2014 Bilderberg Annotated Members List

The Good News from Bilderberg is that they have invited back the Chinese college professors who attended Bilderberg 2012 but were snubbed in 2013. They also invited another Chinese professor who has worked on his government’s Five Year plan. Hopefully, this rapprochement means we can avoid a military confrontation in Asia. One Bilderberg agenda item is to discuss the recent Russo-Chinese economic alignment and what this means for the Western governments they control.They discuss agenda items until a consensus is reached. Then the participants are expected to carry that consensus back to their home countries.

This is my third annual Annotated Bilderberg Members List. The biographies of the participants tells us a lot about what they are thinking and what their interests are. The published biographies leave off any mention of relations to the Rothschilds.

The Bad News is that their assembled Bilderberg crew is incapable of any real solutions. The Russians announced the sale of the S-400 anti-aircraft system to China which China will sell to Iran. China wants to elevate Iran to that of a protected military ally. They invited the President of Iran to the Russo-Chinese Summit in Shanghai. America and Israel have reached the limits of their respective Empires.

This is the publicly acknowledged list. If others attend secretly, I will publish an update. Another agenda item is that Bilderberg seems to have concluded that you have no right to privacy.

FRA Castries, Henri de Chairman and CEO, AXA Group, the insurance giant is the 9th largest company in the world. He replaced Viscount Etienne Davignon two years ago. An American unit of AXA was involved in the Wall Street fleeces Main Street scandal which was investigated by the New York state Attorney General.

DEU Achleitner, Paul M. Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Deutsche Bank AG. Deutsche bank had been key to manipulating currencies, interest rates, silver and gold. Deutsche Bank will cease participating in the London silver fix. It will end August 14 because no bank wants a part of a multi-billion dollar lawsuit. This will call into question all silver futures contracts which are set by the London silver fix price. That might be good for banks exposed to hundreds of billions in silver shorts.


DEU Ackermann, Josef Former CEO, Deutsche Bank AG. He resigned as Chairman of the Board, Zurich Insurance Group Ltd after his CFO Pierre Wauthier naming Ackermann in his suicide note. He has been feted by the American Jewish Committee. He is a Swiss born Jew and is associated with Siemens and used to run Deutsche Bank which is reported to be near collapse.


GBR Agius, Marcus Non-Executive Chairman, PA Consulting Group. His wife is Katherine de Rothschild. Her father is Evelyn de Rothschild who was a co-founder of Bilderberg. Agius began his career at the Rothschild associated Lazard bank.


FIN Alahuhta, Matti Member of the Board, KONE; Chairman, Aalto University Foundation. He was the highest paid CEO in Finland. He has a PhD in Technology.


GBR Alexander, Helen Chairman, UBM plc a London based media company. She used to be CEO of the Rothschild owned Economist Group. She favors lower taxes for corporations. She wants more women like her to serve on corporate Boards.

USA Alexander, Keith B. Former Commander, U.S. Cyber Command; Former Director, National Security Agency. This is the man who was made famous Edward Snowden. One of the topics Bilderberg will be discussing is whether or not privacy exists. Bilderberg will also be discussing Cyber War. If a virus ate your bank deposit, which Bilderberger would get get your money?


USA Altman, Roger C. Executive Chairman, Evercore Partners. He used to be with Lehman Brothers and Blackstone Group. He is a key supporter of Hillary Clinton. He was an adviser on the GM bankruptcy collecting $46 million in fees for Evercore. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. He asked the judge for an additional $17 million but the judge said NO.


FIN Apunen, Matti Director, Finnish Business and Policy Forum EVA He supports globalization of business and media.


DEU Asmussen, Jörg State Secretary of Labour and Social Affairs. He is a Social Democrat and served on the European Central Bank Executive Board and as Chief Economist.


HUN Bajnai, Gordon Former Prime Minister; Party Leader, Together 2014. He is a former business leader and is popular with Bilderbergers who are opposed to national eruptions that oppose the European Union. That is an admitted agenda item.


GBR Balls, Edward M. Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer. He is a Labour MP and an Oxford graduate. He used to write for Financial Times, a Bilderberg favorite. Do not expect any reforms if he is in the Labour government in 2015.


PRT Balsemão, Francisco Pinto Chairman, Impresa SGPS. Former Prime Minister. He is the founder of a weekly news magazine. He is a broadcaster and has business ties with Brazil.


FRA Baroin, François Member of Parliament (UMP); Mayor of Troyes. He was a cabinet minister for Budget and then for Economy in the previous French administration. He was also a Presidential spokesman.

FRA Baverez, Nicolas Partner, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP. He works at the Paris office of an international law firm headquartered in New York with 1,000 lawyers and offices in 17 nations. He specializes in privatization meaning he takes utilities were paid for by the public and gives them to billionaires. Tolls and fees are charged to taxpayers.


