The Great Reset: Part One.

The Woke Crowd at the World Economic Forum in Davos tell us that in 2030 we will own nothing.

How will they accomplish their goal of taking all of our possessions away from us?

They will let our current inflation rate of just under 15% (according to Shadow Stats) grow to 25% which will launch Hyperinflation making food unaffordable. If you remember the rule of 72, 25% annual food price increases would double your food budget every 3 years or so.  People who had investments, homes, cars, jewelry and personal possessions will sell them to buy food.

The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said that food inflation is up 23.7% over last year. China has stopped exporting fertilizers which will be bad news for commercial farmers who rely on chemical inputs and for consumers who eat GMO food and have carcinogenic glyphosates with every meal.

Commercial feed lot operators rely on grains and corn to feed their animals. Rising feed prices have forced ranchers to thin out their herds which has dampened the price increase for beef temporarily to a mere 20%. Next year when the supply of meat has been reduced, beef prices will soar along with other food prices.

In January of 2022 several large food processing companies have promised to increase their prices 20%.

Also in January of 2022 US Social Security recipients will get a 5.9% raise. However, their Medicare part B charge will increase 14.5% from $148.50 a month to $170.10.

The Chapwood Index shows that the average inflation of 500 items purchased in America’s largest cities. Over the last 5 years that urban inflation rate is between 8.1% and 12.9% in the top 10 US cities. The Chapwood Index reports by each city. Critics say the official figures from BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) are arbitrarily low so the government can save money on cost of living wage increases. Since 2014 Social Security increases have totaled 13.9%.

According to Chapwood, the cost of living has increased 10-13% per annum across the US since 2011. When considering the compounding effects for the years 2011-14, the cost of living has increased by 56% in Chicago. The statements that the middle class has been wiped out are too moderate. By contrast the liars in the US government have reported CPI growth of 2-3% for the last 20+ years, assertions which do not withstand critical or honest scrutiny.

Hyperinflation will begin when foreigners dump dollars, US bonds and stocks to buy commodities. If inflation hits 25%, people overseas can expect the purchasing power of their trillions of dollars in US currency, bonds and stocks to lose half their value every 3 years. That would force even foreigners who like Americans to dump their dollars and buy commodities. Prices will double and then double again impoverishing everyone who is paid in dollars.

As I said, the Woke Billionaires expect us to sell them everything we own. The Davos crowd says in 2030 we will own nothing. We will lease houses, cars, appliances and even clothes. I kid you not. Bankers believe we will be willing to rent clothes from billionaires. What happens to those who do not pay the monthly rental on their clothes? Do the Bankers send big guys to repossess us of our clothes leaving us naked and freezing in the middle of winter?

The fly in the ointment is that more than 100 million of Americans will have nothing to sell to buy food.  But I doubt that 120 million Americans will involuntarily give up eating until 2030.

You can guess what will happen. To avoid nationwide food riots, the Deep State Democrats will first print a few trillion dollars. The problem is that there is a thing called Velocity of Money which is how many times money changes hands in a year.

If food prices are going up 23% a year, why would you keep money in a bank earning 1% when you can buy enough canned food to fill your garage? Those kinds of purchases will make goods disappear and force prices higher. If you remember the formula M V = P T, a 20% increase in M or Money Supply will increase prices 20% if V  (Velocity) and T (Transactions) remain constant. At 20% inflation, people will be motivated to spend money as soon as it gets into their hands.

In the modern world, people can charge this month’s purchases by buying everything with credit cards to be paid off with next month’s wages. So in our formula, if M increases by 20% from $22 to $26.4 trillion and Velocity increases from 1.12 to 1.22, what happens? $26.4 X 1.22 = a $32.28 trillion price level as opposed to 1.12 X $22 trillion which is a mere $24.64 trillion. That is a nearly $8 trillion dollar difference after one year. When investors react to inflation, they would not be buying thousands of dollars of food. They will be buying trillions of dollars in commodities.

They would buy every commodity ranging from corn and soybeans to oil and lumber, but there is a fly in the ointment. The farmer who sold his corn would be paid in dollars. The farmer would have to dump his dollars before the end of the day to avoid a catastrophic loss. Velocity could go from 1.12 to 2.12 and even 3.12 very rapidly. This would double and even triple prices without any more money printing. That is what happened to the Weimar Republic in 1923.

That is when the dollar is replaced. Initially, the Dollar could be split in two. One for foreigners and one for domestic users. If you want to buy cars, clothes, food and electronics from overseas, first you would have to buy 2 ounces of gold at $10,000 an ounce to get a gold letter of credit. Imported things would increase permanently 300 to 500% in price overnight.

