Connecting The Dots: Israel, London, Wall Street And The Mideast

General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi was Egypt’s commanding general and then Egypt’s Defense minister. Now he is the country’s First Deputy Prime Minister. And he is Jewish. That he is Jewish is left out of all Corporate Media articles. If you knew his mother was a Moroccan Jew and that his uncle was a member of the Israeli Knesset, you might be able to connect the dots and see through the illusions spun by the news.

Knowing that General Sisi is Jewish might help you understand why he has ordered all the tunnels from Egypt to Gaza be destroyed. An Egyptian Muslim or an American or European Gentile might consider allowing the tunnels to remain open as that is the only reliable means of food and medicine for the much persecuted Gazans. The Jews of Israel have kept the Gazans and the Palestinians on a diet which is their way of saying they are starving them to break their will. Now that you understand Sisi is Jewish, you know why he is helping Israel to abuse the Palestinians of Gaza. And also why he is killing so many of the Muslims in Egypt.

Our next two dots are in Saudi Arabia and Turkey but we will have to go back to Sabbatai Zevi (1626-1676) to understand their origins. Rabbi Zevi claimed to be the Jewish Messiah. He taught his followers to invoke the wrath of God to hasten the days of the End of the (Gentile) Age. He told them to commit incest and even that daughters should conceive babies  by their fathers. He obtained many followers. Some say half of the Jews of Europe followed him as they subsequently did rabbi Jacob Franks who also claimed to be the Messiah and was a satanist.

Zevi burned the Torah and accepted only the Talmud, the Zohar and the Kabbalah. Unfortunately for him, the Sultan forced Zevi to convert to Islam. He founded his own sect of Islam called the Donmeh which added some Sufi mysticism to his teachings. Modern day Turkey has at least 100,000 Donmeh. Some say many more. The Donmeh were very powerful within the Sultan’s regime and in the Young Turks movement that replaced them with the modern secular Turkish state.

Wayne Madsen wrote this: One Young Turk from Salonika, Mehmet Talat, was the official who carried out the genocide of the Armenians and Assyrians. A Venezuelan mercenary who served in the Ottoman army, Rafael de Nogales Mendez, noted in his annals of the Armenian genocide that Talat was known as the “renegade Hebrew of Salonika.” Talat was assassinated in Germany in 1921 by an Armenian whose entire family was lost in the genocide ordered by the “renegade Hebrew.” It is believed by some historians of the Armenian genocide that the Armenians, known as good businessmen, were targeted by the business-savvy Dönmeh because they were considered to be commercial competitors.

We should note that Salonika was a Jewish town in Turkish occupied Greece which had been home to Zevi for awhile.

We now may more clearly understand why modern Turkey is an ally with Israel and NATO against Syria. But why is Saudi Arabia so keen to help Israel, the US and Great Britain?

Wayne Madsen also wrote this: the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency points to the Dönmeh roots of the founder of the Saudi Wahhabi sect of Islam, Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab.

These are the modern day Wahhabis who do not let women drive cars and force them to wear veils. No other sect of Islam requires women to veil themselves. These are the men who are recruited into Al Qaeda. Their idea of Sharia law is to attack women in the street who wear secular clothes and attend universities. In the Egyptian elections many poor people in Egypt voted for the Muslim Brotherhood because they believed an Islamic party would rebel against the usury of the IMF and the World Bank and mitigate the suffering of the poor. Instead they brought a sword to the land. It was almost as if the Islamic party was taking their marching orders from Tel Aviv. Destroy every Muslim state powerful enough to say No to the Israel’s need to periodically commit genocide.

Wayne Madsen also reveals the Jewish origins of the Saud family who were put on the throne of Saudi Arabia after pledging support to the British for creating a Jewish homeland in Palestine. And this: In Said Nasir’s book, The History of the Saud Family, it is maintained that in 1943, the Saudi ambassador to Egypt, Abdullah bin Ibrahim al Muffadal, paid Muhammad al Tamami to forge a family tree showing that the Sauds and Wahhabs were one family that descended directly from the Prophet Mohammed.

Now we can connect even more dots. We understand why the Saudi royal family and their pet religion, the Wahhabis, are such big supporters of Zionism and Imperialism. Have you ever seem Al Qaeda attack Israel? What strange Islamic terrorists these men be!

Al Qaeda means the base. Robin Cook, the former British Foreign Secretary, said Al Qaeda is the database of Muslims willing to work for the CIA and MI6. Al Qaeda is active in Pakistan killing Muslims and Christians to divide the nation so they cannot resist NATO and Zionist imperialism. The Pakistanis after several years of suffering from drone strikes have finally decided to take their protests against America to the UN.

