19th centyry (manly executed for the benefit of Bankster owned Government subsidized railroads) to the current bloodbaths in Africa start with “reasonable” “gun control laws” tha eventually expand into UNreasonable “gun control laws”.

  16. Kim Panelli says:

    The Jews you speak of are Khazarian descent: COUNTERFEITs. They serve the Queen and the Vatican Jesuit in a global RICO enterprise. They killed President Lincoln, President Kennedy and have now made it legal from 9/11 legislation drafted by Brittish controlled American Bar Association (because state of “war”-including war and drugs and terror, makes us subject to maritime law). Read Rev. 2:9 and 3:9. These are not real jews, they are counterfeit criminal elitist liars (modern-day pharisees that are the kings-men). Also, many from these cabals are fake Christians, usually the obnoxious hypocrites that constantly quote the bible, incorrectly much of the time. There is always more than meets the surface.

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