USA Berggruen, Nicolas Chairman, Berggruen Institute on Governance and of Berggruen Holdings. He has German and American citizenship. Through the Berggruen Institute he is also a co-founder with the Huffington Post of The WorldPost, a media publication dedicated to global issues.


ITA Bernabè, Franco. Chairman Telecom Italia. He had to resign as CEO because share prices slumped. He is a non-executive director of Petro China. He was appointed as Vice Chairman of Rothschild Europe. He is on the Bilderberg Steering Committee. The other Bilderberg participants merely discuss the agenda until agreement is reached. The Steering Committee sets that agenda. Notice how close the Steering Committee is to the Rothschild family.


DNK Besenbacher, Flemming Chairman, The Carlsberg Group. He is a well connected university professor.

NLD Beurden, Ben van CEO, Royal Dutch Shell plc. Shell oil is owned by the Rothschilds and by the Dutch Royal family amongst others. He cut a lot of employees but left his technology group untouched.

SWE Bildt, Carl Minister for Foreign Affairs. He is popular with the Bilderberg set.


NOR Brandtzæg, Svein Richard President and CEO, Norsk Hydro ASA. It is the fourth largest integrated electrical generation and aluminum producer in the world.


INT Breedlove, Philip M. Supreme Allied Commander Europe. He is a four star USAF general.


AUT Bronner, Oscar Publisher, Der STANDARD Verlagsgesellschaft m.b.H., a nationwide newspaper. He is Jewish and was born in Israel.


SWE Buskhe, Håkan President and CEO, Saab AB


TUR Çandar, Cengiz Senior Columnist, Al Monitor and Radikal


ESP Cebrián, Juan Luis Executive Chairman, Grupo PRISA. They own radio and TV stations are in publishing as well. They are owned by the Phoenix Group, a British insurance company. He has been to Bilderberg before.


FRA Chalendar, Pierre-André de Chairman and CEO, Saint-Gobain which produces a variety of construction and high-performance materials. He is on the Board of Directors of Veolia Environmental, a Rothschild company.


CAN Clark, W. Edmund Group President and CEO, TD Bank Group (Toronto Dominion Bank) He is a member of the all important Bilderberg Steering Committee. He believes strongly in sustainable communities.


INT Coeuré, Benoît Member of the Executive Board, European Central Bank. He is in charge of monetary operations and supports Mario Draghi’s zero interest rate policy. He is a French citizen and professional civil servant.

IRL Coveney, Simon Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine. He was elected a Fine Gael MEP in 2004. He supervises fisheries which under the EU has been a disaster for most fisherman in Europe.


GBR Cowper-Coles, Sherard Senior Adviser to the Group Chairman and Group CEO, HSBC Holdings plc. He is also a director at BAE, a scandal plagued British arms merchant. HSBC has been fined for interest rate fixing and money laundering for drug cartels and terrorists. He is a former British diplomat.


BEL Davignon, Etienne Minister of State; Former Chairman, Bilderberg Meetings. His company Suez killed poor people in the Third World by privatizing public water supplies. He was involved in a weapons scandal in Africa and gave way two years ago to the new chairman.


USA Donilon, Thomas E. Senior Partner, O’Melveny and Myers, a law firm, which says he will be an adviser to senior executives which is to say he is elling his Washington contacts. He was National Security Adviser. Before that he was a lawyer and worked as a lobbyist for Fannie Mae. Donilon has no military experience but was intimately involved in many major foreign policy issues, including negotiating the Bosnian peace agreement and the expansion of NATO. His predecessor at NSA General Jones criticized his poor handling of staff and lack of experience. He made up for his lack of overseas experience by joining Obama on his surprise 6 hour trip to Afghanistan. Donilon was a key architect of Obama’s Afghanistan policy and we can see how well it worked. His 5 fold escalation of the use of drones has NOT improved America’s image there and in Pakistan. His wife and his brother work for VP Joe Biden.


DEU Döpfner, Mathias CEO, Axel Springer SE, the German media group. GBR Dudley, Robert Group Chief Executive, BP plc. The Bilderbergers are strong in oil and not just banking and war. They have ties to Shell, EXXON, and BP. I would not advise Dudley to drive around Louisiana in his limousine.

FIN Ehrnrooth, Henrik Chairman, Caverion Corporation, Otava and Pöyry PLC. These three companies are separately involved in engineering, construction and media holdings.


ITA Elkann, John Chairman, Fiat S.p.A. He is the grandson and heir of Gianni Agnelli. Fiat owns Lancia, Ferrari, Maserati and Chrysler. Elkann is Jewish and was born in New York. He also runs the Agnelli family investment firm Exor which owns Juventus F.C., Cushman & Wakefield and SGS. Henry Kissinger, Carla Bruni, and Ell McPherson attended his wedding.


