Next 90 Days: A Depression, A War, An Assassination, Martial Law?

America is entering the most volatile and dangerous period in its 240 year history. Unfortunately for the 7 billion others who share the earth with us, we have a nasty habit of making our problems their reality.

There are several facts which are certain. The first is that the US and indeed the entire world has more Unpayable Debts now than at anytime in history. And as Dr Michael Hudson often reminds us, Unpayable Debts are never repaid.

Debts can be cancelled in one of three ways. A billion dollar debt can be made to appear smaller if we raise prices 100,000%. That was done in the Weimar Republic in 1923. It did not work out very well. Another way to cancel debt is to discharge it in bankruptcy court. America did that in 1933 when farms and home mortgages were foreclosed and millions of businesses and individuals filed for bankruptcy. Bankruptcy cancels loans and shrinks our checking account money supply. In the Great Depression our money supply shrank by a third. Monetary Contraction is what caused all the unemployment and economic disruption. It starved 3 million Americans to death.

There is a painless way to end a Depression and to cancel Unpayable Debts but more about that “Third Way” in a moment.

There is another undeniable fact. America has had an enormous unbalanced trade deficit since the passage of the North American Free Trade Act which shut down 58,000 manufacturing plants. Those same politicians added 55 million people to our population through legal and illegal immigration in that same period. Nearly 20% of America’s GDP is purchased with I Owe You Nothing dollars and promises to pay in the distant future for things we could never afford today.

These “Two Facts” will cross paths in the very near future. Catherine Austin Fitts is giving us at most until some time in 2017. I doubt we will last that long.

These facts will end the fiction that I Owe You Nothing Federal Reserve Notes can prop up the stock market and the bond markets, purchase more than a billion dollars in “free things” every day from foreigners and pay the salaries of 30.6 million government workers without consequences.

I am thinking this will all end very abruptly and very badly sooner rather than later.

Suppose the stock and bond markets get a bad case of jitters due to rising interest rates. Stocks and bonds decline in value every time interest rates go up. This might stampede foreigners into dumping American stocks and bonds. This drives down the value of the dollar as they are exchanged for other currencies and/or precious metals. A decline in the value of the dollar would make American food cheaper overseas. We could see empty shelves and much higher prices for all imports.

Higher interest rates would make it impossible to fund our permanent budget deficit. We would find it exceedingly difficult to pay the salaries of government workers and to fund vital programs like Food Stamps. We have already been neglecting infrastructure repair to pay for wars and military bases overseas.

We could achieve the same results from a government forced to print trillions in new money to continue benefits for angry voters and to bail out more failed banks. A sudden rush in money printing combined with widespread corruption scandals could also spook foreigners to dump dollars and flee into the safety of commodities and precious metals.

This could all happen about the time that either Donald Trump is assassinated or Hillary Clinton and her vote count riggers, the news media, dead voters, illegal aliens and people voting several times steal the election. If people lose their jobs and their savings at the same time that the one election that meant anything was stolen either by a bullet or by those voting machines owned by George Soros, then a few million people will get exceedingly angry.

When, not if, Americans go to the store and see sharply higher prices and a sign saying Food Stamps have been cancelled, there will be Nationwide Food Riots.

When 3 million Americans starved to death back in the 1930s, we only had 125 million people, 90% of whom lived near farms. Today we have 220 million Americans living in highly urbanized areas. Those people can’t go for a 2 mile hike to shoot a deer or at least a couple of rabbits. They could however go to the nearest store and loot the shelves. We will need something other that grocery stores to distribute food in urban areas by the end of the First Week after the Dollar Dies.

We will also have increased racial strife over the distribution of food. There are 57 million Latinos and 46 million blacks plus 12 million Asian-Pacific Islanders. The Mexican gangs of the West Coast would love to annihilate the two million blacks who live in California but black people outside the West would retaliate.

Does anyone really believe that our minorities will agree to let 2 million blacks and 2.5 million Latinos starve to death even if 5 million whites agree to die of starvation?

Some anti-Semite might question how many Jewish people will be dying of starvation.

That brings me to fact Number 3. I can just about guarantee martial law as soon as the Dollar Dies.

I have followed US Army Urban Warfare exercises. When they practice riot control, they deploy soldiers and equipment to protect wealthy Jewish suburbs. And they do sacrifice poor working class whites who live near minorities.

Fact Number Four:  Most of those US Dollars are overseas. In 1980 the Federal Reserve raised interest rates to 19% to convince foreigners to not dump our currency. That worked then but will not work now. Our trade deficits and budget deficits have soared over the last 36 years. And our population has increased by 98 million. We are importing food and natural resources.

We are, according to Michael Hudson in his book Super Imperialism, making foreigners pay for the bombs and drone strikes we use to kill them because we can’t afford all those wars. China, Russia and lots of other nations know that. They just don’t want to start a stampede by dumping dollars by the tens of billions every hour of the day for week after week.

