They Dance To Daijal’s (Anti-Christ’s) Tune

Muslims believe that Daijal or the anti-Christ would control the world prior to Armageddon and will rule most of the world. Many modern Muslim scholars say that Daijal and the Beast that men must obey is the Central banking system with its fractional reserve banking and interest bearing currencies. Most Westerners have realized that something is terribly wrong. They just did not understand that Satan was in charge of their banks and their governments directing their armies to kill and occupy nations in wars to benefit Israel. Both Muslims and Christians believe Daijal or anti-Christ is Jewish. Unsaid is the war by our Banker Occupied Governments against their loyal citizens by splicing proteins into their food that sterilizes them and gives them high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer. Satan loves human sacrifice and those who dance to Daijal’s tune want to make hundreds of thousands of dollars before you die of an otherwise preventable or easily curable disease.

Those who are not religious would prefer to say that our government is run by psychopaths and our government is therefore a psychopathocracy.

We know that Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar dance to Daijal’s tune because they do not heed the words of the Prophet who said that at the end of this current period in history that Damascus would conquer Constantinople which is modern Istanbul. Nor do they pay any attention laws against killing fellow Muslims. I have heard repeatedly from certain Muslim scholars that the Saudi royal family was originally Jewish followers of Sabbatai Zevi, the Jewish Satanist who converted to Islam and founded his own Islamic sect, the Donmeh. The Donmeh to this day have a strong influence inside Turkey. Most modern Israeli Zionists are followers of Sabbatai Zevi which explains in part the relation of Israel to Turkey.

Muslims believe that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah and they also believe in the Virgin Birth. That does not concern us here other than as a basis for an ecumenical understanding. Billions of Christians and Muslims face certain defeat if they do not learn to cooperate politically against their common enemy which is Israel and Daijal’s banking system. Christians need to learn from their Muslim brother and sisters that their banking system is satanic,

Currently, the European Union is systematically reducing its 27 member nations to slavery. The United Kingdom used to have the Bill of Rights and the Magna Carta to protect its citizens against tyranny, But empires do not have citizens with rights. They have subjects who can be imprisoned without trial and whose sole function is to pay taxes and to obey all orders. The American President now has the right to arrest, torture and detain without trial any European or American.  The Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta testified before the US Senate that wars are now declared by the UN Security Council and NATO which is a euphemism for killing innocent people 8,000 miles away as soon as the Rothschilds or Israel tell them to attack. The Banker Occupied media tells obvious lies. The Department of Homeland Security says we must believe what the TV says or we will be classified as terrorists. The US Army went into court and told a federal judge to detain protesters because protests were low level terrorism. In case you wondered where these judges came from Sibel Edmonds told us that FBI agents doing background checks on judicial nominees discovered that men and women who had committed felonies were appointed to the bench with honest men and women of integrity being sent home.

The banks run the European Union and the United States. The  politicians of Europe who will not allow a vote to withdraw from the EU are servants of those they obey,=. Neither the politicians of Europe nor America will allow a debate on money, debts and Global Depressions. It can all be said in less than 90 seconds but is forbidden to be said on TV in either America or Europe.

Depression are caused by an accumulation of debts that are Unpayable. One source of debt is government bonds. But they ought not to exist. A government could as easily create its own debt free money as issue a bond and exchange it for checking account money the Banker Occupied Government allows a bank to create out of nothing. Why should the bank be allowed to collect interest? They ran no risk. The banks can always create more money out of interest and exchange it for more bonds. And the banks can only loan us money by creating more which inflates our currency so we are the ones suffering a loss but we receive no compensation.

The solution is quite simple and has been mentioned by me before. Issue a non-interest bearing currency as Lincoln did. Ban fractional reserve banking. Do not allow banks to create money at all. The US Money Supply is approximately 10 trillion dollars . If the economy grows 5% a year, then the Money Supply ought to grow at the same rate which would be also 5% so the ratio of money to things to buy is constant and prices are stable. We ought to cancel all 20 trillion dollars of US federal, state and local debt. We can do that by seizing all the money in  Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports at tens of thousands of state, local and federal agencies. We should then make all government debt illegal. To seize the assets of the criminals on Wall Street who stole tens of thousands of dollars from us, we will need to send the US military into Lichtenstein, the British Channel Islands, Gibraltar, the Isle of Man, the Cayman Islands and other banks in the Caribbean and even Panama. The final step would be to use the seized money to fund pensions and to cancel $20,000 in debts of adult citizens. If they do not have that ,any debts, then their balance can be credited to their retirement account at cooperative trust associations. I would make pensions or the promise to pay a retiree X amount of dollars in 30 years illegal. Take all that money and deposit it today into an account in your name  in your retirement account at your cooperative trust association. Let that trust association issue small loans, credit cards and sell insurance. Take all the profits and fund your pensions.