DEU Enders, Thomas CEO, Airbus Group. He used to work at Daimler Chrysler Aerospace. Airbus is facing financial difficulties.


DNK Federspiel, Ulrik Executive Vice President, Haldor Topsøe A/S. They make advanced technology for the oil industry. Oil is important for Bilderberg.


USA Feldstein, Martin S. Professor of Economics, Harvard University; President Emeritus, NBER. He is the most seasoned economics expert on Business cycles. Good to have around when you really need to know how much longer this Ponzi scheme fractional reserve banking system can last.


CAN Ferguson, Brian President and CEO, Cenovus Energy Inc. This is another oil and natural gas company. They oil is from tar sands and their gas is from advanced – their words not mine) fracking. Bilderberg likes fracking. Squeeze oil profits and ruin the water supply for those humans.


GBR Flint, Douglas J. Group Chairman, HSBC Holdings plc. HSBC is an old drug running bank better known as Hong Kong Shanghai Bank. Asia Times tells us that the big banks launder 500 billion dollars a year in bribes and that 40% of that money belongs to Chinese politicians. His bank has extensive contacts with both Chinese politicians and Latin American drug cartels. They also were in the LIBOR scandal.


ESP García-Margallo, José Manuel Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. He is a former MEP who served on the Monetary and Budget committee. In his college days he was a Monarchist. His politics blends well with Bilderberg. They forbid mere mortals who work at the hotels to either talk or to look at them.


USA Gfoeller, Michael Independent Consultant. Actually he is on the Board of Advisors to the Chertoff Group. The former DHS Secretary sold toxic scanners to the US. Chertoff was head of the Criminal Division at the DOJ on 911 which means he was in charge of the coverup. Gfoeller worked for the US State Department for 26 years in eastern Europe, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. He worked with General David Petraeus and also works with Exxon-Mobil for Government Affairs.


TUR Göle, Nilüfer Professor of Sociology, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales. This woman studies the integration of Islam into modern European life. One of the agenda items is nationalism and resistance to the European Union.


USA Greenberg, Evan G. Chairman and CEO, ACE Group, a Zurich based international insurance and reinsurance firm. He is also Chairman of the US-ASEAN group. His presence signifies the growing importance of Asia. His father is Morris Greenberg, the founder of AIG. He is also a Director at Coca-Cola.


GBR Greening, Justine Secretary of State for International Development. She is Tory MP for Putney and had been Secretary for Transport. She was the first MP to take a seat from Labour on election night news coverage in 2005.


NLD Halberstadt, Victor Professor of Economics, Leiden University. Former Honorary Secretary General of Bilderberg Meetings.


USA Hockfield, Susan President Emerita, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Professor of Neuroscience. She is connected. She is on the board of GE, Qualcomm, Carnegie, MIT and other institutions.


NOR Høegh, Leif O. Chairman, Höegh Autoliners AS. They are a transport company. He is also related to an investment firm.


NOR Høegh, Westye Senior Advisor, Höegh Autoliners AS. They are a transport company. He is also related to an investment firm.


USA Hoffman, Reid Co-Founder and Executive Chairman, LinkedIn. He made 80 angel investments in technology companies including Facebook and Zynga. He was at PayPal with his friend Peter Thiel.


CHN Huang, Yiping Professor of Economics, National School of Development, Peking University. He was previously Managing Director and Chief Asia Economist for Citigroup based in Hong Kong. He also taught at Columbia University in New York. He attended in 2012 but not in 2013. Good to see the Chinese have returned. One agenda item involves the Russo-Chinese economic alliance.


USA Jackson, Shirley Ann President, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. She is a black woman and holds a PhD in physics.


USA Jacobs, Kenneth M. Chairman and CEO of Rothschild owned Lazard. He is Jewish.


USA Johnson, James A. Chairman, Johnson Capital Partners. He selects VP candidates for the Democrats. He had something of a mortgage scandal in 2008 and his candidate Kathleen Sebelius was rejected by Obama as he does not like women which is unusual for a gay man. Biden became VP. He has real power within the Democratic party.


USA Karp, Alex CEO, Palantir Technologies. This high tech company was created with seed money from the CIA so I do not believe those claims about protecting user privacy. Any more than I would all the other high tech companies the CIA funded. Karp is Jewish.


USA Katz, Bruce J. Vice President and Co-Director, Metropolitan Policy Program, The Brookings Institution. This is a powerful institution. He is concerned with creating the city of the future. Not sure what his plans for regular human beings is.


CAN Kenney, Jason T. Minister of Employment and Social Development. He has changed parties several times. His portfolio includes multi-culturalism which is an agenda item.