I would hope you realize that Israel did 911 so you can understand the following. In November of 2001 the US allowed the Pakistanis to airlift 5,000 Al Qaeda and Taliban leaders out of Kunduz in northern Afghanistan to Pakistan. This close relationship has continued to this day. On November 26, 2011 US forces open fired on a Pakistani border post and killed 24 soldiers. They called up the Pakistani regional commander and apologized for the ‘error.’ But they continued firing for 3 more hours. The attack intentionally opened the border so thousands of Taliban could cross back into Afghanistan where the winter would be somewhat milder due to lower elevations. We should note that the Bush administration had decided to invade both Afghanistan and Iraq even before Israel did 911. And I might point out that the US has brought Taliban fighters into Syria to kill Muslims and Christians.

One of the reasons we are in Afghanistan is the hundreds of billions of dollars the CIA, the Military and the banks make every year from selling illegal drugs and weapons.

We need to connect a few more dots in Wall Street and the City of London. Jerome Corsi is of Jewish descent. He talked several times at Harvard with Edward Bernays, Sigmund Freud’s nephew. Bernays invented modern public relations. Bernays sold the US takeover of Guatemala and promoted adding fluoride to the American drinking water. Corsi has written a book and has been doing interviews. He has made some highly misleading assertions about the Bush family and the Nazis.

A few corrections. The Bush name was originally spelled Busch. They were Jews. Herbert Walker and Prescott Bush worked at Brown Brothers Harriman. In a recent interview Corsi spun some wild tale that the Bush family worked with Alan And John Foster Dulles at Brown Brothers Harriman. Not true. The Dulles brothers were lawyers at Cromwell and Sullivan. Their uncle was Woodrow Wilson’s Secretary of State. The Dulles brothers were taken to the Paris Peace Conference under the tutelage of their friend Bernard Baruch who made a fortune selling munitions and other supplies to His Majesty’s Jewish government during WW I.

The Harrimans and the Rockefellers had been made men of substance and importance by the Rothschilds just as J P Morgan had been. The Harrimans helped run the Democratic party for the Rothschilds and the Bush family and the Rockefellers helped with the Republicans. Were Harriman and the Bush families crypto Nazis? Does a secret cabal of Nazis run the European Union and the United States? The answer to both questions is No.

The truth was told by Howard Katz in The Warmongers. The Rothschilds owned the Bank of England until the close of WW II. The Rothschilds loaned Hitler 350 million pounds in 1935 to buy guns to arm Germany and to reorganize I G Farben with the help of the Jewish Mond family who ran Imperial Chemicals at the time. Hitler had no intention of conquering the world. Stalin had 24,000 tanks and 30,000 artillery pieces when war broke out. The British Foreign Secretary Lord Halifax had gone to meet with Hitler and told him that the British government wanted him to gather all of the Germans together into one nation which Britain was helping to arm. The British would pull the plug on the smaller nations like Austria and Czechoslovakia to pave the way for German reunification. Hitler was then to defend the West against Stalin who was brutally murdering millions of Christians every year.

I should point out that the Poles had been persecuting Germans ever since the death of their leader Pilsudski who had signed a non-aggression pact with Germany in 1934. The Polish military taking orders from the new regime fired repeatedly at unarmed German passenger planes on scheduled flights. Polish partisans together with some Jews and Communists had killed German civilians. These were acts of war. Hitler decided war was his only option. He was forced into this position by the Polish government. He never wanted a war with France and England. The World War was the design of the Rothschilds.

The US, Israel and the Zionist state of Saudi Arabia have used Al Qaeda to attack Syria so they can start a war with Iran which will destroy the US military and wreck the American economy permanently.

Perhaps we should mention Albert Pike, the 19th century Freemason, satanist, war criminal and Confederate general who in 1871 predicted 3 world wars needed to bring about a One World Order. Others say this prediction could have originated in the Vatican. World War III was to be a conflict of civilizations involving the Muslims.

In any event the destruction of America and the creation of a New World Order have always been the goal of the Rothschilds. And now you understand why you have spent trillions of dollars supporting the Terrorists of Al Qaeda and the Zionists of Israel. You are funding the destruction of your nation. Now you can connect all the dots.

Now you know all world wars are Rothschild wars.