I can say this because I do not dance to Daijal’s tune. I cannot say this on TV because the networks do dance to anti-Christ’s tune.

Notes: This article explains how Hyperinflation will push most Americans into poverty before the end of 2013.

So What Happens In 2013 When The Number Of Poor In America Goes From 100 To 280 Million?

The Mathematics Of Austerity: Proving Austerity Never Was Even Intended To Work

IMF Economists: ‘We Were Wrong.’ Will Someone Please Tell The Press And The Politicians.’

Holy Holohoax. My Government Wouldn’t Lie To Me.

About horse237

I have decided to share two of the visions I had as a child. When I was eight, I had a vision of a future war that killed 99.5% of the world's population. When I was 16 and living in the projects, I had a vision of my future. I was to live in complete obscurity until it came time to stop WW III. When I was about ten, I had read a bio of Nikita Khrushchev which said he survived Stalin by playing the bumbling fool an old Russian peasant trick. I decided to do the same as I had already learned that we did not live in a democracy. The other vision I had when I was in third grade was of the Mind of God and how it interacted in the creation of the world we see. I believe you and I were born at this time precisely so we would have an opportunity to stop this war. As for my personal info, I grew up on military bases and in housing projects. My legs atrophied from starvation as a child. My second step-father died in prison. I used to have to rub my skin to simulate human contact. They did not feed me when I was a child. I do not fight in their wars as an adult.
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37 Responses to They Dance To Daijal’s (Anti-Christ’s) Tune

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  2. Kalki says:

    I edited this out as this person went overboard in his insults.

  3. Muslims believe that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah…

    Well then they’re wrong. Jesus is the Messiah but He is not ‘Jewish’.

    Kalki syays:

    Abrahamic/Judaic religions(Islam, Christianity and Judaism) are a curse on humanity.

    Abrahamic and Judaic are not the same thing.

    Abraham was not a ‘Jew’. Neither were Isaac or Jacob.

    Moses, Aaron, Joshua… none of these were ‘Jews’.

    Jesus Christ is ‘Abraham’s Seed’. Moses wrote of and looked to Jesus.

    ‘Judaics’ reject Jesus, therefore they reject Moses, they reject Abraham; they reject the God who sent Him.

    • Drew Manning says:

      Hi Prodigal Son

      Please see my message below and respond if you wopuld be so kind


      Drew Manning

    • Kalki says:

      I edited this out as this person went overboard in his insults.

      • And why did you ‘edit’ my comments all away?

        I edited the comments of a person using another name (kalki) so I suppose you are posing as two parts of a supposed dialogue.

        The discourse is supposed to relate to the subject of this article. As I mentioned previously, I offered an economic solution that nobody has even mentioned.

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  5. Thanks. Not many understand this. But in my fight against the Daijal it is a spiritual battle more than an economic one. The system that they have imposed is designed to fail. The coming end battle is where they want to lead us towards. Why the mad rush to secure ancient holy relics these last few years by this cabal of darkness? The Islamic World has failed to prevent this. There is a reason why Syria is now in the cross hairs. The importance of Damascus is multi-dimensionable as one of the great relics is located there. It is also where Issa the Christ will defeat the Daijal in the end in Islamic prophesy. I could never understand why Christians have been allied with the Jews who hate the Christ and against Muslims, who also Love the Christ. Once I found out, things fell into place and took on a life of their own. Within us all the Sleeper must awaken if we are to come out on the other side. It has begun.

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  7. MJ says:

    Thanks for the thought provoking article.
    Quran 30:31
    Corruption has flourished on land and sea as a result of people’s actions and He will make them taste the consequences of some of their own actions so that they may turn back ( from evil )

    • horse237 says:

      Compare the Quran to the Talmud. The latter teaches that it is lawful for the Jews to rob the Gentiles as soon as the Jews get control of the government. This perfectly describes the failure of the current regime to arrest and convict Wall Street and City of London banking criminals.

  8. Drew Manning says:

    To Video Rebel, Prodigal Son, Marc Joseph Custer, Anyone…..

    I an attracted to Love, Compassion, and Truth.