GBR Kerr, John Deputy Chairman, Scottish Power. Independent Member, House of Lords and Deputy Chairman of Royal Dutch Shell He was a professional diplomat and ambassador to Russia, the US Pakistan and the EU. He is a director of Rio Tinto, a Rothschild company. He is a former career diplomat.


USA Kissinger, Henry A. Chairman, Kissinger Associates, Inc. Kissinger is wanted for war crimes. He is of course Jewish. He is a very big supporter of population reduction (i.e. killing billions of poor people.) Lest you think you are exempt please note that in a Hyperinflation your wages will be cut in half for openers and things will go down hill from there. In Argentina middle class families fed themselves from what they found in garbage cans.


USA Kleinfeld, Klaus Chairman and CEO, Alcoa and former CEO of Siemens AG. though he had to quit Siemens over corruption charges. He is a member of the board of directors of Citigroup and Bayer. He is popular with the bankers. He has been invited back a couple of times.


TUR Koç, Mustafa Chairman, Koç Holding A.S. He was the only son of Turkey’s wealthiest man. He graduated from Johns Hopkins in the USA. His company is the largest in Turkey and partners with many foreign corporations making light bulbs and cars. He is a member of the New York Yacht Club. He hired Peter Sutherland a former Head of Bilderberg Europe. He also has been invited back a couple of times.


DNK Kragh, Steffen President and CEO, Egmont. This is a leading media company.


USA Kravis, Henry R. Co-Chairman and Co-CEO, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. When they bought R J Reynolds, Catherine Austin Fitts couldn’t understand how they could pay so much. She learned that Reynolds sold cigarettes to terrorists and drug dealers so they could launder money. They take over companies and steal their pensions.


USA Kravis, Marie-Josée Senior Fellow and Vice Chair, Hudson Institute which is funded by Eli Lily. She is from Montreal, Quebec, and is the third wife of financier Henry Kravis.


CHE Kudelski, André Chairman and CEO, Kudelski Group. Boo. This guy manufactures digital rights management controls. This is the guy who won’t let you play the DVD you paid for.


INT Lagarde, Christine Managing Director, International Monetary Fund. They might be worried about the future of the euro and the dollar and the pound and any other currency withing their grasp. She is already involved in scandals. She was a lawyer at a union busting firm and then Finance Minister for France. She did not permit her Ministry employees to speak French. Only English allowed.


BEL Leysen, Thomas Chairman of the Board of Directors, KBC Group. This is a European bank which has expanded along with the EU into eastern Europe.


USA Li, Cheng Director, John L.Thornton China Center,The Brookings Institution. Li focuses on the transformation of political leaders, generational change and technological development in China. He has a PhD. from Princeton. He also was at the 2012 meeting but was passed over for 2013. China and its economic relationship with Russia is on the agenda this year.


SWE Lifvendahl, Tove Political Editor in Chief, Svenska Dagbladet. She was adopted from Korea. She is active in Swedish politics.


CHN Liu, He Minister, Office of the Central Leading Group on Financial and Economic Affairs. He is a veteran of China’s five year planning. He has am M.A. degree from Harvard. This is his first visit. His presence probably means the Obama admin will not be allowed to attack China. But it does mean they want to know more about China’s plans for the future.


PRT Macedo, Paulo Minister of Health. He is a former banker and held several directorships. This is his first Bilderberg meeting.


FRA Macron, Emmanuel Deputy Secretary General of the Presidency. Did not mention in his bio that prior to working for the President of France he was at Rothschild Investment Bank. He made millions from a Nestle acquisition.


ITA Maggioni, Monica Editor-in-Chief, Rainews24, RAI TV. She is an important journalist and speaks French and English. She was the first to interview President of Assad of Syria after the agreement on chemical weapons. She also interviewed the candidates for President of the EU.


GBR Mandelson, Peter Chairman, Global Counsel LLP. Member, House of Lords. Mandelson was a longtime MP for Labor. He represented the interests of the Rothschilds and Israel. He has a reputation as political fixer. He is gay. His father was advertising manager at the Jewish Chronicle. His mother was well connected in the Labor party in London. He went to the St Petersburg Economic Forum to tell the Russians that their annexation of the Crimea was illegal. As if the Bilderbergs, Cameron and Obama could actually do something.


USA McAfee, Andrew Principal Research Scientist, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Co-founder of the Initiative on the Digital Economy which focuses on how digital technologies are changing businesses, economies, and societies around the world. He can help the Bilderberg members make more money and adapt to changing technology.


PRT Medeiros, Inês de Member of Parliament, Socialist Party. She is helping to end the Bailout program for Portugal. She was involved in auctioning off more than 50 million euros worth of art owned by a bank.