When the dumping starts, it will cascade into a flood that drowns the markets everywhere. When the Dollar Dies, foreigners will dump their dollars because they could lose half their value in a week or two. That means prices for imported food, electronics, cars and clothes will double in weeks and probably double again in a few months.

Fact Number 5. When Americans see prices double, everyone with a working credit card will buy anything they might need over the next few months. This will clear the shelves so store owners can raise prices on the new inventory when or if it arrives. We have not had any inflation nor has the economy generated many jobs because people have been sitting on money and not spending. Turning money over more quickly leads to inflation. It is called higher velocity. In Zimbabwe on July 4, 2008 between 5 and 6 pm a bottle of beer rose from 100 billion to 150 billion dollars. That did not happen because their government increased the money supply by 50% in an hour. Velocity or rapidly turning over the money in your pockets did that. Zimbabwe is an extreme example of what an increased velocity or turnover of money can do. We will see this happen in America in our near future though to a lesser degree.

Hint Number One: If you were a foreigner who wanted to dump all US Treasury bonds and your American stocks and corporate debt, how long would it take? If you dumped ten billion dollars an hour 40 hours a week for 40 weeks, you could get rid of your stocks, bonds and corporate debt but you would still have to unload the dollars you received when you sold $16 trillion in stocks and bonds in the US. You could always buy commodities and precious metals.

Hint Number 2: Think of the stock and bond markets as huge stadiums with 50,000 people inside them and only one exit which only allows one person every 2 seconds out of the single turnstile. Imagine a fire breaks out and everyone wants out at the same time. Not going to be a pretty sight.

Catherine Austin Fitts in her latest interview with Greg Hunter said the Elite stole $50 trillion from us since the Clintons took office. I would ask you whether or not you think the Bankers will willingly surrender control of the Cash Cow that is Washington DC? Ask yourself if they would be willing to pay the media billions of dollars every year to lie to you? If they are willing to kill people in foreign lands to get their oil, wouldn’t they be willing to Kill Americans to keep the tens of trillions of dollars they stole from us?

There is cause for hope.

During the Brexit vote, polls even up to the morning of the vote said Remain was ahead by ten points. We saw election workers erasing Leave votes. We saw returns claiming Brexit won by a slim majority in areas where the voters didn’t know anyone who voted Remain. Yet Brexit won. There are limits to the amount of theft voters will tolerate. Brexit probably would have won by an even greater number if they had an honest count but at least they won the battle.

1    The majority of US military officers support Trump. The majority of police support Trump. I can guarantee martial law when the Dollar Dies. Martial law cannot feed 120 million Americans who won’t have anything to eat after prices double and Food Stamps are either cancelled or zeroed out due to inflation. That means we will have a brief moment when angry people can demand a modern version of a Debt Jubilee. The Debt Jubilee in the Bible was copied from the Babylonians who borrowed it from the Sumerians. It does work.

It could work here. Arrest the Bankers, seize their assets and use that money to fund Debt Cancellation. Admittedly, that would require us to temporarily occupy offshore tax havens from the Cayman Islands to Liechtenstein. But that is preferable to shooting ten or 20 million Americans who have nothing to eat.

2      US military officers and the police are well aware that Americans own 350 million guns and 10 billion bullets. They do not want to go door to door seizing guns, bullets and any food above a one week supply. The military has been practicing Zombie attacks. The soldiers practice killing unarmed civilians who march against their position. What they are doing is drilling for the day when 120 million people have had no food for 3 days and they rise up in protest. These crazy Game Plans were designed to intimidate you. They are not going to shoot 40 million people to balance the budget and eliminate unemployment. That will not happen. Americans have 350 million guns. There are scenarios where USAF pilots drop bombs on Americans. Never happen. Men with hunting rifles would start killing Air Force officers. But long before that, the electricity to Washington would be cut off. Military bases on US soil require food, water and electricity from nearby civilians to survive. They can’t live without us. And they all have parents, other relatives and friends who will seriously object to a war against America.

3       The US military apart from the USAF Chief of Staff David Goldfein does not want a war with Russia. Goldfein thinks America is ready for another 15 years of war. Only crazy people want a war. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter could order a war but the majority of military officers would say No. General Goldfein might play follow the leader. But he won’t be the one carrying out the orders implementing a war.

We are in for a bumpy ride including a Depression and a sharp devaluation of the dollar.

The Imponderables.

Does Wall Street fear the military and intelligence services backed up by an angry electorate enough to forget about assassinating Trump?

Do they believe that they can buy a pardon from Obama and flee overseas like Marc Rich to avoid prosecution?

Will the American people and their military leaders make the right decisions after martial law is declared? I see no way to avoid martial law unless Debt Cancellation and the arrest of the Bankers is announced from the White House.