    While I admire the teachings of Jesus Christ and the love He represents, for the longest time I saw Him as aligned with the fiery, angry god of the Old Testament who only seemed to care about “his people.” This was a source of irreconciliable discomfort to me. I understand now that the Old Testament was most likely written by a nomadic tribe of people who appropriated the stories of the Sumerians and Babylonians to their north, and the Egyptians to their south. In addition to this theft of ideas, they left out any universal traits for this god and created their angry version who, like they, only cared about this small and petty group of wanderers.

    This freed me in that I saw Jesus as someone who broke tradition in order to teach us that His Father belonged to everyone. In other words, I see HIm as completely divorced from the Old Testament. Yes, the Old Testament is not as bad as the Talmud, but it is still zenophbic stuff and portrays a god whom you would not want to have as your brother-in-law let alone creator.

    I know that the Khazarian Jews have no ties to the people in the Old Testament and I also know that they are trying to paint Christians as Zionist, homophobic, and utterly irrelevant troglodytes even when they are the beneficiaries of Christian ZIonism. I also know there are Zionist Christians who are unwittingly or in a very calculating way aiding this plan in order to diminish Christ’s message of Love.

    In addition, many “historians” in the employ of the Zionist Bankmasters are trying to portray Jesus as a fictional character who may never have existed. I understand that this is part of their plan to disillusion humanity. They have, at every turn, tried to confuse the innocent by providing a cacophony of ideas.

    This said, do we have any real historical evidence proving Jesus’ existence? I do not believe that a Loving God would want us to abandon our quest for the Truth as I believe that the Truth could only lead those seeking it further to Him. Even though Josephus Flavius, a Jew, wrote of Christ, there are those who claim that this was a CHristian forgery. Indeed, anything unpleasant to Jewry is deemed a forgery (protocals, etc.) while all the nonsense, Einstein included, is heralded as gospel.

    Please advise.

    Best wishes,


    • Pro-Gentile says:

      Dear Drew –

      You don’t understand the Old Testament. The Old Testament is about the Tribes who struggled as we do today under the Pagans, or as they call themselves today – Jews.

      However, you are wrong on a few counts. You read the Old Testament as though the Tribe of Judah is today’s Jews, which in fact it is not. The Tribes were admonished by Jehovah/Elohim to destroy all the pagans, the Old Testament records that the Israelites did not delight in bloodshed, so some of the Pagans were allowed to live (think of the pagans today who run our world). The pagans have turned themselves into the Tribe of Judah.

      “To refer to Judaism today is to refer to the to the “Judaism of the dual Torah” formed by rabbis in the first two centuries of the Common Era, deeply influenced by the Greeks and transformed, often quite radically, by successive generations of Jews. To put it another way, Abraham and Moses were NOT Jews. Or, if they are Jews, they are Jews by adoption, integrated by an act of the imagination into a religion long after they had died” (Stephen Prothero. God Is Not One -p.262).

      Jesus Christ showed us who was oppressing our world. The Pharisees are the ones that practiced the Talmudic teachings, which Christ condemned. Jesus Christ followed the Law of Moses – the Jews follow the Talmud. There are only a few Jewish sects who claim they only follow the Torah.
      Jesus Christ was MOCKED with the sign “King of the Jews” – because they are the kings of this world, and always have been – that’s why he says they are from Abraham – but they choose to follow after their father Satan.

      • Drew Manning says:

        Thanks Pro-Gentile

        I have always understood that today’s Khazarian Jews, with a preponderance of blue eyes, fair skin, and blonde hair, are not the descendents of a dusty land in the middle east. You seem to be making a separate distinction by acknowledging that the pharisees did not follow the law of Moses and practiced Talmudic teachings. This seems so as I have always understood that the Talmud was essentially a compendium of self-serving interpretations of the Torah.

        I confess, however, that the God of Moses and Abraham is still a frightening figure. The story of Abraham and Isaac, Lot’s wife into a pillar of salt, god “hardening” pharoah’s heart so he would pursue Moses’ people, and on and on. These are not the actions of a loving being.

        Also, how do you account for stories like that of Adam and Eve and Noah which have correlates from older middle eastern cultures? Also, what of historical accounts claiming that the people of Moses, whatever they were called, were not treated badly by the Egyptians? It all seems to suggest that this biblical “history” was all contrived.

        More importantly, the whole “eye for an eye” concept flies in the face of forgiveness. It seems like the god depicted in the OT is not the same one who could have offered His Son. Trying to match up these ideas is like trying to put a square peg in a round hole. That is the sourse of my frustration.