Things used to be better for the working class in America before the elite decided to flood the country with legal and illegal aliens. Wages were a third higher than Europe, because, as economists explained, Americans had plentiful natural resources and added skilled labor to make products from their native, lumber, oil, coal, iron, cotton and other commodities. But when America’s population went past 150 million after WW II, we were supposed to cut our wages so we could compete with foreigners in buying commodities from overseas. Never Happened.

What did happen was the doubling and doubling again of our money supply. The Federal Reserve printed money so politicians could buy free stuff from foreigners and Wall Street could cover up the trillions of dollars they stole from us.

For more than 50 years the day of reckoning for over population has been postponed. Now we must face the future planned for us by the Power Elite.

Currently, the US trade deficit in physical goods is $93.6 billion. All we have to do to balance that trade deficit is to cut back purchases a few billion dollars a day by pricing things so high that poor people can buy nothing. And the middle class do without new clothes and let engine parts fall out of their 12 year-old cars while they cut their food budget back to Ramen noodles 3 times a day. Of course the billionaires will be better off collecting rents from an over populated nation as rents will rise faster than incomes.

If you want to know America’s future, learn from India’s past. Currently, India has a billion more people than the US on a land area that is a third less than the continental US. In the 1950s a south Indian state had a problem with skilled burglars who had learned their professions from their ancestors before them. The landlords were very angry that these men could not be caught so they told the police what to do. The police rounded up the burglars and took them to the police station where they blinded them. The police blinded 23 men without consequence because in an over populated world the landlord is above the law.

It is difficult to get justice in America where we at least pretend to offer it to the poor. Imagine what it will be like after 2030 and the Great Reset and the formerly middle class person does not own the clothes they are wearing.

I have said this before. “On that Glorious Day everything will belong to Billionaires and their Bankers who stole everything from us. Every man, woman and child will ask not what their country can do for them but what they can do to make the life of a billionaire even better.”

Ever since I was a child, I have thought that starvation would be the preferred method of depopulating the poor. I wrote this a few years ago. So If 30,000 People within 50 Miles Of Your House Starve To Death

I am serious about everyone needing to start a garden. I wrote this in helps that it could get people to think about the innovations made in raising food. The Wisdom of Mother Nature

I also use humor to communicate.

I wrote a new set of rules for the board game Monopoly. Let me quote from the new ‘You’ve been burgled card:’

There is a totally new You’ve Been Burgled card. It says, “The banks launder more than a trillion dollars a year in illegal drugs and weapons. The CIA is owned by the banks. It flies heroin and cocaine into your country and sells them to drug gangs. Addicts pay for the drugs by breaking into homes and stealing things. You were just burgled. Pay the Banker $200.”

You can find that article here:Monopoly Board Game Revised For Our Times

This is another humorous piece.I wrote this about a man who was taken by a driverless car to Camp FEMA. Google Car: You Have Arrived At Your Destination Camp FEMA.

I have a lot to say about covid here: Covid Truths

We need to keep 911 going as an issue as 9-11-2001 was an act of treason. 911 Truths


About horse237

I have decided to share two of the visions I had as a child. When I was eight, I had a vision of a future war that killed 99.5% of the world's population. When I was 16 and living in the projects, I had a vision of my future. I was to live in complete obscurity until it came time to stop WW III. When I was about ten, I had read a bio of Nikita Khrushchev which said he survived Stalin by playing the bumbling fool an old Russian peasant trick. I decided to do the same as I had already learned that we did not live in a democracy. The other vision I had when I was in third grade was of the Mind of God and how it interacted in the creation of the world we see. I believe you and I were born at this time precisely so we would have an opportunity to stop this war. As for my personal info, I grew up on military bases and in housing projects. My legs atrophied from starvation as a child. My second step-father died in prison. I used to have to rub my skin to simulate human contact. They did not feed me when I was a child. I do not fight in their wars as an adult.
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12 Responses to The Great Reset: Part One.

  1. Elizabeth Schneider says:

    The evil deranged elite billionaires are so full of 💩!! They think they are God!..but they don’t even resemble ANYTHING close the the almighty one!! To me they are filthy lying dirty lowlife scum!!!

  2. Popcicle says:

    Reblogged this on dmdeedee and commented:
    Very interesting for those of us to read who are knowing our future is being manipulated for destruction of the masses.

  3. Finnish jew says:

    Anyone with a brain

    No, dipshit….the list of destruction was 100% the result of the anti-white agenda of organized jewry.