Let me close by saying once again that I am more interested in Trump’s angry supporters than I am in him. I disagree with him on so much. I just believe that we should not let so much hostility towards Wall Street go to waste.

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About horse237

I have decided to share two of the visions I had as a child. When I was eight, I had a vision of a future war that killed 99.5% of the world's population. When I was 16 and living in the projects, I had a vision of my future. I was to live in complete obscurity until it came time to stop WW III. When I was about ten, I had read a bio of Nikita Khrushchev which said he survived Stalin by playing the bumbling fool an old Russian peasant trick. I decided to do the same as I had already learned that we did not live in a democracy. The other vision I had when I was in third grade was of the Mind of God and how it interacted in the creation of the world we see. I believe you and I were born at this time precisely so we would have an opportunity to stop this war. As for my personal info, I grew up on military bases and in housing projects. My legs atrophied from starvation as a child. My second step-father died in prison. I used to have to rub my skin to simulate human contact. They did not feed me when I was a child. I do not fight in their wars as an adult.
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22 Responses to Next 90 Days: A Depression, A War, An Assassination, Martial Law?

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  2. Mark R. Elsis | says:

    Higher interest rates would lake = make

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  4. giftmercy says:

    Hi. Thoughtful article , but wishful-thinking if anyone “presumes” those idiots in authority. .are going to act reasonably, when the SHTF !! The past is gone..forever ! Many nations including Russia, China & the entire BRICS-Countries, with their allied-nations ,will not allow the USA et al and the NATO-camp, get away easily, without paying its total debts, totalling more than $300Trillion !!
    Therefore..War is inevitable. ..rather many Wars are now..inevitable !
    The USA has no cards left beside the “SDR’s”, but by the time its introduced, the dollar and its entire system..will be worthless !!
    There is a serious price to pay for Centuries of Unlawful Occupation of indigenous peoples’ lands, as well as decadence and lack of morality. izraHell scoops the major awards for openly advertising itself as the same-sex capital of the world…forgetting what God Almighty did to Sodom and Gomorrah !! Gods’ Anger must follow swiftly…Those that understand this short message..will humble themselves and pray earnestly for forgiveness..others who are wise will leave the USA, izraHell etc where Gods’ name is not mentioned and or respected anymore…

    • horse237 says:

      The US is an occupied nation. Would you go to the Hopi ans Navajo reservations and tell them they are responsible for what Washington has done over the last century? My ides is to arrest the Bankers and to seize their assets so they can fund Debt Cancellation.

      • giftmercy says:

        Everyone knows perfectly well what the Government and Federal Reserve Banks’ idiots… think of “arresting the banksters & having them pay for the debt-cancellation”. Unless you are living in Iceland…The central problem with “Western Economics” is that it is based on interest and usury, which God has prohibited in All Scriptures !! God intended to guide All..but Satan has managed to sneak in..and deceive all ! “Someone who thought he or she was clever, created products like futures and options, credit default swaps & other tsunami-like collective debt instruments, without fully understanding its long-term implications. When bubbles burst, as they always do..the “economic-inventor” has long moved to another company or department in order to deflect, hide and escape from fraudulent-transactions, that have no reasonable base, at all…God as our Creator, the Supra-Intelligent, knows about mankind, the universes and all that it contains, but certain people ” think ” they no better !! When reasonable people , at least suggested that Derivatives be Regulated, the idea was shot-down.Those people ought to be arrested !! They ” play and speculate ” with public money, exactly as the Casinos do. Accounting, Finance, Banking and Investments..have All, like sport, become Gambling !!
        The public ought to have rigorous debates external to the Senate and any other Law-Chambers that have become compromised due to campaign-funding conflicting with Corporate-Interests! These debates must be aired on live television and occur across all countries in a widespread-format. The peoples’ debates should then be compared with the law-makers and independently qualified and experienced people should make Conclusive Opinions.The latter will expose the corruption within Parliaments or Senates etc and specific corruptees highlighted and sacked ! Too much occurs behind close-doors…and time is very limited ! Some say that Europe will decline first as 19 Countries are aldeady in serious trouble.Thereafter Japan will fold due to its strong links with Europe. The third wave of collapse is expected to be USA..izraHell waits in the assume the new financial leadership, plotted by the zionists, who have consistently refused to Regulate Derivatives, knowing full well that they set up the system to fail !! Where nialism prevails…Wars are inevitable ! We have tried to warn our Christian Brothers & Sisters, especially in the USA of the Zionist-plots, including 911, but only a select few like Christopher Bonnell, the author of 911, understands the true dimensions of what had occurred and what the zionists plan to do next…they refused to accept Christ, as their Messiah when he came…bragged that they “killed” him on the cross..but will soon understand the power that God will give to Christ and the Believers. ..on his second coming !!