        Please know that I do appreciate your ideas and look forward to hearing more from you and others

        Best wishes,


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  10. rileybrad says:

    This, was an interesting tiny toe dip into a much more complex reality. But it was still interesting and much can be brought into agreement together on such an idea as Daijal. Where does such a universal in depth insight lead us in our contemplations? Certainly along certain surface lines of insight that have been outlined in this article. However to shake the cobwebs off our casualness of the Agenda that has arisen I suggest Part I and Part II suit yourself.

  11. Blake says:

    It’s scary anybody believes in the Armageddon.

    • horse237 says:

      Central banking, interest bearing currencies and fractional reserve banking is more frightening.

      Armageddon in Islam is a war between Gog and Magpg or NATO and Russia with the Muslims siding with Russia.

      There is to be a conflict between Syria and Turkey.

      Does this sound like it could be a current headline?

  12. Sherrii says:

    The “one-eyed Dajjal” in the Quran depicts the world solely of materialism — and completely devoid or blind to the other half of the equation, i.e. God (goodness and morality) and human spirituality (our common Humanity along with our connection to the Earth).

    If we are to win this battle (war of all wars) as a Human Race, we must bring the other eye into focus through another global vision that has us all in mind by returning to that which turns our world right side up, i.e. 999 in contrast to the present 666.

    That vision and the way we get there is here:

    Please email me horse237. I would like to send you out a complimentary book as you have gone right to the crux of the matter through the notion of what Christians ought to do with their Muslim brethren.

  13. horse237 says:

    I would like to emphasize that we need to stay on topic and to refrain from idiotic insults, I had to delete a lot of comments though one person was responsible for most of the wasted traffic. A few others were way off topic.

    Nobody seemed to comment that there are solutions to the economic crisis that MIT predicted would kill at least 500 million people.

    I challenge you to offer a better solution than what I proposed.

    I also had hoped people would comment on finding unity between the two most popular religions in the world working together against our psychopathic world government.

    • Drew Manning says:

      Sorry, Horse237

      Not trying to be off-topic. I am trying to establish the basis for the Torah which seems to be a part, though not appropriately so, of Christianity and Islam.

      The central banking scheme, whether contrived by Satan or not, Is purely evil. It is evil because it promotes the suffering of innocents. The fact that something so mathematically incongruous and harmful could proceed unfettered for as long as it has certainly suggests ignorance on the part of the masses encumbered by it. The fact that we see so much occult symbolism and reverence for Lucifer by our “leaders” suggests a diabolical influence as well.

      All the best


  14. not today says:

    Christians have our differences with Muslims, but they pale in comparison to the hatred jews have for us both.

    In America we’ll never support Muslims as long as we remain ignorant to jew’s Christ hatred and Muslim’s respect for Jesus.

    The public is completely ignorant of this fact. Media tells us jews worship the god of the bible and Muslims are crazy world conquoring monsters!

    Muslims are our only hope, as you seem to know the jew.

    Christian’s here have been taught jews are our elder brothers LOL

    Your banking ideas sound great, we just require a new nation to implement them.

    Its nice to read a blog where they get that jews are pagans with good public relations.

  15. East LA says:

    I liked the article and agree, we need to focus on an economic solution rooted in morality that makes common cause among gentiles. Usury is a crime against humanity and it doesn’t take a holy book to see that. What I’m about to say is probably the ultimate taboo but it needs to be said, especially since it is in accord with what you’ve said on the money topic. Namely that Hitler had the answer. Before anyone of the religious get mad, please keep in mind that I’m not white and I’m not under any impression that if he were alive the man would be my friend and want to have a beer with me, he likely would have considered me dark and inferior had we ever met. But all that is irrelevant to the simple truth that industrial banking based on social credit is the ONLY way to save the human race from economic human sacrifice on a scale never seen before. Even zionist owned wikipedia admits that unemployment in Germany went from over 30% to virtually nothing:

    • horse237 says:

      There is a big difference between what Hitler did and what was said he did. He had several Jewish generals. He had 250,000 partial Jews in his armies and 30,000 full Jews.

      He had black Nazis. He had brown Nazis and two divisions of Muslim Nazis. One of the black Nazis serves in the SS. He was an American jazz musician who had worked in Berlin prior to the war.

  16. Dodgy One says:

    The beasts are the corporations that plunder and slaughter including the banks. The anti-christ is the demonic state of israel that is already in control of the world. They will earn their (for real) holocaust (melting) in due time and be very deserving of it.