GBR Micklethwait, John Editor-in-Chief, The Economist which is owned by the Rothschilds. The Economist urged Iraq to attack Iran 6 months before the war started.


GRC Mitsotaki, Alexandra Chair, ActionAid Hellas. She lives in Paris and speaks fluently English, French, German and Greek. She worked at OECD first at the Direction of Education and later at the Development Center of the organization where she specialized further in development issues and fighting poverty in the developing countries. She is currently teaching at the Institute of Political Science in Paris a seminar course on Political Economy of Development. Greece has reached its limits in terms of Bilderberg imposed Austerity.

She lives in Paris and speaks fluently English, French, German and Greek.

She worked at OECD first at the Direction of Education and later at the Development Center of the organization where she specialized further in development issues and fighting poverty in the developing countries.

– See more at: http://www.actionaid.it/en/profiles/alexandra-mitsotaki#sthash.I3MRl8N6.dpuf

She lives in Paris and speaks fluently English, French, German and Greek.

ITA Monti, Mario Senator-for-life; President, Bocconi University. He was the former European Commissioner and VP for Goldman Sachs who was appointed Prime Minister of Italy. He has been a member of the Trilateral Commission and Bilderberg.


USA Mundie, Craig J. Senior Advisor to the CEO, Microsoft Corporation. He is a member of the Bilderberg Steering Committee and had to approve the invitations to the other high tech attendees. Mundie advocates that individuals be licensed before being allowed to use the Internet.


CAN Munroe-Blum, Heather Professor of Medicine and Principal (President) Emerita, McGill University. She holds a Ph.D. in epidemiology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and has researched the epidemiology of psychiatric illness whatever that means for us. She is a member of the Trilateral Commission and serves on the Board of Directors of the Royal Bank of Canada. She advises governments on issues relating to young people.


USA Murray, Charles A. W.H. Brady Scholar, American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research. He is famous for his works on the Bell Curve and the debate over his views on the Underclass. This is his first Bilderberg meeting. They probably want to know what will happen when they greatly increase the number of poor people. Their policy of Deindustrialization creates poverty but allows the Bilderbergers – or so they think- to have more control over the poor.


NLD Netherlands, H.R.H. Princess Beatrix the recently retired Queen of the Netherlands. Her father founded Bilderberg. Her family owns a large part of Royal Dutch Shell along with the Queen of England and the Rothschilds. Forbes magazine did a puff piece and said she had only 300 million dollars. This is not credible for a family that ruled for 200 years. She was replaced by her son Wilhelm-Alexander.


ESP Nin Génova, Juan María Deputy Chairman and CEO, CaixaBank. This is an old bank that merged with others. It has lots of pensions and savings from Spanish workers. Spain is experiencing bank runs. Americans do not realize that there is not just one euro but one different euro for every country in the Eurozone. Each euro note is marked by the country of issue. If Greece and Germany drop out, Greek euros will be exchanged for drachmas and German euros for Deutschmarks. The danger to anyone not holding German euros is clear. Bank depositors in Europe and America have been exposed to hundreds of trillions of dollars in risk for the value of euro bonds and interest rates through Credit Default Swaps.


FRA Nougayrède, Natalie Director and Executive Editor, Le Monde. She speaks Russian, English and French. She worked in Russia and the Ukraine as a correspondent. She resigned at Le Monde over downsizing issues as Mainstream press revenues and readers continue to decline.


DNK Olesen, Søren-Peter Professor; Member of the Board of Directors, The Carlsberg Foundation. This is a Foundation which owns the brewery. His research is medical and relates to ion channels for electrolytes. It is heart related.


FIN Ollila, Jorma Chairman, Royal Dutch Shell, plc; Chairman, Outokumpu Plc. He worked for 8 years at Citibank’s London office. I suppose you have noticed that the oil companies are well represented. He is a returning member.


TUR Oran, Umut Deputy Chairman, Republican People’s Party (CHP). His first meeting. He is deputy leader of the opposition. Bilderberg likes to control all political parties.


GBR Osborne, George Chancellor of the Exchequer. This man is a dope. He and Cameron came up with this idiotic Help to Buy scheme purloined from Alan Greenspan hoping it gets them past election day 2015. Things are not going well for either the UK or the EU. Lucky if things don’t go to hell before the elections.


FRA Pellerin, Fleur State Secretary for Foreign Trade. She has worked with the Digital Economy for the French government. She is opposed to spying electronically on individuals. That makes her attendance at Bilderberg somewhat puzzling. She was born in Korea and was adopted by a French family.