  5. horse237 says:

    The Muslims believe in the Virgin Birth and in the anti-Christ. They call him Daijal. They say he is Jewish. But some say Daijal is the Jewish banking system. When I say seize their assets, I am talking about temporarily invading tax havens from the Cayman Islands to Liechtenstein. We will need the records from their lawyers and not just their records of bank transactions. That way we can seize trillions in property and other assets worldwide in order to fund Debt Cancellation. The crazy Muslims are the Wahhabis who were founded by a converted Jew as was the Saudi royal family. The latter were made kings of Arabia by His Majesty’s Jewish Government.

    • Zach says:

      Nothing will happen .. not even word war III .. not for another 10 + years … so why bother talking about it ..

      • horse237 says:

        It is a fundamental fact that we have more Unpayable Debt now than any time in human history.
        It is a fundamental truth that Unpayable Debts are never repaid.
        The above fact and the above truth will become a part of our daily lives in the near future.

  6. joekano76 says:

    Reblogged this on TheFlippinTruth.

  7. Hassan says:

    Thanks for interesting article, since you mentioned muslims, would like to share this interview:

    • horse237 says:

      A small workd. I subscribe to his channel as you also probably do. Brilliant man.

      • giftmercy says:

        Hi. Your idea to “attach” assets in off-shore accounts that have been obtained unlawfully, is a good one in Theory, but in Practise, extremely difficult to do. Not impossible though. I worry about all the good people in the USA that were not a part of the “911-$cam” and who, yet, may still be a target in the coming Wars.Being in the USA, post-911, is simply the silliest thing ever. Its time that the intelligent realised this, and chose another country, preferably in the East. Its common knowledge that 911 was an “Inside Job” designed to allow the USA et al (*izraHell) to invade and Occupy various countries for economic, military & other strategic reasons. I am afraid to tell you that I have studied Eschatology for the past ten years. Nothing is going to stop the Satanic – forces from causing the largest economic crash ever, globally, for disorder and mayhem is precisely what they seek, contrary to our reason and logic ! Whilst we seek all reasonable options to avoid War & its serious consequences, hence your “brainwave of an idea”, others purposefully choose ” pulling the plug “, because they rejected Christ, as their Messiah and Messenger and even killed Zakariah and John the Baptist. Therefore, they expect and await their “one-eyed King” (*Dajjaal), who will and must make his “announcement” from Jerusalem…The zionists have gone “all-out” I.t.o preparations having already built a Palace for him and preparing to uproot Masjied-oel-Aqsa..The latter will cause the Muslims globally to call for a Jihaad, which will spell the end for the folly of the zionists of especially the last Century..
        Conclusion : Your idea is essentially a good one..but by the time you try to will find assets already transferred to another jurisdiction, resulting in a ” nulla bona “!

  8. Alananda says:

    I submit the immense, near infinite INERTIA of “Americans” — those dead asleep sheeples, half- or fully “awakened” warriors — will prove sufficient to delay, indefinitely, any breakdown, even the Armageddon itself. Until and unless TPTB — by whatever name you wish to label — decide and proceed with “taking down” “America”, we shall continue on course to oblivion, to time to which no one of knows or can predict with precision.

    I recommend making peace with your Self and GOD, love the hell out of your Self, family, friends, neighbors, and — to the extent you can, our FIENDS — and prepare to seed the land and planet with hope, Love, Light, Life. Those who come after will celebrate our diligence, dedication, and legacy.

    • horse237 says:

      Inertia says a body at rest tends to stay at rest. But built into out banking system is a collapse that will starve Americans to death. When the system no longer works, the Elite will be in danger.

  9. jintampa says:

    Why did Comey change his tune so close to the election?

    • horse237 says:

      Because he previously had been thinking that Hillary could steal 10 to 12 million votes and win the election. Now the FBI Director is thinking Trump might win and even President Pence (after the assassination) would have to arrest Hillary and her nearest and dearest friends. He did discover tens of thousands of more emails on Weiner’s computers and phones. Not looking good for Hillary. Also most people stealing votes rely on the winning candidate to protect them from arrest. If the candidate loses, you have to cover your tracks and avoid prosecution. Several people were arrested already. That will discourage others. The Democrats might only steal 8 million votes this time.

      • jintampa says:

        Thanks for your reply.
        What could possibly be revealed in the Anthony Weiner emails that would be considered the smoking gun hence revisiting the wikileaks?

  10. horse237 says:

    The FBI agents were angry. They hit their limit of tolerance. More emails just bring it to the attention of the voters. The Democrats are about to surrender. Loretta Lynch is hanging on but very few are willing to stand with her. Huma is on the Clinton Foundation payroll. Those Foundation crimes can lead to criminal cases that bring down the whole Clinton Mafia.

  11. Senatssekretär Freistaat Danzig says:

    Reblogged this on behindertvertriebentessarzblog.

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