    White Christian people have ZERO agency, no voice, no power, no input, NOTHING.

    Proof is the list itself, that shows what organized jewry WON, and white people LOST:

    Stripped us of all of our Constitutional rights (except the Second Amendment!)
    Collapsed the economy and destroyed all small businesses
    Flooded us with primitive third world savages
    Declared white people (native American population) to be terrorists
    Promoted black riots and violence
    Censored anyone who questions them
    Forced racial integration
    Legalized gay anal sex
    Legalized interracial marriage
    Gave women the right to vote
    Gave homosexuals direct access to children
    Legalized pornography
    Ran a years-long Russian conspiracy hoax that they designed and knew from the beginning was fake
    Allowed Jewish bankers total dominance of the US economy
    Forced us to fight meaningless wars for Israel
    Overturned the most important presidential election in history through obvious fraud
    Classified people as terrorists for protesting election fraud
    Coercively vaccinated most of the population with a dangerous gene therapy, claiming it will save them from a virus that doesn’t exist
    Injected children
    Forced people to wear face masks
    Destroyed the middle class
    Completely opened the borders and put all of the savages on welfare
    Allowed millions to die from opioid overdoses
    Destroyed the energy sector
    Promoted gay sex to children
    Injected children with tranny hormones
    Mutilated children’s genitals
    Taught gay anal sex in schools
    Banned prayer from schools
    Legalized no-fault divorce and therefore destroyed the institution of marriage
    Legalized abortion
    Established family courts which give children to women after they leave their husbands
    Promoted women to positions of power over men
    Given unlimited economic and social privileges to nonwhites
    Purposefully driven down the white birthrate
    Tried to force people who refuse the vax out of society
    Spied on everyone
    Created a track and trace system in the name of medical tyranny
    Allowed the Israeli Mossad to run a blackmail ring
    Given billions upon billions to Israel
    Destroyed the education system on purpose
    Locked everyone in their houses

    It’s the jews, stupid.
    It’s not Christians.
    It’s not boomers.
    It’s not women.
    It’s not even negroes.

    It’s organized jewry that planned and engineered and orchestrated ALL of the destruction and degeneracy and chaos and misery and arson and looting and murder.

    • Gabreal Jones says:

      ” Declared white people (native American population) to be terrorists” I can.t agree with that one ” Sag mir wo die Indians / wo sind sie geblieben….? ( Marlene Diettrich )

      Well it´s a cold fact the USA has become certainly jewSA. It started in 1913 with the FED, Fifty years later there was imv the only true POTUS JFK who wanted to abolish the j. bankers momopoly & inspection of Ben Gurion´s nuclear arms arsenal / the mossad murdered him.

      The EU / same story / has become the European Soviet Union / current EU pres. Ursula von der Leyen is pushing recently mandatory killer j. jabs all over the place.

      Only one way out left :

      USraeli citizen Philip Zelikov was the director of the 9/11 commission / is now the director of the covid 19 commision / the US can´t let this happen….

      Bring these j. perps behind 911 and the cv 19 “vaxx” to justice at least.

      CIA O

  4. paranoid goy says:

    You know that bit where “Biden” is emptying the national oil reserve? That’s exactly what they did in South Africa during that “regime change”. The Bolshevik has to destroy everything the White man built, so his own tawdry offering can look enticing to the ‘lesser races’ he so wishes to subjugate and lord over.
    I suggest the Americans trawl South African news stories since 1994, to see exactly what is in store for them. Robbers disguised as gardeners, smash and grab, home invasions, gang rapes of young girls to desensitise them for their new life as heroin slave prostitute, her little baby taking part… Everyone who could afford to, emigrated to ‘decent places’ like US, Canada, Australia, UK, New Zealand…
    How you yellow-bellied frackers feel now, in your vaccine concentration camps, what’s it like, having to carry your pasboekie? (pass book, signed every single journey, by your employer as permission to travel from/to specified locations between specified times) How are you enjoying the brutality on New York’s streets, the like of which appalls even old Apartheid warriors?
    Tell you what, Mo’Fo’s, there ain’t no Los Angeles style typhoid epidemic on Johannesburg’s streets, and our black president shows a hell of a lot more humanity than your liberal saints.
    America is being regime changed. For us it was easy to see, it was the Bolsheviks in New York took us from the City of London. Remember when the gold price crashed so bad? Part of the deal, that was. So, America can learn from our experience they caused us, but they must answer this question:
    Who is America’s new Master? (And by implication South Africa, of course).

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