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About horse237

I have decided to share two of the visions I had as a child. When I was eight, I had a vision of a future war that killed 99.5% of the world's population. When I was 16 and living in the projects, I had a vision of my future. I was to live in complete obscurity until it came time to stop WW III. When I was about ten, I had read a bio of Nikita Khrushchev which said he survived Stalin by playing the bumbling fool an old Russian peasant trick. I decided to do the same as I had already learned that we did not live in a democracy. The other vision I had when I was in third grade was of the Mind of God and how it interacted in the creation of the world we see. I believe you and I were born at this time precisely so we would have an opportunity to stop this war. As for my personal info, I grew up on military bases and in housing projects. My legs atrophied from starvation as a child. My second step-father died in prison. I used to have to rub my skin to simulate human contact. They did not feed me when I was a child. I do not fight in their wars as an adult.
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44 Responses to Connecting The Dots: Israel, London, Wall Street And The Mideast

  1. Do you have sources for this? The Rothschilds loaned Hitler 350 million pounds in 1935 to buy guns to arm Germany and to reorganize I G Farben with the help of the Jewish Mond family who ran Imperial Chemicals at the time.

    • horse237 says:

      Yes. I cited the source. Howard Katz’s The Warmongers. He was a Harvard math grad and a Libertarian. He said the US should never have entered WW II. He was active in the anti-Vietnam war movement. He opposed the draft. He dropped out of sight most likely due to pressure from the Jewish community. The Monds owned Imperial chemical in the 1930s and 1940s. Vickers used the B of E credit to finance weapons sales to Hitler. Vickers had a minority Jewish ownership at the time. You might be able to get a copy of The Warmongers on inter-library loan.

  2. greg bacon says:

    Ouch! Dedicated members of the ’88’ club will be howling with pain when they read about Adolph and the Rothschilds.

    Hitler had to get the money to arm Germany from somewhere. He did a good job of rescuing Germany from the bankers imposed ruin by issuing barter backed currency, but that only goes so far.

    • sophiah8says says:

      Sorry to dissapoint but the support for the NSDAP did NOT come from any jewish coffers or even ‘big business.
      “rom the preceding examples one can readily agree with the assessment Turner made of the task he faced in the preparation of this study when he said that it became “of necessity, a book that deals not only with the past but with myths about the past.” These “myths” were found to be present not only in contemporary memoirs, but in press releases, the post-war testimony of witnesses at Nuremberg, — and even from Hitler himself. They all contributed to the creation of a legend involving an important yet misunderstood aspect of the origins of the Third Reich; namely, from which sources the NSDAP received its funding.

      The picture of the relationship between German big business and the Nazi party which Turner provides us is one that reveals how little big business had to do with the party’s success. In Republican Germany, the big business community was a loosely organized, politically ineffective interest group that was held together primarily by its opposition to the growing menace of Sozialpolitik, that is, the modern welfare state. Its political dealings were mainly with the so- called bourgeois parties of the center and right the DVP (Deutsche Volkspartei), the DDP (Deutsche Demokratische Partei), and the DNVP (Deutschnationale Volkspartei). However, the general disdain big business had for the republican form of government, a government that jeopardized the privileged position it once held under the defunct Imperial order, precluded any serious attempt to use the system to its advantage, a system where “votes, not money” were the determining factor in political success.

      In this milieu the NSDAP was only one of many political parties big business considered funding. However, because of the party’s anti-capitalist economic policies, evident since the proclamation of the 25- point program of February 1920, the big business community was never able to reconcile itself to lending more than half-hearted support, and this was invariably of a tactical, rather than an ideological, nature. This distrust of a party that seemed more often than not ready to side with the radical left on important social and economic issues became so pervasive that not even the party’s strident anti-Marxism and its desire to inculcate support for national values could overcome it.

      It may be true that contributions of various sorts came from big businessmen like Fritz Thyssen, the Berlin manufacturer Ernst von Borsig, and the retired coal executive Emil Kirdorf, but despite statements to the contrary, they were never a critical source of funding. Most of the NSDAP funds were derived from membership dues, interest-free loans, and the gate receipts from the many mass rallies the party held. After the parliamentary breakthrough in September 1930, sales from Mein Kampf skyrocketed, providing Hitler himself with a steady source of income. And during the depression the volunteer labor given by party activists helped ease the effects of the increasingly austere economic conditions.

      In sum, the NSDAP was a prototypical “grass-roots” political organization able to expand and prosper during a period when most of the bourgeois parties suffered a serious loss of support. Only the Communist Party could compare in this regard, and it never attracted the mass following the NSDAP did.