USA Perle, Richard N. Resident Fellow, American Enterprise Institute. He began as a senior staff member to Senator Henry “Scoop” Jackson and served as the assistant Secretary of Defense for Ronald Regan. He was a member Project for the New American Century (PNAC) . In the Clinton years he went to Israel where he accepted citizenship and wrote “A Clean Break: A New Strategy for Securing the Realm”. This was written into PNAC and became US doctrine in the early Bush years. PNAC documents spoke of a need for a new Pearl Harbor before 911. USA Petraeus, David H. Chairman, KKR Global Institute. Former general and CIA Director. This is a Think Tank owned by KKR which takes over companies and steal their pensions. Through R J Reynolds tobacco they launder money for drug dealers and spies.


CAN Poloz, Stephen S. Governor, Bank of Canada. He replaced Mark Carney. He is a technician and used to head International Bank Credit Analyst.


INT Rasmussen, Anders Fogh Secretary General, NATO. He is a former Prime Minister of Denmark. This man is a politician with no military experience. I grew up on military bases. This is not the man you want to lead you into battle with the Russians.


DNK Rasmussen, Jørgen Huno Chairman of the Board of Trustees, The Lundbeck Foundation. This is a pharmaceutical research Foundation funded by the company of the same name.


INT Reding, Viviane Vice President and Commissioner for Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship, European Commission. She was a journalist from Luxembourg. In 2010 she denounced France for deporting the Roma people (Gypsies). She was also involved in trying to fix the Hungarian elections so nationalists did not win office.


USA Reed, Kasim Mayor of Atlanta. He is a lawyer and politician. He does well on TV debates. Bilderberg likes to control both political parties.


CAN Reisman, Heather M. Chair and CEO, Indigo Books & Music Inc, the largest bookstore chain in Canada. Her husband, Gerry Schwartz, runs Onex, a leading venture capital firm. She is listed as a member of the Steering Committee of the Bilderberg Group. She and her husband switched from Liberal to Conservative over the Israel Lebanon war. PM Harper’s Chief of Staff used to work for her husband. Her uncle was the first Canadian to work with Bilderberg to break up Canada to get it into the North American Union.


NOR Reiten, Eivind Chairman, Klaveness Marine Holding AS. He is attending his first meeting. He is a former Center Right politician and had been Oil Minister.


DEU Röttgen, Norbert Chairman, Foreign Affairs Committee, German Bundestag. Professional CDU politician. His first meeting.


USA Rubin, Robert E. Co-Chair, Council on Foreign Relations; Former Secretary of the Treasury. He was head of Citibank’s private bank which launders drug money. In 1999 Robert Rubin, Alan Greenspan, Larry Summers (Samuelson) and Arthur Levitt told Brooksley Born of the CFTC that she could not regulate Credit Default Swaps which were faux insurance. They were unregulated and did not require the seller to set aside money to pay claims. All sales income could be paid out in bonuses allowing the taxpayer to foot the bill when it came due as it did in AIG. American taxpayers according to Obama will have to pay hundreds of trillions of dollars in CDS after the euro bonds collapse. All four of those men are Jewish. No concern to them that a billion people at some future date will starve to death.


USA Rumer, Eugene Senior Associate and Director, Russia and Eurasia Program, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. He has written an article describing Putin as reckless but he conceded that splitting the Ukraine is better than a messy civil war. I suppose he passes for an expert on Russia at Bilderberg.


NOR Rynning-Tønnesen, Christian President and CEO, Statkraft AS. This is an alternative energy company that uses mostly hydro and wind generation.


NLD Samsom, Diederik M. Parliamentary Leader PvdA (Labour Party). Professional politician. He is party spokesman on Environmental issues. This would play well with Bilderberg Deindustrialization plans. This is the man who came out to speak to the alternative press including Infowars. There had been criticism in the press of government officials attending private meetings at which public policy was set. By coming out to talk, he was claiming that there was public coverage. This will not stop the lawsuits.


GBR Sawers, John Chief, Secret Intelligence Service (MI6). He is a professional diplomat and not either a spy or a warrior. His salary is in the range of £160,000 plus a year.


NLD Scheffer, Paul J. Author; Professor of European Studies, Tilburg University. He is a prominent member of the Dutch Labour Party. The central idea of his book is that “immigration always has been and is a process of alienation for both the newcomers and the natives”. Maybe the bankers want to figure out an election strategy that will keep the anti-austerity and anti-immigration parties from winning any more elections.


NLD Schippers, Edith Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport. Her mentor was Geert Wilders which seems strange for her attending Bilderberg at first glance.


USA Schmidt, Eric E. Executive Chairman, Google Inc. He has worked at Sun and Apple. Google is a superior search engine and was designed that way by the CIA-DARPA hive. It was given to the founders as was a lot of new technology. It is given on the condition that the CIA and NSA are allowed to spy on us.