  17. How many of these psychopathic bankers were victims of sexual assult as infants? Psychopathy is a side effect from being sexually assulted and traumatised as infants and small children, usually from excessively traumatic prepuce excision sacrificings by trusted religious parents and societies who are taught to believe circumcision is more benefitial than the benefits of health education on proper care, use and physiological functions of the male and female prepuce forced circumcision breaks at least 4 of the ten commandments. 1 don’t put false gods before me, 2 don’t steal (my prepuce), 3 don’t lie (to my parents to make them steal), 4 don’t cheat (me out of having a healthy functioning prepuce).

  18. @horse237 Armigeddon is where 3 religions war against themselves and eachother over who has the most powerful god and whose is the false god. (Hint; our true creator is blind, gagged and bound). Remember that the reaoson the Jews even needed a Messiah in the first place was because the Jewish law makers/Pharisees made up some psychotic evil laws and claimed these laws were given to them by Yahweh and according to their prophet Issiah, could not be changed except by the King of the Jews, whom god-all-mighty would send by coming down to Earth and impregnating himself into a virgin so that he could be born the King of the Jews. The Jews were not aware of Partheogenisis at the time they made this law/prophecy.

    • Drew Manning says:

      Hi Frederick

      I agree with Horse237’s assertion that Christians and Muslims should readily find common ground despite the fact that this has not yet happened. Ron Paul “appears” to be on our side w.r.t banking but he is instead promoting another monetary system based on gold which, of course, the banksters already control. What we would in effect get is another scheme with bankers loaning us gold they may or may not have…. at interest. It is the same trap with an essentially meaningless difference.

      Regarding your comments, you seem to be making an important distinction between the pharisees’ religion and that of the old testament (OT). I am okay with this. That said, how instrumental were the pharisees in creating the angry, jealous OT god? I maintain that the OT is antithetic to Christian love and forgiveness.

      Am interested in your views.


      • The angry, jealous, oxymoronic heavenly godfather of the OT was created out of the lack of knowledge/education, or superstitious beliefs, on the existance and effects of healthy/benefitial and deliriously harmful microbes. We didn’t learn of their existance until the 1600’s. We have an average of 6 pounds of good microbes living in a symbiotic relationship within and on our bodies and would not exist without them.

        To help us grow up and out of terrorable situations, and unite for a common grounds/cause of love and forgivenes, Muslims, Christians and Jews can unite with a common cause of physical and psychological health education on preventing infant and childhood sexual traumas, Intactivism, the cure for antiSemetism, anti-Christ and Islamophobia. Then, with less people growing up with an unnecessary fear of a god, caused from these traumas, we won’t have to devote our resources to military/religious fanatisism.

        Right now the anti-Christ are doing the opposit, the antithesis of the Christ, which was to protect the least of our brothers from forcing religious laws upon them, promoting infant, childhood, and adult circumcision, claiming that cutting off the male prepuce prevents HIV. This is a major human rights violation, and a big fat lie for the purpose of promoting the words of Abraham and Mohammad and making a joke out of Jesus, disguised in medical mumbo-jumbo which the medically uneducated accept with blind faith, driving a wedge between the excisers and the intactivists. How would uniting the big three religions have a financial benefit? Less psychosises, such as extreme greed because of “the world owes me because I made a big sacrifice so I’m special” syndrome, less paranoid delusional fear and loathing cause from being forcefully sexually traumatise, less reproductive brain chemistry malfunctions.

        I know my brain was preoccupied for decades, by the need to overcome my psychological and physical dysfunctions, unknowingly caused by excessive unecessary traumatic excision of my frenulum nerves, as an infant.

        There is a new scientific religious view forming right now, Cosmological Evolution, that our Creator WAS the Singularity that created the Big Bang Birth to Herself inside the Universe and has evolved into all the living/growing Galaxies, with all the living star systems with their living/growing planets, with their own sets of complex living organisms, with their own sets of living microbes. Soon, if it’s not a scientific hoax, their is supposed to be a cosmological event of our solar system’s equinox with our Galaxy’s equatorial plain. It’s supposed to cause the alternating current effect our planet goes through around 12/21/2012, but it may be off by a year because we forgot about the concept of zero and started at year 1. The religious fanatics may miss interpret these events.

        How about something like the Euro, uniting North American currencies? It seems like the right track to persue.

        Love comes with unity, and forgiveness comes with understanding.

  19. MJ says:

    Re: The gravity of Riba (Interest) in Islam

    • horse237 says:

      Sheik Imran Hosein will have an international conference in November in Kuala Lumpur, Carlos Slim, the Mexican billionaire, will attend. The US dollar should collapse about then.
      The above is a great video.

      The Sheikh has a Youtube channel.

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