      Turner’s book provides us with a new perspective on the origins of the rise of Hitler, one based on a critical look at the role played by German big business. This is based on an examination of all the relevant documents, rather than the rather eclectic surveys currently before the public today. This will contribute, hopefully, to the encouragement of closer reading of historical accounts dealing with essential aspects of contemporary history, as well as the development of a more discriminating attitude toward the sensationalized distortions of the truth which confront us on a daily basis. ”

      Excerpted from:
      The Journal of Historical Review, Fall 1988 (Vol. 8, No. 3), pp. 369-371.

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  4. sophiah8says says:

    The Nazis Gave Rothschild Bankers The Boot

    Niall Ferguson’s biography of the Rothschild family, The House of Rothschild: Volume 2: The World’s Banker: 1849-1999 (Penguin, 2000), although sympathetic to Jewry and the Rothschilds, outlines the reality of the National Socialists’ war against this international criminal Jewish banking cabal. Ferguson writes:

    Thank you to Zander Fuerza who as ZCF before the ziunizst faction (mike delaney )shamelessly STOLE his website and removed his name form his writings.

    • East LA says:

      Zander still blogs at:

      PS: Great Article, an expose on the crypto jews of Latin America is greatly needed as well.

      • sophiah8says says:

        @East LA

        Thank you for including zanders blog link!
        in exposes there needs be also how much of TEXAS was locked up
        by those early immigrants who Anglicized their names and became the ruling class

        there are MANY online sites put up by jeues that list the Sephardic surnames
        been having a look for years and have got to recognize so many of them

        like mark ruby/ marco rubio, ted cruz / cross, and so so many more all thru our political environment and judiciary education just as ben Frankiln warned us it would become

        Just getting to work at nearly six so will get couple of links and be back later to post them

        meanwhile check this CURRENT LIST
        It was verrry difficult to find again online so make a cc and FILE for more use
        as the link will be removed now we have found it

        Members of the US government with dual-citizenship to the US and Israel


  5. sophiah8says says:

    Huge List of Sephardic surnames | Beth HaDerech; Messianic ……ogy-genealogia/sephardic-surnames/

    There are many lists of Sephardic surnames, but this is based on serious study of … were expelled by Isabella in the same year that Columbus discovered America. …. Abenbacua (L) Aben +…

    Sephardic Surnames – SephardicGen Home

    Names, Sephardim, Jews, Sefard, Sephard. … List of 41,000 Sephardic Surnames by Harry Stein Les Fleurs de l’Orient by ….. Some went to South America”

    Sephardic Genealogy in South America

    Index of all Database Surnames; Sephardic Names; Databases by Country; Databases off-Site; Tools. … Bibliography: Latin American Jewish studies – by Judith Laikin Elkin


    There are MORE such sites
    the juice have kept massive records of all their lines
    we only need to vet them out .

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  7. na says:

    Thanks for such an informative blog, but it is not one hundred percent correct. There is no armenian genocide. Turkey is not in nato because of its past ties, but because of coincidental events. Turkey could esily be allies with the other side. Foundation of turkey is based on independence and secularism, and is more left than right, and supports global peace; but almost all governments have been right-wing after ww2, abused religion, obey west almost completely, and try to get very rich while they are in power. Foundation and current state are almost one hundred percent opposite of each other in every sense.

    • horse237 says:

      Study the Donmeh. They are a Jewish cult. The Ottoman Turks came under their spell towards the end of the regime. But the Donmeh, the bankers and the Freemasons were essential to establishing the modern secular state. The Jews killed the Armenians just as the Jews of Russia had killed 60 million Gentiles. Killing Gentiles is somehow a part of the definition of being a Jewish psychopath.

      • tribeseeker says:

        Some pieces of information you might add:
        Armenia was the first nation in the world to convert to Christianity. (And, one has to wonder if that was the original “version” of Christianity or the modified Judea-Christian flavor.) Also, the Armenian alphabet was the first alphabet.

        There are some that speculate of Noah’s Ark being found on Mt Ararat, which was formerly a part of the Armenian Empire. Further speculation leads one to believe that the Armenians are the direct descendant of that ark.

        Further reasons to have them exterminated?

    • tribeseeker says:

      If there really were no Armenian Genocide, then how did it come to pass that over 3/4 of the Armenians on the planet were exterminated by the Donmeh Young Turks? In my world, the attempt to exterminate an entire people is called Genocide!

      • horse237 says:

        I believe in the Armenian genocide. Only the Turks say it did not happen. But it was done when the Donmeh Jews were in charge of the country. The Donmeh ran both the latter part of the Sultanate and the Young Turks after the revolution.

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