AUT Scholten, Rudolf CEO, Oesterreichische Kontrollbank AG. He is head of the Austrian Central Bank. The Great Depression did not get going until the Credit Anstalt bank of Vienna collapsed on May 11, 1931. It had too many eastern European bad debts. This man is not a professional banker. They probably are worried about bank run contagion and rightly so.


USA Shih, Clara CEO and Founder, Hearsay Social. She is on the board at Starbucks. Her company allows companies to use Twitter and other tools to market their products and services.


FIN Siilasmaa, Risto K. Chairman of the Board of Directors and Interim CEO, Nokia Corporation. This is a troubled company. ESP Spain, H.M. Sofia the Queen of. Her husband is Juan Carlos de Borbon. (Bourbon). She has titles from Greece and Denmark. This is one of the wealthiest families in Europe after the British Royals. Her husband is said to be a rather powerful Freemason according to Barry Chamish the author of Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin.


USA Spence, A. Michael Professor of Economics, New York University. He is an economist who urges accommodation between China and America for a Sino-American decade. Not likely. China has all the cards. They are moving cautiously with the BRICS nations and 80 other allied nations to take down the dollar as the international reserve currency. When this happens, foreigners will dump dollars and at least double prices in America. That will cut the American standard of living in half.


FIN Stadigh, Kari President and CEO, Sampo plc. This is a Life Insurance company. Bilderberg likes to build a consensus at their meetings. They invite many one meeting only m,embers to promote that consensus back home in their business and academic circles.


USA Summers (Samuelson), Lawrence H. Charles W. Eliot University Professor, Harvard University. This sum bag used to be Treasury Secretary. He was behind the repeal of Glass-Steagall which exposed depositors to wild speculations by their banks. He was one of the gang of four that forced Brooksley Born of the CFTC to back down from her plan to regulate CDS. This would have saved taxpayers from a potential loss in the hundreds of trillions of dollars. He is a dope. He made really bad bets with Harvard’s funds when he was President there. He fired the woman who tried to stop him from ruining the school. He is a walking disaster. He did not attend in 2012 and 2013. If Bilderberg listens to this man, it will lead to ruin.


IRL Sutherland, Peter D. Chairman, Goldman Sachs International; UN Special Representative for Migration. He was Ireland’s youngest Attorney General. He was appointed European Commission for Competition. He was called ‘the father of globalization’ for his service as Director of what became the World Trade Organization. He is on the Bilderberg Steering Committee. He is a former Chairman of the Trilateral Commission. As the UN’s (Bilderberg) special representative for migration, he told the EU that they should “do its best to undermine” the “homogeneity” of its member states. As an Irishman who was a good footballer in his 20s, he should be ashamed of himself.


SWE Svanberg, Carl-Henric Chairman, Volvo AB and BP (British Petroleum) plc. He was chairman of BP during the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico on Hitler’s birthday in 2010.


TUR Taftal1, A. Ümit Member of the Board, Suna and Inan Kiraç Foundation. Another Gold man Sachs man.


USA Thiel, Peter A. President, Clarium Capital / Thiel Capital. Thiel is on the Steering Committee and is bringing in the younger crowd of high tech billionaires the CIA and NSA will need to end anonymity on the Internet and then close down free speech. It should be noted that he is not an engineer. He is a lawyer and Stanford graduate. He worked as a derivatives trader and runs a Hedge Fund. He owned 10.2% of Facebook pre IPO. Mundie wants licensing for Internet users. A license that can be revoked at the whim of a billionaire. Thiel is a founder of PayPal which shuts down service to those who practice free speech on the Internet. He was an early investor in Facebook which legally should never had been offered as an IPO at anything above a dollar a share. PayPal has been linked by John Cruz to money laundering.


DNK Topsøe, Henrik Chairman, Haldor Topsøe A/S. Partner, AMBROX Capital A/S. A financial services firm. He has worked ABN Ambro. That firm had to tell gold depositors that there gold on deposit was no longer there. He has 15 years experience managing funds. He is a returning Biderberger.


GRC Tsoukalis, Loukas President, Hellenic Foundation for European and Foreign Policy. He has written on European expansion which he accepts. He just wants them to not forget democracy and social welfare as Europe becomes a single state. He needs to look at the European Commission. They are not democratic. And he can forget social welfare. Please Sir, take a look at the people of Athens. What you see is what you will get more of.He signed a petition asking European leaders for leniency in the case of Greece. Maybe they will offer him a bone that will help the pro euro forces against the pro default forces.The Greeks want to stay on the EU but do not want to pay those debts most of which are odious and subject to default under international law. He attended Bilderberg in 2012.


NOR Ulltveit-Moe, Jens Founder and CEO, Umoe AS. This is an Investment company.


INT Üzümcü, Ahmet Director-General, Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons. He is Turkish and represented his country at NATO. This group had oversight over the Syrian chemical agreement.


CHE Vasella, Daniel L. Honorary Chairman, Novartis International. a large pharmaceutical company. Typical Bilderberg medical man. He has an actual medical degree. But he also went into the Harvard MBA program. I might not be alone in thinking that this medical model screams for reform. His wife is the niece of the former CEO of Sandoz. He is a returning Bilderberger.


FIN Wahlroos, Björn Chairman, Sampo plc.. He is chairman of an insurnace company and a bank holding company. He is a Leftist.


SWE Wallenberg, Jacob Chairman, Investor AB. He is a member of the famous Wallenberg family which was Jewish at one time. He is a Director of several banks and of Coca-Cola.


SWE Wallenberg, Marcus Chairman of the Board of Directors, Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken AB. He is married to a Jewish woman. He had been on the Bilderberg Steering Committee in the past but has not attended in the past few years.


USA Warsh, Kevin M. Distinguished Visiting Fellow and Lecturer, Stanford University. The Hoover Institution, Stanford University. He is a lawyer. He was Vice President and Executive Director in Morgan Stanley’s Mergers and Acquisitions Department. He then worked for President Bush in the Plunge Protection Team. This group tries to make dumb billionaires look smart by buying stocks and sending share prices higher. This disguises bad policies for the government as well. In 2006 he was appointed with another Jew to the Federal Reserve Board of Governors. Some said he was too young. Bernanke liked him and he performed well in the 2009 crisis . (Translation: He was as honest as Bernanke and Jamie Dimon liked what he did for them.) He and his wife are Jewish. His wife Jane is an heiress to the Estee Lauder family fortune. He is a returning member.


GBR Wolf, Martin H. Chief Economics Commentator, The Financial Times. He is the favorite writer of billionaires all over the world. He is a committed Globalist. And he is Jewish. As a young man, he worried about the economic conditions of the 1930s that created the war. He should read my essays which give solutions other than more debts and more spending to solve our current crisis.


USA Wolfensohn, James D. Chairman and CEO, Wolfensohn and Company. He is most famous for being the former head of the World Bank. He was a partner of Paul Volcker and made his mark in rescuing Chrysler back in 1980. He was an Australian lawyer working for an English bank when he decided to become an American citizen so he would be eligible to become World Bank President. He is Jewish and his father had worked for the Rothschilds before immigrating suddenly to Australia.


NLD Zalm, Gerrit Chairman of the Managing Board, ABN-AMRO Bank. He was a Dutch politician who became his country’s longest serving Finance Minister. His bank was forced to tell gold depositors that they could not redeem their gold. They would be paid off in paper. Apparently, their gold was sold and is probably in China.


GRC Zanias, George Chairman of the Board, National Bank of Greece. Zanias was one of the chief negotiators of the bailout of Greece in 2011-2012 which means he did not stand up to the banks for his people. He is a former college professor with a PhD from Oxford which means he knows nothing about economic problems and their solutions. He worked with the World Bank.


USA Zoellick, Robert B. Chairman, Board of International Advisors, The Goldman Sachs Group. He is a lawyer and worked in the Reagan and Bush I Admins. From 1993 to 1997 He was an Executive VP of scandal plagued Fannie Mae. He signed the PNAC letter demanding America declare war on the whole world except Israel. He was also a managing director of Goldman Sachs. He is of Jewish descent and said so to a German interviewer. He is or was a nominal Lutheran in the small town where he lived as a boy. Karen Hudes said America lost its chairmanship of the World Bank because Zoellick and Wolfensohn allowed too much corruption.

These articles relate to the Bilderberg Agenda.

Jim Willie: BRICS 80 Preparing To Take Down The Dollar


2014: Bank Runs, Depressions, Austerity and Food Riots



Wall Street’s Plans For The Great Starvation



About horse237

I have decided to share two of the visions I had as a child. When I was eight, I had a vision of a future war that killed 99.5% of the world's population. When I was 16 and living in the projects, I had a vision of my future. I was to live in complete obscurity until it came time to stop WW III. When I was about ten, I had read a bio of Nikita Khrushchev which said he survived Stalin by playing the bumbling fool an old Russian peasant trick. I decided to do the same as I had already learned that we did not live in a democracy. The other vision I had when I was in third grade was of the Mind of God and how it interacted in the creation of the world we see. I believe you and I were born at this time precisely so we would have an opportunity to stop this war. As for my personal info, I grew up on military bases and in housing projects. My legs atrophied from starvation as a child. My second step-father died in prison. I used to have to rub my skin to simulate human contact. They did not feed me when I was a child. I do not fight in their wars as an adult.
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